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A new club, a new friend and a new hope. This chapter will show the relationship between two of the characters even strengthen. (Its a bit cheesy tho, I think?)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Lost

Submitted: November 20, 2017

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Submitted: November 20, 2017



It was almost midnight. The Haylene household is a mess. Rina is running around back and forth searching for something while her sister was awoken by her footsteps.

"Sis, what are you doing?" Her sister yawned

"Rica, have you seen my notebook. The one I write my story on" Rina asked in a hurry while rummaging through her cabinet, again.

"No" she replies

"Aggghhh, where did I put that notebook," Rina shouted. Her voice is audible in the entire household.

"Don't panic sis. Just go to sleep. I'm sure you will find it tomorrow." Her sister scold her

"I'm so stupid. That notebook also has the fountain pen mom gave me"

"Goodnight," Her sister cuts the topic with a sleepy tone as she heads back to her room.

Rina arranged the mess she made. She then heads to her room to get some sleep.

The next day....lunch break...

Rex, Sandra, Nathan, and Cecile are eating together. Rex and Nathan are on one side with the two on the other.

Rex can't seem to focus while eating as he felt guilty about what he did last night...


Rex goes to his room and puts down his bag. As he reached out to his bag to get an old device, he felt something not his, Rina's notebook.

He grabbed it and remembered its unlocked. There awoke a desire within him that wanted to take a peek but ...he felt guilt just imagining himself opening it. After a few drops of sweat and gulps, he swore.

"Screw it"

And he insistently opens the notebook but when he reads left his mouth hanging that shows a bit of disappointment.

"Is Rina really like this? Is she...a gaming nerd like Nathan and a love enthusiast like the other girls" he thought. "I...I thought she would be... somehow...different. What the hell is this?" He murmured with what seems like a crestfallen manner.

He just puts the notebook back into his bag promptly and throws himself into bed pretending he never saw anything.

*Flashback End*

"Hey! Hey Rex! Are you listening" Sandra spits the words on his face.

Rex gave her a nonchalant look as he shoves Sandra's face away and takes one of the papers. "So?What is this" Rex said after he swallows.

"You're not really listening, are you? Club membership forms. You still don't have a club, do you?". Sandra said with a bit of sarcasm.

Rex swallowed another mouthful "Yeah, yeah, I don't" he tries to shrug her off. "...but can't this wait until after lunch? We're eating you know"

" fill those up. I want to submit it to the student council as early as possible" Sandra insisted while handing him a pen

Rex takes the pen. "Why?"

"Better early than late," Sandra says as she gets back to eating.

The three of them filled up the forms and gave it to Sandra. Cecile then asked...

"Leisure Club? What? Why make a club out of it anyways" she then looks at Sandra who is arranging the papers.

"Not every school allow you to create your own club. Better grab the opportunity. And it's better to do what you like with friends, right?" she assumed, a bit to excited.

"Ohhhh, that's awesome," Cecile agreed

"So what do you wanna do?" Sandra questions them

"Well, I love books. I think they're awesome. Oh, and some fashion stuffs as well" Cecile blabbers as Sandra writes it down.

"How about you Nathan," Sandra asked.

Nathan is still daydreaming about what happened yesterday. As he hears Sandra's question he came back. "Oh....uhm...I like video games. I also love studying, especially computers, I wanna be a programmer someday"

Sandra turns to Rex. "Rex? You?"

"Well, I...uhmm" Rex became lost for words

At first, he thinks he knows exactly what he wants. But when he actually thought about it, nothing comes to mind. All he does after school is walk around town by himself, go home and sleep. He doesn't really have any particular hobby.

"Uhm...I also like books and...uh...hanging out with you guys" he shared a bit embarrassed.

"Not really what I'm expecting you'll say. I thought it'll be something like. "I want Cecile to dress as a maid!" Or something like that" Sandra joked.

"Not a bad idea," Rex said with a slight smirk.

