The Family Ties

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A mystery series about a detective and his family secrets

Submitted: November 09, 2017

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Submitted: November 09, 2017



Detective Archer Tilkrit moved from Minnesota to Chicago six years ago and it turned out to be a great decision. Archer was eager to leave the past behind; his entire life had been plagued with family rumors secrets and scandals. Starting over with no one knowing about his family past made things much easier. He found himself making detective this year and began a nice relationship with his divorced pharmacist Jasmine Cole. They bonded over the need to start over, her marriage disintegrated after counseling went terribly wrong. Now, they both were ready to for a clean slate. Since childhood he had been teased and ridiculed, moving to Chicago seemed to be just what he needed.

One day at the gas station by his condo he was utterly stunned to see one of his old college friends. When Leslie Baldwin called out his name a chill ran down his spine, he turned to see her looking almost the same as she did nearly fifteen years ago. She was all freckles and big curly hair. Archer was suddenly transported back to everything he left behind, even as he was forcing himself to smile. It wasn’t that he had an issue with Leslie but he wanted nothing to do with anyone from Minnesota.

It all began with his grandparents and the mystery surrounding their deaths;

Esther and Alexander Tilkrit decided to stay in their cabin during the biggest storm of the decade. Over ten inches of snow was expected, the blizzard was a nightmare. While most people in the small town left to stay in hotels or with family, the Tilkrits was the only couple that stayed behind. Their twin sons Albert and Alvin were off at college. No one new why the Tilkrits would take such a chance staying behind, the snow blocked all the roads and all power was out. It was over two weeks after the storm that the police could make it to the Tilkrits cabin. The roof was completely caved in, the front door was partially off the hinges. The cabin was dark and freezing, one of the officers found a body in the bedroom crushed underneath the roof. Only one body was found and the mangled body was presumed to be Alexander’s. After a week of searching through the melting snow no one located Esther.

A month later Esther's body still had not been recovered, their sons came home and searched high and low, Esther was gone. The cabin was demolished in the spring, it was completely destroyed by the blizzard. Their sons eventually returned to school and the rumors about the Tilkrits began to spread. Some would say they planned this all along, whispers spread that Esther killed her husband and escaped. But that was impossible, no one would have survived that blizzard. Some refused to believe that Esther’s body would just disappear. For years and years people continued to speculate, one story even spread about the body that was discovered wasn’t Alexander’s but Esther’s lover, Alexander caught his wife cheating and he killed him. They used the storm to cover up the murder and vanished.

It was all speculation, nothing more. No matter what theory people concocted it still begged the question, how would they escape? the blizzard would have killed them both. The high winds, snow, and ice would be too much for anyone, there was no where they would be able to escape to. Although the mystery of Esther’s body was troubling, especially to their sons.

Archer’s father Alvin Tilkrit managed to get through college and opened a small business. He would go on to meet a stripper named Amber. They would get married a year later and shortly after she gave birth to Archer. Alvin’s business began to struggle when Archer was nine Amber went back to stripping it lasted only a few months. Amber became pregnant again and Alvin decided to try exotic dancing himself. His dancing became profitable and Alvin was able to save his business. Unfortunately, word got out about Archer’s parents professions and he was teased mercilessly in school. However, the most disturbing stories were about his uncle Albert.

Albert Tilkrit dropped out of school shortly after his parent’s death, he became increasingly depressed and started a very expensive drug habit. Albert made his way to Indiana where he began relationships with several men secretly. One evening the police got a call, a neighbor of Albert’s reported shouts and loud noises. When the police arrived at Albert’s apartment his lover was found dead inside with one shot to his head, Albert was in the same condition from a self-inflicted wound. Drugs were found hidden all over his apartment along with medication that would indicate Albert was extremely ill.

Stories about his mysterious grandparents, his uncle being a drug addicted murderer, and his stripping parents became too much. Too make matters worse his sister was still born, and he would be an only child. Archer now had to face all the ridicule alone. It wasn’t so much the teasing as it was his feeling of loneliness. Archer wanted a fresh start and moving to Chicago seemed to be just the thing. He loved his parents, they did the best they could. Archer knew escaping the Tilkrit name in Minnesota would allow him to create his own life and he had to leave his family behind.

Everything was working out well, until now. Leslie began asking questions, trying to catch up. She said she was in Chicago taking care of her sister that was recovering from cancer. Archer tried to keep the conversation short although he appreciated how she was there to take care of her sibling. She gave him her number and Archer said he would call knowing it was a lie.

When got back to his car he received a call from his boss that would change everything. He was told to come back to his office to interview a woman about a case, she asked for him specifically. This woman and this meeting would lead him on the journey that will change his life forever.

To Be Continued….






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