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Th e trip is going well for everyone. Until come lunch and a nuisance appeared. Nathan starts to doubt himself.

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Intensifying Bonds...

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"Sis! Let's try that one!" Rica pulls her sister into the ring toss booth, Rex follows them behind.

"Three, two, one... Go!" The stall owner counted down.

Rica throws the rings she had in a frenzy.

On that day, a miracle happened on that stall. Rica, with a mysterious force, made all 12 rings surround all bottles, one for each. The stall owner cannot believe his eyes. He hands out the jackpot prize which is a thick book. It was a collection of various stories, not just kid's but others too. Its price is probably a hundred dollars in the market.

Rica squealed with excitement as she took the book and began flipping through the pages. It could be seen in her eyes that she is enjoying it.

With a winner's smile, she gave Rina the book and pulled her along more stalls...

A shooting booth, balloon popping, etc. Rina's look on her purse became more concerned and concerned with every stall.

One sign in a stall caught their attention. The sign says...

*Turn 1$ into 1000$ by answering 5 high-grade questions!*

Rica pulled her sister to it and wanted to try it.

"Sis! Look, we can turn our 1$ to 100$! I'm sure I can handle the little quiz" Rica told Rina as she continuously tugs her arm.

Rina takes another concerned look in her purse and sighs exasperatedly. She is like a mom looking after her kid who wants to buy everything.

Rina gives her 1$ and speaks sternly. "Okay, this is the last we spend today if you don't win. We spent too much already."

Taking the bill Rica looks at her sister sadly, but she understands why...

She gives the bill to the booth owner who is looking rather...shady. Like the type of stall owner you know would cheat, with his black mustache and Mexican themed top hat. Rex squinted closely at him, suspicious...

The quiz started. Rica was able to answer the first 4 questions rather quickly, came is the last.

"Between the period of 400B.C. until the beginning of 20 A.D., disciples of a certain religion used what type of fish in their rituals concerning the making of the disease called 'Mindless Plague?'" The owner read from the card hiding a wicked grin.

Rex steps up upon hearing the ridiculous question. "Wait, hold on, don't pocket the prize yet. What in the hell is that question? That's not even legit history!" He complained.

The owner just looked at his clock, ignoring Rex with an innocent look...

"Hey! Don't ignore me goddammit!" Rex grumbled furiously.

Suddenly the owner stood back straight and looked done to Rica pitifully. "Oh, no" he feigning compassion. "Your time is up little girl. Who'd you perhaps like to try again?"

"There's no way a grade schooler could answer that question!" Rex snarled at the owner

Rica looked at her sister. She shakes her head in disagreement so she turns to Rex who is still snarling at the owner. Noticing Rica, he took his wallet and gives a dollar to the owner.

"I'll go..." He said with a serious look

The owner takes it with a mocking smirk and starts taking his question cards.

"First question...."

A few seconds later...

"So-sorry" Rex is moping on the bench they were sitting on earlier.

"It's okay Rex." Rina comforted him. "The question he gave is incredibly hard."

Rex groans "That damn swindler" he yelled holding his fist in front of him. "I can't believe the management isn't taking his stall down yet."

"Don't be mad Rex... I'm happy you tried it for me" Rica comforted him as well.

Rex put his hand on each side of his head and grunted. He looked down at Rica who is wearing this sad smile...

"Whats wrong Rica?" He asked

She looks at him like a cat would look at its owner. "I lost at the quiz... We can't spend anymore today..."

At first, Rex didn't understand it since he was living a comfortable life. Then he remembered that these twos life are different and their family seems to have a problem financially.

"Oh..." Rex averted his gaze in the direction of the stall and frowned. He gets his wallet and turns to her. "What do you say I treat you some today?"

The offer brightens Rica's face and she turns to her sister. Rina knows that Rex would keep insisting even if she somehow tried rejecting the offer, saving her from some arguments she nods, accepting the offer.

"Well then, where do you wanna go?" Rex asked like an uncle taking his niece to their first trip.

And there the day of the three continue happily. Rex and Rica and going from booth to booth, stall to stall while Rina is somehow unable to keep up with the way they're spending... the rollercoaster

"Hey...! Wanna ride again?!" Cecile asked like a guy who has wasted all night in the bar

"Shure!!! Let's go" Naomi agreed in the same state. "What ride?"