"Hey, stop it you two. Not funny, especially when it is with a pervert" Cecile stopped their conversation

While talking, they agreed to meet up at the school gates after classes. Lunch ended and they went back to their classroom.

At the school gates...

Sandra, Nathan, and Cecile are all waiting impatiently for Rex.

"Hey, where is Rex?" Sandra asked while searching through the flow of students walking outside the school gates.

"Probably doing stuffs, only idiots like him does," Cecile snarled with a disgusted face.

While searching she saw another familiar face running to her. She smiled nervously as she wasn't slowing down.

The girl then throws herself to Sandra. She has orange braided hair and green eyes, it was Naomi. Sandra nearly lose balance and backed away a little because Naomi is trying to hug her

"What are you doing here?" Sandra asked holding her off.

Naomi stopped her hugging attempt and smiled at her. "Well since you didn't see me yesterday, I thought I'll just go today!"

"Oh, yeah, sorry about that" Sandra apologized looking away, anxious.

"That's okay!" Naomi said still smiling. "So what's new, Rex told me you have a new friend with amazing breasts," she said looking around.

Upon reaching her ears, Cecile puts on a peevish face. Sandra also looks at her and smiled nervously while Naomi just casually approached her wearing her bright smile.

"You must be her... Rex is right you do look pretty and out of this country", she says curiously looking at Cecile.

"I'm Naomi Tristle, it's nice to meet you!" Naomi extends her arm.

"Cecile Celti" Cecile replies pouting and looking at Naomi's chest and comparing it to hers

Naomi tilted her head and looks at her. "What? I thought we could get along well like Rex said"

"He must be wrong," Cecile said still jealous her chest is bigger than hers.

"Uhhhh..." Naomi groan. "He got my hopes up. That idiot."

"Yeah, he is an idiot," Cecile involuntarily agreed with Naomi.

Naomi's face lights up as he sees an opportunity to get on her good side. "Yeah, he sure is. You know there is this one time where he thought it's okay to get inside the girl's toilet. He was forced to clean the toilets after that" Naomi laughs while Cecile is twitching her brow containing her laughter.

She can't handle it and joined Naomi and talked about how much of an idiot Rex is...

After a few more minutes Rex is running to them. He is with another guy with brown hair which has hints of blonde and brown eyes. He is in the middle of soccer practice while Rex took him, which can be told from his outfit and sweat.

When the two reached Cecile and the others, Rex breathed heavily. "Sorry guys.*pant*..took me a while to get him"

"Hi, guys!" The guy greets them.

"So, his name is Kyle,.*pant*. Wooo.." Rex blurted while Kyle is just waving at everyone smiling. "Kyle Steen, he's on the field when I grabbed him. Anyways I think he might be interested.." He then hears Cecile and Naomi putting his name and idiot together.

"What are you two murmuring about?" He asked the two with half-closed eyes.

"Oh, the T-"Rex" is here," Naomi said and the two of them laughed.

Rex didn't reply and just looks at them confused trying to make sense of what has just been said.

"I'm so-....sorry..ahaha" Naomi said struggling to stop her laughter. "We just made you a nickname. It's Rex plus the word idiot" She giggles.

"Wow! Sure, T-Rex surely sounds like you combined those two words" he said with a sarcastic voice and a poker look.

"Fine!" Cecile said. "But you still have a brain like a T-Rex so it still fits" she laughs.

"Wooo. I appreciate you giving me a nickname, you're so sweet" he winks which made Cecile's hair stand and look the other way where she saw...Kyle.

Cecile stared at Kyle awestruck. "She has a very charming expression worn on his face," she thought while she holds both her hands in a cute pose.

"Rex!" Sandra calls him and puts out a thumbs up. "Good job recruiting a new member."

"Of course! Doing my job" Rex said self-assured.

"Right...." Sandra replied dismissively and turns to Kyle. " are you willing to try it out? Kyle, right?" She asked

"Yeah, and of course, I'm always open to try something new. This might be the club I can join"

"Sandra, this sounds real fun! I hope I can join" Naomi mutters with a down voice.

