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This is where the story begins. Three friends enrolled together in Einset High. There they will meet new people and reunite with old friends. Where would fate take their friendship and live?

Okay... So I think I made this chapter to long. I don't know. Sorry. Anyways criticize it all you want and if you can leave a review/comment please do. It really helps, both for improvement (and my
ego). Thanks!!!

Chapter 2 (v.1) - The New Chapter

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Submitted: November 13, 2017





Spring has arrived. Everything seems to come back alive. The white snowdrops that showered the tree's framework are now being replaced with pastel green. As the snow melts away, the cool spring breeze sweeps the leftover embers from the fireplace.

As the cycle of life begins again, the new school year of Einset High also starts. Students are walking on the pavement, some are cycling. The new batch of seniors is on their way.

The new season will bring also the beginning of another story.

A story about a group of highschoolers who will meet each other by fate. Build their relationship and bring them closer together. In their success and misfortunes, through celebrations and consolations. And so, as the first bell rang, their story began.




Inside the school, students gather in front of the bulletin board. On it are the class plans and setup.

Two friends squeezed into the crowd and looked at it. One is a red-haired girl and the other is a guy with whitish-purple hair wearing glasses. After looking at the class plan the guy smiled and said.

"Looks like we three are going to be in the same class"

The girl just nod while looking around the crowd

They then forced their way out to get some air.

"Have you seen Rex? I didn't notice him in the crowd" the girl asked

"That guy is probably late" the boy replies

"That idiot, it's our first day," the girl said looking sideways expecting their friend to come

"Come on, let's head to our classroom. If a miracle occurred, he's probably there." The boy said as he sees her annoyed face

The girl smiled "Yeah, as if"

They headed towards the classroom. The halls are still spacious, probably because it's still early


"Woah, what a surprise right?" The boy said after he saw the empty classroom.

They entered the classroom. The sign on the door says "4-A". As they entered the two walked around, familiarizing the room.

"These seem comfortable," the girl says looking at the chairs.

"Yeah, and you can see the sea from this window too," the boy says opening the curtain.

The girl raised her brow and smiled. "I guess it wasn't always a bad thing being on the top floor, huh?"

"I guess your right"

The girl sat down on the chair in the back row. And signals her friend to take the seat beside her.

"It's great being first. We get to choose our seats" She says as she places her bag

"Why did you choose this one?" The boy said looking at the other chairs

The girl pointed at the sole seat at the back "I ain't taking that one behind us. It's the sole sit in the row. Maybe Rex will take it"

"No chance" he replied with a smile


After a while, other students start coming in and out the room. Some of them, they know from their junior high while the others, they're not familiar with.

A blond haired girl sat down on the seat beside the two.

"Hi, can I take this seat?" The girl asked.

"Of course" one of them replied.

"Hey, that's Rex's seat right?" the boy whispered his friend.

"Let him take the seat behind us. That's what he gets for being late." The girl said with a grin

A few minutes before homeroom starts all seats are occupied.

"Rex is really late," the boy said worried

"None will help it".

While the two are chatting the blond girl decided to try and join in.

"Uhm...mind if I join in?" The girl said with a smile.

The two looked at the girl.

"Oh hey, sure of course," the red-hair said. "By the way, my name is Sandra, Sandra Gayle. Nice to meet you."

"Oh and I...uhh...Nathan Thurston, nice to meet you too" the boy said timidly.

With a cheerful voice, the blond introduced herself. "I'm Cecile Celti, I hope we can be friends!"

As they stare at Cecile the two realized how beautiful she is. The gloomy black eye she had seems to radiate from her friendly personality, just further complimented with her silky blond hair and sizable breasts.

"You're really pretty...isn't she? Huh, Nathan?" She asked Nathan to agree with her compliment.

Nathan nodded but in his mind, he thought. "She is, but you're prettier for me"

"Hehehe, thank you," Cecile said while blushing.

