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As they try to take Sandra away from Bill. Nathan's self consciousness takes the best of him...

Don't know. I really don't know. Hope it gives off what it's supposed too hahaha. :)

Chapter 11 (v.1) - The Affection: Encounter

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Submitted: December 24, 2017



An angry voice from the window broke Nathan's train of thoughts...

"Stay...away..from me.." The voice sounded, struggling...

Nathan recognized the voice, it was Sandra's. Immediately he zipped his pants and ran out off of the restaurant without even speaking a word to the others.

They became confused by Nathan's panicked look.

"What? Where is he going?" Naomi asked as she stands from her seat.

"I don't know" Rex lied... "Let's follow him" they all agreed all also rushed out of the place leaving their food, except for Cecile who held her burger and continues to bite from it.

"Can't that wait?" Daniel asked. Kyle heard this and also looked at her and smiled silly.

"I can't help it! I love burgers" Cecile retorted causing the two to giggle silently.

While the others are oblivious to what's going down Rex already has his guess. They were confirmed when they followed Nathan as he turned to the alleyway behind the restaurant and saw Bill clinging onto Naomi. He looks to be pleading.

Nathan is there, standing as Sandra tries to get away from Bill. As Naomi sees the two, she became angry which is unusual for her to be...

"Bill!" She calls. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Stay away from her right now!" Naomi demanded pointing her finger upfront.

"This got nothing to do with you!" Bill retorted, sounding impatient.

"No... You're the one who has nothing to do with her, she dumped you already. Leave her be!" Naomi is clearly furious. Cecile and the others are just staring at her in disbelief she has this side to her.

"Sandra please!" Bill ignored her

Naomi's forehead wrinkled and she yelled at Bill with insults the others never thought they'd hear her say. "Why can't you move on you big-headed spoiled loser?!"

Bill looked at her with a threatening glare. Pushing Sandra aside, Bill walked towards Naomi as he keeps staring at her.

Naomi was intimidated but she kept eye contact with him as he walks. She's sweating and her legs are shaking but not that noticeable.

"Shut up you-" Bill held up his arm and swings it down Naomi. She closed her eyes. His strike connected...but not Naomi. Looking down, he saw Sandra on the ground holding her red cheek with her red hair covering half her face...

"Sandra!" Bill, Nathan and the others call as she sits on the dirty ground.

Bill tries to help her get up but she just angrily slaps his hand away with her free hand.

"Sandra I--"

"Save it!" Bill tries to apologize but Sandra shuts him up.

This attempt made Naomi furious, making her forget being intimidated. "Just how much of a jerk are you to hurt her and then apologize?!"

Bill turns back to her, trying to intimidate her by staring at her green eyes with his dark, angry, eyes. "This is all your fault"

While the two are arguing Cecile went to help Sandra get up. Rex is looking around, searching for Kyle who's gone missing.

Nathan is there standing. There is anger building inside him. The guy, who is now in the throat of one of his friend has just hit the girl he likes. It angered him that he wasn't able to defend her. He wants to hit this guy.

Without thinking he charged to Bill. The others stopped what they are doing and gazed at him wide-eyed as he drags himself and Bill falling on a pile of cartons.

Bill sat up, clearly pissed. He pushed Nathan away who is on top of him making him lie on the dirty pavement. As he stood up and wiped some of the dirt on his pants, he walked back to the others.

"Tch, stupid nerd.." he said as he looked at Nathan.

Nathan didn't move. His got a bruise on his left arm and his pants are dirtied. His light purple hair became a mess and soiled. One of the lenses of his glasses was broken beside him. He just sat there looking down at the pile of carton that just fell pitying himself.

Bill blocks Naomi with his body as she tries to approach Nathan

"Get away loser!" She said without being intimidated.

"Yeah, tell that to that guy over there," he said signaling towards Nathan.

"I said get out of the way!" Naomi forced Bill aside and kneeled beside Nathan.

Bill looks at her, a slight smirk on his annoying face. He proceeds to approach Sandra who is with Cecile.

"Don't touch her!" Cecile pulls Sandra away

"We will talk. Let her go" Bill demanded upset


Bill looms over her"If you d--" suddenly a hit stopped Bill and he's face swings facing the wall.

He looks back and saw Sandra glaring at him.

