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As the class choose class representatives. The elected ones are having a hard time getting along the other from some "past issues". As one of his friend found out more about her, what will it make
him feel?

Okay so..I honestly have no idea what to say. Gist leave a review, I guess:).

Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Affection: A Rival

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Submitted: November 17, 2017



The next day...

The teacher announces the need for class representatives.

"The representative must take responsibility of most happening in the class, they should also be socially active and be hard-working. Now any volunteers, we need atleast 2?" The teacher asked.

Nobody raises their hand except for Sandra.

"Is Mrs. Gayle the only one willing to?" The teacher asked. "If no one else will volunteer, I will personally choose"

"Hey, Nathan, come on" Sandra tells Nathan, asking him to also be a representative

"No, I can't" Nathan replies

Sandra keeps on persuading Nathan for a few more second. She just then suddenly took Nathans hand and raised it in the air.

Nathan wasn't able to put any resistance on those tender hands. His hand was left hanging and the teacher called them both to stand up.

"Can you two really handle the responsibility of being a representative?" The teacher asked the two volunteers.

"Yes" They both said but with different tones. Sandra is ready for a new world while Nathan is like a turtle afraid to go out of his shell.

"Are you sure? You will have to talk to people and announce things to the entire class."

Sandra answers immediately but Nathan seems to be hesitant.

"Uhm..sorry I guess I can't." Nathan apologized and look at Sandra with a sorry face "Maybe someone else, maybe Rex?"

"Huh? Me?" Rex asked confused.

"Yeah, don't you want too?"

"Well, what do representatives do?"

"You'll basically be like the teacher when I am not around or available. Organize the class when there are school events. Announce stuff to the class, new rules or examination dates. They also attend meetings with the student council when necessary. Think you can handle it?" The teacher raised his tone. "Mr. Amber?" The teacher asked as if Rex was suspect.

Rex is listening to the responsibilities with a "What?" Face. "I'm sorry" he said in a sassy voice. "That sounds like a lot of work, sorry sir but, I also can't"

As Rex sits down he whispers to himself while rolling his eyes. "Mr. Seville is taking this way to seriously"

Nathan sighs as he sits down trying to find out what Sandra feels about him backing down.

"Sorry Sandra" he said silently

Sandra just smiled at him as of saying "It's okay and sorry"

"Ill be a representative" a boy on the other side said.

The teacher and Sandra looks at his direction. After seeing the guy, Sandra bit her lips..

"Oh, Mr. Cooper, are you sure?"

"Of course" The guy said sure that he was fit to be one.

The boy gazes at Sandra but didn't say anything. They were then both asked to sit down.

"Okay now that that's done with. Mr. Amber, you're on cleaning duty." The teacher said with a unnoticeable smirk

"What? Why?" Rex complains

The teacher ignores him and looks at the class record to pick someone to clean with Rex.

"Ms. Celti, please help him"

"What?" Cecile instantly looked at Rex with narrowed eyes.

"Ugh" she said.


Sandra and the other guy was asked by the teacher to do some paperworks after classes. These are then to be brought to the faculty room

At the same time, Rex and Cecile are also tidying the room up.

The room was filled with silennce except for the constant groan of Cecile and laughs of Rex. The two then noticed the representatives.

"There seem to be something going on between those two" Rex says.

"Ugh, shut..." Cecile starts to say but noticed Rex looking at the Sandra. The two seemed to be not interacting with each other and is just randomly passing the paper and stacking them one by one. She calms herself a bit and agreed

"Wanna talk to them" Rex asked

"No, they can handle it on their own, we could just make thing more awkward."

They then proceeded to throwing out the trash at the school yard.

Sandra followed them with her eyes as they left and made sure their not in hearing range.

A few moments after they left...

"So? Why did you volunteer?" Sandra asked the other guy with a serious tone.

"So I can be with you. Why won't you talk to me?" The guys responded to her, upset

Sandra started to get furious "This is no joke. And why should I talk to you? You and I are over, Bill"

"Please, Sandra. Give me another chance. Please, trust me, I won't hurt you again" The guy instantly starts pleading but...

Sandra just got a more furious look on her face.


Rex and Cecile are going down stairs while in an argument.

