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Two childhood friends talk about the other's other childhood friend....Hahaha...

I don't know, I hope it's good. Please leave a response of what you think hahahah.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Under The Willow Tree

Submitted: November 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 22, 2017



It was the weekend...Rex was slowly breaking away from sleep. He then snapped his eyes opened and looked at the time. It was 6:45, he hurried downstairs to the kitchen. There two figures are sitting at the table drinking coffee. Rex smiles and his warm smile was reflected on the two.

"Mom! Dad! You're back!" He runs to them.

He hugged each of them and have a kiss on the cheeks.

"We are sorry we have to leave for three days son. There is just business to attend to." Her mother said with an apologetic smile.

As he noticed them wearing business suits, he can't hide his smile slowly disappearing. His parents noticed this and felt bad.

"You're leaving for work?" Rex said trying to keep a smile.

"Yes," her mother said sadly. She then pulled Rex closer and gave him a hug as she sees him finally frown.

"Rex, remember we're always here for you and we're working this hard for you. We love you so much, son. Remember that" his father tried to comfort him.

"Your father's right son. Don't worry we'll be back tonight as soon as we can. Then we can have dinner together." She says caressing Rex's head.

Rex lets go and ate breakfast with them. After eating his parents left for work.

Rex went back upstairs wondering what to do. He decided to grab a book called "Hopeless Messenger". It was one of the many books that are starting to accumulate dust on his shelves. They were given to him by his parents when he was young and enjoys this but ever since he entered the "rebellious phase" as his parents think, he lost interest. But time to time he will read.

"Hopeless Messenger" a story about a messenger trusted by many Kings of the realm. This made him a bit famous with the King's sons and daughters. He fell in love with one of them, Princess Veronica of Eli.

He would court him behind the scenes and she would answer favorably...but... As a messenger who's always on the road, he only got a few chances to see her.

When the day a message was supposed to be delivered to Eli, he was so excited but it fades away as fast as it appeared when the letter is a marriage arrangement, with princess Veronica as the bride. He panicked he doesn't know what to do. When he arrived, the princess found out. She didn't have any protest.

He knew the princess will never see him as someone more than a messenger. He started losing hope as the kings plan their wedding but then...

Ring! Ring! His phone rang while reading the book. He gets up and grabs the phone from the table. Sitting back on bed he answered

"Who is this?" He asked as he sluggishly lies back on the bed.

"Hey! Rex! It's Kyle" the phone answers.

"Oh hey! What's up?"

"I wanna go to the lighthouse!" Kyle demanded straightforwardly

Rex sits back up with a brightened face "What? That came out of nowhere. You wanna go? Now?"

"Yeah! I just missed it and some damn restrictions won't get in my way" Kyle said with a confident voice.

"Yeah, yeah Mr. Manliness, I've got nothing better to do anyway. Just let me change first. Meet me at the by the beach in an hour" Rex said as he stands up with a bit of excitement

"Okay! Thanks! Should I bring something?" Kyle asked

Rex thinks for a bit. "Probably just something for you to pass the time," Rex tells him as he searched his closet for clothes to wear.

"Okay! See ya!" Kyle said and he hung up.

Rex then found something to wear. As he's about to close it he notices something reflecting the light. He takes a closer look and noticed a small device.

It looks like a walkie-talkie, but he doesn't have the other pair. He doesn't even have the one he has in proper condition. The antenna is crooked, the speaker is busted and if it is dropped from a height of one meter, the parts may shatter.

He placed it in his pocket and gets ready

Wearing a simple blue shirt with a checkered design and black shorts he picked up the book his reading and heads to the lighthouse.

It was already 2 PM when he arrived. He looked around for Kyle but he was nowhere to be found.

He suddenly felt something touching his back. Turning around, he saw Kyle standing there with a smile.

"Hey!" Kyle said waving at him.

"What are you doing?" Rex asked with an indifferent tone.

"Hey! I've been waiting for you for about an hour you know" Kyle declared, chafed.

Rex looks away. "Well sorry, it's just that I saw some girls walking around town."

"You talked to them?" Kyle smirked at him.

"Of course not! They seem busy and, well, they're with a guy. I don't wanna get in a fight you know." Rex tells him sounding defensive.

