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After the little trouble at the restaurant, the group is back at the park to continue to try and keep enjoying the weekend.


Chapter 12 (v.1) - Doubt, Hurt, And Affection

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Submitted: December 30, 2017



"T-Rex! What are you doing?" Cecile asked loudly as she saw Rica sitting on Rex's lap. "Lolicon! Pervert!"

Hearing this, Rex flushed a bit and was flustered hearing Cecile's sudden remarks. He looked around seeing if anyone in the restaurant heard it. Then he turned to Rina.

"What are you talking about? I-I'm just comforting her!" It seems Rica was also shocked from Cecile as she hides her face in Rex's chest.

"You're making her uncomfortable," he adds

Cecile leaned to Rica.

"I-I-I asked brother Rex to carry me..." He explained in a soft but shaky voice.

"Oh, okay..." Cecile was a bit embarrassed for overreacting.

Rex turned again to Rina and smiled at her nervously. Rina smiled back at him, making him blush.

Sandra sighs in disapproval. "Hey, guys let's go. I wanna have fun. I'm tired of all this drama.."

They all stood up and started walking towards the door. As Rina goes to follow them she noticed Nathan still entrenched in his thought.

"Uhh...Nathan, we're leaving"

Nathan didn't answer.

Rina poked him and then turned to Sandra.

Sandra approached the table and pat Nathan's back.

"Hey, stop daydreaming. Let's go"

Nathan snapped out of it and gazed to Rina, then Sandra. "Oh... Right...sorry"

They all went back to the park and picked up where they left on, but now they decided to not split up and have fun together.

Rica is still with Rex who is treating her to a bunch of things with Rina still alarmed at his much Rex is giving her. Seeing her, Naomi leans in and whispered... "That guy's wallet is bottomless, don't worry"

Cecile, Naomi, and Sandra are playing a bunch of games and eating, again... They also dragged along Rina because, why not? This left the 'two kids' alone. The boys are following the girls chatting about random stuff.

After buying some candied apple Sandra approached Nathan and asked him if he wants one. He slowly hooked his head and looked up at her.

"Do I have caramel on my face?" Sandra asked noticing Nathan look at her.

"No... It's nothing"

Sandra frowns at him. She realized something is bugging him. "Are you okay?" Nathan shakes his head but his fake smile is too obvious. "I'm the one who should've asked you that," Nathan said in his head

Sandra turns him so he is facing her. Nathan blushed a bit but didn't change the reaction on his face.

"Look, I know you've been brooding over what happened." She takes a bite of the apples. "...but you don't have to think about it"

"Just don't think about it too much, okay?" Sandra smiled at him. "Just take care of yourself."

Nathan's mouth winced. It's like those words offended him a bit even if it's Sandra that said it.

"Don't worry about Bill, I'm sure he'll stay away from me now"

Nathan stayed silent but in his head, he knew she is lying. "You're lying"

"If he ever approached me again. I'll slap him and get him out the way" Sandra says slapping in the air.

"Another lie," Nathan thought

"You don't have to worry about me... I'm fine" Sandra said as she looked at her food sadly. She ate it all...

"Why do you keep lying?" It kept ringing in his head

Nathan looked at her. Seeing that sad smile, he knew that she's just being strong by herself. But he can't argue, he just can't straight up say. 'You're lying'. He just muttered "Okay" and excused himself to use the toilet...again.

Sandra sighed Naomi pat Sandra and moved her face close to her.

"Mmmm?" She saw Sandra's candied apples gone. "What? You finished them already?"

Suddenly, Naomi felt a slight brush near her wrist. She turned around and saw one candied apple missing and Cecile nomming on one. She lunged herself toward Cecile but she was too late, she had put it whole in her mouth already.

"Ehhhh! That's cheating! No fair!" Naomi fusses as the boys laugh.

Cecile laughs playfully while chewing at the apples. Then she turned to Sandra noticing Nathan missing.

"Where did Nathan go?"

Naomi also realized Nathan left and looked around for him

"He said he'll use the toilet" Sandra spins and turns to them. She turned her gaze to the direction Nathan went.


It was a few minutes later and the group noticed Nathan still hasn't come back. They looked around them searching for him. Sandra pulled out her phone and decided to call Nathan.

It rang a few times before Nathan finally answers...

"Hey, where are you?" Sandra asked.

Behind the line is a sad sounding voice. "Sorry, I went home ahead...I...I'm not feeling well"

Sandra let's out a sad sigh. "Oh, okay...don't think too much about what happened today, get better, kay?"

"Mmmhh, sorry" Nathan exclaimed an approval tone and then hangs up.

Sandra looks at the others and told them what just happened.

"I hope Nathan gets better soon," Rina said

"That's too bad though," Daniel says.

"That was weird of Nathan. I'm sure he would've said something first" Kyle added.

Sandra nodded to him in approval it was really odd. "Yeah, I think he was acting a bit weird today"

"You also think so?" Naomi asked as to where Sandra nods again. "I hope he gets better soon" Naomi continued.

