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Rina, Rica, Cecile and Rex are walking home. When the sisters walked a different way the two are left in to squabble. They came to a contract and learned something about each other...

2 months later and here I am again this site...

Chapter 13 (v.1) - Is This, Home?

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Submitted: February 07, 2018



"Why are you with us?" Cecile turned around with a disgusted face.

Behind her is Rex. He is carrying Rica behind him. "Well! My home is also this way!"

"Ugh, me and Rina are so unlucky" she turned around annoyed.

They continued walking down a hill. Cecile and Rex continue bickering at each other. They are arguing how Rex is a lolicon because he wanted to carry Rica, who is now fast asleep. Rina, however is just watching the sea which is glimmering from the night stars.

As they reached the end of the hill Rina turned to the two and smiled.

"We'll go apart from here. Thanks for walking with us and thanks for carrying Rica, Rex"

Rex blushed a bit, seeing this Cecile grinned slyly.

"Rica, c'mon, let's go" she gently shook Rica to wake her up.

"Oh, I can accompany you to your house and carry her till then" Rex suggested a still red.

Rina waved her hand. "No, no, this is enough"

While the two are talking, Rica slowly opened her eyes and called for her sister. "Sis?"

Rina quickly approached her and supported her as Rex puts her down. She yawned and rubbed her eyes and looked at the other two figures standing in front of them.

"Thanks again Rex, Cecile!" Rina smiled again.

"Brother Rex?" Rica drowsily spoke.

Rex turned to her curiously. "Yeah?"

"Thanks for carrying me. Thank you too sister Cecile!"

"Si-sister?" Cecile muttered upon hearing Rica. She seem to be really shocked someone called her sister.

"Bye guys! See you tomorrow!" Rina waved them goodbye holding Rica's hand as they walked home.

"Be safe!" Rex yelled. Rina turned back and nodded and continued walking.

The two began walking back home. Oddly enough, the two are not bickering. Both have flushed faces and are looking at the ground.

"Si-sister? Sister?" Cecile whispered to herself.

Rex seemed to hear it and asked. "What?"

Cecile raised her head. "Nothing!" she said defensively.

Looking at her face Rex chuckled. "Why are you red?"

She looked back down. "It-it's just the first time someone called me sister..."

"Wow I wasn't expecting a serious response like that." Rex said sarcastically.

Cecile raised back her head and yelled. "Shut up! You're also blushing you lolicon!"

Rex also remembered he also became just as red as her, but for a different reason. Shu-shut up! It's not that I like..." he stopped.

"Ohhhhh..." Cecile said dismissively. "Dont worry we all know..."

"What do you know? And what do you mean all?" Rex asked.

"That me, Naomi and the others know you like Rina!" Cecile yelled as if she was announcing it to everyone.

Rex panicked for a bit and grabbed Cecile. "Keep it down will ya?"

"Ohhhh... So it's true..." Cecile smirked.

"Well, yeah." Rex chuckled. "She's gentle and adorable, unlike you. But you have bigger proportions so I like you too." he smirked back.

Cecile groaned in disgust and exasperation and jogged past him.

"Hey! Don't leave me!" He yelled at her.

She turned back exasperated. "Why are you following me anyways? Aren't you going home?"

Rex contorted his face in confusion. "Huh? I told you didn't I? This is also the way to our house..."

"You expect me to believe that?"

Rex smirked. "I think you just want me to say that I'm walking you home"

Cecile blushed and turned back more annoyed. "I won't want a T-Rex taking me home"

Rex finally caught up. "Hehe, whatever. At least let me walk beside you" he laughed a bit.

Cecile sighed but didn't try to leave him behind anymore. They walked in complete silence for a few more minutes.

They passed by the park. It was humongous clear of people. You couldn't see the whole park because of its size even if its filled with light from the dozens of light post on its perimeter and the ones lighting the pathway that crosses through it.