Kyle is still smirking at him. "You just made that up"

"Uhhh, I'm not, but whatever. Come on let's go to the light house." Rex insisted as he dismissed the topic.

"Okay" Kyle agrees as they turned and ran to the light house.

A low wired fence surrounds the lighthouse. Rex signals Kyle to follow him as he crawls into the part of the fence where the wire is high enough to create a gap they could crawl through. Kyle follow him after he got in.

entire area

Wiping some dirt from their shirt Rex stood by the door and twisted the handle but it's locked. He then attempted to push it but it won't budge. He lets out a sigh.

"It's locked?" Kyle asked

"Seems like it. What a bad timing huh?" He tells Kyle who sighs in frustrations. "I don't even know who locked it, let alone who holds the keys," Rex says agitated.

"Is there any other way to go in?" Kyle asked, really wanting to go inside the lighthouse.

"None. So uhhh, we will have to wait for 4 hours. Someone opens it at that time occasionally." Rex said with a vexed tone while stretching his arms.

Kyle sighs but decides to just get with it. "At least it will be opened, right? Is there anywhere else we can go?"

Rex thinks for a moment. "Well there is this one place I go every weekend"


"Here, follow me." He replies leading the way.

They walked for about 10 minutes and reach an open plane at the edge of town. It was a small farmland once in the past.

Now it is just a piece of land. Over the years, grass has covered the area making it seem like a grassland.

This was not to say that the land has become swampy and undesirable to walk on, in fact, it's the opposite. The area is now covered with various colors of grass mostly green but there are also brown, orange and yellow, making an amazing scenery.

Near the corner of the field there stood a willow tree. It was alot smaller , probably just 4 times Rex's height. It has branches sprouting everywhere with leaves that nearly touches their face. The only place with shade, the whole area is open as the sun shines on it.

The two walked across the grassy field to the willow with the sun overhead. Some of the grass is so high it reached their knees and thighs.

"It's so hot, and don't they ever hire a gardener here?" Kyle nagged Rex while he scratches his leg, brushes the grass away and covers his face.

"They do, but all he does is plant more weed" Rex retorted in a sarcastic manner.

Kyle facepalm himself while he laughs at Rex. Rex also turns back and chuckles.

They reached the willow, it still is currently growing its leaves as winter has just ended but it is already green and alive. The ground around the tree is clear of grass and seems to be properly taken care of.

Kyle became curious as the area is remarkably clearer than where they just came from. "The area around here is strangely clean huh?"

"Ah! That. I clean here every once in a while. Don't worry about it" Rex proudly declares.

"Wooow!...." Kyle replies indifferently. "But still...didn't expect you'll frequent here. Is this your, as what others call it, their " hideout" or "secret spot"

Rex turns to the tree behind them. "Nah, this place just means something to me"

While Rex is having a moment remembering the past as the sun's rays hit him, Kyle grins. "Is this the spot of your first kiss?"

Rex's face became flushed as he glares at Kyle. "No, of course not." Rex turns back to the tree

"Still not kissed by a girl huh?" Kyle asked him as he looks far to the field.


"So, what did happen in this place then?" Kyle asked turning his head with a fancied look.

Rex squinted at Kyle, wondering if he should tell him.

"Why would I tell you?" Rex quizzed him

"Please..." Kyle ignores the question and proceeded to some ungenuine pleading

Rex closes his eyes and sighs. "Okay, fine, I'll tell you"

"Back in grade school, I met this girl..."


In a school called Adamson, students are now going home in groups, except for one girl who's at the playgrounds sitting on the swing, looking at her feet. A boy watches her as she swings back and forth.

*I always see her at the playground alone, she's one of my classmates, in class I always see her getting bullied*

*The girls would be ignoring her and spread lies, gossiping about her. The boys are just about the same, sometimes they'd even ruin her things. That classmate of mine is from a very wealthy family, I guess the others are jealous of her that's why they do it*

*You know how I was back then. I'm not confident and I was the biggest book nerd. Most of all I'm over 200lbs at that age. I can't really stand up to protect her. Hell, the only reason my classmates respect me is because I top the class, I won't risk losing that respect*

"That's a pity excuse," Kyle told him.

"I know, so shut up" admitted in an annoyed tone.

Rex continues...

