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Naomi's sick and the others are coming for a visit however something happened in school

Sounds exciting? No? I know hahaha. Well, i hate myself :3

Chapter 14 (v.1) - Absence

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Submitted: February 13, 2018



"You're sick again Naomi." a mother voiced with concern. "Are you sure you aren't feeling anything weird again?"

Naomi smiled. She is lying on bed with a wet towel on her forehead. Her mother is beside her wiping another wet towel to her.

"Dont worry mom, its just a fever" Naomi tried to smile despite her sickness.

Her mother sighed with slight relief. "Okay then. Don't forget to take a fever medicine along with the usual. I'll tell the school you won't be able to go today"

"Thanks mom" she said as her mother closed the door to her room.

"Hmm.. I better tell the others I also can't go to club meeting..."

Einset High, 11-A...

"Naomi's absent?" Cecile asked

"Yeah, she's sick..." Sandra responded

"She's sick? Again" Cecile asked them now with a higher voice catching everyone's attention

Sandra looked around as she sits on her armchair. Everyone who turned to them is now back to their own conversation. Sandra puts her fingers on her lips telling her to keep her voice down.

"Sorry..." Cecile apologized.

"That's not really a rare instance though, she told you if I remember. Back when she got a headache in the park." Cecile thought back to what happened last Saturday at the park.

"Oh... Right. She said its like disease right? Poor Naomi..." Cecile frowned thinking of her friend

"Do you wanna visit her after school? I'll also tell Rex and the others." Sandra suggested.

"Of course! She's making me worry." Cecile agreed

Sandra chuckled slightly and spoke as she stood up. "I won't worry too much. I'm sure the positivity around her will drive it all away." Sandra then approached the window. "I'm more worried about Nathan, he's almost late"

Cecile looked at her watch and saw it was 3 minutes before homeroom.

"Youre right. The oversized chicken lizard is the only one late most of the time."

Suddenly Rex barged into the room, sweat all over him. He immediately looked at his watch, he then ran to Cecile and Sandra with an accomplished smile.

"See who's not late guys! Made it!" Rex bragged.

"Ugh, Rex. You're all sweaty" Sandra complained.

"Dont come near me" Cecile kicked him away.

"Ow, fine, fine. I'll wipe it off."

As Rex wipes his sweat like he just took gym class, he looked around and noticed someone missing. Before he could ask, Sandra seemed to have read his mind...

"Noticed it to huh?" Sandra spoke

"Yeah, where's Nathan. That guy usually arrives before anybody else" Rex turned his head left and right searching for him.

Nathan still hasn't arrived when Mr. Seville entered the room. He started checking attendance. When he called Rex and heard an answer from him, he was a bit shock but just shook his head and marked him present. But then he called answer. He then inquired Sandra and the others about Nathan.

"Did something happen to Mr. Thurston?"

"We don't know sir." Sandra answered

"That was rare for Nathan to be late....."

Suddenly the door to the classroom opened. Nathan entered, a negative aura can be felt around him. His face was also covered by a shadow of his hair. This made the three a bit worried.

"I woke up late. I'm sorry sir." he explained lifelessly and walked to his seat beside Sandra.

Mr. Seville also watched as he walked over to his seat like a zombie, his face has a look of concern. Once Nathan was sat on his chair, the three observed him with concern.

"Is something wrong?" Sandra asked leaning to him.

Nathan slightly moved away from her and spoke in the same lifeless voice. "None"

His response is just telling her something didn't right. Did something happen yesterday?

Then they saw what looked like, grazes at Nathan's arm. But what really made them a lot more worried is the fact that he wasn't wearing any glass

Sandra still has the glasses that was broken at the scuffle last weekend. Concerned about him, she decided lend it to him... "I'm fine" Nathan refused taking the glasses coldly.

"Can you even take notes like that" Sandra tried convincing him more.

"I can..." Nathan insisted and he started writing down

Sandra sighed wearily and gave Nathan a concerned look before she returned the glasses to her bag and taking notes of her own.

Classes has ended. Sandra is waiting alone at the school gates for someone. After a while, Rex and Cecile arrived through a hoard of students. With them are Rina and Daniel.

"Hey!" Daniel greeted them.

"Where's Kyle?" Sandra asked.