"What school are you from?" Sandra asked

"Oh, I studied junior high in the UK, my father lives there. But in grade school, I attended Adamson School"

"Ohhh, so you have foreign blood, that explains your nose and body shape," Sandra said looking at her face

"I...I...guess it does" Cecile now looks embarrassed The three of them continued talking until the teacher arrived.



A guy with unkempt black hair is running through the school gates.

He stops by the bulletin board, panting.

"Ah....ah.." he keeps panting and says. "Why the hell did my alarm not went off"

He again started running through the hallway. While climbing the stairs.

"Why the hell is our room at the top of this damn building." He said

When he reached his classroom he was sweating all over. As the door swings open the teacher is already in front and talking. As he was seen by Sandra and Nathan all they do is give him a facepalm.

"I'm..*pant*...I'm..*pant*.sorry, sir.," he says panting heavily. "My..*pant*.alarm didn't.*pant* ..went off" He continues while wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"Please just don't be late again. Mr. Rex Amber" The teacher said in a serious tone. "Go and take your seat."

Rex looks around and found Sandra and Nathan. He started looking for vacant seats near them. Unfortunately, the only seat left is the lone seat behind Sandra.

Upon seeing it, he showed a displeased expression on his face.

"Bummer," he said and walked there half depressed.

"Why didn't you reserve a chair for me?" Rex asked the two in front him.

Only Sandra turned back and she put her tongue out. She immediately turns back and left Rex with an aloof face.

Rex just laid back in his chair while the teacher talks in front. After a while, he got bored and starts tinkering with an old smartphone.

The teacher walked up to him and said.

"Mr. Amber will you please stand up."

Everyone looked at Rex's direction. After Rex stood up, the teacher asked him a question.

To his teacher's surprise, he was able to answer without thinking. He was allowed to sit down as the teacher continued his lecture.

"Hey, is that guy your friend?" Cecile asked Sandra surprised about what happened

"Yes, surprise huh?" She responded

"Yeah, I thought he would be like those show-off, jock in my old school. Looks like he's quite okay" Cecile said as she imagine what Rex is like when she first saw him

Sandra chuckles. "Oh no, no he's not" disagreeing with Sandra's comment about Rex being "okay".


"You'll see soon enough," Sandra said as she listens back to the lecture


The morning period ends. Cecile lines up at the school cafeteria along with Sandra and Nathan.

The cafeteria feels much more spacious than it actually is. This is because the walls are mostly made of thick glass so the sunlight can shine through. But even with this, it's definitely still crowded.

"Hey, where did Rex go again?" Nathan asked.

"Who knows" Sandra replies sounding uninterested, waiting for her order

" is he like?" Cecile asked

"Oh...order your lunch first and let's find a seat," Sandra says while holding a tray with her lunch.

She starts searching around for an open seat. After about a minute of searching, they found a place in the filled cafeteria.

"Ugh...this is why I hate being late," Sandra says with an annoyed tone. "At least we got a seat, but Rex will have to find his own."

"So about Rex.." Cecile says trying other bring back her previous question.

"Oh right. So we three first met in our 2nd year in junior high. We really aren't the closest bunch but we constantly hang out. These two then became best friends." Sandra tells Cecile. "To me, in the amount of time I spent with Rex, he wasn't really the kindness but I think he's not egoistic or rude at least. The cliche airhead you'll found in comedy books and series, that's the best I can describe him."

Sandra stops as she sees a Rex walking around the canteen searching for them.

"Speaking of the devil. What is that idiot doing" Sandra says looking at him with a confused face

Nathan signals Rex. After seeing it Rex approached them.

"Wooo, I've been looking for you two," Rex said slamming his hand on the table

"What the hell are you doing?" Sandra asked.

" know...since it's a new school. I was trying to see all the cute and hot girls I could find" he replied scratching the back of his head

"Don't you have anything better to do"

"None so I also made a list" Sandra and Nathan sigh upon seeing the list unfurl. In it shows the names and sizes of some girls in the school.

Rex then noticed Cecile and was amazed by her beauty. He started bombarding her with questions.