"I'm telling you, The Charlie Daunter Series just ripped off Hiskey Stone." Rex argued

"Not just because their both detective series means that it's a rip-off, Charlie Daunter has its own uniqueness" Cecile retorted, annoyed from Rex's ignorance

"Like?" Rex asked

"Like, it's not just some simple detective story like Hiskey. It has circles or interweaving mystery."

"Hiskey also has those" Rex said with a smile

"Yeah but, in Charlie, the mysteries all connect to not just a single person. It explores the dark secret's the trainees from a spy agency has stumbled upon." Cecile tries to explain it as simple as she can so Rex can understand

They continued to argue until they reach the school yard. There they saw Rina, who also seem to be cleaning their room although she is already with her bag.

"Hey, also assigned on cleaning duty?" Rex asked while he throws the trash.

Rina shakes her head. "The guys who are assigned ran off. So I decided to just clean it myself" she said as she holds the bin in her hands.

"Ohh" is the only thing Rex could say.

As Rina is about to leave Rex grabs her bag.

"Huh?"Rina mutters as she was pulled back

"Hehehe, your bag is open" Rex said embarrassed

"Oh, thanks" Rina said and she ran to the building.

Cecile is just watching the two skeptically while she throws the trash in her bin.

Rex waved and stayed in that position.

As he stares at the direction Rina went. He noticed a notebook at his feet. He picked it up and looked at the cover. The title says "My Story". At the side of the book there is also a lock, but it's has been unlocked.

He's about to open it until Cecile lightly pushed him.

"Hey, don't make her one of you victims. She's looks kind and sweet." Cecile says like a scolding mother

"I'm not, idiot" Rex says as he turns to Cecile

Cecile sees Rex's face. She laughs, "Hahaha, why are you blushing?"

"Nothing" Rex shrugs her off.

"Whatever, come on let's just return these and go home." She says holding up the trash bins.

As she's about to return, she noticed the notebook at Rex's hand. "What's that?"

"I think it's Rina's, she probably dropped it. I'll return it later." Rex says looking at the notebook cover

Cecile examined the notebook closely with her eyes. "Ill give it to her, hand it to me" she says holding out her hand.

"Nah, I'd rather do it myself" Rex refused.

Cecile declining to start an argument just sighed. "Just don't read it you creep. That looks like a diary to me, or something personal"

" own one?" Rex teases her

Cecile looks flustered. "Uhhh...of..of course. Don't ask anymore or..." she puts an irritated tone. "..Or I'll send you flying to the soccer field, let's just get this over with and go home."

"Wanna go home with me?" Rex asked in a self assured tone.

Cecile didn't say anything and just punched Rex in the stomach. Rex falls to the ground and Cecile started heading for the classroom.

"Hey...wait for me." Rex says holding his stomach while standing up.

On their way to the classroom they heard a furious voice.

"How could I trust you? That's the same exact thing you told me before I agreed to be your girlfriend" it says, although to Rex and Cecile it's a bit unclear and didn't fully understand. Upon hearing it, they started walking at a slower pace.

"Who is that?" Cecile asked

"Once is enough. I'm not falling into a love trap again. Please just stop consoling me. Whatever you do it won't matter anymore.." The voice continues. Rex and Cecile still wasn't able to make up every word because there was sound of papers fluttering.

"It's Sandra, I think. I could sense her anger from here." Rex said

" was...I don't know how to approach you back then. It was so stressful under the new coach. He told me to stay late and practice harder because I'm the team's MVP. It was all an accident, what you saw. I swear!" A guy's voice said with a remorseful tone.

"You keep saying that---" Sandra stops as she see's Nathan and Cecile at the door. Bill also looked at the door to see what stopped Sandra and saw the two.

Rex and Cecile looks like as if they just entered their house while their parents are fighting. Sandra and Bill just fell silent and didn't mutter a word. Some of the paper they are supposed to work on are sccatered on the floor.

"Uhhh...." Rex said trying to break the awkward silence. "Did something happen?"

"Nothing" Sandra said with a dry, husky voice while avoiding eye contact. "Please just do what you need and leave" she continued.

They put the trash bins back in the room like a fly carefully threading on a fly trap, scared it might close in any second.

The two returned back to the door and just stood there like trees.

" guys" Cecile mutters. "Do you need help...picking up those papers? She asked expecting a no.

Sandra shakes her head and the two left.

"Sandra..." Bill says as he tries to grab Sandra's arm.