Cecile thinks for a bit and turns to Kyle tipsily. "Is there anything you wanna ride Kyle!?"

"How about the 'Octo-Spinner'!" He suggested.

"Alright!" Cecile starts feeling okay again. "Let's go!"

"Yeah!" Naomi says and she and Cecile walked together the crowded park.

Kyle is looking at them with a satisfied smile. "Those two are really getting along with each other" and fall back behind them.

The Ferris wheel...

"Time to get in!" Daniel urged the two to follow him as the operator opens the cart door.

The Ferris wheel starts slowly spin around.

"So, how long have you and Naomi known each other?" Daniel asked the two.

"Since our 2nd year in junior high. When she was still a freshman, we saw her often hanging around the literary club where I and the others are at" Sandra explained.

"Oh..." Daniel looks out to see a full view of the park. "How is...she?" He asked a bit less lively.

"Oh, you would get enough of her to last you weeks in one day. If she starts talking about a book she loves, you won't hear the end of it..." Sandra told him with slight giggles.

"Wow!..." Daniel said, glum.

"Did something happen between the two of you?" Nathan asked

Daniel shakes his head and smiled sadly. "No, it's just, she acts a lot differently around me..."

"What do you mean?"

"Its-" Daniel was about to start explaining when the cart comes to a halt.

The three looked around frantically. Their cart stopped halfway to the top

"Did something broke?" Sandra asked furiously, as she looks at the two like they're responsible.

"I hope not or we'll be stuck up here all afternoon," Nathan said, obviously worried.

Daniel is looking out of the window trying to see what happened. There seems nothing wrong, all he saw is...

"Don't worry guys" he laughed relieved. "Looks like somebody just exited their cart, ahahah"

He then plopped back to his seat while Nathan and Sandra look at what he is talking about.

They saw what seems to be a mother carrying a crying child in her arms exiting the train. They sighed in relief, but as Sandra was about to relax, something caught her eye...

While she squinted at a guy who is with a few others, standing in line, something touched her shoulder.

"What is that guy doing here?" She silently grumbled to herself.

"Is something wrong..." Nathan puts his hand back to his side as Sandra turned to him

Sandra shakes her head. "No, nothing"

She sits back down cautiously her eyes peeking back to the cart window.

No one spoke a word as the two still looks at Sandra curious. The Ferris wheel picks up momentum and they were on top again.

On then, the three started chatting again until it was time for them to get off.

As they pass the railing around the ride, Sandra comes off seemingly searching for something.

"Hey! Sandra, looking for something?" Daniel asked peeking over her back.

Sandra was a bit surprised at him just casually jumping behind her and stumbled forward. "Wa, don't just jump on me like that Daniel." She scowled at him.


"Something seems bothering you..." Nathan asked as he places his hand on her shoulders.

"Its nothing I said, yes?" Sandra told him and grabs his arm. "Come on, let's just enjoy the day." She pulls him as she ran to the crowd.

Daniel who is left behind also ran to catch up...

What is this? It's happening again. Her hardworking hands are touching my frail skin again. It's like that time back in school... It's making Nathan blush.

They stopped when they came across Kyle who is carrying Cecile at his back...again. Naomi is with him who seems a bit...sober.

"Huh? What happened to her?" Sandra asked still holding Nathan's arm, who is looking left and right anxious of his every movement.

"Rode too many rides" Kyle explained with a slight giggle.

"How about that other girl..." Sandra pointed at Naomi.

"Also dizzy"

Naomi starts stumbling as she walks. Losing her sense of direction and balance, she falls to another guy holding a bunch of goodies...

The guy was able to maintain his balance but Naomi fell to the ground. He laughs as he sees Naomi's spiraling face...

"Ahahah, see, you're just like me Naomi!" He sees Cecile on Kyle's back with the same face. "Hahaha, Cecile too, you guys are hopeless..."

The two woke up from irritation from his laugh. They both scowled at him...

"Shut up, Rex..." Naomi says as she throws her purse at him.

"Yeah, its like you're any better..." Cecile added and goes back to rest her head on Kyle's back. It was casual until she saw who was carrying her...

