Lake Pleasant

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Submitted: November 09, 2017

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Submitted: November 09, 2017



Darren woke up to the sound of his alarm on his phone ringing in his ear.  It was the first day of summer break, and he was determined to make this summer memorable.  As soon as she shut off his alarm, he shot up out of bed and hopped in the shower.  The shower felt really refreshing and warm.  When Darren got out, he dried and dressed himself (khaki shorts with red and black checkered Vans shoes, and a shirt that was custom made to have his nickname, “Darren Devil” on it) in a speedy manner, combed and spiked his black hair which had gold highlights in it, and headed down the stairs for breakfast. 

“Whoa, slow down Darren.  What’s your hurry?”  Darren’s dad asked. 

“Sorry Dad, I’m just in a hurry because the guys are picking me up in an hour and

then we’re heading off to Lake Pleasant for our summer break party,” Darren said. 

“You’re not going to pull any of your tricks are you, son?”  His dad asked in a firm tone. 

“Of course not, why would I do that?”  He replied in a sarcastic tone. 

After he finished breakfast Darren went upstairs to brush his teeth and pack for his trip.  While he was finishing up he heard the sound of a car horn – it must be the guys, he thought.  He zoomed downstairs, hugged and said goodbye to his parents and was out the door like a lightning bolt. 

“Hey D.D.” said Darren’s friend Jake whose sandy brown hair was also spiked

and was wearing a sleeveless muscle shirt with camouflage shorts, sandals and sunglasses. 

“Hi Jake, where’s Walker?”  Darren asked, looking around.

 “I thought he was coming with you,” Darren said. 

“Naw, he wanted to drive up with Misha,” Jake replied in a lovey dovey tone.  “Oh God, those two remind me of Romeo and Juliet; they can’t stand to be

without each other for five minutes,” Darren said while getting in the jeep. 

“I know, it makes me want to throw up,” Jake replied while leaving Darren’s house. 

“Oh well, let’s just enjoy ourselves at the lake and in the cabin,” said Darren.  Then Jake said, “Oh, by the way, I brought my bee repellant in case we encounter

some bees, especially since Gracie is allergic to them.”

It took two hours to get from Darren’s house to Lake Pleasant and they listened to a CD of their band the whole car ride up there.  When they got there, the girls and Walker were already there settling in. 

“Hey guys,” said Jake and Darren at the same time. 

“What took you so long?”  Asked Walker. 

“Well, ‘Lover Boy’ if you do recall, I had to pick Darren up, which put me behind by like 10 minutes,” said Jake. 

“Oh, sorry and stop calling me “Lover Boy” I don’t like it,” said Walker. 

“Sorry L.B., is that better?”  Jake asked.

“Actually, yeah, I like that better,” said Walker. 

Walker and the girls helped Jake and Darren unpack. 

Misha, Walker’s girlfriend, has brown hair, hazel eyes and is always seen wearing a tank top with jean shorts and violet colored flip-flops.  Walker has slick reddish-brown hair and baby blue eyes.  He is always shirtless (except at school) and wears only jeans, sunglasses, and DC shoes.  Gracie has green eyes and brown hair and is always dressed in all purple.  Her love of purple even extends to the purple highlights in her hair.  The last girl, Mercedes or Sadie for short, has black hair and usually dresses in exotic clothing, including the red contacts she cosplays in.  She has a huge crush on Darren, but she has never told him because she knows that he wouldn’t fall for or go out with a girl like her. 

By now they were all settled in and it was lunchtime so, they pulled out their egg sandwiches and chowed down. 

“These are good,” said Darren. 

“I-I made them,” said Sadie starting to blush. 

“Oh, well you’re a good cook,” said Darren.

 “Thanks,” replied Sadie now blushing red. 

After lunch, the guys and the girls all decided to go swimming in the lake.  When Darren canon balled in the water, he didn’t come back up. 

“Darren, come on this isn’t funny,” said Misha starting to get scared. 

By now, everyone had their heads in the water trying to see if they can spot Darren, but he was nowhere to be found. 

“Guys, what are we going to do,” asked Gracie. 

“Go call 911,” said Walker to Gracie. 

As Gracie was swimming toward the shore something grabbed her by the leg and

was trying to pull her down. 

“Ahhh, guys help me, help me please!”  yelled Gracie. 

