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Yay I put up another sad poem about love :)

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017




Early this morning

……..before the sun could rise

I made a difficult decision

It doesn’t matter if it was wrong or right

I left someone I wanted

I feel like I tossed her aside

The only bad thing is

I’m the one that feels like I could die

I’d known you for 3 months

And we were romantic for 1

But for two of those months

You already had me won

I liked you a lot and I already know why,

Why it was so hard to break up

And so today I took a drive

I wanted to think

About everything that happened

In the short time that we dated,

That we talked

So I could figure out why we never lasted

I already know I was upset when you broke up with me

You told me I insulted you

And when I apologized you said you couldn’t trust me

Apparently, we didn’t know enough about each other for you to believe

That I wouldn’t try hurt you especially purposely

You said you wanted to be friends

To wait six months and see

But since we were already long distance that couldn’t sit well with me

There was no point in holding out to wait

I was going to move on for my own sanities sake

We had three months and we really clicked

But the fact that you were so easily unsure

I was already sure you knew what your answer is

You didn’t like me I felt

You were probably forcing it

I know I got jealous round the beginning of the relationship

You had someone you liked

And I just had to get over it

During my drive

I found myself thinking of it

If I decided to hold out

What might  of come of it

If we acted like before

Flirted a bit

Talked and laughed

What would have changed

We obviously liked each other

I felt we had it figured out

You even told me that argument where I offended didn’t matter anymore

I guess that was another reason I was so sore

I couldn’t understand what in the situation had changed

You said we had different views on things

That it would cause a strain

In reality the only strain I felt was when you dumped me

But the fact that I had to break up with you after that

Makes me wonder what you really thought of me

Were you leading me on

Did you really want me to stay

Was I supposed to assume you would still like me

After six months you’d  come back and then say “Hey now I’m ready”

Was I supposed to date other girls?

Were we in an open relationship state

I’m under the impression

That based on reaction when I broke up with you

You would have been upset if I had gotten laid

I know I was pushy

I know I was dumb

I know it got weird the first time we broke up

You thought me impersonal because I was so direct with you

That I asked you out after 3 months that I didn’t know enough about you

What you told me was enough and I was sure I was going to learn more

I don’t think it was too soon

Never did

I know we hadn’t met except once because I live so far away

And we had already fallen out before I could visit a second day

But that’s why I can say I knew a lot about you today

All we did was talk

On the phone, texting all day everyday

I told you about myself

Even something I didn’t tell my bestfriends or my family

I’m not sure what that meant to you

But it meant something to me

And I realized while I was driving

Why I left and let it be

My only issue wasn’t that I thought you were close minded or immature

My main issue was that you seemed like you didn’t even want me

You seemed more like you wanted a friend even when you asked told me you wanted more

It seemed like you forcing yourself to even be my Girlfriend

I personally don’t waste my time being told that we can something more when we can’t

You did always just call me your friend and then back peddle in certain conversations.

You said a good relationship needs time the day that I left you

I didn’t answer personally because I was tired and in reality I do agree

But that time was not going to be gained because you made us just friends initially

You said I was still in the boyfriend zone but you openly said you broke up with me

Those are childish games that I wont let anyone play with me.

Tell me we are just friends so I can move on

Or tell me if there is something more we can be

If not I’ll make my decision

But fuck me it wasn’t easy. 

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