Advent in the Arcane Forest

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Elf King

Submitted: November 09, 2017

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Submitted: November 09, 2017



The elves’ kingdom absolutely charmed me. It wasn't as small and cramped as I thought it would be. It was placid and didn’t seem like the kingdom was mourning over their king’s near death. Their kingdom was called “Arcadia” which, true to its image, meant “a scene of simple pleasure and quiet”.

I saw that the elves were very industrious. They looked exactly the same as the elves portrayed in old Santa Claus movies, and it amused me.

Hey, come to think about it. If the elves had to use their powers just to bring themselves and the others at this place, then could it be that this is not in Forestierre?

I looked at Twinkle Bell. The elves were leading us to their king, and all of which were looking straight ahead. The matter about their elf king seemed very serious to me.

“Twinkle, is this still in Forestierre?” I whispered.

“Of course,” he replied.

“Eh?” I pouted.

"Disappointed, are you? Well, it's impossible for you to be outside of Forestierre. You haven't escaped yet."

“Fine. Anyway, I'm worried about the elf king. I wonder what I could do for him.” I said.

"Don't you ever think about giving up the necklace."

"I don't. It's not even mine. Giving this up is not something for me to decide," I replied.

"Good, but I don't feel good about this. I hope nothing bad happens to us just because you're trusting these minions."

I would say that I was really shocked. I never thought this little meanie would say it as if he were blaming me. It made me a little mad for a while, but recalling my past experiences of being trapped, they might've happened due to my inclination to trust other people.

Just before I came to realize it, we were already in front of the uniquely- designed elf castle. It's elegant architecture excited me a lot. It truly put me on a daze--the touch of nature in its very design, as though the structure had sprouted out from the ground.


“Whoa, just look at this,” I said, unmasking my astonishment.

“Yes, Madame,” answered the elf, “that is the highest building here- the castle.”

“Wow, I must say, I'm really impressed!” I said.

“Well, might as well go inside, yes?” Suggested one elf.

“Ah! Yes, of course. Let’s go then!” I replied cheerily.

I was still very awestruck until we got inside the castle. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the big difference between the outside and the inside. How wonderful its appearance from outside was! But the exact contrary could be seen inside.

“I can’t believe it. What happened here? Has this castle been abandoned already? Why, the place is messy.” I commented.

“Please don’t be that harsh. We couldn’t find anyone who could maintain the castle. You know, no one else knew what he’s going through right now, and we can’t let anyone discover it.” One of the elves replied.

“But why wouldn’t you tell everyone? They have the right to know that.” I said.

“Yes, you’re right. But that would only cause panic amongst the elves. The elf king won’t allow that.”

I didn’t reply. I knew I couldn’t say any more. They were right. A king’s duty is to protect his land and not to worry the people.

After going up the stairs, we finally arrived at where the elf king was. Yes, it’s true that the elf king was bed-ridden.

“Pardon our intrusion, elf king. We are here to see your condition. How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Oh, a human! So you have come here just to see Elflied’s current status. However, I haven’t been feeling any better ever since I caught this unusual illness. I am very grateful, though, that you were able to come and see me. I appreciate your kindness.” King Elflied said.

“Yes, we are greatly privileged to see you today. But I am worried about your illness. If it gets worse, this will trouble the entire kingdom, correct?”

The elf king’s meaningful sigh worried me. He shifted his gaze from me to the window and smiled.

“I love my kingship; so do I love everyone who dwells in my kingdom. As much as possible, I do not want anybody from the public to know of this. I decided to keep myself away from them forever, and start teaching my faithful familiar to rule the kingdom the same way that I did.” King Elflied explained.

I was really touched by the elf king’s words. Indeed, that old man in front of me was a king- a king who loved his people very much. Despite his condition, he still thought about the elves more than himself.

My eyes glistened with tears while I struggled to suppress them from actually pouring out.

What awesome king you are. How I wish there’s a president in the present time that’s as loving and honorable as you are.

“I… I really am overwhelmed by your words, king. But by the sound of it, you seem to be giving up already.” I said.

“Rather than giving up, let's say I am ready to face my fate. A king should always be like that. I am already very grateful that my body would rot in the same land where I was born and raised,” he replied.