Cecile's realization face brought back Rex's annoying least to her

"Uhhh...Ky-Kyle, could you...uhhh" Cecile stutters while blushing.

"Hmmm?" Kyle turns to her.

"Could you put me down... I'm fine now"

"Sure" Kyle lets Cecile stand back on her own.

Then a girl appeared behind Rex who is pulling another.

"No...Rica...come on" she says and grunted while pulling Rica.

A playful smile surface on Cecile's face as she sees Rina. "How about you? Are you and Rina turning this to a date?"

Rex's laughter dies out and was replaced by a pouting red look. "Wh-who says anything about that?"

"I don't just look like a couple" Naomi joined in, a mischievous smile on her face.

"This two..." Rex thought himself depressed "They're really on to me..."

Rina reached their hearing range. "Sorry! Just had to pull Rica from one of the stalls." She saw Rex's red face. "Did something happen?"

"Nothing! Nothing!" Rex denied putting his hands in front of him.

The two didn't say anything but just gave Rex and Rina a wry stare. Rina backed away a bit as the two looked at her.

" something wrong?"

The two giggled. "Nothing, hehe"

Sandra called our attention. "Hey guys, wanna have lunch? It's 1 pm already."

"Sure!" Kyle said.

The group headed to a restaurant, walking distance from the park.

They sat around a long table at the corner. Sandra told the waiter their orders and after a while, the food arrives.

"Wow! Amazing! The food here is delicious!" Naomi exclaims inhaling a mouthful.

"You and Rex are always like that..." Sandra said but then noticed Rex's voice cannot be heard..." speaking if which..." she turned and saw him reading something with Rina. The other also looked at them

When she saw her, Rina immediately hid the notebook leaving Rex's hand hanging in the air like its holding something...invisible.

"What is that?" Cecile asked

Rina blushed. "No-nothing"

Naomi and Sandra became so curious as to what it is and continue bugging her until Nathan stops them...

"Come on guys, let us not force her, it's probably she wanted to keep privately," Nathan told them holding them off.

"Private? But she just showed it to Rex" Cecile argued.

Naomi just stayed still as Nathan holds her...

"Oh..." Nathan could just smile

Kyle who is smiling at them then looks at Rex who is now eating trying his hardest to ignore the two.

"Wow! You're not eating your food the same way those creatures from a fantasy novel we use to read consume life force." He teased.

"Of course!" Rex proudly declared still trying to deflect the audible argument of Cecile and Nathan. "I've learned you know" he steals a glance at Rina who is eating timidly...

Kyle chuckles. "Of course you did...."

Meanwhile, Cecile is shaking Rina who is tightly hugging her notebook, making her unable to eat properly.

On the other end of the table, Nathan is just squirming at his seat as his shoulder touches Sandra's... Suddenly, one of their cellphones rang.

It was Sandra's, she picked it up and read a text message...

*Sandra talk to me please...*

It was from an unknown number but she knows exactly the only person who will say this.

*Leave me alone* she replies

Suddenly another ringtone was heard. It was at the table behind her. Sandra turned to look and saw a guy looking at his phone gritting his teeth... She became filled with anger, it was Bill.

She faces back to the others, a pissed off look visible on her face.

"Sandra is being pissed at you, better stop Cecile..." Naomi tells her


Sandra puts on a faint smile. "No, it's okay..."

Her phone rang again... She ignores it and told it was just his brother bothering her. Then it rang again, ignoring it, it rang again. Then a text message.

*I'll wait for you at the back of the* it says.

Sandra turns and saw Bill storming of going out...

She follows him with her eyes and again, faces the others her gaze still towards the door... She grunted in anger.

"Uhm...guys... I just gotta go out, I forgot to give the key to the house to my brother" she laughed nervously.

They nod and she goes out to "give the key to her brother"

Once she's put, she went through a narrow alleyway leading to the back of the restaurant. There she saw Bill, pacing back and forth sweating...

"Sandra! Thank God, I thought you won't show up" he exclaimed as he reaches for her.

Sandra slapped his hand away and glares at his eyes. "I just came to tell you. LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY!!!" She yelled

Bill became like his owner scolded him and backed away a bit.

