The Family Ties part 2: When The Ice Melts

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The series continues about a detective and his family secrets

Submitted: November 09, 2017

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Submitted: November 09, 2017



November 3, 1989 Minneapolis, MN

Esther Tilkrit threw more logs on the fire on the first day of the blizzard, after witnessing her husband board up all the windows. She prepared dinner and watched Alexander sit at the kitchen table eating the carefully prepared meal. Esther was glad, she had been poisoning him slowly over the past few days, but on this particular evening of the horrific blizzard she made sure this would be the last time. Right before dessert Alexander started coughing until he was choking and eventually blood started coming out of his mouth. Esther got up to help him get to the bedroom to lie down. Alexander was dead before his head hit the pillow. Esther immediately went to wash the blood off her hands. She went to the closet to grab a bag she packed with a few essential items.

She threw on her coat, she needed to hurry to meet the person who would help her get out of town. In a car parked a block and a half away in a wooded area was the person she trusted most. She took one last look at Alexander’s stiff body and then headed outside into the steady falling snow. The storm was just getting started and the cold chilled Esther to the bone.

Present Day

Detective Archer Tilkrit arrived at work at the request of a woman who wanted to speak with only him. Archer arrived to meet a woman named Amelia Crow, he didn’t recognize her but she seemed to recognize him. The meeting lasted barely twenty minutes, and by the time it was over Archer realized the past was once again coming back to bite him in the ass. She told Archer that she needed his help on a case about the death of her father.

Amelia said “my father was murdered and he told me before died that if anything happened to him to get his journal. It was made to look like a suicide. I believe he knew the person that killed him.”
Archer was puzzled “do I know your father?”

“Yes, my father was Albert Tilkrit”

Archer looked at the woman more closely. “My uncle Albert never mentioned anything about having a child. After all this time now you come forward, why”? Archer couldn’t help but to be stunned. His uncle died quite a few years ago in his apartment. It was an open secret that Albert was gay or at least bi sexual, in a passionate fight Albert killed his lover then shot himself.
“My father said it was too dangerous for me to meet his family, he kept me a secret to keep me safe.” She stated matter of fact.

“Safe from who!”

“Safe from your father, Alvin” she said

Archer couldn’t believe his ears “why in the world would he need to keep you safe from his own twin brother?”

“I don’t know, but I do know that whatever the reason is, it’s in his journal. I believe your father has it. Nothing was missing from his apartment after he died… except that journal. I know your father saw him before he died.”

Archer wanted to grab this woman by her arm and toss her out the door. “Look Amelia, I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. With all due respect to my uncle, he was a drug addict. Albert could’ve just been paranoid. There is no reason my father would have to steal his damn journal!” he was trying to keep his voice level but this was insane.

“I know this is a lot to hear Archer, I thought it was crazy too. That’s why after all these years I was willing to let it go. It does sound preposterous. But, a few days ago a woman came to me, pretty much threatening me. She said my father had a lot money hidden somewhere and it belonged to her. She thought I had it, she was a much older woman Archer, old enough to be our grandmother!”
What Amelia was implying left Archer speechless. Amelia seemed convinced that Esther Tilkrit was still alive after all these years. In his head he was trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together but they just didn’t seem to fit.
Amelia continued “for Esther to risk making herself known after all these years she must be desperate. She didn’t say her name but she looked exactly my father and yours. Where ever the money is it was written in that journal. You have to talk to your father.”

“Even if my father has the journal that doesn’t mean that Albert was murdered for it. The case is closed Albert killed himself and if you think you’re going to suggest that my father killed Albert…

“I’m saying Alvin has the journal. My father didn’t kill himself, I can’t believe that, especially now. If Esther is alive that means she had help getting away from that blizzard. She couldn’t do it alone. Alvin knows something, the last time I spoke to my dad he said that weekend Alvin was coming to visit two days later I get a call saying he is dead. It could all be coincidence but I need you to help me, please. If he has that journal Esther going to him next if she hasn’t already.”

“Let’s say everything you said is true, Esther somehow survived a blizzard and disappeared. You think she is going to my father to get a journal that leads to where some huge sum of money could be. It’s a big stretch, Albert could have spent that money…

“The way she spoke he was holding onto that money for her. She acted as if the money was hers and my father’s death made it hard for her get it. I’m telling you Archer, I was told to get a hold of that journal after my father died and nothing else. He didn’t care about anything but that journal. He didn’t want me to meet your father for a reason. These questions have answers I need you to talk to your dad, he has to have that journal.”

Archer sat quietly, this was all too much. Esther being alive after all this time, Albert’s secret daughter, and a journal that held secrets and those secrets had secrets.

“Alright Amelia, I’ll go visit my father and see what he has to say about this journal and this hidden money”

“If your father has that journal it’s likely that money is no longer hidden” Amelia spoke softly “and I’m coming with you.”

Just great Archer thought, this is just what he needed. Going back to Minnesota to deal with more family drama more secrets and lies. But, the most troubling thought, why would Esther kill her husband? And what involvement did his father really have? Hopefully none, possibly a lot but when this is all over Archer was willing to break all family ties for good.

To Be Continued…

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