"Oh, he said the coach wanted him to practice with the soccer team." Cecile explained with a bit of disappointment. "How about Nathan?"

"It seem he has business to attend to..." Sandra explained to them. "He's really making me worry"

"Yeah, he is acting a bit weird lately..." Cecile agreed.

"It is weird seeing him without his glasses." Rex joined in.

After speaking, Cecile nudged him and throws her bag at him. "Carry it for me?..." She tried making a cute expression.

"Wha-" he's about to disagree but remembered their agreement. "Sure! My pleasure!"

"Wait. Are you two together now?" Sandra asked simultaneously looking at them with a bit of shock.

Cecile then became flustered and immediately cleared up the confusion.

"If you say so..." She said dismissively. "Anyways, back to Nathan. I also haven't seen him during lunch time, have you?" She asked everyone.

They all shook their head. Then Rina spoke.

"I think I saw him eating alone near a bunch of jocks?"

"What? Nathan eating near jocks? What?" Rex asked a bit shocked.

Sandra sighed upon hearing it. She has an idea of what he could be trying to do but just decided to get to what they are supposed to do.

"Maybe he just need a break from what happened yesterday. It was the first time he got involve in a fight after all." She clears her throat. "For now let's just visit Naomi. She has been sick whole day, let's see if she's okay."

Everybody agreed and they began preparing to visit Naomi.

Sandra, Cecile, Daniel, Rina and Rex all walked their way to Naomi's house.

They stopped in front of a pretty large bungalow. It has two floors and is just a bit larger than the others. It is painted orange with hints of yellow and pink. They stood in front of the white-colored gate. Sandra pressed the doorbell and they all waited patiently.

"Good day! Are you Naomi's classmates, too?" A man with coral colored hair came out. He was wearing a bath robe and his hair wasn't dry. It was pretty obvious what he was doing before he answered...

"No, but we are also her friends. Sorry for the interruption!" Sandra spoke.

The man smiled and laughed. "Oh, no, no. A lot of her friends had already came by and we're actually expecting more to come" he then noticed Sandra's red hair standing out. "You must be Sandra? Naomi has been talking about you and your other friends! Please come in, she's so eager to see you."

The man let them in. He looked at all of them individually.

Suddenly he got a crestfallen look on his face. No one of them noticed as they all proceed to take off their shoes. The sighed sadly and closed the gate.

The group stood in front of the doorway waiting for the man to let them in. They watched as he walked back to them, his frown is now replaced with the smile from before.

He opens the door and everyone entered. Then he suddenly noticed someone among them that he hadn't noticed earlier as he became a bit occupied.

"Daniel? Is that you?" he asked squinting at Daniel.

"Yes, Uncle Richard" Daniel responded timidly.

Suddenly they all remembered that he and Naomi are cousins. Judging from the man's reaction of meeting him, it must've been a long time since its been here. It could be also explain why he became so time. But... still that was kinda weird for the others. They all believed Daniel was that eccentric gay friend who can talk to anyone easily.

"It sure has been a long time. You've grown into a fine man." the man said.

"It really has been. Oh, and uncle...uhm.." he second thought if he should admit he's gay. "I-I'm actually gay..."

His uncle gasp. "Oh... Okay." he then coughed. "Im sorry, you're all here to see my daughter. Her room is upstairs, the third one in the right."

"Thank you sir!" Sandra said and they all went to her room.

Cecile knocked on the door. They heard Naomi's weak voice from inside allowing permission to enter. Cecile opened the door and they all filed in.

"Sorry for the intrusion!" Rex muttered as he closed the door behind.

The room was a bright orange in color. The paint and some of the furniture matches Naomi's hair and the decoration are all cutesy like Naomi. It really was undeniably her room just from its cheerful atmosphere. Except that the owner is sitting on her bed with a slightly pale face but she still greeted them with a wave and a smile

"Its great to see you guys!"

"How are you fairing this time?" Sandra asked touching Naomi's forehead.

"Just had a fever but I feel its gonna go down tonight" she assured her.

"You made me worry you know... After what happened in the park and now this" Cecile pouted

Naomi chuckled nervously. "Sorry..."

"Naomi..." Rina whispered sat by the door.


