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The others started noticing the shift in Nathan's personality...

I-I don't know... Hate maself

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - The Affection: Change

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Submitted: February 23, 2018



"Hey...Sandra..." Rex called slumped to the couch at one side of the clubroom.

Sandra turned around from the table and looked at him. "What?"

"What is our club supposed to do again?" He asked sitting straight.

"What do you mean?" Sandra asked

"I mean you and Cecile are just talking. Nathan's sulking over there, I'm stumped on this old couch and the others aren't even here" Rex complained.

"I actually want us all to do some things together or just be able to hang around or help each other in our school life but you guys just don't feel like you wanna do anything..." Sandra retorted

Rex slumped back to the couch releasing a small puff. "Sounds like a much civil version of the Go Home Club. How are you able to convince them to allow this club."

"Well, after some persuasion with the school committee and student council and the report Nathan-" Sandra explained but Rex spoke again.

"Sound like a lot of pain... Don't wanna hear it now."

Cecile then added in their conversation. "Oh... You really did a lot for this. Sorry, I'm not able to help..."

"It's okay! You shouldn't stress yourself too much yet. You just settled here in town."

"She's right don't stress out or you'll end up like that guy over there." He peaked over Nathan

As he did Nathan glared at him clearly annoyed. Rex immediately put on a nervous smile and looked back at the two girls. Sandra shook her head in disagreement while Cecile has a displeased look.

Nathan stood up and looked out the window. With a heavy sigh, he started walking towards the door.

"Hey, where are you going?" Rex inquired

"I'm just...just..." He hesitated

"Just what?" Sandra grilled him turning her chair in his direction.

"I just wanna ask Sir Seville about club activities." Nathan said without turning to them.

As he was about to reach for the door of suddenly swung open. Kyle is now standing in the doorway Naomi behind him. Upon seeing them a sad look surfaced on Nathan's face.

"Kyle I'm..." He muttered.

Kyle also has a sad look but immediately adopted a serious one. "Don't worry about it...where are you going?"

"Just some club responsibilities..."

"Sandra's the leader of this club. Isn't she the one supposed to do that?"

The others are just watching in confusion as the two argued at the door. Naomi is also standing outside watching the two with worry...

"I can handle it" Nathan insisted being a bit too impatient and tried to pass through Kyle.

Kyle blocked his way. "No, you wont---"

Before Kyle could finish Nathan rammed himself into him getting out. Kyle stumbled for a bit, his elbow connected with Naomi's chest and she also stumbled back, coughing slightly.

"I'm sorry, are you okay?" Kyle turned around to see Naomi.

She stopped coughing and responded. "Yeah..." She then looked at the hallway, Nathan is already out of sight. Kyle also looked and sighed and just gestured for the two of them to go in.

Once inside they both sat at the table. Naomi got the seat beside Sandra while Kyle sat beside Cecile. Cecile blushed a bit seeing him but immediately wake back her composure just to see Rex grinning. She gives him a displeased look, he just chuckled slightly and turned to look at Kyle.

Rex worries for Nathan worsen when he saw Kyle in deep thought. Did something happen? In curiosity, he asked and Kyle didn't hesitate to tell them the truth.

"Nathan would never pick a fight!" Naomi defended Nathan upon hearing Kyle's explanation.

"But he did. He got that bruise to prove it." Kyle explained.

Naomi is about o deny it again but then she thought back to when Nathan was talking to Kyle in the door. Also when he looked them after pushing Kyle out the doorway. He has a pretty decent bruise slapped on his face.

"Wh-why? Why would he" Naomi stuttered with sadness

Kyle sighed and put his arms on the table resting his chin on his palm. "Well, I could understand his frustration for a bit"

"What do you mean?" Rex asked curiously.

"I've told you about my brother right?" He turned to Rex. "Or rather step-brother"

"Step-brother?" Cecile asked.

"You haven't told them about it yet?"

", not yet" Rex admitted nervously.

Kyle sighed. "Let's just leave that topic for another day, what I'm trying to say is that, he's an asshole," Kyle said with slight anger.

"Your brother?"

"Yeah..." Kyle answered Rex. "Sometimes I wanna beat him up and toss him outta my room every time he barges in and insults me. I just have to keep my anger in check but I think someday I'll end up beating him up."

"I hope, well" Cecile spoke shyly. "You manage to keep up with him."

Kyle turned to her and smiled. "Well, I have too..."

Seeing his face right beside her made her to involuntarily turn away in embarrassment. Rex along with Naomi has been given small amusement from the sight.

Kyle continues looking, now at her back with slight confusion. Before he could say a word, Sandra spoke.

"Nathan is just being weak now."

Everyone turned their head to Sandra who has a stern face.

"What?" Naomi asked.

"He has always been able to hold onto his frustrations. He rarely shows them. And never, never have I imagined him seriously hate or get into a fight with someone. That is, until now."

Naomi is looking at her. She then looked back down at the table sadly. "She's right, Nathan has always been able to contain his emotions..."