"Don't worry! When you come here I'll immediately make you the club secretary" Sandra assured Naomi.

Back to Cecile...

Kyle's voice sounds much more enthusiastic than Rex. The three doesn't care but Cecile thinks that it's just nothing compared to Rex as it's simply..."gentle and sweet". Rex throws a poker look at Cecile followed by a slight smirk.

Cecile just disregards him purely or he was to focused on Kyle to give any response to Rex.

"Wait, you're a player, right? Why aren't you in the athletics club?" Nathan asked while looking at his outfit and body like a model manager. Naomi gazed at Nathan as he speaks but seems to shy to say anything

"Well, I'm not really that interested in sports. I just play it for fun that's all and I don't plan on joining any event unless I'm really needed." Kyle explains scratching his head.

"Okay! So where are you interested in?" Sandra asked him intently.

"I actually wanted to be an actor." He laughs and scratches his head. "Embarrassing I know. I'm not really good at it but I practice every day."

Rex looks at him with slight jealousy but none of them noticed.

Cecile gets nearer to Kyle and observed him from all angle with star eyes while speaking in an overexcited voice. "Really? I'm sure you're gonna be a famous actor!!! Not only do you have a good face, body but also a charming personality!" He then glared at Rex and continued. "Unlike some"

"Hey!" Rex blurted

"Yeah Cecile, Rex can also be nice" Naomi tries to back Rex up. "...sometimes" she followed with a giggle as she looks at Rex.

"When you're on the big stage I'm gonna be in front cheering for you!!!" Cecile said with eyes still stars.

Sandra coughs acting professionally to get their attention. "Now" she claps her hands. "Now, that that's settled. Can you all go to the club room by next week? It will be the room next to the music club's..." She explains the rooms location in more details.

Rex had enough of her explanation. "Okay, fine. We get it!"

Sandra stops with a grouchy face. "I just don't want you to get lost. You may know where to go but who knows, you can get lost on the way there. It's a huge building after all"

Rex loses his composure for a split second upon hearing Sandra.

"Bleh, don't worry. We'll find our way" he retorted

"Fine, so Monday after classes. See ya!" She waves goodbye.

Nathan also decided to leave while Cecile walks with Kyle with a timid look. Rex was left with Naomi as he looks at them go...

"You going?" Rex asked.

"Yeah, I still have to buy some medicine. You know I get sick often" she said without worry, still with a smile

"Okay! Take care" he tells as she leaves.

He then remembers something. He grabbed something from his backpack. It was the notebook that he picked up yesterday.

"Alright. Where is Rina?" He said looking around.

Standing at the school gates, he waited. After 10 minutes of waiting Rina still hasn't arrived. When it was almost 5 he decided to go inside. To his frustration, the school is almost empty except for some varsity in the fields and students talking here and there.

Rex let's out a big sigh and headed outside and went to the town.

As he walks around, he ended up at the Esplanade.

He looked over the black railings in remembering the things that his friends wanted.

Cecile's"I love fashion and books"

Nathan's "I wanna be a programmer spmeday"

Kyle's "I actually wanted to be an actor"

Trying to figure out his desires, he found a very vague and unsure one.

"I just...I just want to make my parents proud and that I can spend more time with them..." He told himself with a sad look to the sky.

After saying that, he put a small smile on his face. He thought that, well, he also has a dream. But then he remembers something. He remembered what Sandra said.

"You might know where to go but who knows, you might get lost on the way there"

"She's right," he told himself as he buried himself in his arms which are placed over the railings.

He now realized what he felt was missing. What he wants to happen. Still, he's completely clueless.

"How can I make them proud of me. Again..." He thinks

In thought, he views the beach sands that reflects the orange sunset. At the other side of the beach, he saw a figure of a girl casting a shadow to the orange sands.

Nearing the figure reading a book as she sits cross-legged on the sands. Rex smiles as he sees Rina's face, her dusky eyes reflects the feeling in the books she's reading.