"Stop it!" She says as she slaps it away.

She gets down to pick up the papers and starts arranging them. "Just...go. I'll take care of this."

"But..." Bill tries to remain and help, but Sandra just doesn't want him around

"Please..." Sandra begged

Bill leaves Sandra with a disappointed look on his face. He ran down the staircase where he passed by Nathan who is going upstairs.

Their eyes met for a millisecond but Nathan felt something weird about his gaze.

Bill continued descending the stairs with a "Tch"

Nathan arrived to their classroom, there he saw Sandra getting ready to carry the papers back to the faculty.

"Hey" he says.

"Oh...Nathan. What are you doing here?" Sandra said surprised to see him.

"I asked Rex and Cecile where you are. They also said something about you getting mad. Did something happen?" Nathan asked worried as he remains at the doorway.

"Nothing...really" Sandra says trying to hide the frown forming on her face.

Nathan knew she's hiding something. "You need some help?"

"Yeah, thanks"

The two proceeded to the faculty. On their way...

"Where's Bill going? I saw him on the way to the room. Isn't he supposed to help you with these?" Nathan asked, his desire to know more about what happened was seen on his face.

Sandra slowed down her pace after seeing Nathan's face. Nathan kept up with her while waiting for an answer.

"Do you really wanna know it so badly?" Sandra asked, a bit annoyed.

"Im sorry, it's just. I'm worried about you" he replies

"Fine! I'll trust you Nathan. Please don't break it, I...hardly trust anyone." Sandra says stopping on her track and turning to Nathan.

"Yeah, of course"


Nathan arranged his glasses.

"I promise" Nathan raised his hand.

Sandra takes a deep breath and put the papers down and spoke bitterly. "Bill, he...he was my boyfriend back in Sapara High"

Nathan looked shocked but in his mind, it was no surprise at all. Sandra has always been a very popular girl. Beautiful looks, an honor student, considered a leader, great at athletics and a charming personality, what more can a guy look for? He doesn't even know how he became friend with her.

Bill, as far as he can remember is the best soccer player in junior high. He really don't know him well, hell, he didn't even know Bill and Sandra gone out once, but it certainly makes sense that they did. They make a good couple, he thinks. Sandra, She is just to out of reach for him. Like his a moon trying to shine like the sun. But when they transferred for senior high, he thought, he might start over. Get at the same level as Sandra, but he hasn't even made a move yet, a rival already emerged.

While Nathan is lost in his own thought, Sandra continued. "..but we broke up, Christmas last year" Sandra said looking down.

Nathan felt bad for feeling kind of relieved. Still he knew, he's still to far to grab her. "That...that's horrible, what happened?" Nathan said doing his best to keep a considering tone.

"It's just that..he was such a jerk..." Sandra started to become more aggressive which scared Nathan. "I know it from the start, boys like him, most boys who are in the field with girls heads over heels for them are... But I just, agreed without thinking. I trusted him. A few weeks after I agreed to be his girlfriend. We talked to each other less and less. Until he didn't call or texted me for a week. I then decided to visit him during practice, but... His mates are cheering on him while he and the head of the cheerleaders are kissing." The memories are coming back making Sandra's eyes watery.

"I thought, I'll only see that in romance stories but...I never thought I'd experience it myself. He made up all kinds of lies and excuses, he even got the bitch to lie. But no, he won't fool me again. I won't let anyone make me feel pathetic anymore.." Sandra says as if she's about to cry clwnching her fist.

"Sandra, please, don't. It's okay. Don't think of it to much. I'm here for you" Nathan says in a panic. He isnt really best suited to handle these kinds of situation.

"Why? Why is everyone I've trusted, just lie to me? It's not fair." Sandra says as she throws herself to Nathan making the papers he's carrying nearly fall.

"Sandra..." Nathan mutters.

"Im sorry" Sandra says as she stands up again on herself.

"Are you okay?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She says wiping her tears. "Please, don't tell anyone about what happened or what we talked about. I trust you, please"

"I'll keep my word" Nathan promised

"Okay, then" Sandra says trying to regain her usual expression while picking up the papers. "Lets go" getting livelier.

Nathan nods and they continue to the faculty.

Meanwhile. .

Rex went to the park and met Naomi, a 3rd year junior high student from his old school.

"Hey Naomi, whats up" Rex called.

