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Well, it rained.

I-I-I...I don't know.


Chapter 15 (v.1) - Under The Rain

Submitted: February 19, 2018

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Submitted: February 19, 2018



In the Tristle residence, they are now all sat on the floor around a small table in her room. Sandra and the others are all helping Naomi do her homework and other things she has missed in school.

"Is it really okay for you to get out of bed? You're still sick Naomi." Rina asked with a bit of concern.

Naomi smiled and nodded happily. "Yeah! I felt better when you came to visit me..."

"Youre so sweet Naomi" Cecile hugged her.

"Hey! Calm it down. You're choking our princess..." Rex told Cecile.

"Shut up. I'm sure you're thinking weird stuffs right now..." Cecile glared at him.

"What? I'm a gentlemen. We don't think dirty" Rex declared proudly.

Cecile shrugged her off. "Just dont think about this being your personal harem since you're the only guy here."

"Of course, I'm not... I'm fine with just one girl" he admitted. "And I'm not the only guy here, Daniel is also, even if he's technically gay..."

Cecile looked at him. "Speaking of him... I haven't heard him talk since we went here."

The five of them turned around and saw Daniel a bit away from everyone else just watching them uncomfortably. Naomi smiled sadly at him but averted her gaze back to the table.

"Hey. What's wrong?" Sandra asked.

"Nothing..." Daniel lied.

"Its unusual for you to be this quiet" Cecile asked curiously.

Laughing nervously, Daniel shuffled to the door. "I just need to use the bathroom..."

Before anyone can react he had already ran out and closed the door.

Sandra just stared at the door. "Does he even know where the toilet is?"

"I-I'll show it to him..." Naomi suggested suggested as she started getting up to her feet.

"Just tell me and I'll show it to him." Sandra suggested.

Hesistantly, Naomi told her. Sandra got out and followed Daniel. She showed her the toilet after seeing him lost in the kitchen.

Back in the room, the four are now looking at the papers scattered at the table. Rex picked up a few and spoke with repulse...

"Ugh, this is hell a lot, I'm glad I'm outta that school..."

"Dont say that... Sapara is still a great school..." Naomi scolded him.

Cecile also picked up a few and spoke. "Are this club papers? Do you still have to do this?"

"Well, yeah..."

"They know you're sick why are they sti-" Cecile was about to get mad at her classmates but Naomi defended them.

"Im actually the one who insisted I'll handle those" she takes the paper from Cecile and read them.

"Let's just help Naomi catch up with everything..." Rina suggested.

They agreed and from there they helped Naomi get everything done. Sandra also returned and helped them sort the papers out. Then they all decided to do their own homework with Naomi.

As they started working Cecile began inquiring again...

"Why does something feel awkward between you and Daniel, aren't you two cousins?" she asked

"Oh, that..." Naomi said as she stoppe stopped writing. "We're actually close in the past, like, really close."

"Then what happened?" Rex asked her. The two also stopped what they're doing and focus on listening to Naomi. Meanwhile, Sandra and Rina kept on working as they listen.

"We got separated for a few years. When he arrived, I can't find the courage to talk to him. I don't know why... I think I think, I'm the problem here..." Naomi said with a lonely tone.

"What do you mean?" Rex asked

"Since he came back, I did nothing but avoid him. He tried to talk to me but, I just felt so uncomfortable that I always end our conversations quick"

While Naomi was explaining the door opened and Daniel entered, the same sullen and uncertain paint on his face. Naomi stopped talking and went back to writing. The others looked at the two and decided to stop the conversation and went back to their works as well.

As time passed raindrops was heard outside. The window started to get blurred at water drips into the sill. Footsteps can be heard outside in the living room. It seems like Naomi's father has came back. He visited them in Naomi's room and was satisfied to see them helping each other in their school works. Then he gave the medicine to Naomi. They all went back to studying as the raindrops from the roof echoes inside.

Rina stood up holding her things. She spoke in a soft voice.

"Uhm...guys... I need to leave now..."

Naomi looked at her. "Why?"

"Sorry Naomi, I'd like to stay longer but there is somewhere i must go..." Rina apologized.

"That's okay!"

"But how are you gonna go? It's a pretty strong downpour out there. Do you have an umbrella?" Rex asked her, concern in his voice.

Rina looked down shyly. "N-no. I lend the one we had to my sister."

On his side, Rex felt a slight nudge. He turned and saw Cecile nudging him with her elbow, sneaking in a wink.

"What?" he asked a bit irritated.

"Go with her..." Cecile uttered silently.

Rex became a bit flustered. "Wh-what? Are you an idiot?"

"Hey Rex! Why don't you show how much of a gentleman you are. You have an umbrella right?" Cecile smirked as she spoke out loud.

"So what?" Rex asked trying to stay composed, but having a tomato face.

"You can walk her home? Isn't that what gentlemen do?" Cecile questioned wryly.

"Fine! Fine!" he shrugged her off. Rex slowly walked over to his bag and took his umbrella. "Rina...uhm...if you want I can, you know, walk you home..."

"Are you sure? You dont have to..." Rina told him shyly.

Rex really, really also want to walk her home. Unfortunately, he's nervous. What if he says something stupid? What if he does something embarssing? What if she just become uncomfortable with him? But this was his chance to spend some time with her, alone. Additionally, Cecile is also there blackmailing him... So the better choice is walk her home.

"Of course! Pleasures all mine." he tried acting cool but failing miserably making Cecile grin.

"Thanks Rex!"

The two fixed their things and walked out the door. They found Naomi's dad in the kitchen fixing something up. They said their goodbye and he just waved back without looking back at them. Must be real busy up there.