"Hey--" As Rex attempts to call her out, he stops as he sees her eyes.

He goes down the staircase descending to the beach and sits next to Rina.

"Hey" Rex calmly says as he sits and crossed his legs.

"Rex! Uh...what are you doing here?" Rina says as she shrugs some stains on her clothes.

"I just happened to pass by." He says and he starts to dig in his bag. "Here, I think this must be yours" Rex handed out her notebook.

Rina gasps with relief, she thought she lost it forever. She quickly places the book on the sands and grabs the notebook and touches the side of it, she felt a pen there and sighs.

"I'm so relieved, thank you so much, Rex. I've been searching for this all night!" Rina thanked him with a gentle smile.

Rex's face acquired some redness although, it's barely palpable because of the orange sun.

While Rex is acting like a 5th-grade girl that somebody just confessed to, Rina started looking at him nervously. She noticed the lock on her notebook is unlocked.

Rina slowly gets an embarrassed look on her face. "D...d..did you read what's inside?"

Rex is taken on, unguarded by the question and started to sweat a little.

"Uhhh...uhh" he was about to lie but something bugged him inside. "Uhh...yes. Sorry" he said, ashamed as he clasps in hands in apology

Rina's face became red too, but hers looks like a tomato so ripe it could explode.

"Ah, eh... I'm sorry. I just peeked at it, I'm sorry" Rex says in a panic but then his tongue slips. "But really I didn't know you were such a big fan of fantasy and sci-fi and that you're so interested in romance," Rex says with a nervous laugh.

Rina's face turned even redder but she removed the embarrassed expression on her face, regains composure and tried to speak in a calm tone.

"I'm not...really..interested in anything here"

Rex knows she is still embarrassed, not because she really liked what's in her notebook. It is because of something else.

"So...why are you writing those down?" He asked with a smile showing shame from what he did.

"Don't laugh, okay?" She tells him.

Rex nods.

"I actually...wanted to write...a novel," she says with a smile, a genuine one.

"Ohhhh...what weird stories you've written," he said offhandedly.

Rina didn't take any offense from his remark. "I know right? I don't know what I want to write."

As the last ray of the sun peeks at the horizon. Rex looks at her. He sensed that something about them is the same like...

"I know that I wanted to write, the problem is I don't know what to... It's like, I'm trying to look for constellations in the sky above" Rina is looking up at the night sky. She visualizes it being filled with shimmering light but there is none. As she stares at it, a faint smile can be seen on her face. A smile filled with hope. "..but I'll keep on dreaming, I'll probably, no, I'll surely find something worth writing about..someday"

Rex is just silently watched her. He knew they are similar in a way. The way they both have something they want to achieve, but they don't know how. He starts to think if the other also has a way of achieving theirs.

She wants to write her book but doesn't know what to write. And there's him, wanting to make his parents proud but just can't seem to find a way how.

They're like travelers who are yearning to find an oasis in a dessert. But in a dessert, there are no landmarks or any trail to follow and you just aimlessly wander hoping it can be found.

"How could you dream without knowing where you will start?" Rex asked her oblivious of her motivation.

"I think, you should just believe. You know how they say you don't find wings, you grow them or something like that. I can relate to that" she tells Rex

In the hope that can be felt in her voice, there is still this hint of doubt, confusion and Rex knew this. Then the night breeze blows from the sea. As it hits their faces, Rina's bangs are now swaying in the wind showing her determined eyes. The fact that she is still able to be so decisive and sure of what she chooses to do made Rex look at her separate from others. Rex grew even more fond of her and the way she looks at her kindled sparks in his eyes.

"I knew you are different" Rex thought to himself while looking at Rina.

"I totally know how you feel..." Rex said as he also looks up, Rina gazed at her for a moment and returns her gaze to the sky.

"Really?" She asked.

"Yeah, we both have a destination but we...we just seemed...lost" as the final words are said there was only silence.

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