The Family Ties Part 3: Secrets, Schemes,and Lies

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The series continues about a detective and his family secrets

Submitted: November 09, 2017

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Submitted: November 09, 2017



November 3, 1989 Minneapolis, MN

Alvin Tilkrit was parked in a wooded area in the freezing cold waiting for a sign of his mother. It was the first day of the blizzard and everyone had gone to a safer area. Everyone except his parents, a week early Alvin received a call from his mother Esther. Alvin was at college when his mother called early in the morning telling him about the severe blizzard that was coming their way. He figured his mother would just go south and stay with her relatives until the blizzard was over. However, Esther had other plans in mind. Esther told Alvin that his father had secretly kept almost half a million dollars hidden in the floor boards. She knew wherever the money came from it was illegal. She promised Alvin they would split the money and she would disappear. Her husband was dying and suffering from dementia and was having violent outburst she claimed.

She told Alvin that she would escape and cross the border to Mexico. Alvin was in disbelief that his mother wanted to simply leave his father to die. Esther insured Alvin that Alexander was dying anyway and that this was an opportunity to start her life over. If she could mysteriously disappear no questions would be asked, and she wouldn’t have to worry about where the money came from. To take a chance in the blizzard was crazy, Alvin wanted both his parents to get out of town. But Alvin knew his mother, and he knew she would leave on her own if he didn’t help. The guilt was eating away at him every day, but Esther was very convincing. Alexander was old she said, almost twenty years older than her. She insisted this was for the best, but things rarely go as planned as they both would soon discover. Alvin was deep in thought when he saw his mother walking swiftly towards his car in the freezing cold.

Esther convinced Alvin to stop when they got close to Wyoming, she wanted him to get a hotel in his name because she exhausted. Alvin eventually agreed when he woke in the morning Esther was gone, so was all the money. Alvin was furious he couldn’t believe his mother screwed him over after he risked everything to help her.

Later Esther would come to regret her decision, soon she would get in a terrible car accident and desperately needed a blood transfusion. Esther has a very rare blood type and figured she couldn’t call Alvin knowing he would likely force her to give up his half of the money or try to kill her himself. Her only option was Albert. She called Albert and he couldn’t believe his ears. It took a while for Esther to convince him she was indeed alive, and wouldn’t be much longer if she didn’t get a transfusion. She begged him not to tell Alvin. When he made it to Mexico he was thrilled and angry at the same time. She had changed her name to Emma Jones. She told him the same story she gave Alvin; their father had dementia and was already dying. She did leave out the part about the money and Alvin helping her escape.

After the transfusion Albert went to his mother’s apartment to rest. The outside of the building looked modest, the inside was furnished with expensive looking rugs, art, and high-end appliances. How could she afford this? Albert thought. He began looking around without even knowing what he was looking for. His mother left his father to die and was now living a little too well. Why didn’t she call Alvin? the question weighed heavy on his mind. Alvin was her favorite son he suspected it was because she may have known he was bisexual. She never said anything about it but in his heart, he knew it was true. After a few hours Albert looked in Esther closet at the very bottom was a shoe box filled with cash. Immediately Albert began putting the pieces together, Esther leaving his father to die had nothing to do with dementia. His father worked in construction his mother was a house wife, where in the hell did this money come from?

Albert took all the money from the shoe box, not knowing Esther had at least a hundred grand in another hiding spot. Albert left Mexico without saying goodbye to his mother and headed to Indiana. He was torn if he should tell Alvin, but decided against it. The secret was eating away at him, if only he knew his brother was keeping the same secret about Esther. When Alvin arrived in Indiana he met a woman named Lisa Crow. Lisa told him about how she kept a diary and it helped ease the pain of her husband leaving her one Sunday morning. She detailed her suspicions of his affair and how one day he was gone and never returned. She convinced Albert that it would help his stress if he wrote things down. Soon after Albert began writing in his Journal,  he found comfort in releasing all his secrets on the pages. Lisa would remain a close friend to him throughout the remainder of his life. She would come to give birth to his only child, Amelia.

Alvin took fifty grand of the money and hid the rest. Nearly ten years later he would attend a wedding of a friend and he met a man that would change his life. Albert fell deeply and madly in love, his lover introduced him to a life of hard drugs and fast living. Albert found the life intoxicating and it made it easier to forget about his troubles. Slowly Albert spiraled out of control, his erratic behavior made it difficult to keep his job. His lover and his addiction would lead to a series of events that led to his untimely death.

To Be Continued…

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