"Woah!!! Hey, hey, are you new here? What's your name? Age? Class? You have foreign blood, right? What are your sizes? You're so pretty, Hehehe." Rex says while excitedly holding the list and a pen.

Cecile was not able to say anything and was just stunned at Rex's character.

"Hey, Rex take it easy. Don't show that side of you yet" Sandra says. Rex looks at her

"Pervert," Cecile says looking down. The three looked at her simultaneously

"Huh?" Rex says as she looks at her

"Aghhhhh... back away pervert," Cecile says continuously hitting Rex.

"Ahhh, why..." Rex says backing away.

"Shut up, stupid" Cecile hits Rex harder

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry...sorry" Rex apologized as he regrets what he said.

Cecile stops hitting Rex. She sits back and looks away with a pouting face.

"Woooaahh...who is she..she's pretty and pretty violent," Rex asked the two.

"It's your fault, idiot...That's Cecile, one of our classmates." Sandra scolds him

"Oh... is she the one sitting beside you in class."

Sandra grins at him "Yeah...your late so we let her take it"

"Bummer...but really it's okay...she's a beauty anyways"

"Hmph" Cecile mutters as she turns away more.

Sandra sighs "Just go eat Rex...find a table, there are no more seats here"

"Another Bummer...whatever fine..bye" Rex takes his food and searched for a seat.

Cecile turns back to her food and said. "What the hell's up with that guy?"

"'s just him really...but his not really perverted and Is sort of great once you're able to tolerate that side of him," Sandra says with a courtesy laugh.

"I hope so."



Rex started searching for an open seat.

Fortunately, he almost instantly saw one at the corner. A table for two, on the other side, sits another girl with peach-ish hair and a black fountain pen on her ear.

Rex approaches her.

"Hi, would you mind if I sit here." He asked

"Sure" The girl muttered softly.

For some reason, Rex feels a bit nervous and uncomfortable sitting next to this girl. Unlike when he approached others where he can just say whatever he wants, asks whatever he wants and tease them all the time. There is a feeling of necessity to not say such insensitive things.

While drenched in his own thought. He looks at the girl who is silently eating her lunch. Looking at her eyes, she seems to also be in deep thought.

Rex fills himself with confidence and is now conceiving a conversation inside his head

"Hey, you're hair is so pretty, mind if I have your name?"

"Thank you, you're so kind. I'm...."

"Oh...nice to meet you, I'm Rex. I just wanna say you have a very cute face..."

"Stop it, you're making me feel embarrassed"

Is what Rex imagines

The time has come. He has already mustered the courage and is about to spill it all out. But at the last possible moment, he choked at a spoonful his about to swallow.

He coughs hard which caught the girl's attention.

"Oh..uhm...are you okay?"

"Yeah..*coughs*..I'm fine..*coughs*," Rex says, holding his mouth

"Uhhh, how embarrassing," Rex thought to himself

"'s a tissue.." The girl said holding out a tissue.

"Thanks," Rex says as he took the tissue from the girl.

After wiping his mouth.

"Uhm...uh...thanks, what's your name?"Rex asked consciously.

"Uhm...I'm Rina Haylene. It's nothing." The girl said

"Hehehe...sorry for the trouble..your so kind,'re also cute," Rex says. Rex tries to sound confident but the look on his face is giving him away. Not even considering the fact that he's not looking at her.

"Oh..hehe..thanks..just chew your food next time" the girl replied not noticing the compliment

Rina came back to eating while Rex looks a bit depressed.

"Uhhh...I used up all my confidence on the one compliment and she just brushed it am I supposed to talk to another girl again?" He though

Being seemingly depressed Rex decides to stand up and take his food which is still half eaten. As he was about to walk away, Rina grabbed his clothes.

"Hey, where are you going? You still haven't finished your food." She asked a bit irritated

"In a fraction of a moment, the passion in my heart slowly dies down. I'm sorry." Rex said with depressing tone

Rina puts on a confused look. "Don't be so down, you seem to be a nice guy"

Rex regains some of his "passion" and turns to Rina. "Really?"