"What was that for?" He asked holding his cheek annoyed.

"Payback..." She straightens her head and looked straight at him. "Get away from here already you've hurt enough people already."

Bill is getting impatient, especially with Sandra always pushing him away. Why won't she just listen to even a single thing he says?

"Why? Why won't you listen to me? Is it because of that nerd?" He demanded visibly upset.

Sandra leans closer to him keeping eye contact. "No, there's just no reason for me too"

"I'm tired of this." Bill forcefully took Sandra's hand and tries to walk away with her. On the other side, Cecile still isn't letting go of Sandra. It's like their playing tug of war on Sandra.

"Let her go!" Bill grunted.

"You let her go!" Cecile grunted back

"Let me go, Bill!"

"Hey, you guys! Stop!" A voice stopped them from pulling on another. They all loomed over behind Rex and the others. There they saw Kyle with two other guys.

"Bill? What are you doing?" One of the guys called him. "We thought you're just gonna talk to her"

"I am!" Bill answered back. "Come on, Sandra" He tries pulling again but its no good.

The two started to approach Bill. "Hey, look, I don't think she wants to talk to you" the guy pat his back urging him to let go. "Come on, just try next time"

"No Ian. I-I wanna settle this already..." Bill stated.

The guy apparently named Ian sighs. "Look, listen to us, you can't force yourself into this "

"I don't care"

"That's why nobody listens to you Bill! You don't know how to listen to others" Ian raised his voice

This irritated Bill who turned to him. "Don't lecture me will ya?"

"You won't even listen to your own friend..." Naomi scowled at Bill making the three of them look at her. " really are just an ignorant spoiled loser"

Bill frowned and walked towards Naomi who is with Nathan. Nathan looked up and watched Bill but there is no emotion on his stare, it was just as if, he wasn't looking at him...

"That's some creative words that have been coming out of your mouth" as he reached them, Bill poked forward trying to intimidate her. "Why don't I shut that mouth of yours"

Ian and his other friend including Kyle rushed towards Bill and held him. They knew that he might thrash any moment.

"Bill control your temper will you?" Ian whispered to Bill as they grapple

"Yeah, Bill" Kyle laughs nervously. " don't wanna be expelled because of this"

Bill darted his gaze towards Kyle.

The other guy who is also Bill's friend started to speak. "Come on, if you get expelled now what you promised us will be gone..."

Hearing this, Bill stopped moving and looked at the three before glaring back at Naomi. He didn't say anything and turned back before glaring at Nathan from the corner of his eye.

"Come on guys..." He urged the two to follow them as he stomped away angrily, not uttering a single word back to Sandra.

The others didn't know what happened as they are just whispering to each other. They just sighed in relief as they approached Nathan and Naomi.

Even without his glasses, Nathan can clearly tell what happened. He wasn't able to do anything. He sat there, his right fist gripping the cold hard asphalt as if it's trying to rip it off. He was so frustrated with himself, why is he so powerless?

"Hey, if you keep lying there we'll leave you" he looked up and saw Sandra smiling at him, stretching out her arm urging him to stand up. He looked at it...

He thought, he was the one who's supposed to help. It's so unfair, how his attempt didn't even do anything. It just added to their trouble and now... Now he was the one Sandra is helping stand back up... It's just, so, unfair to him... He was the one always looking through her, but why, in times like seems all those loses meaning.

"If I can't protect won't mean anything at all" he thought and took her hand holding back his frustration.

They stood up and saw what seem to look like Rex's figure. He took his had and put something on...

"One of the lens is broken Nathan, sorry..."

He realized it must be his glasses and put it on.

One of the lense really is shattered. The right is just fine but it still wasn't much help. This just frustrated Nathan even more. He removes it and gave it back to Rex. Rex took it and looked at him, concerned...

Sandra took it and tried giving it back to Nathan.

"No, no, its all fine, really." He said but they know it really wasn't seeing that Nathan is squinting. "Le-lets just head back inside or our food will get cold..." He went ahead of everyone, limping. Rex noticed it and rushes to provide him support with his shoulders. The others followed them back

Nathan looks at him. "You don't have-"

"Shhhh..." Rex shuts him up. "So, what's the problem? You seem in a bad mood..." Rex asking trying to sound a bit funny.