As the rest of the gang swam over and tried to help her, Darren popped out of the water making a roaring sound. 

“Ahhhh,” everyone yelled.  Darren started laughing. 

“Oh man, you guys should have seen your faces,” said Darren in amusement.  “You dick, how could you scare us like that,” said Jake. 

“That’s why I’m called “Darren Devil” because I’m a devil and my name’s

Darren,” said Darren. 

“We thought you had really drowned and that there was some type of creature trying to drown Gracie,” said Jake. 

“I thought it was funny,” said Sadie trying to win Darren over. 

“There you see, Sadie thought it was funny,” said Darren. 

Everyone except Sadie was mad at Darren for what he did and they didn’t feel

like swimming anymore.  Instead they decided to call it a night and go to bed.

The next morning the gang woke up to Mercedes screaming her head off.  They all ran in to find a snake on her bed. 

“Get this thing out of here, please PLEASE!”  Mercedes exclaimed. 

Darren climbed up, grabbed the snake, and took it way out in the woods and let it go.  When he got back, he saw the disappointed and angry looks coming from his friends. 

“What?  You think that snake was my fault?”

“Well, you are the big prankster and you know Sadie is afraid of snakes,” said


“Well yeah, but I would never do that, in fact I didn’t do that.  I swear to you guys

I never even came into Mercedes room,” said Darren. 

“Oh really, then how did that snake happen to appear in her bed,” asked Gracie.  “I don’t know, maybe it crawled in, but the one thing I do know is that I didn’t put

it there,” said Darren. 

Nobody was convinced so, instead of arguing more they just gave up and started breakfast. 

After breakfast everyone, including Darren went on a hike in the woods.  They weren’t even two miles into their hike when Misha and Walker decided to go back to the cabin and make out. 

“Oh, come on you two.  You remind me of horny dogs,” said Jake. 

“Just let them go, man,” said Darren. 

“You two have fun, bye Misha and L.B.,” said Darren. 

Half an hour later, the gang heard screaming coming from the cabin where Misha and Walker were.  They started running back to the cabin only to be tripped by a tree branch.

“Everyone ok,” asked Gracie. 

“Not me,” said Sadie. 

She got scraped badly on her leg and was starting to bleed. 

“Don’t worry, we’ll get you patched up as soon as we get back to the cabin,” said


As they were walking back to the cabin, they stumbled upon a skeleton. 

 “AHHHH, OH MY GOD,” exclaimed Gracie. 

“Oh, come on Gracie it’s just a skeleton.  It’s not like it’s going to come back

alive and eat you.”  Jake said to Sadie and Gracie in shock.  

Darren was so in shock that it took him a little while to move, but when he finally

did it was because Jake nudged him.  He and the girls and Jake ran as fast as they could back to the cabin.  When they got there, Misha and Walker were nowhere to be found. 

“What did you do this time, D.D.,” Jake asked. 

“Oh, come on.  You can’t possibly think I made them disappear do you.  You also can’t possibly think I was responsible for that skeleton either,” Darren asked getting frustrated. 

“Guys, come on let’s not fight about this.  Let’s just get Sadie all patched up and go looking for them, they couldn’t have gone far,” said Gracie. 

“But, not before we call 911 and tell them we found a skeleton in the woods,” said Jake. 

Jake kept trying to call, but he wasn’t getting a signal, so then Gracie and Sadie tried, but they both got nothing.  Then Darren tried, but to no avail. 

“What is going on,” asked Gracie in a frightened tone. 

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.  Let’s just go look for Misha and Walker and then get the hell out of here,” said Jake. 

“I’ll stay here with Sadie and patch her leg up,” said Darren. 

The other two took off, leaving Darren to tend to Sadie’s leg. 

After Darren was done patching up Sadie’s leg Sadie said to him,

“Wow, where did you learn to patch up a wound like that.” 

“My mom’s a nurse, so she taught me,” Darren replied. 

“Wow, that was impressive, thank you,” said Sadie. 

“You’re welcome,” replied Darren. 

In the midst of all this, Gracie and Jake had gone to look for Walker and Misha, but were starting to lose hope when they noticed something shining in the distance.  When they got closer they noticed it was Walker’s bullet necklace that he has always worn since he was in middle school.  Gracie and Jake picked it up and looked at each other in terror before running back to show Darren and Sadie. 