"Yeah, so sit down and finish your meal..that's not free you know," Rina said with a high tone.

"Huh?" Rex mutters, a bit confused and disappointed.

Rina who has just realized what she just said covers her mouth and turns away in embarrassment.

"Ahhh, I'm sorry, sorry... you can leave If you really don't wanna eat it," She said nervously

Rex still a bit confused said. " its okay, I'll finish it"

Rina got a hint of red on his face "Sorry, I just got a bit carried away."

Rex just smiled and ate the rest of his food.

"I can feel my confidence seeping through my veins again," he told himself happily

After done eating, Rina left Rex. He tried to call her to wait for him but she doesn't hear him.

"Bummer" Rex said while eating alone.


The afternoon period ended. At the school gates...four students are talking

"Hey, so you guys planning to hang out?" Rex asked the other three.

"Nah, I'm stopping by our old school, Naomi called me," Sandra said

"Oh, tell her I miss her," Rex said with a teasing voice

"Oh shut up, but I'm sure she'll take it." "Bye guys" she waves off.

He then turns to Nathan...

"I'm gonna go home. there is a new event in Vicinity starting. I ain't missing it" Nathan said.

"That game again...aren't you bored with. You've been talking about it since we met." Rex said in dismay

"Well, it's a good game, anyways bye, bye Cecile" Nathan also walks off.

"Cecile, you're new here right? I'll show you to some cool places" Rex said with a smile that is annoying to Cecile

"No thanks, not to you, you pervert," Cecile said disgustedly

"Look, I'm sorry. Forgive me please, I didn't mean to." Rex said in a kinda sorry tone

"Keep it to yourself, I'm going home. Bye" Cecile also goes home leaving Rex at the gate.

"What bummers," he said. "Guess, I'll stay around a bit more before going out"


He walks back to the campus. He takes out his list and waits for the girls on his list to walk past him. He talked to some of them and teased them like he always does to other girls in his old school. Some of them are annoyed by him, while some are just okay and greeted back and giggles at his quirks.

He seems to be enjoying it until a more familiar face come to sight.

Rex stood up from and approached Rina.

"Uhm...hello..going home?" He asked.

"Oh, Rex it's you. Uhm...yes...I guess." She replies.

"Take care"

Rina walks off.

A guy then walked up to Rex and patted him on the head.

It laughs. "Hahaha, what happened Rex, I thought you would be more confident around girls in high school," it says while making a sound by pressing a bottle cap between his fingers

Rex turned around to see who it was. There he saw a blond/brown haired boy who is bout the same height as him.

"Kyle! What the hell. You're here. I thought you moved out of town." Rex said happy and shocked

"I guess, I missed being here, and my father works here now so yeah. Anyways, I thought you said you'll be more confident around women. What happened?" Kyle said pressing the cap.

"No, I've improved of course. How about you, I thought you'd get rid of that bottle cap pressing hobby of yours, it's sort off annoying." Rex said with an annoyed look. "And it's the same cap, what the hell?" He continues as he saw the cap he's pressing. It was a round and big bottle cap, with a black star at the center. On the other side, there is an ink stain as if someone erased something from there.

"Hehehe, I can't get enough of it. It's so satisfying you know" Kyle said smiling apologetically

"Whatever, hey do you have time. Let's hang out" Rex said


The two of them exited the school and walked around town.


"'s been a while since we walked this street together huh," Rex said.

"Yeah..sure changed a lot" Adoring the sight he hasn't seen for years.

"Well you've been gone for, I don't know, 8 or 9 years," Rex said thinking

"Hey, I also hate leaving you too, you know. I'm scared that you won't be able to get yourself a girlfriend"

"You can say what you want. But I've improved you know. Look I've improved my appearance." Rex stood still and showed off his body.

"Yeah, but still. A good start doesn't always end well...or as much as a story I'm reading says." Kyle says as he looks around

"Oh, whatever, come on. I wanna show you to my favorite area around here" Rex ran off leaving Kyle who eventually catches up with him easily


They went to an esplanade.