The pathway is made of rustic khaki colored bricks that alternate from dark to light. Between every other light post sits a bench facing the pathway, while there are a few on other parts of the park. Further into it there was a fountain where splashes of water can be heard. The corners of the park each have some sort of bushy shrub and huge plant boxes growing different types of flowers. Every here and there, there's a tree or two with leaves dancing in the wind

Nearing one of the bushes sits a 4 people swing. Beside it is a tree with a red, blue and yellow colored tire tied around under it, also like a swing. They are all flowing slightly along the cold wind as light metal sounds can be heard. Not too far from it are monkey bars. It's steadily placed on the grassy ground just waiting for someone to come and hold onto it. Then a slide, slight moisture can be distinguished from the grey metal plate. There is also a sandbox occupying the same area of 2 trees. It can fit in roughly 6 children.

Cecile stopped on her tracks as the coldness hit her. She breathed deeply and her eyes are caught by the silent park. For a few seconds, there is a blank expression on her face as she stares at it until Rex came up from behind her.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

"What--? Nothing, get a move on" she pushed Rex forward and looked ahead of them. She left with one last gaze as the wind stops blowing stopping the swing from swinging.

Rex looked at her skeptically but decided to not bother her. He is also tired all day, running around behind Rica and carrying her. Still, he have gotten his fun, Rina's sister is so energetic and it was fulfilling being able to walk home with her

After a while, Cecile turned to a street, Rex also turned. She looked back at him with a groan. Her eyes lighten up a bit, she knew her house is just around the corner. Just then, like what happened with Sandra, the light of the post they're standing in starts flickering. They stopped to see where the disco ball is coming from and saw the light. Nearly after noticing it, the bulb stayed dim. Cecile sighs and starts walking again. Suddenly, she noticed Rex wasn't following her anymore. Turning back, she painted a disappointed and confused look. Rex is there, frozen under the non-luminous light. Cecile groans and walked back to him.

"Hey! I'm gonna leave you behind if you don't walk" she snapped at him.

Rex looks over to her nervously and admitted something. "I-I-I'm weak in the dark"

At first Cecile was confused but her confusion turned into soft laughs. She covered her mouth muddling her laughter as she looks at Rex. "Youre scared of the dark?"

"Im not...I'm just..weak at it" Rex tried denying.

Cecile continue laughing. "Whatever you say, come on let's go. I wanna go home already" she starts stepping away and said. "Cant believe you're a scaredy cat"

After a few steps, Rex still isn't following her. She turned around to face him. "Hey, I'm leaving you behind! Just walk like a man will you?"

Rex looks around him anxiously and bit his lips. "Wi-will you give me a piggyback ride?" He asked with a sly smirk.

Cecile sharply faced away and stomped as she walks.

"Hey! Cecile. Don't leave me" Rex called in an apologetic voice.

Cecile looked over her shoulder with a peevish face. Seeing Rex stand there with a nervous smile made her walk back to him with a lazy sigh. She pulls him with her until they were back to a lit area.

Rex chuckles. "Thanks Cecile... That's why I like you"

She glared at him. "I'll tell that to everyone..." Then she smirked. "Including Rina..."

Not wanting to have something embarrassing be known by the other Rex pleaded Cecile. These led them to come to terms where Rex must start acting like a gentleman instead of a typical pervert for Cecile to stop embarassing him.

"That'd be easy" Rex declared.

Cecile looked at him raising a brow.

"I always act like one" he smirked

"Ohhhh..." Cecile raised her voice. "Then... Here carry my bag" she stopped and throws her bag to Rex.

"With pleasure!" Rex kept his smirk as he catches her bag, also stopping and hanged it on his shoulder

Cecile glanced at him while he is adjusting her bag's strap, slightly annoyed that he is somewhat enjoying this.

"So? What now?" Rex asked after he had comfortably wore her bag.

"Follow me" Cecile groaned lazily

They got back to walking. Rex is carrying Cecile's things as he followed her around.

