Who travel these lonely roads?

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People travel many roads to reach their destination of dreams

Submitted: November 09, 2017

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Submitted: November 09, 2017



Who travels these lonely roads

With the lights are dimmed to dark?

Where only tails lights are in loads

And each passing light is a mark?


Souls seeking shelter in open road

Hoping to get from where they are

To where they're supposed to load

Bliss of sorts under a blanket of stars


A mix of people from city to city

Waiting in passing time just for it to fly

To reach a place where they'll lack pity

And the only known norm is the sky


Hours go by like hours and seldom

Do things change from the way they look

All that's coined is conundrum

Stuff fit to be entered into a dusty shelved book


Hope and travel live together, a couple

Sometimes in harmony, sometimes not

And on the road that message is subtle

Once hope is caught, one's travelled a lot


And looks back at the gas and mileage

Now the car needs its maintenance

All beautiful price in body's grace of age

Malice invisible in ribbons of innocence


Those who share these lonely roads

Those who thought “when will it end?”

You've got friends, and ones in loads

Till the day you miss out one of the friends.

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