"You don't really get it, don't you? I'm never giving another chance. Once is enough, I've had enough of people just crumpling the piece of trust I've given them!" Sandra scowled at him.

Meanwhile inside...

"Well, that's so unlike Sandra to forget to do something..." Rex said filling the silence

Nathan nods. And looks at the direction Sandra went...

"Nathan, you sure worry a lot about Sandra..." Naomi mutters feigning a smile...

"It-its, she's just my friend that's all"


Nathan stood up..." I'm going to follow her..."

Kyle holds him... "Come on Nathan, that's Sandra, as far as I've known her surely she can handle herself..."

"I agree, and it's just her brother Nathy, maybe you're overreacting" Daniel agreed and gave him a nickname.

"Nathy?" Cecile asked

"I've given you all nicknames!" Daniel explained excitedly


"You-you don't know anything..." Nathan thought inside his head, not minding his nickname.

Rex knew what Nathan is thinking with that face. He knew he was thinking about Sandra lying about her brother and actually met Bill. Unfortunately, he can't explain it to everyone or Sandra won't trust him anymore. The same result will come if he is the one to speak, so he decided to keep quiet...

Nathan sits down, still visibly worried, but he didn't want to expose Sandra's secret.

At the restaurant backdoor.

"Sandra, please... I'll make you trust me, love me again..." Bill inched closer to Sandra with a pleading voice.

"You can't just straighten back a paper you've just crumpled..." Sandra faced away her voice sounding like a mixture of anger and sadness.

Bill groans. "Here you go again with those stupid metaphors, how can I understand you?"

"That's it! You don't even try to understand. You only care about yourself, about getting what you want!" Sandra yelled with more fury.

Bill is now starting to get hot-headed and impatient. "What? Then..." He scrunches his forehead while thinking. "Then just give me a new piece, I'll start again!" His tone a bit higher.

Sandra jerked back when Bill raised his voice but she still responded with ire. "Are you really that shallow?! You're an even worse guy than I thought..." Sandra started walking away. "We're done, get over it..."

Bill didn't just let her make him watch as she left him hanging. He ran up and hugged her from behind...

Sandra was stopped in her tracks... She shoved madly shoved Bill away but Bill just pulled her closer.

"Stay...away from gross...loser" Sandra's having some trouble speaking as she tried to get push him away.

While the tension between the two outside is escalating, a worried Nathan has excused himself to use the toilet.

While doing his thing, he is contemplating about his likeness to Sandra.

"Maybe it was just like in that book huh? She is probably as strong as that princess, maybe I'm not really cut for this. I'm just a messenger in the kingdom. A messenger not cut out to be with the princess..."

He remembered a scene from the book...

"The marriage between my daughter and the prince of Carlswell will be held in 3 days. Let us all rejoice for this will also be the birth of the alliance between Eli and Carlswell!" The King of Eli announced in front of a huge crowd.

Everyone is in applause as the couple walked up to the balcony. This is all except for one man who has a cloak covering his face with a gloomy aura surrounding him.

After the small celebration and declaration of the bride and groom. The man rushed behind the castle, there he saw the bride, Princess Veronica...

"Princess...uhm...congratulations on your marriage..." He greeted her with a sad undertone.

"Thanks, Elrick!" The princess thanked her with a monotone voice. "So... Where will you head next..." She asked with the same voice.

"Well, the king asked me to deliver the message to Carlswell to let them know of your marriage's date," Elrick said scratching the back of his head feigning a smile.

"Oh...well, good luck to your trip. I guess..."

A man then suddenly exited the castle and saw the two of them talking. He held the princess, whispered to her ear and scowled at Elrick.

"Hey! What is a messenger like you doing with the princess? You're not seriously thinking of stealing her from me right? You're hopeless..." He smirked.

Elrick wasn't able to retort against a prince and just looked down to the ground...

"Go! Deliver that message to my father and let them know of the date of the grand celebration!" He commanded Elrick and walked away with the princess.

As the prince's hand rest on her shoulder, princess Veronica turned to Elrick a faint smile on her face...

Elrick leaned against the wall and buried his face in his hands.

"I really can't do anything. Why am I so powerless? Why can't I defend my love?" A tear flowed from the gaps in his fingers...

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