"Hey! Could it be that you just want me to take you home, that's why you made me carry this" Rex asked while walking.

"Shut up!"

Rex sighed lazily and jerked to adjust the bag slowly sliding down his shoulder. "So? Where is your house? You said its just nearby? We've been walking for 10 minutes"

"Uhhhh...will you shut your T-Rex mouth" Cecile started sounding pissed.

Being a little surprised by her raised voice, decided to do as she says and follows her around as they walk for another 10 more minutes.

"You don't know the way do you?" Rex lazily blurted out.

Cecile turns to him, slightly flustered. "Fine! Fine! I'm lost! I don't know where's the right way"

"Are you an idiot? How do you go home from school then?"

"You know we just moved here, I don't really know my way around! And our family driver is also here, he is the one who drives me to school and back home!" She admitted visible irritated.

Rex sighed lazily. He can't believe that this girl is dragging him around with no idea...where to go.... Just like him but in a stupid way. But ..

Even if he is annoyed by it, inside he is somewhat enjoying her company. It wasn't everyday he got to walk home with a friend. It probably also isn't that bad, there is no one waiting for him at home anyways.

"What are the houses near yours like?" Rex asked the flustered Cecile who has her hands on her hair.

"Huh? Why are you asking? Are you gonna stalk me?" She grimace at him.

"Im trying to act like a gentleman" he smirked. "Ill help out a lost girl, and even if you don't tell me, I'll have to follow you there cause I have your things."

Cecile pouted for a bit but then decides to tell him.

A house near her's is a mansion-like colonial house. It's facing theirs sitting at the opposite block. With two floors and an area as wide as the street, it is simply the most noticeable structure around the area. The walls are painted blue and has a yellowish-orange roof. However it only has a small blue colored gate connecteed to a color matched wrought iron fencing.

Rex's eyes widen as he hears her describe the house. He is also trying his hardest to hide a grin because he knows this house, a lot.

Knowing exactly where it is he tells Cecile to follow her.

They walked, again. While on their way Rex decided to start a conversation.


"What?" Cecile asked, still slightly flustered.

"Are you making progress with my man." .

Slightly confused she looked at him, then understands and looked away again pouting.

"Of, course I am. I have my charms as a girl"

Rex smirked at her, slyly and spoke with sarcasm. "Oh yeah, I fell for you at first sight"

"Do you ever shut up?"

"Do you want me too? Too bad, I'm just about to ask you if you wanna know some things he enjoys" Rex shrugged lazily putting his hands behind his head and looking up at the sky.

It was pretty starry that tonight. It actually reminded him of the times when he's in the lighthouse with the girl. Somehow, he felt, nostalgic...

"Hey! Tell me!" Cecile shook him as he continued staring up

"What?" He asked letting Cecile shaking him more.

When she noticed Rex is enjoying her shaking she stopped. "Tell me more about Kyle! I'm sure you learned something about him since he moved." She demanded.

"What if I don't?"

"Does a gentleman say that" she grinned

Rex sighed, chuckling to himself silently. "Fine, you got me." He thinks back to what Kyle had told him the past few days. "Well, in the 9 years we're separated, he became an all around guy"

"What does that mean?" She asked as they continue walking.

"Well, he's become really talented in a lot of things, sports, music, arts, almost anything. He is actually invited by different clubs to join them but turned them all done. He promised he will try show up to their meeting occasionally though. But the-" he was interrupted when Cecile stumbled, but she regained balance before she falls.

"What?" He asked trying not to laugh

Cecile glared at him over her shoulder and them smirked. "Is that how a gentleman would act."

"Sorry, are you okay?" Rex changed his tone.

"Yeah!" Cecile turned around with a mocking smile. "Tha-nk-you!"