The two stepped out of the doorway and Rex opened his umbrella. The two stepped in the small shelter from the rain within it and walked down the gate.

The rain was pouring harder now, than when they were inside the house lately. The pavement is now wet from rainwater with puddles of water here and there. Fortunately, there are no strong winds and only light breeze that passes through Rex and Rina making them shiver a bit everytime.

As the sound of the raindrop fill the silence between the two. It wasn't awkward, but somehow, a peaceful silence. They seem to enjoy each other's company but they also enjoy the silence. After walking for a while, Rex decided to drop the initiative.

"So, is your story going?" Rex asked, nervousness scrawled all over his face.

Rina looked down. She is holding her diary on her chest, trying to give it the best protection from the rain. "I's going pretty well."

Curious, Rex also looked down at her chest. There are those amazing sight. It made him guilty, thinking about it. He shook his head and focused on the notebook.

"Uhm...wh-why aren't you keeping that in...uhm...your bag" he said both red and still feeling guilty.

"Im afraid it might get wet..." Rina explained

"Oh..." Rex looked at her as squeezed the diary more to her chest. It was supposed to make him feel so amazed but instead, he was left with the empty feeling of guilt the more he looked at it. In this state he decided to inch a bit, giving Rina more space in the umbrella. Rina noticed this and smiled at him, lightening her grip on her diary.

"Thanks..." she whispered. "But... You might get wet..."

"No, I'm fine" Rex smiled back.

"Just dont get sick okay?"


Rex thought the conversation will end there but Rina continued moving her mouth. "Actually I wanna base one of my character on you..."

Rex was taken by surprise.

Base a character on him? What? As much as that made him feel good, he was speechless. Is-is he special to her?


"I'm taking your advice. You said it will be easier and better if I have an inspiration behind my characters." Rina answered smiling. "When I'm with you, Sandra and the others, I feel the most comfortable talking to you. So I thought I'd base the male MC to you"

Rex was blushing helplessly. He tries to keep calm but the blood just kept rushing inside him that he can't stop turning red. Trying to hide his embarrassment he looked away.

"Th-that sounds awesome. Th-thanks, I-I gues! It really made me feel a-amazing" he stammered.

Rina's continued tilted her head, still smiling.

A few seconds passed Rex is still blushing. Rina kept looking at him then suddenly turned away. She wasn't blushing, embarrassed or anything, but suddenly her face became somewhat sullen and in deep thought. It was like she's processing something in her brain.

While they are walking side by side, an awkward silence between them, a bright flash of light flooded the sky.

Rex closed one of his eyes as if he was anticipating something. Then a booming noise cracked from above. After its done, Rex turned to Rina curiously. She isn't scared of thunder and lightning... 'Wow, this girl is tough he thought.

Rina is looking up the gloomy and cloudy sky. The rain kept pouring in a steady state. Water drips from the edges of the umbrella, making what looked like a water barrier. Rina is observing it, smiling gently.

"Do you think its beautiful?" Rina asked suddenly.

Rex adopted a confused face. "The what?"

"The rain..."

Rex also stared at the water flowing in front of them. Then he started observing the rain...

"I think, it is..." he replied

Rina nodded but stayed silent. They continued walking but after a couple seconds Rina spoke again.


Rex looked at her.

"Are you, afraid of lightning?" Rina asked still observing the rain.

"Not really... Why do you ask?" Rex questioned her.

"I think they're also beautiful..."

Rina spoke just as another streak of light pierced the sky.

Rex closed his one eye again, waiting for the thunder...

"How about the thunder?" Rina asked again and the thunder roared from the clouds.

Rex opened his eyes again and looked ahead. "Also no, but I hate it's sound, I think its so loud..." he said in a slightly complaining tone.

Rina looked at him and then averted her gaze to the sky. "Really? I don't really think it's that bad..."

Rex turned to her. "What do you mean?"

Looking at him, Rina spoke. "Isn't a little light and noise welcome in melancholy..."

"I don't understand what you're saying..."

Rina then suddenly blushed and turned like a shy cat. "I-I'm sorry. I speaking too much again."

Rex chuckled slightly, he thinks its cute. "It's okay... You can talk all you want" Rex assured.

Smiling gently, Rina looked at the sky again. "Don't these two things just wake you up in the middle of a spring drizzle?"

Rex smiled faintly. He seem to be getting a bit of what she's trying to say. "I guess..."

With that their conversation ends and they continue walking quietly down the street. A few minutes later the two reached the esplanade.

"Why here?" Rex asked as they find shelter at a shed, trying to get the dripping water off the umbrella as he closed it.

"I-I just have something to do... Thanks for dropping me by" Rina thanked him.

Being too flattered again by Rina, he scratched the back of his head while saying. "Its nothing!"

"You can go now Rex, I can go from here"

"Oh, I can wait for you it won't-"

Stopping him Rina spoke in a pretty pushy and embarrassed tone. "No, no, I promise ill be fine. Just have to get something. You don't have to wait for me..."

Seeing she seems uncomfortable, he sighed and opened his umbrella again. "You sure?"

"Yeah" Rina assured him and started running into the rain. "Thanks again!" she waved off as raindrops kept falling down.

"Wai-" Rex tried to stop her from running under the rain but she run off already. He just sighed again and spoke under his breath. "Take care"

He watched as Rina's figure was slowly obscured by the rain...

"You're the one always concerned about getting sick but now you're the one walking in the rain" He said and turned away preparing to walk home.

"Idiot..." He said silently...

He then looked up to the sky where the water droplets falls from. He smile sadly and said...

"It looked fun though..."

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