I paused for a minute and suddenly realized that I haven't actually asked if there were anything that I could do for him. My purpose for coming in the first place was to see if I could lend a hand to those elves.

“The reason for my coming is to actually see if you’re truly in a bad condition. Now I wonder if there's anything at all that I could do to help you.” I said.

"I'm very happy to hear that. However, your old man here is-"

He was interrupted by one of the elves who angrily exclaimed,

"Lend that necklace to him!"

We were all startled. The elf king looked at him and said,

"What are you talking about?"

"You know it, elf king. If you would have the Cyclops' eye in your hands for a day, you would be relieved of this disease. It's that powerful!"

“A day!" Exclaimed Twinkle Bell. "Ligian, your time here is running out!"

I was surprised by Twinkle’s sudden anger. This was the first time that I heard him talk in high pitch. But I couldn't put myself first when all I could see is the poor elf king suffering in front of me.

I immediately took the necklace off and handed it to the king. He looked surprised.

"What, dear human, you have no obligation to do this. I understand that your circumstances are no less difficult than mine. Please take it back," he said.

"I will surely regret all my life if I don't do this," Ligian answered.

"Stop that, Ligian!" Shouted Twinkle Bell.

Then, everything happened so fast that I didn't get a chance to even process what was happening. Twinkle Bell was caught in a net that buzzed as its wires emitted electricity and burnt the poor firefly. I was pushed to the ground, while the elf king held the necklace and flashed a devilish grin while I was being tied up.

W-what’s this…? What’s happening…?

Didn’t I hand him the cure? Didn’t I want to help him? Suddenly, Twinkle’s words came to mind:

 “I hope nothing bad happens to us just because you're trusting these minions.”

Uh-huh… I am trapped again due to my gullibility. And I got Twinkle Bell in trouble once more. He's dead, and I...



“How can we be sure that what you’re saying here is the truth?” I asked.

“Well, it’s good that you asked. Let us go altogether at our place.” One of the elves said.

I looked at the others, as if asking whether to come or not to. I thought I’d say that I would go, but Rania suddenly pulled me back.

“None of us is coming. So please leave us alone, you obnoxious little pricks.” Rania said.

I was startled. I looked at Rania in aghast.

“What are you talking about, woman?” one of the elves said.

“We know that your elf king isn’t sick at all. Stop messing around, scums. You're not fooling anyone here.”

“What! You… how dare you say that to us! You want to fight, huh?”

“Who wants to fight? I’m in.” Said the furious Yuzan.

This obviously freaked out the little creatures. Yuzan let out small but threatening growls while slowly approaching them. Oppressed by Yuzan’s terror and intimidated by his two sharp fangs, they all decided to escape.

Twinkle sighed in relief. Yuzan turned to Rania.

“You did it! You really did it, Rania. I am very impressed by your ability!” Yuzan praised.

“You don’t have to say it here, Yuzan. Hush."

“Ha-ha! I’m just so amazed. Hey Ligian and Twinkle, Rania really saved the day. Let’s all thank her!”

“Huh? What are you talking about? Well, thank you Rania- for stopping me from going with them," I said.

“She just used her Arcanum of time just to save you two. Don’t you know it? Well, now you know!” Yuzan said.

“Stop it, you, saber-toothed!” Rania shouted in embarrassment.

I looked perplexed. What? We were saved through the Arcanum of time? I absolutely couldn’t understand a thing.

“Please ignore Yuzan. We must be going now," then, Rania turned around and said, "Shrink." At the mention of the word, the black staff that she was holding glittered and shrank into a thumb-sized pendant. 

I was confused by it. It was the first time that I saw her holding a staff.

But wait.

More than that, the staff looked remarkably familiar.

With my forehead still furrowed with skepticism, I asked,

"Wait, Rania. That staff. Where'd you get it?"

"What do you mean? This is mine," replied Rania. 

I stood nonplussed and kept staring at her with this confused expression. We stared for each other for straight thirty seconds, and it wouldn't have been broken had not Twinkle said anything. 

"Hey! What's wrong, you two? The time is running out!"

I broke out from my bemusement and realized that we had to keep going. 

“Oh, yeah… we should head to the region of the giants.” I replied, holding the Cyclops' eye in my hands. But I couldn't keep the black staff off my mind.

Just when and where did I see that staff? 

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