Rex stared at her and sighed lazily, adjusting Cecile's bag at his shoulder that keeps sliding down. "So, as I was saying, Kyle seem to be mostly interested in the Drama Theater Club. He went there like, twice last week"

"I do remember him saying, he wanted to be an actor" Cecile said smiling at the ground

Rex looked over her curiously, then also smiled. "You sure do notice him a lot"

Blushing, Cecile averted her gaze back to the street. A few houses away, she saw a large Victorian styled house painted white.

"Yeah, I hope he also notice me to" she whispered silently as she gets closer to Rex to take her bag and ran ahead of him

"By the way. Thanks! Your acting like a real gentleman now" she grinned as looked over her shoulder.

Giving back her bag, Rex puts his hands on his pocket. He took a breath and closed his eyes, smiling at the night sky. As he opened them again, he whispered "I hope she notice me too."

Clearing his head, he followed Cecile as she walked at the lit street.

Cecile reached the gate, as she is about to open it, she saw Rex walking over to her.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" She questioned.

"Going home!" He grinned slyly.

She turned around sharply, somewhat irritated. "All right..."

"I didn't expect our huge neighboring house is owned by you" Rex stand, marvelling Cecile's house.

"What?" Cecile asked uninterested, just wanting him to walk away.

Rex turned back in the facing gate. Creaking it slowly he answered. "Cant believe we're neighbors..."

As the moon quickly raced past them and the cricket chirp with the moon song. The gate to the Victorian house was left opened, no one entering. With the assumed resided turning around in shock and confusion...

"Wh-what?" Cecile stammered.

Rex also turned around, the small gate to their large house opened. "Isn't that awesome!"

Cecile shakes her head ferociously. "No, no, no, no, no its not." She walked closer to Rex and grabbed his collar in a slapstick manner "Have you stalked me here? Then you moved so we'll be neighbors?"

Putting an innocent look and waving his hand in front his face Rex explained with a witty tone "Oh, no, no I've lived here since I was-I..." He hesitated. "Since I was born." He smirked at her. "Maybe you're the one keeping an eye on me and decided to move next to us..."

She lets go of Rex. Upon being released he stumbled slightly then smiles at Cecile who had crossed her arms.

"I'd rather move now back to England"

"Hehe, don't be like that. I can sing you a song every night if you feel lonely here" he teased.

"Please don't, I don't wanna have a nightmare of a T-Rex singing" she chuckled to herself and turned away, closing her eyes.

Rex feigned disappointment. "Thats too bad. Oh, well, I don't know how to play an instrument anyways..." Then he smirked and looked at Cecile who id trying to pretend he's not there. "But Kyle does..."

Cecile slightly twist over him and opened one of her eyes, setting them on him. "Maybe you'd want him to play a song for you every night.

In embarrassment, she completely faces him and tried shoving him away. She's not opposed to the idea of having Kyle sing to her everynight though...

As she was hitting Rex who is laughing and seemingly enjoying the scene, footsteps came from withing Cecile's house. A muscular man probably on his 40s or 50s stepped out and ran towards Cecile.

"Ms. Celti! Are you okay? It's already late. Where have you been? I told you I should've just came pick you up at the station." It asked her is a quick paced interview.

"No, I'm f-" as she's about to explain, the guys interrupted her again.

"Huh? Why are you with a guy!?" He asked indignantly as he saw Rex. "Did you get a boyfriend without permission?" He moved away from Cecile and stepped forward.

"Hold on! Hold on" Cecile placed herself in front if the guy.

"Oh! Hey Dave" Rex stood calmly and greeted the man despite it being pissed by his presence.

The man, apparently named Dave continue giving Rex an evil look but calms down.

"Oh, it's just you kid." He eyes him closely. "Youre not making a move on Cecile are you?"

"Oh, no, no" he spoke in brassy manner. Cecile pouts her face and glares at him. "I already had my eye on someone" he smirked.

"Well then. Thank you for bringing her home. We always told her not to stay out to late. Don't do it again Cecile" He slightly scolded her.

