The Shelter

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When a storm hits a town in Oklahoma, a woman runs to her next door neighbors storm shelter to be safe. But soon she realizes that something is strange about her neighbor and his shelter.

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



Chapter 1 
The news hadn’t reported about the incoming storm until the last minute, or
or maybe I just never noticed. Either way, that storm was the start to what I 
thought would be the end of me. A storm, a shelter, a neighbor; three words
that will forever haunt me. 
Sunlight shined through the long wavy curtains as I woke up. A wave of light 
smacked against my face as I opened the curtains. Slowly, I walked towards the closet to change for work but was interrupted by a phone call from Dylan, my boyfriend. 
“Hey Samantha, did you hear about the storm hitting us soon?” 
“What storm?” 
“The bad one the news keeps talking about.” 
“Really?” I asked as I turned on my local news channel on. 
“Yeah, I can come over there if you need me to.” 
“Oh, no thanks. I have to go to work soon.” 
“Ok, well drive safe. See you later, Love you.”
“Love you too, bye.” 
The storm hit sooner than I’d expected. I was cooking myself breakfast when 
suddenly I could hear the rain hitting the house. The sound of sizzling bacon was taken over by the sound of erupting thunder. Lighting seemed to flash from every direction, and soon the power went out. I grabbed a flashlight that was laying on the kitchen counter and started searching for candles. Before I could even find one candle, the emergency sirens outside began to go off. I charged outside to see how bad it was and what I saw was terrifying; Trees looked as if they were about to be pulled out of the ground and leaves were being thrown everywhere. There was what looked to be an F-4 sized tornado headed right this way. I quickly glanced over at my neighbors house and noticed he was getting into his storm shelter. I’d never noticed he had one until this moment, but we never really talked or payed much attention to one another. He looked quite normal, about six foot tall, had a shaved head, and wore flannel shirts and jeans all the time. 
“What is his name?” I thought to myself. 
“Excuse me, sir!” I yelled as I pushed myself through the wind, “Do you mind if I stay with you in your shelter until the storm passes?!”
“Sure, no problem!” 
I climbed down first as he held the hatch open for me. He gave me an odd look as I went down, I didn’t think anything of it, but I was extremely wrong. 
The shelter was about ten feet deep; you could barely hear the wind 
Blowing from the surface. It was a nice shelter, more like a bunker. There was food, water, a bed, movies, music, toilet, shower, anything that a normal home would. 
“Thank you for letting me stay in here during this storm.” 
“You’re welcome, Samantha. The tornado probably would’ve swept you away if you stayed in you house.” he said in a very monotone voice. 
“I’m so sorry, but, I’ve forgotten your name.” 
“Randal,” he said, “My friends call me Randy.” 
“Well Randy, I’m sorry we’ve never talk---” 
Unexpectedly he stood up from his chair and in a very serious threatening voice he said, 
“I said only my friends call me Randy.”
The awkward, frightening moment soon turned to laughter. 
“I’m just messing with you!” he joked as he begun to walk away. 
“What a strange sense of humor.” I thought to myself as I pretended to smile. He was very strange. He says only his friends call him Randy, but what friends? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him outside his house. He doesn't even own a car. 
“Want anything to eat?” he hollered from the other room. 
“No, thanks.”
“You sure? My friends say I make killer pancakes.” Randy insisted.
There he goes about his friends again. What friends? 
“No, I’m sure.” 
“We’re going to have so much fun together!” he yelled with excitement as he sat back down in front of me. 
Randy seemed to change personalities every time he spoke, varying from very monotone to a sudden burst of excitement. He was weird, yes, but I only have to spend half an hour with him. Or so I thought. 
“So, tell me about yourself, Samantha.” 
“I’m twenty two years old, I was born and raised here in Oklahoma. That’s pretty much me right there.”
“Do you have a husband or boyfriend?” he oddly asked. 
“Yes, a boyfriend.”
“Why is that interesting?” 
“Because, I’ve never seen a guy at your house.” 
“Well, you say you have friends, I’ve never seen anybody at your house.”
Randy gave me a threatening look as he stood up and started to walk away. As he was walking he stopped and rubbed his hands against his head as he said,
“No, you’re right. I shouldn't have invaded her privacy.” 
Who was he talking to? I thought to myself. He turned back around and flashed a smile at me.
“Hey, I bet the storm has passed by now! Let me go check!” he exclaimed as he began to climb back up to the shelter hatch.
 He seemed awfully excited about all this, considering that his house could be demolished. I waited for a few seconds looking around and taking in all my surroundings as he went to check up above. The size of the room was about the size of a home kitchen. As you first walk in, towards the left is the oven and microwave with cabinets surrounding it. Towards the right was the bathroom, and straight ahead, where I sat at the moment, looked to be a small living room. A nice flat screen television surrounded by shelves full of movies and game sat in the center, with a couch facing towards it. There was just one thing that didn’t catch my eye until he began to come back down; another hatch on the floor. My eyes began to focus on it until the slam of the hatch door from above spooked me. 
“Well, the storm has passed. Sorry to say it, but your house is gone. I’m sorry,” he said as he made his way back down, “Funny thing actually, it didn’t even touch my house. Guess I got lucky!” he said switching from sorrow to excitement. I knew things like this has happened, where a tornado skips over a house and it goes untouched, but hearing this from Randy in this moment seemed odd. 
“I guess I oughta get going then. See what remains I can find, if any.” 
“Well you need a place to stay don’t you? Why not stay here! I won’t charge you or anything.” he insisted. 
“No, thanks. I really need to go check on my house.” I said as I made way to the ladder. 
Randy grabbed a hold of my arm and looked at me with a menacing look as he said, 
“Samantha. This is your home now.” 
He went to grab some kind of spray can that was attached to his belt and sprayed it into my face. The spray made me collapse and I layed on the floor, slowly falling into a deep sleep.
The next thing I saw was a room full of beds. 



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