Bulletproof Soul

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Poem for my father

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



My father, my hero is a 61-year-old knight in armor
The true definition of a warrior
A man who has always fought for justice stopped at nothing to protect us from the threats by the corrupt system back home
He was following a vision in his head and he made it his mission to take his family to safety,
with hope in his heart
You see my father, my hero is golden, chasing an American Dream blindfolded
I was a 3-year-old girl who looked at him in confusion
I thought he had gone delusional but my father, my hero stood in front of the cashier proudly
Pointing and stumbling trying to order food so we didn't go hungry
My father, my hero was a painter, an artist whose dreams slowly fainted
So that our family could prevail
We sailed across the Detroit River his heart beating rapidly
Because being caught by immigration would've been a catastrophe
I could see his frustrations as I peeked out of the big jacket
The cold wind hitting my cheeks feeling like it was cutting me
But he simply just smiled back at me and I hid away
My father my hero spent endless hours working under the blazing sun getting paid 12 an hour
because finding a good job without any paperwork was a struggle
But he didn't stop there, he didn't give up
My father, my hero would walk out the door with several layers of clothes
I laughed because in my head he was an astronaut going to outer space
He was more than that
he was a caring man who would withstand nights in the cold winter
Working under the moonlight, and despite being tired from work he was a father
Who came home and spent time with his family always keeping us united
Because we were all we had
My father, my hero is the true definition of a warrior who constantly puts his life in danger to protect and provide for his family
To this day he wakes up every morning with pride and heads to work,
watches us grow and thinks about how we did it...
he is a tired man with a bulletproof soul.

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