Cecile groans and rolls her eyes. "Please Dave. You and granny always talk to me like that. I'm not a kid anymore! And I've been here before."

Dave sighed. "That was years ago. This place has drastically changed. We're just concerned about you."

Groaning even more Cecile dejected the thought of replying and looks away.

Rex looks at her curiously.

"Youve been here before?"

Cecile is still too pissed to answer so Dave divided to answer for her.

"In a sense yes. When she's a kid since her parents has business here. Before she graduated grade school, her family moved back to England."


"Its getting late now kid. You better go now. I think your mom is also starting to worry." He said as he turned back and calls Cecile to follow him inside.

Hearing that his mom is waiting for him, Rex's face lights up and he hurried towards the gates.

Cecile became a bit confused in Rex's sudden reaction, but is still too pissed so she just grumpily followed Dave inside their house.

Upon entering the door Cecile stormed in. An old woman was sat at a couch. When she saw Cecile she called her attention. She stopped and the woman began her interrogation.

"Cecile! Where have you been. Me and Dave are sick worried of you!" she slightly scolded her.

"Grandma, you don't have to worry so much. I can take care of myself." Cecile argued.

"Cecile please, we're just being careful."

Cevile groaned. "But you don't have to treat me like a baby!."

Cecile ran upstairs to her room and locked the door.

Dave came in after hearing the small argument. She looked up to the direction Cecile went, approached her grandma and asked.

"What happened?"

The woman sighed and also turned her gaze upstairs.

"I don't understand why she is getting so mad at us for protecting her..."


Cecile was looking out of the window looking over their huge backyard. A bean shaped pool was built, the water shyly waving as it was hit by the night breeze. Cecile looked down at it and a memory flashed before her.

It was when she was a lot younger, when she and her parents still lived here along with Dave and her grandma. Dave and her grandma would always tell her to stay away from the pool as she is still too small and might drown.

Then during one of her birthdays, where her whole class was invited by her parents she was ready to swim with her classmates. But then, Dave came in with his swim trunks and took Cecile and plunged with her. The whole day they are swimming Dave is carrying her. As if she would drown is she sliped from his hands.

She wasn't able to play with her classmates. Some are even looking at her whispering to each other as if making fun of her. She thought it was one of the events that resulted in her being bullied. She's not sure but she hated it. Dave and her grandma being overprotective with her. It was like she was chained to their rules. She can't even live her high school life to the fullest.

Everyday, Dave would drive her to school and after that he would pick her up. It annoyed her so much, that she asked Dave to not park in front of the school gate and wait for her somewhere else because its too embarrassing. Dave complied but Cecile still isnt happy because she really wanna use those instances, going to school and going home to hang out with her friends and school mates.

"Just wanna have fun and live my life. They don't have to be so conservative off me..." she pouted as she remembered the memory...


Rex rushed inside and excitedly opened the door and called out to his parents.

Their maid heard him out the door and quickly rushed over him.

"Rex! Where have you been?" the maid asked a bit worried.

"Aunt Grace. Sorry hehe, enjoyed myself too much again." he explained and then asked excitedly. "By the way, is my mom home?"

Grace frowned and seem a bit hesitant in answering. Rex saw not and a similar frown appeared on his face.

Grace sighed sympathetically and comforted Rex. "Im sorry Rex. They still haven't come home. Your father called, its work again"

Forcing a smile, Rex spoke. "Its okay! I'll just be in my room! I'll come down later for dinner" he then rushed upstairs.

"Poor kid" Grace told herself as she watched Rex go to his room.

"So their not home huh? Dave probably mistook Aunt Grace as my mom since she is the always one around." he thought as he entered his room.

He threw himself onto bed. After a few seconds he stood up. He moved the curtain with his hand and looked out the window.

"Now that I think about it Aunt Grace is really like a mom to me. I even began calling her aunt, even if we're not blood related. She's a caring maid, but I hope and I want to feel a real mother's love. I hope, someday..."

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