The group continued doing what they were doing although now there is some with lingering worries...


The group was walking through the park wondering what to do next when they noticed Naomi lagging behind. Sandra and Cecile slowed down their pace so Naomi can catch up to them.

"Hey, you don't look good," Cecile told her when she saw her pale face.

"Are you sick again?" Sandra asked...

Kyle, Daniel, and Rina noticed them and then saw Naomi. She really doesn't look good.

Rina decided to approach them. Then, she feels Naomi's forehead.

"Oh, I think you have a light fever Naomi," Rina told her with a look of concern.

Naomi laughs silently. "Well, I guess it can't be helped. I've done a lot today"

Cecile looks at her confused. "Are you always sick?"

"I guess you could say that" Sandra sighed.

"Well, I've really got an abnormally weak immune system or something like that. It's actually better now. When I was a kid I was sick almost every week, my mother decided to make me stop school for a year" she explained harboring a weak smile.

"That gotta suck, but is that why you're a grade lower although we're technically the same age," Cecile asked her thinking of their one year school year gap.

"Yeah" Naomi giggled slightly and then she holds her forehead. "Uhm...guys...can we sit for a moment. Ugh.."

They all give a concerned look to Naomi. She looks up at them and laughs nervously.

"Ehehe, my head just hurts a bit"

"Eh? Are you sure you're okay?" Cecile leans and looked at her pale face

"No, really hehe"

"Do you wanna go home?" Rina asked as she pats her back.

Naomi shakes her head and said. "No, we're still having fun, right?"

"But-" Cecile starts arguing but Naomi spoke again, trying to sound cheery.

"Have fun guys haha, I'll catch up with you!"

They all looked at her with disapproval but Rina inched closer to her and told them. "I'll just look after her, don't worry guys..."

They all sigh, they told them to take care and waved and had some more fun. Daniel, however, is the most worried of the rest and left them with uncertainty ...Rina then remembered something...

"Uhhh...guys" she tried to call them out but no one heard her...except Cecile who's still watching them.

"Uhm...if you find Rex and Rica...uh...tell them I'm here. Thanks!"

Cecile smiles at her. "Sure! You two take care" she waved goodbye which Rina and Naomi gave back.

"Thank you for staying behind for me!" Naomi smiled weakly.

"No problem...We..we're friends? Right?" Rina spoked like she's second guessing if they're really friends.

Naomi looks at her peevishly. "Hey, of course, we are! Don't go second guessing that!"

Laughing nervously, Rina apologized and looked far to the park.

Naomi is just about to ask her what she's thinking but she felt pain in her head again. She grunts and puts her head close to her knees.

"Uhm...does your head still hurts? Do you want some water?" Rina asked.

Naomi nods and Rina stood up. She told her to just stay there and wait for her. A few seconds later she came back holding a bottle of water.

After opening the cap she gave it to Naomi and drained it of both air and water in a matter of seconds.

"You shouldn't let yourself get dehydrated you know?" Rina scolds her a bit after seeing her gulp down the bottle and put it on the curb of one of the plant patch. "And you also shouldn't just leave trash lying around."

Naomi again, laughed nervously as she tries to reach for the bottle to throw it properly.

Before she reached it, Rina's hand took it and threw it herself. Then, she turned to her, feeling a bit bad. "Sorry, you're sick, hehe. I'll take care of it."

She smiles and lied on the bench, resting her head on Rina's lap. "Is this okay?" She asked closing her eyes, lying sideways.


Naomi turns around and looks up at Rina still lying on her lap. She slightly covers her bright green eyes to prevent being blinded by the sun's glare.

"You talk weirdly sometimes" she starts speaking.

"Huh?" Muttered Rina.

"You know like l what you just told me. Maybe that's why Rex likes you" Naomi told Rina nonchalantly

Rina blushed a little. "Huh? Rex? Like? Me?"

Naomi thinks, touching her temple. "Well...he doesn't really said that but...the way she talks to you and acts around you just screams of it"

Rina giggled. "Oh. Surely not it. We're just friends and I think that he really is just a real nice guy"

Naomi sighed. "Oh well... If that's what you want to think..."

Without giving it more thought, Rina looks back again far to the park but Naomi spoke again.

"You really know how to take care of people huh?"

"Oh that, it's just. I have to..." Rina replied with a hint of sadness.

"What do you mean 'you have to?'" Naomi asked her curiously.

Rina wore what looked like a sad smile and shook her head. "Nothing..."

Naomi then beamed at her and slowly stood up. Sitting up, still beaming, she thanked Rina and stood up and told her she feels better now. She signals her to come with her and join the others but she insisted that she wants to sit down for a few more minutes. Happily waving off, Naomi went and catch up with the others.

She watches quietly as people chatter and walk around the park. Gleeful screams as the rollercoaster dropped down was heard. Kids laughing as the horses in a carousel takes them around. There are also silent metal creeks throughout the park.

As a kid passes through her with ice cream on its hands cheerfully talking with a woman who seems to its mom, she heard someone call her. She impulsively turned around and saw Rica holding a towering cotton candy. She smiled at the sight of her sister and hugged her.

