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One night, after her working hours in the bar, Nigella was traveling back home. She books a cab but in the middle of the road, cab breaks down. Since the distance between the place where the car broke down and her home was not far away. So Nigella decides to walk rather than taking a cab. As she is walking, middle of nowhere some young teenager boys block her way and ask for cigarettes. Nigella denies, that she does not smoke. Next they demand money, for which she ignores and tries to run. These boys follow her, beat her up brutally and snatch her hand bag and run away from the spot. Nigella’s nose starts bleeding and hands and legs are swollen. She is unable to walk or reach her destination. She tries to walk but falls down.

An old man who is a security guard in nearby petrol filling station. He will be walking on the same road where Nigella has fallen down. He runs to her and asks her, “My little girl, what happened? You have been hurt”. Nigella in dire pain says, Sir I was mobbed by some strangers and they stole my money. Old man feels pity on her and lifts her and helps her to reach her home safely. Joanna opens the door, when the doorbell rang. When Joanna looks at her granddaughter in a bad shape, her tears fall down form the eyes, her hands tremble. Joanna looks at the old man and inquires what happened to her granddaughter. Old man informs her about the incident which took place some time back with her granddaughter. Joanna thank him and takes her granddaughter inside her bedroom. Old man says goodbye to both of them and departs. 

Submitted: January 29, 2018

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