There wasn't a lot of people. The two both run to the black painted railings and is looking at the sea.

It was a compact area, with benches placed on a cobblestone floor overlooking the beach and A small cafe built at an edge. At one edge the river meets the sea. The variant color of the sunset beautifully compliments the white sands of the estuary creating a picturesque scene.

The sea is as wavy as it can ever be. The sly is now reflecting the blue sea and the orange color of the setting sun giving it a pinkish hue. The waves hit the beach as the spring wind forms them one by one. While the sea itself is just a beguiling water form to please the eye.

"Wow, a lot has changed since I last saw this place," Kyle said outstanded by the view

"I know right, it's more sightly and atmospheric" Rex replies looking into the horizon

"Just looking out at the horizon makes me feel nostalgic" he replies as he also looks at the horizon

Rex doesn't respond as he mesmerizes himself to the tranquil sight.

Kyle then looks over his direction and saw a lighthouse.

"Hey Rex, let's go to the lighthouse the view from up there is amazing," Kyle said pointing at the lighthouse

Rex lets out a disappointed sigh as he also looks at the direction Kyle's pointing "Unfortunately, it's been abandoned for like a year now, it's off limits to everyone,"

"That sucks" Kyle complains

"Well, sometimes I sneak in there when no one's around," Rex says with a mischievous grin.

"Well, what would they even abandon the lighthouse. It's been there since we met. Some say it's been there for like 4 decades." Kyle says frustrated.

"The old owner died and well, it wasn't maintained well after that" Rex explained

"Wait, old man Charles died? What? No way." Kyle was shocked

"Yeah, sad, I know. Almost everyone around the area attended his funeral. He was such a kind guy"

"I guess it was coming. I mean he was old and this lighthouse is to, but are they gonna demolish it?" Kyle asked worried

"Nah, I don't think. There's no reason for them to." Rex returns his eyes to the sea

"That's great." Kyle then lets out a sigh of slight relief and also looks at the sea again.

A few minutes passed and Kyle got a call.

He excuses himself and went to answer his phone.

"Yes, I'm coming," he says to the person on the phone while slowly approaching Rex.

"Sorry Rex. I have to go. My brother needs me to help him" Kyle said a bit mad

"Wow, you're so nice to your brother huh?" Rex replied with slight amazement

"Uhhh...I actually hate his guts but I gotta pull through" Kyle replies putting a smile

Rex laughs. "Good luck"

Rex was left, sitting on one of the benches.

"Uhhh...guess I'm alone again." He told himself looking up at the pinkish sky. "Oh well, I should probably go home now."

Rex stood up and let the sight of the sea captivate his eyes.

"Will they be home? I hope so"


As he walks home he passed by a stall crowded stall. He peeked to see what all the commotion was about and saw dozens of accessories. Not just any accessories, most of them are from popular series. Celebrity wristbands, Cartoon badges, key chains and more.

To Rex, none of these really interest him. So he starts walking away. But then he heard a familiar voice

"No, Rica we don't have enough money," said a familiar voice

"That voice" he utters. He turns around to locate who it is. He saw two girls at the corner of the stall looking at accessories. One of them is Rina and the other is a younger girl. Rex started approaching them.

"Please sis, I know you also want it," the young girl named Rica insisted.

"I told you, we need to be extra careful on our spendings,"

Rica put on cute baby eyes. "Please, sis..."

"Uhhh...I said no" Rina said getting impatient

"Oh...uhm...hi didn't expect meeting you here," Rex greeted Rina as he approached her

Rina immediately takes the keychain from the girl's hands and put it back.

"Hey Rex, what're you doing here?" She asked hurriedly putting a smile on her face

"Nothing, how about you? It's late right"

"Yeah we are just about to go home," Rina says. "Come on," she told the girl and started pulling her.

"But sis...the keychain" the girl continue to insist on getting the keychain.