“Guys, look what we found.  It’s Walker’s necklace,” said Jake. 

“Where did you guys find this,” asked Darren. 

“In the woods down by the lake,” said Gracie. 

“You don’t think Misha and Walker were kidnapped, do you,” asked Sadie.  “How could they be, it’s only us out here,” said Darren. 

“Not unless you had something to do with this, Darren Devil,” Jake said. 

“Dude, for the last time, I didn’t do this.  How can you blame me when I was?

hiking with you guys the whole time when Misha and Walker screamed,” said


“Oh yeah, then how did they just disappear huh, tell me that D.D.,” Jake said tauntingly. 

At this point, Darren was furious and he and Jake started fighting. 

“Hey, stop it right now,” said Gracie. 

She and Sadie pulled Darren and Jake off of each other and held them at bay.  “Fighting isn’t going to get us anywhere,” said Sadie. 

“We all need to stick together on this and find our friends,” said Sadie. 

Jake walked over to Darren and held out his hand apologizing and asking for a

truce.  Darren smiled and accepted.  Once they were all cooled off they decided to go look for Misha and Walker in the path that they found the necklace. 

After about 20 minutes, they were starting to feel lethargic and dehydrated so Jake ran back to the cabin and came back with some water bottles for each of them. 

“We should split up, we’ll cover more ground that way,” said Jake. 

So, that’s what they did; Sadie went with Darren and Jake went with Gracie.  Since they were alone, Sadie felt that this was the perfect time to tell Darren how she felt. 

“Um, Darren I have something tell you,” she said.  

“Are you going to tell me that you have a crush on me,” said Darren. 

Sadie was caught off guard.

“How did you know,” she asked. 

“I figured it out a week before school let out; the fact that you kept dropping hints and the fact that you always laughed at my pranks even though most of them were cruel,” said Darren. 

“Wow, I didn’t know I was that transparent,” said Sadie. 

“It’s cool though, cause I kind of like you too,” Darren said. 

“Really, you do,” asked Sadie. 

“Yeah, you’re a pretty cool chick and I love your contacts and the way you dress,” said Darren.

Sadie was in shock; she could not believe that her high school crush actually liked

her back!  This was a dream come true for her.  Just then Darren was swung up in a trap

and hung beneath a tree. 

“Darren, are you ok,” asked Sadie.

“I think I just stepped on a booby trap,” replied Darren. 

“What do we do now,” asked Sadie.

“Well, I have a pocket knife in my back pocket.  See if you can reach in and get it out and cut me down,” said Darren. 

Sadie fumbled around in Darren’s pockets until she found his pocketknife and cut him down. 

“Thanks.”  Said Darren.

“Now, let’s go see where those two love birds disappeared to,” Sadie said.

Meanwhile, Jake and Gracie were still on the lookout for Misha and Walker when they heard a rustling in the trees. 

“What was that,” asked Gracie. 

“I don’t know, let’s just keep moving,” said Jake who didn’t want to let Gracie see that he was scared. 

A little later, Jake hit his head on a bees’ nest causing the bees to get woken up.  “Run Gracie run,” yelled Jake.  As they were running the bees were chasing them

and getting closer and closer to them until they finally reached Jake and Gracie and started stinging them.  Jake knew that Gracie was allergic to bees so he kept trying to bat them away from her, but to no avail.  Finally, he remembered that he had some bee repellant in his pocket so; he pulled it out and started spraying the bees.  After they all died, Gracie was on the ground all stung up and starting to swell.  Jake picked her up and ran to his jeep.

When they got there, Jake put Gracie in the back seat and went to go start the

jeep.  He was about to take off when he heard Gracie trying to tell him something. 

“What it is it Gracie,” he asked. 

She told him that she had a shot for bee stings in her purse so, Jake ran into the cabin, grabbed the shot, ran back to the jeep, and injected it into Gracie’s arm.  After a few minutes, her swelling went down and all that was left were scars from the bee stings.

“Phew, I’m glad you’re ok.  I totally forgot about your shot.”  Jake said.

“It’s ok, I appreciate that you were going to drive me to the hospital.  But, the truth is, I would have died before you got there that’s why I mentioned my shot,” Gracie mentioned. 

“I’m glad you did,” Jake replied while hugging Gracie.