Nathan didn't mind his tone. "Not really..."

"You upset with yourself?" Rex asked

Nathan was a bit surprised. "Why...why do you say?"

"I don't know" Rex rolled his eye up. "This scene just feels like from the novel I'm reading.." Something crosses his mind. "Which, by the way, I lent to you right? Give it back, I wanna finish it!" He demanded.

Showing a faint hint of smile "I'm gonna finish it first..."

"No fair"

"Tha-that's just how it is..." Nathan sticks out his tongue and stared back forward and ignored Rex's next rants...


They are seated again inside.

"I told you, you should have listened to me back the Sandra!" Naomi scold her..

"That guy is so clingy, what is his problem anyways" Cecile asked pissed.

"To be honest... I've never really seen Bill like that. It's kind of shocking honestly" Kyle added.

"Who is he anyways Sandra? You're ex?" Daniel asked her

Sandra sighs and looked at them. "Yeah!" She then decided to tell them the story

Cecile and Daniel gasps. Naomi, Rex and Nathan said nothing, they already knew about it. He leaned to Rina and asked her what's wrong since she hadn't joined their conversation.

There he saw her comforting her little sister.

"Its just, she becomes uncomfortable when people fights" Rina explained while petting Rica's head.



"That sucks. You should really must watch out for him" Cecile told her after hearing the story.

Sandra groans and rested her forehead on her fingers. "I know, he's being such a pain"

Naomi pouts. "Told ya, see? When you think about it, he really is just a spoiled loser"

"Hey, I don't think its right to call him names still... He's my friend after all" Kyle defended Bill

"I don't care, he's just a loser jock who let all those fame and praise he got get to his head making him think he could get everything." Naomi argued.

"Still, he was my friend you know. I'm sure you understand that I want to defend him." Kyle argued back..

Cecile and Sandra tried to stop them from arguing...but...

"If that's how it is, take his side then. Go!" Naomi is real pissed of Kyle trying to defend Bill..

Suddenly Rex interrupted their argument. "Hey guys, don't fight look" he point to Rica hiding her face on Rina. "You're making Rica uncomfortable"

Naomi continue pouting... "It's Kyle's fault"

"Ho--" Kyle was cut by Daniel who leaned on the table and talked to Naomi, putting on a smile.

"They're friends Naomi. It hurts him too if you keep insulting Bill like that.."

Naomi loses the angry look on her face and was replaced by a slight embarrassment. "So-sorry" she looks down her empty plate.

Daniel sighed, disappointed his attempt to start a conversation with his cousin failed.

After a while, Cecile, Naomi and Sandra are back, talking about how horrible Sandra's ex is. Kyle just sighs at every insult they throw at Bill while Daniel decided to not join because Naomi is comfortable around him. The two of them then talked to each other, Daniel occasionally complimenting (flirting) with Kyle although, Kyle don't seem to mind. Meanwhile, Rex was left resting Rica on his lap as Rina was dragged by the other girls and joined their pep talks.

While they all chatter and Rex 'babysits' Rica, Nathan is at the corner of the table. He hasn't spoken a word to any of them since they got back.

He was still brooding over what happened. Blaming his weakness for being incompetent of something as simple as standing up. It wasn't just here, he thought back to their first club meeting. He could've easily have lighten the situation back then, if only he spoke. But no, he waited, it was thanks to Rex the meeting went well...

Rex also reminded him of the novel he lent him. Now he understands why Rex gave it to him. There are a lot of similarities between him and 'The Hopeless Messenger'. Weak and powerless, loving someone out of their league in competition with someone undoubtfully deserving them more. Unable to even speak, less defend someone, incompetent and somebody who should just stick to what they are... Somebody who never speak what they actually feel..

He stares up and looks out the window. He is still without his glasses. He stole a quick gaze to everybody and turned to the window looking at the busy street.

What if he's out there alone, in the world? He probably won't even be able to stand up for himself. He will be alone, weak and cowering in the shadow of his story. As the pages of his life turn, he would be left under the shadow of the next page. He knew he can't stay the same, that he has to leap when the next page falls. And now, he believe is the time the next one is turned.

Still, there is confusion. How will he get rid of his weak side? He don't want to wait anymore. He wanted to be confident and not be scared to speak out what he feels. How? He didn't know...

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