When Love So Cares

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When you like to draft a simple relationship here on Earth, you are so gifted to enjoy a blessed life here. Let you refresh those steps always in life again. :)

Submitted: November 09, 2017

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Submitted: November 09, 2017



Love your family,

Love your life,

When it is lost,

You will miss everything,

Not shortcut exist for the great love,

Yet you share this goodness,

Love is not started in one day,

It lives with compassion,

And ends with unlimited trust made for eachother,

Even when you lose this faith,

God cannot kill our friendship,

For you are born as Gods angels,

When love keeps God given blessings,

You will simplify happiness as those gifts,

Love feels no enemity,

You cannot delete its pages,

Nothing forgets like the passion of a heart,

It beats like our guardian,

We cannot suspect its mission,

They who may plot against us,

A heart forgives this hurt,

Yet a writer call its belonging as friendship,

For this moment of remains never make friendshifts,

It complete human bond of most trusted love,

I dont know which director renovate this arena,

You will game upon a tree for its branches,

He who fell down never feels pain,

As the wind will blossom those roots,

Again do you feel love around you ?

How happy you shine inside your good heart,

How lively you seek within your good thoughts,

May you safe every moment so filled with loved thoughts,

Songs that relax you,

Come feel its presence,

For always you will nourish this seasonal tracks,

It always changes,

Yet merit a comeback for freshness,

You are raised through a sweetness filled with problems,

Time still stands as a barrier,

Yet you will love this for all experiences,

If you feel you are worth here for one life God shared for HIS angels,

A colourless colour mingle those presence within so unique,

Our lasting days on Earth,

Feels as we are united to embrace each other,

A beat which is given for love,

A love which is given for friendship,

A friendship which comeback for this given word,

May God give this refreshed start for you everyday,

Entire universe is filled with an untold grace,

If you want to forget a pain,

Go through the plan of God implanted in your heart,

Here you seek a world of goodness,

You will be the practitioner for a miracle,

If you just act,

Love is waiting near this door,

Just feel its presence,

For you are a godly creation,

Where no happiness wrinkles,

Yet shines where you live,

This is one family for all,

Just live it every moment here,

When you are hurt,

Love does come for help,

You forget everything feeling in this love,

So dont love to hurt this play,

Your absorption into lust,

Feels relationship exist only for sex,

Yet a cause that sacrifice everything,

Is this given for love that cares ?

You start everyday feeling so gifted,

Who comeback again in this life feels your choice,

Today your family is everything for you,

On our Earth this blessing is Gods promised home,

Even when you fail,

Even hurt abides feelings,

Dont fail to renew every steps that follows,

Giver in life gave love for steamless hope,

Here joy exist while sharing,
Nothing beats more,

As love cares to give back respect,

When you think,

Who cares for you ?

Feel anything ending with completion,

For love never ends,

It is always born to inspire,

The worth of God so simple in this gift,

May your care be blessed as love always near,

Yet a vaccum exist when you miss this friendship,

Let us always know eachother in a life so loved by our family,

This tradition has existed from the genesis,

Today we come again for its reunion,

To learn as we progress,

Love must be its unrevoked steps,

If you can simply touch what is left,

You will know when love so cares,

Dont be living in protectionism,

For you are here for a longest time in love with Gods creation,

Nothing never ended here for fear,

For you may not fear love,

If you like to hatch what is so blessed here,

May you know every day is a gift for renewing your love for this creation,

This will know who cares most so loved,

If there is a simple rare gift you will never miss,

Enjoy your life with this care...

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