Meanwhile, Darren and Sadie were still on the lookout for Misha and Walker when Darren noticed a body in the distance.  When he and Sadie got close up the body (covered in blood) turned out to be Walker’s.

“Oh my God!  Sadie, Walk-Walker’s dead!  Go get help now!” 

But Sadie was too in shock to move so Darren started yelling for help.  Gracie and Jake heard him yelling and ran to find him.  When they got there, they were surprised at what they saw.

“Oh my God, Walker,” exclaimed Gracie.

“Dude, what happened,” asked Jake.

“I don’t know, me and Sadie were just walking when we noticed a body and when we got closer it was Walker.”  Replied Darren.

“I-I can’t believe he’s dead,” said Jake about to cry.

Darren bent down over Walker and said,

“I’m so sorry bro.  I promise you we will find Misha and make sure she always

stays safe.  I love -” Darren paused.  He was crying now.

All of a sudden Walker grabbed Darren and screamed.

“Ahhhhh, help me Darren,” he exclaimed.

“What, what do I do?  What’s wrong?!”  Darren asked frightened.

Then Walker and everybody else started laughing hysterically.  Darren realized he had been pranked and was now furious.  He punched Walker so hard that he was almost delirious.

“You dick how could you do that to me?!  I thought you had really killed,” Darren said in rage.

“Sorry man, but that’s what you get for all the times you have pulled pranks on us.”  Said Gracie.

“Wait, you guys were in on this too?  Even you Sadie,” Darren asked.

 “Sorry dude, it was pay back we had to do it,” said Gracie.

“I can’t believe you guys.  That was just plain sick and cruel!  My pranks were nothing compared to the one you just pulled.”  Darren said.

“Come on D.D. take a joke,” said Walker mocking what Darren would always say to them.

“I can’t believe I was about to pour my heart and soul out to you,” Darren exclaimed.

“I’m glad I stopped you before you got all mushy,” Walker said in lovey dovey

tone with his lips in a puckered position.

All of a sudden Misha jumped down from the tree above them and scared Darren.

“God, don’t do that Misha I’ve already been freaked out enough today.”  Said


Misha and the gang apologized to Darren for their sick and rude, but harmless prank and they all made amends and walked back to their cabin.  While on their walk

back, Darren asked if Walker and Misha were responsible for his getting swung up in a

tree.  They told him yes and that they set it up while he and Jake were driving down.

“Jeez, you guys are messed up,” Darren said kind of laughing.

“But why did you scream,” Darren asked.

“We had to make it seem authentic,” Misha replied in a proud – job well done – tone.

“By the way, hell of a great hook you got there “Darren Devil.”  Said Walker.

“Yeah, sorry about that, man.  I was just pissed off at you, but you did an awesome job at pranking me.”

“It’s all good and you’re welcome.”  Walker said.

They both started playfully pushing each other and laughing when Darren remembered something.

“But wait, what about that skeleton that Jake, Gracie, Sadie and I stumbled upon?”  Darren asked.

“What skeleton,” asked Misha confused.

“There was a skeleton in the woods that we stumbled upon while looking for you

guys,” Jake said.

“We don’t know what you’re talking about.  Show us,” said Walker.

So, the gang went back to where the skeleton was and Misha and Walker were in shock.

“We didn’t put this here,” said Misha.

“Well, if you guys didn’t then who did?”  Asked Sadie.

Everyone was in confusion as to how and why there was a skeleton in the woods.  They decided to pack up and leave and drive until they get cell service to call the cops.  Once they had cell service, Jake called the cops and told them about the skeleton.  A week later they heard on the news that the skeleton was a camper who went hiking in the woods, got lost, and froze to death. 

“Wow, poor guy.  I’m so glad that didn’t happen to us,” said Walker.

“I hear that.”  Said Darren.

“By the way, that was you guys pulled on me out there.  I really thought we had lost you guys for good,” said Darren to Misha and Walker.

Misha and Walker both chuckled.

“We learned from the best,” said Misha.

“Well, all I have to say is, my pranking days are over.  No more Darren Devil,” said Darren.

“It’s about time,” everyone else said simultaneously.

Everybody started laughing as they were sitting in Sadie and Gracie’s dorm room with a big bowl of popcorn getting ready to watch a horror movie.


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