"Where's Rex?" She asked letting go of her.

Rica pointed to the direction she went from as she took a bite of the cotton candy.

Two figures are 'running' towards their direction. They seem to be trying to catch up with Rina but wasn't able too. One of them is holding a bag in each hand while the other is using the other's shoulder for support.

She giggled at them and turns her attention to Rica who is still munching on her food.

"I told you its not good to eat a lot of sweets" she scolds her a bit.

"Eh? Sis, just this once" she told her cutesily as she took another bite.

Rina sighed and fondle with Rica's hair. "Okay, okay" she smiles. "But drink lots of water after you finish eating okay?"

Rica nods happily. The two then finally reached them, panting heavily.

"Wooo!" Rex exclaims. "I haven't run like that for a long time, I should probably hit the gym again," he said and wipes his sweat on his forehead.

Cecile nudges him and smirk. "Will you stop bragging in front of Rina"

"I'm not!" Rex denied but Cecile just laughed it off.

Rina thanked them two for taking Rica. The four of them then reunited with Kyle, Cecile, Naomi, and Sandra and spends the day at somehow peacefully.


Nathan who left without informing anyone finally got home. The door is open and what sounds like sword clashing and sweeps cutting through the ground is ringing inside. He enters and found his father sitting in front of their TV playing some sort of RPG game.

"Hey! Nathan! Come on, join your old man in Vicinity. I'm in need of a ranger here" his dad calling him to join him.

Nathan gave off a faint smile but his negativity was still felt by his dad. "Hehe, sorry dad. Maybe later" he continues walking up to his room.

His dad became a bit concerned and followed him.

As he enters Nathan's room he saw him sitting at the side of his bed.

"Hey, son what's wrong? You never oppose to playing with me even if you're busy. Did something happen?" His dad asked as he sits down beside him and pats his back.

Nathan sighed. "It's just, one of my classmates. I feel like she's getting harassed by her ex, it really got on my nerves."

His dad didn't answer and just nods telling him to continue.

"Well, well" he becomes hesitant. "I tried attacking him and well, I-I just embarrassed myself."

His dad laughs. "Ho Ho? Is my son now trying to get a girl?"

Nathan frowned and glared at him. His dad smiled nervously and sighs.

"You know Nathan, don't think about it too much. It won't does anything. You're game over in that part, but you learned. Just like in an RPG. If you're killed by a boss, you can try again but then, you have new knowledge about it and you can easily beat it up next time around." He puts his fist up and gently places it on Nathan's head messing his light purple hair. "If you're weak this time when you face that guy again be stronger. You can't beat a game with a weak character, right? Just learn and get stronger son."

Nathan can't help but smile on his dad's RPG analogies, it's kinda but it's not enough to get the thought out of his head. Regardless he still answered positively to his dad.

"You're right dad, I'll keep that in mind"

His dad stood up and was about to leave when...

"Wait, where did you're glasses go?" He asked noticing Nathan's glasses are missing.

"They were...broken"

His dad scratches the back of his head. "Well, that's a pain. Should we get a new one?"

"I don't think...I need one anymore dad" he answered still thinking of the incident

"You sure? I mean your eyesight..." his dad pointed to his eyes

"Yeah, I feel like its fixed now"

"Okay then!" His dad walked towards the door "If you have any problems you can always come to me! We can play with them together" his dad laughed a bit and heads back downstairs. Sword fight can be heard again.

He smiled. His dad had always been so kind to him. But the thought of weakness lingering in him made him still feel sorry about himself. Maybe his dad was right? He needs to become stronger and more confident and then...become the person who will be able to protect someone...

A few hours later...

It was already 7: PM. The group has just got out of the train and are just about to part ways. They all waved to each other as they all go home.

Sandra is walking with Naomi who started feeling a bit sick again so she accompanied her hone first. After dropping her off, she is on her way home which is the opposite way to Naomi's.

She started walking alone. On her way a street light is flickering. As she slowly passed by it, it started to flicker faster and faster until the light went out and never lighten up again. It left the street she's walking on dark. She didn't care and continued walking straight ahead.

She stopped by a gate with colors matching her red hair. She frowns as she heard something shatter from the inside and an angry male voice. The door slowly creaked open and she peeked inside. Shattered glass shards greeted her by the door. She went inside holding some kind of fear.

Then there he saw her father and her mother fighting again. Her father is the one dominating while her mother is nearly in tears. She saw her and told her to leave it to them. With teary eyes, she said that they can sort it out and just go to her room.

She frowned feeling bad for her mother and went to her room. The angry voice of her father echoed loudly again, then a pleading voice followed. It repeated over and over again. Sitting down on the floor just she listened as her parents argued. After a few minutes of havoc downstairs, the door slammed shut. From her open window, she heard her father grumbling as he stormed off, inside there is silent sobbing. She tucked her head into her knees still sitting on the cold wooden floor. She stared in front of her silently, something glistening on her eye...

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