"Uhm... Can i ask why you have a weak immune system? Is it a disease?" she asked considerately.

"Uhhh, Rina--" Rex subtly tried to tell her to not ask yet but Naomi started answering

She smiled faintly. "It is a disease." she admitted. "I conducted it when i was in grade school. It was horrible. I'm always stuck in my room" her smile slowly fading.

"Why?" Cecile asked also worried about her.

"It was probably the year where my condition was at its worst. I get sick almost as fast as I get cured. It sucked, I rarely get to go outside to have fun or make friends. It was so sad ." Naomi explained with slight loneliness.

"I hope you will be much better now Naomi" Cecile said petting her head.

Naomi giggled. "I am. It is in much more control now and i get sick less, so don't worry" she then started looking around. "By the way, where's Nathan?"

"He said he has somewhere to go to and can't come." Sandra explained.

"Also Kyle is in soccer practice" Rex added.

"Oh..." Naomi said looking down at the blanket some sadness coming back. "Thats too bad" her voice felt like some loneliness is coming back to it.

Suddenly the door swung open and her father entered. Rina slightly got bumped by the door and winced a bit. Naomi's father saw her and loses his composure for a bit before apologizing. There was an awkward stare between them but her father then started talking to all of us.

"Im just gonna leave it to you now kids." he talked a bit nervous. "I'm just gonna go buy some medicine. Take care sweetie"

"Take care dad!" Naomi answered and her dad then closed the door shut and rushed downstairs.

"Your dad is kinda weird." Rex said.

"Stop it..." Cecile glared at him.

Naomi giggled again. "Its true, he actually is acting a bit weird right now though..."

They all turned back to her. Naomi then started asking more about Nathan's absence...

"Uhm... Do you know what Nathan is doing?..."

Back at the school...

Nathan is sitting on the curb of one of the plant boxes under the tree in the campus. He's gritting his teeth and holding his arm tightly with his other hand. There was slight glimmer in the shadow of his cheek.

He looked up, erasing the shadow on his face. As he did, visible anger and frustration was seen in his eyes along with some wetness from tears. But that's not all, his face has two bruises on in each cheeks. His hair was also a mess, all tangled and filled with dirt. He is also still not wearing his glasses.

He stood up letting go of his arm. He grunted as it fell limp as if he didn't have the strength to carry it around. On the part where he's covering it there is a graze with small wounds all over it. His fist is also scraped along with other small wounds. Like his hair, his shirt was also dirty, covered in dust and sweat.

He tried walking out of the gates. Unfortunately, he really can't see properly, he also felt weak. He grunted and breath deeply with as he walks, squinting ahead to try to see ahead of him. Suddenly he felt himself stumbling, but before he hit the ground an arm grabbed him halting his fall. It pulled him up and turned him around to face him.

It was Kyle. There was a look of concern mixed with anger and confusion on his face. He was sweating, a towel draped around his neck.

"Nathan!" he spoke sternly. "Why did you do that?"

Nathan looked back at his eyes gritting his teeth. Rage was filling him. "That guy needs some beating."

"Yeah? But look who took the beating?" Kyle retorted, getting frustrated.

"I'll make it so that he never hurts Sandra or any of you again next time"

"Stop it Nathan! This isn't like you!"

Nathan scoffed and pulled himself away from him. "What do you even know about me?"

Kyle was a bit taken aback. It is true, they've just known each other for a little over a week, but still... "I-I-"

Hearing Kyle stutter, Nathan turned around and started walking away. "Nathan, don't pick fights with Bill anymore! It'll be useless." Kyle grabbed his shoulder.

Nathan furiously turned around and harshly pushed Kyle's hand away from him causing him to fall to the ground. When Nathan saw it, he was a bit shocked at what just happened. He turned around and spoke in an empty voice.

"Just, leave me alone" he started walking away leaving Kyle on the ground.

Kyle stood back up and swept some dust from his shirt and shorts then looked at Nathan as he held onto the gate to help with his poor vision. It was a terrible state he was in, he felt bad for him. Although, he doesn't fully understand why he is acting that way, he knew it was wrong and unreasonable. He was so concerned about him and what the others would think if they find out what happened...


"I hope Nathan is okay..." Naomi whispered silently...

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