Sandra looked at her with slight realization. It's true, Nathan has always hidden whatever he felt. Anger, sadness or weariness, he nearly has a passive type of personality at times. Then a question formalized that made her frown. Why has he always hidden these? Even the feeling he has that is making him act the way he is now?...

"Ma-maybe, he's being, just too weak for himself..." get stuttered but still able to speak with a firm voice.

"Hey Sandra, don't say that..." Cecile said.

"I-I think, Sandra is right..." Rex spoke silently still on the couch, now intently listening to their conversation.

"What made you say that?" Cecile asked them slightly angered.

"Nathan is my best friend okay? I knew him for nearly 3 years now. He's always been able to stay calm. He's always been strong guy in my opinion but I think- I think his emotions...are getting the best of him..." he said sadly

This was new for Cecile. Maybe he was being serious. Never has she seen Rex talk like that since she met him. He really cared about his friend.


"Why is he acting like this now though?" Sandra suddenly spoke up everyone looking at her again. "I just can't believe how he's acting" she looks at all of them. "He's always been a strong guy in his own ways but standing up against Bill just makes him look pathetic..."

Kyle frowned as he listens to them. It really was making him worry. He strongly believes that Bill is a nice guy who has big dreams, he really just has a big pride and a bit spoilt. This drama between him and the others are kinda putting him in a situation where he could lose some of his friends. Sandra and the others' conversation are mixing with the sound of soccer players training at the filled. He looked at the open window and watched them train. Then he saw Bill sitting on the sidelines waiting. A guy came and gave him the cue to take on the field. As he does, he gets a very determined look on his face and waved at his teammates as he took his stance preparing for the ball. Once it began, his talent for soccer really showed. Using both his own skill and teamwork, his team are able to score a goal. He high-five them all as the game stopped and they all went to rehydrate.

"I hope they could see the good in each other." He whispered and looked back at the others who are still talking. Then, the door opened and someone stepped in...


Nathan just got down the stair and was just about to head into the campy when he saw Rina with her bag, carrying a trash bin. He ignored her but Rina saw the exhausted look on his face and decided to approach him.

"Uhm..what's wrong Nathan?" she asked.

"Not your problem" he looked away.

"Did something happen in the club room?

"I told you it's nothing..."

"Oh...uhm..okay," she said, feeling bad for asking him. "Take care.."

She proceeded to carry the trash around the back of the school when suddenly the lid fell and trash scattered everywhere. Rina sighed as she placed the bin down and picked up the litter.

Nathan didn't move but looked at her as she picked up the trash. The thought of helping her occurred to him but, he doesn't know. Before he knew he has already leaned down and picked up a crumpled sheet of paper. Out of curiosity he unfolded it and tried reading it.

However, being crumpled has blurred the words and without wearing his glasses made it look like just some black lines. He squinted at it, then a hand swiped the paper away from him.

"So-sorry...uhm..don't read that..." Rina said flustered as she throws it in the trash.

Nathan didn't say anything and just looked at her confused.

"D-did you see it?" Rina asked.

Nathan frowned and shakes his head. Then he proceed to help Rina clean the mess and went with her to prevent the trash spilling again. After Rina finally got rid of the load she turned to Nathan.

"Uhm...are you going to the club room?" Rina asked, brushing dirt from her clothes.

"I-I guess..." he answered a bit hesitant.

"I'll come with you."

The two walked upstairs in silence. On the way, Nathan suddenly tripped over one of the steps, thankfully, Rina was there to prevent him from falling down.

"Maybe you should wear your glasses..." she suggested. "You're eyesight seems to be not that good..."

Nathan is really looking down, squinting down at the steps to make out where they are.

With a sigh, Nathan reasoned. "I-I don't want too..."


"It makes me look like a nerd" Nathan reasoned.

"But you need-" Rina tried reasoning but was cut off.

"No, I'm fine" Nathan insisted. There silence took over again until they reached the top.

Back to the club room...

"Nathan is really also making worry as much as you all..."

"Sir, I can understand... Nathan's really not being him." Sandra talked to their club adviser Mr. Seville about Nathan

"I know I really shouldn't meddle too much with my student's life but is there a reason to all this"

Sandra looked at everyone and faced back to their adviser with an uncomfortable face.

"I-I believe there is..." she said.

Mr. Seville nods as if understanding what she meant.

"Is there any way I could help? I'm afraid that he might continue ruining his reputation as a model student" Mr. Seville continued inquiring.

"Well... Maybe you can talk to him sometime. Show him that there is no need for him to let out his anger that way..." she stopped.

As footsteps are heard outside she continued. "He's looking pathetic..."

The door opened. Rina stepped in holding her usual blue notebook on her chest. Looking behind her, everyone was surprised to see Nathan. He's wearing the same glum look but there was something else mixed with it... Disappointment? Spite? Loneliness? Jealousy? Even he didn't know what it is he just felt.

