cell 183 part I

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Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017




Hello y’all my name is Warden Jack Wrigley, but feel free to call me Warden Jack.

This book you’re about to read written entirely by now dead men. Did that get your attention? Good, every person that writes in this book is now dead, because the beautiful state of Arkansas deemed that these men needed the death penalty.

But I have something for these men to do the night before they meet their maker. I allow them to come into my office and write as little or as much as they please.



Warden Jack
















My name is Andrew Williams, but my Ma Pa called me Bo. I have been in this place for going on five years. But I know my time is up, because I was sent to the cell this morning which means I’ll be seein Ma and Pa  soon. Aint no body ever stay in cell 183 for longer than two days. But I don’t wanna talk about that. I wanna tell ya’ll why I’m in this place, the real story not that news story.


It all started on a warm summer night five years ago, I was heading home from workin in the fields. I could smell the warm pie that Ma baked, rhubarb it was my favorite and ma made it every Friday for me and pa. As I walked into the house from the back, I yell for my ma she didn’t answer so I yelled for pa. That’s when I smelled the burnin wood, I ran out front to see that cross burning bright in the front yard. The orange flames lightin just enough for me to see them damned ghosts dancing around on our front yard. I yelled at them to get off our land and all they did was stop and point at the ol tree in the front. What I saw was two bodies hangin from the tree. It was my ma and pa.

So I did the only thing I could think of. I grabbed my machete from my belt and ran towards them ghost. Ill never forget how the red looked against the white in the light of the burning cross. The police said I killed only two people, which is true but I managed to cut into about four others. The big problem was I killed the mayor and his son. So they didn’t even give me a trial they just sent me down here to rot and die. Warden I guess decided it was time to get out of here and stop wastin space.


 I was asked when I first got here if I was sorry or if I would change anything, I told warden no. He just asked me last week the same question, I told no im not sorry but that I would change something, I would have taken more of them damn ghosts with me.


Ill see ya soon ma and pa


With love your son Bo.


Well that was a good first one don’t yall think? Its one of my favorites, Bo was a good boy worked hard in the chain gang never talked back always was a good one. Too bad the mayors wife wanted him gone. She was a cold hearted bitch that one.

 Now not all stories will be this sad or poorly written some will be nice and sweet. But all the stories have the same ending, they end up here then to cell  183 then a body bag then a hole in the ground. So enjoy


Warden Jack

















Dear Readers, and Warden Jack

My name is Leo and I have been in this hell hole for about twenty years, I was starting to think they all but forgotten about this old man. I’m not here to talk about what I did or to try and tell you I’m innocent. I just want you to know that I’m  a man just like you and your dad and his dad.

I was a high school English teacher two towns over, I was teaching for going on fifteen years. I loved every minute of it, from the smiling students to grading papers it was my heaven. Hell its even where I meet my wife, Amy she was the math teacher. Boy was she perfect I sure do miss my Amy. We use to go on walks every Sunday after church to her favorite little dinner and have coffee and biscuits and gravy. Then when the children came we still went every Sunday no matter what. I thought we were great parents. And Amy sure was a great mother, but not such a great wife. She was a wonderful women and all  but she’s the reason I’m in this place. I caught her bed with the principal and I shot him straight in the head.

But let’s not get into all that, we had two sons and a daughter. Their names were Austin, Alex, and my daughter’s name was Rachel, she looked so much like her mother, she had the same smile and the same long blonde hair. Austin was the star player on the towns football team he’s the reason they won state two years in row. He comes to visit every now and then he lives up in New York coaching football. Alex was more of a music type of child always in the music room, boy could he play the guitar, sometimes he would write his own music. He writes to me every day, he lives in New Orleans playing in a few bands. That just leaves Rachel she was a more home body. She would stay home all weekend reading her books and making cookies. What I wouldn’t do for some of those cookies right now. How’s Rachel you may ask well Rachel passed away shortly after I was put in here. Amy went crazy and drove them both off the road into a pond. Broke my heart when Austin told me that. A father should never out live his children.

As you can see I am a normal man that just did the wrong thing. And some of us in here have families that we love a lot.




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