I shall wait.

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A man who loves his wife struggles to watch her pass after years of marriage.

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



I shall wait.

From the moment I laid my eyes on her I knew. I knew we would be together forever. I never expected forever to end so suddenly.

She is the sunrise to my mornings and the sunsets to my days. She was. She was beautiful, unique and mysterious. Oh how I loved her smile. She now is the twinkle of the star I pray to at night.

64 wonderful, magical years with the woman I truly love. 60 years since I said “I do”. She is the most courageous, strong and loving woman I know. She was.

I will never forget the day I saw her sitting on that park bench. So petite, so heart stopping, so… It was the second best day of my life. That moment, that very moment, when she locked her eyes with mine and smiled I swear I saw her eye twinkle. I have been in love ever since that day.

I will never forget the best day of my life. Dressed like snow, she walked ever so lightly, gently, down the aisle. I see the rest of my life in just the holding of my soon wedded wife’s hand. I slide my ring of promise on her fragile finger. We danced, we kissed, we laughed and we cried. I will never forget the best day of my life.

But, nor will I ever forget my worst.

The worst day of my life, the day she whispered “I love you” for the last time. I stroke her face, slowly, still soft and beautiful. She lies so softly, weak, like a woman wounded for decades. The windows of this death cell are light and hopeful. I cannot be the strong man she needs. I cry. I want to take her back to the days she said “I do”, the days before… Her hand of age shivers as she rests it upon mine. “I shall wait. I love you”. Her face rests. Her hand no longer shivers. The room becomes dull. Nothing matters anymore. The one thing I truly loved has slipped through my fingers. “I love you too Maryanne”. The hospital bed is now a coffin.

The star in the sky that shines brighter than the rest is her.

I know it’s you. I love you.

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