'He's looking pathetic...'

He heard it, that last line. Is that how she has always thought about him? A pathetic guy. Is that how everyone here thought about him? Nobody spoke about the subject again once he's in. They all just asked him what happened and if he's okay. He answered their questions with the usual 'Nothing' or 'I'm fine' answers, they all knew he's lying but decided against it to ask it, for now. Meanwhile, the thought of them saying he's pathetic keeps rolling in Nathan's mind.

Always had he thought that he may just be pathetic. Always silent and just easily going along with the flow. He always think that he was being weak, especially with him not really being able to stand up for his wants but... he never thought he was starting to look pathetic.

While silently drifting in his own thought, Mr. Seville stood up and spoke. None of which is what they all just talked about. What came from his mouth are all about the club and some about the class.

Unfortunately, almost none was registered to Nathan's head. He was still in a dark hole, contemplating. Why is he that weak? Maybe he should really show them that he can stand up for himself. That he can fight. That even he can feel pain and love... Meanwhile, while the others are chatting with Mr. Seville, they are also constantly taking peaks at Nathan. He hasn't uttered a single word through the whole thing. That is somewhat normal, but it still felt like he was with them but now, it feels like he wasn't even in the room with them. It's like he wasn't really there...

They're discussion ends, Mr. Seville stood up, arranged his coat and spoke.

"Well, that concludes that. I hope you continue to enjoy this club. I'll be taking my leave everyone." he said and then turned to Nathan.

"Nathan" he called.

Nathan was dragged out into his mini depression and looked up at him with an empty expression.

"Take care. And you need to remove that negative energy around you." he tried to kid but there was no amused response for Nathan as he just nodded.

He frowned, disappointed. He started walking towards the door and waved goodbye to everyone.

Once the doors closed they all looked at Nathan.

"You made us worry..." Naomi told him.

Nathan looked at her unsurely. Their eyes met and for a second, Nathan's figure changed to that of someone else. A guy with dark brown hair appeared in front of her. He smiled at her but then immediately reverted back to Nathan, who has an empty expression.

Naomi looked down the table and frowned...

"Th-that's not you Nathan..." she whispered sadly.

An awkward silence filled the air for seconds. They are all just taking glances at Nathan and each other as if they are waiting for someone to speak up. Nathan, however, is just looking down the floor...

Finally, someone divided to break the silence. "Why don't we just call it a day guys?" Rex suggested as he stood up the chair.

Sandra agreed with him and she waved goodbye to everyone. "Bye, Nathan... Take care..." she gave a special one to Nathan and she waved off

Cecile is also up by the door carrying her blue bag. "Naomi! Rina!" she called. "So, do you wanna go somewhere? Lets...go together...I guess..."

Rina approached her, but Naomi hesitated. She continues glancing at Nathan as she approached the door.

Once the three are gathered, Cecile called Rex. "Hey! Wanna come, you can carry our bags for us or open doors..."

Rex smirked at her. "Well, that would be a great pleasure..." his smirked disappeared. "But..." he looked down to Nathan.

Cecile was about to persuade him more but when she realized what he meant, she just smiled at him.

Seeing this Rex smiled back and then called Kyle. "Hey Kyle, you can go ahead and join the girls. I just wanna take care of something..."

Surprised by Rex's suggestion Cecile turned red. She was about to deny the idea but Kyle said that he also needed to go home and agreed to come with them.

Before the 4 of them headed out, Cecile said she had to make a quick call. The call pretty went for too long and when she came back, she has a pouting face. As she stopped pouting they closed the door behind them leaving Rex and Nathan inside.

"Hey, Nathan let's go home..." he told Nathan.

Nathan didn't answer and just wearily stood up from the seat and grabbed his brown bag and carried it over his shoulders.

They both exited the club room and walked out the school...


Sandra went straight home. Her mother is the only one there who is currently cleaning the house. She was greeted with a kiss on the cheeks and then she helped her by preparing dinner for the two of them. Just two since they knew her father probably won't come home again...

Cecile, Naomi, Rina, and Kyle who decided to walk home together ended up having a stop at the park. They've occupied all four seats on the swing. They are swinging gently as they talk to each other about some stuff, including Nathan. After a while, the topic shifted to Kyle's stepbrother but was halted as his stepbrother called him. He took his leave. Rina also excused herself shortly after Kyle left and headed to the Esplanade. leaving Naomi and Cecile to talk. They are sat side by side at the two swings in the middle.

"Hey... Just curious, how has been to you in this town so far?" Naomi asked curiously.

"It has been a lot of fun. Especially since I met you guys" Cecile said happily. "Even if there are some troubles, I'm sure I'll be happy with all of you."

Naomi smiled at her and looked up to the oranges painted sky. "Yeah, I hope we can be happy and create happy memories together"

Cecile looked at her a bit curious why she just talked like that. But as she saw her smile, she also just smiled and looked up to the sky as a flock of bird passed by. "Yeah, we will..."

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