"I sa--"

"If you're sister really want it I can buy it for you. She's you're sister right?" Rex cuts off Rina's argument

"Yeah she is but, you don't have to buy it for us. It's fine" She said as she continues to pull Rica who is giving resistance

"Don't worry I have lots to spare, look" Rex showed them his wallet filled with cash.

Rina just stared at his wallet in shock and disbelief. She didn't say anything and stopped pulling Rica.

"See, so what chain do you want?" Rex asked Rina's sister with a smile.

"This," she said while reaching out for the keychain.

Rex bought the chain and paid for it. He took a closer look at it before giving it to Rica.

"That chain. Is that from a band?" Rex asked out of curiosity.

"Yes, it was mine and my sister's favorite. It's a band called Flyers. Thank you for the treat" Rina's sister said with a wide smile. A smile of someone real grateful.

"Oh don't mention it. Did you just say it was your sister's favorite too, hold on, I'll buy her one too." Rex proceeds to buy another one

"Wait, Rex, you--" Rina started saying but was stopped again when Rex hands her the keychain.

"You know you don't have to, but thanks," Rina said smiling

"Hehehe, it's nothing," Rex said embarrassed

"Well, it's getting late. We gotta go, Rex, thanks again. See you at school tomorrow." Rina waved goodbye.

As Rex waved back he thought. "Seems to feel good making someone happy"

Rex walked home whistling a happy tune.


He kept whistling until he reached the house gate.

Rex lives in a huge house, almost like a mansion. It has two floors but it takes up an area more than twice of an average house around their area.

He enters and as soon as his feet steps on the cold front porch the smile on his face slowly fades. He knows their not there.

He opens the door and calls out.

"Mom? Dad? I'm home"

There is no answer and he stood still in the doorway. A few seconds later their maid arrived and said.

"Oh, Rex. Your parents said they'd be on a business trip for two days. In the meantime the food is on the table you can eat anytime you want."

Rex faintly regains his smile. "Thank you, but I would want to go to my room first"

Rex walked pass the maid while she looks at Rex with sympathy.


Meanwhile at Rina's...

"Hey, sis, is she your boyfriend?" Rina's sister asked while they eat dinner

"Of course not, you know your sister don't have time for that and don't talk while chewing" She scolded her

"But, he seems nice and kinda cute. Not only that but he has a lot of money" Her sister continued to tease.

"It does not matter if he's rich. I won't love somebody just for what they have."

"Hehehe, I'm sorry. Just kidding"

"And...I've already set my eye on my goal. I want to focus on grabbing it so." Rina said with a very determined voice and clenching her fist

"Ohh...sis, your so passionate talking about it. Can I read it?"

Rina looks away, a bit embarrassed. "Well...I actually...don't even have a draft yet."

Her sister was shocked "Whaaaat? Why..."

"Just eat and go to sleep. You have school tomorrow. I'll work on it after you sleep."

"And then can I read it," her sister asked hopefully



As soon as they finished eating, Rica goes to change. Rina then tucked her into bed and as she watched her sleep like a baby, she turns off the lights and goes to sit under the tree in their garden.

She brought her diary with her. Instead of writing an entry, she wrote.

First Draft:

"Now what should it be about?" She asked herself looking high

"Fantasy, let's try fantasy"

For a few minutes, she tried and her imagination. She pictures a whole new world where...

*Males and females live apart and are forbidden to be together under the command of a superior power causing the decline of the human species.*

*A poet with the power to make everything he writes into reality but accidentally rewrite whole of history.*

*Mythical creatures and beings waging war with so-called "Gods" getting the mortals caught in their violent skirmishes.*

The ideas are being jumbled again in her head. In the end, she writes...

*A town guard meets a merchant and give him the power to change....* she stops writing.

"Aagghhh...why is none coming together?" She yells as she scratches her head. "Okay, let's try again."

She brainstormed for a few hours until she realized it was 11.

In a rush, she forgot to lock her diary which contains the story ideas she's so embarrassed about.

With one last look at their garden, she says in a low voice.

"...I miss you, mom" she said sadly as she goes back inside to get some sleep.





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