When she saw Rex, Naomi's face lights up as she hurries towards him.

She giggles. "It's kinda sad since you all transferred, but don't worry ill be there soon"

Naomi is the secretary of the literature club of Sapara. He was one of the three when they were still in the same school. Althought a year behind them, she is just the same age. The reason she is left behind is back in grade school she was forced to skip a year as her body is so sickly and she spends more time at home than school.

They both laughed.

"Rex, are you with Sandra? We're supposed to meet here." Naomi asked while looking around searching for Sandra.

"Oh...she actually stayed in school to do some paperworks. She was our class representative"

"That's Sandra for you." Naomi said like she knew Sandra will be for it.

"But...I'm not sure it's going well. I mean, lately we heard her and the other representative arguing"

"Well, Sandra's always the perfectionist"

"Yeah, but it's like their fighting over...something else" Rex said with a hint of worry

Naomi got a serious look on her face. "What do you mean? Who is this other representative?"

"Some guy named Bill. I think he's attended Sarawa too, as a junior." He says pointing his finger to his forehead.

Naomi gasps. She mutters, "Did, you talk to her? Did she tell you something?"

Rex was confused as to why she is upset and said "No, she's so upset, I don't really understand why."

Naomi puts on a concerned smile"I guess, she won't be able to come."


Naomi tries to dodge the question and start a new topic. "So do you wanna do something else?"

"Okay" Rex happily says as he forgets what they're talking about seconds ago.

The two sat on a swing at the park. They talked there for a few more minutes, discussing random topics.

"'s Nathan doing?" Naomi asked.

Rex was surprised upon hearing Nathan's name "Huh? Why do you bring him up all of the sudden?"

"'s just...I haven't talked to him yet since you guys transferred." Naomi said with a playful voice

"Ohhhhhhh??? Is that so??" Rex said in a menacing tone.

"Yes! So, how is he?" Naomi insisted Rex to just tell her.

"Oh, he's doing well. I must say, he's trying so hard to get over his social awkwardness." Rex said.

"That's good for him" Naomi said with a faint smile.

"I forgot to tell you. We met a new friend. I'm sure you two will get along very well. You both have amazing breasts" Rex teases her.

Naomi laughs. "I guess she's already annoyed by you" she said.

"Yeah, but you know. She's not the only girl I've annoyed"

"I know, Sandra said that too."

"Speaking of Sandra. Why did she ask to meet you here?" Rex asked

"I think she wanted to talk about making a club. I don't know, is that allowed on your school?"

"I don't know, I haven't joined any, I have no idea where to join."

"Well, it's getting late. I'll go, I still got something to do for the Literature club. A lot of new student joined this year" Naomi says getting of the swing. "Anyways, I'm excited to meet your new friend. What's her name?"

"Cecile Celti. She's so pretty you know, I think she's got foreign blood" Rex said as he pictures Cecile.

"That's definitely interesting." She said and waved off. "Talk to you again, bye" she then walks away with a smile.

"A new club huh?" Rex thought to himself as Naomi leaves.

As he was about to go home he remembered something.

"Damn, I forgot to give Rina her diary back."


After getting the work done, Rina and Nathan went down to the campus. Sitting at one of the benches was Bill, in deep thought with a desperate look. He saw Sandra and immediately stood up to approach her.

"Sandra I---" Bill starts to say but was cut off as Sandra grabbed Nathan's hand and bolted away.

After a while they stopped out the school. Sandra catches her breath.

"Haaa, I hate running, but I'm glad I got away from that guy" she says.

"Are you going home?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah, wanna go together?" Sandra says with a smile.

A bullet train, no, a sonic train just burst away inside Nathan's heart. It's looks like he's about to faint.

Sandra is looking at Nathan, confused. Waiting for an answer. She then, suddenly snapped her fingers waking Nathan up.

"Hey, so?"

"" Natham stutters he was to nervous, this is the first time a girl asked her to go home with him. "I would want to...but..uhhh..I somewhere" he lied.

"Okay then, bye. And...uhm...keep your word" Sandra says as she turns away to leave.

Nathan's heartbeat slowly return to normal. He smiled and went the opposite direction Sandra went.

"I wouldn't wanna push my luck to much. Sometime, maybe, I'll be confident to walk home with you, alone. Right now, I don't know what will happen if I do" he thought himself.

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