*One day as I'm going home, I saw her as usual at the swings, she's alone again, but this time there are tears*

*I'm hesitant. Helping her is on my mind but... I have no idea what I can do. I took a deep breath and filled my confidence as much as I can and walked towards her*

"Hey...uhm...w-what's wrong" Young Rex stuttered as he approached the girl.

The girl looked up. She then looked away trying to put an angry and agitated face but her sadness is still evident.

"Nothing" she reacted to his concern sounding infuriated.

Rex at first thought about apologizing and walking away but he noticed...

Sitting at the swing beside her, Rex smiled. " sure?"

The girl shouts "Yeah, so go away!"

It takes Rex a moment but he got a hint of what had possibly made her mad. "I---I---I'm sorry" he stuttered.

The girl turned back to him, shocked from his apology. She smiled and clams down a bit before looking at her feet again.

"I'm sorry too for yelling at you. I'm just... surprised you talked to me" She tells him.

"It's okay, I know you're...feeling down because of our classmates," Rex tells her with a titter.

The girl sighs but remained silent so Rex decided to ramp it up. "What did they do this time?"

The girl looks at him, unsure if she really wanted to tell him.

Then, she reached out to her bag. Taking her hand out she holds a small device.

"This..." She looks away again, embarrassed.

"Is this, a walkie-talkie?" Rex asked taking the device in his hand and examining it.

The girl is reluctant to answer. "Yes, my parents gave it to me, but it's not like I really use it" she lied. Rex can tell she uses it and it's important as she is about to cry because of it.

"I can help you fix it," he told her in an assuring tone.

"Really?" she replied immediately.

"Yeah! I'll give it to you tomorrow."

As they wave each other goodbyes the tearful expression on the girl's face was replaced with joy as she thinks she's finally made a friend.

The next day...after classes...

Rex saw the girl again at the swing. But instead of having a glum face, she's wearing a more hopeful one.

As Rex slowly approach her a faint smile formed on her face. She squealed in glee as Rex hands her the fixed walkie-talkie.

*So that's the start of it. We became close friends who's distance just keep nearing with each day. At first, I wasn't very conscious around her, but as time passes, I realized just how pretty she is. That golden flowing hair, jet black eyes, and cute smile---*

Kyle coughs, cutting him off and spoke in a disgusted tone. "Ugh, that sounds creepy when you're talking about a grade school girl. What are you? A pedophile?"

"Just, shut up and listen," Rex said twitching his brow in annoyance.

Rex continues...

*So when I realized just how pretty the girl I'm with is, I quickly became insecure. Fat, nerd and unconfident, what is there to like in me. It even made me wonder, how is she bullied with such looks....*

*Still, even with those worries, we stayed friends for over 2 years I thought we would be BFFs, but then one day she came to me with teary eyes. It was the only time I've ever seen her again with that face since the first time I talked to her.*

*She grabbed me by the hand without speaking and pulled me.*

"Bet she's having trouble pulling you" Kyle barged in again with his quirks.

"Yeah, so stop interrupting. I'm getting to the best part" Rex tells him.

Rex continues...

*She dragged me all the way here to this willow tree. We go here almost every day it is our what you call 'secret spot'. This tree is owned by her grandparents, in fact, they owned this entire area. It used to be a farmland of some sorts. Going back...*

*So she dragged me all the way here. I can feel the tears flowing like a river. As she looked up to me, I can't find the words to say to comfort her. After a while she spoke.*

"I---I" she stuttered sounding miserable. "I'm sorry Rex!" She cries as she hugs Rex.

Young Rex was shocked and looked at her with confusion.

"What happened?"

"We, My family---We're moving. My family is moving...away from here" she cries as she lets go of Rex and wipes her tears.

Rex is speechless, he doesn't want to be separated from a friend...again...

"Where, are you going?" Rex asked as tears also start to form in his eyes.

"I---I don't know." She sadly responded.

"Two kids crying under the willow tree is...quite a sight. It seems so romantic yet so..." Kyle interrupted again to Rex's very emotional storytelling.

Rex holds back his feelings as he remembers that moment. "Stop"

Rex continues...

*We cried there for a while. I then decided to speak, comfort her and cherish our last moments together.*

"I guess we couldn't do anything, huh?" Young Rex told her sadly as he places his hands on her shoulders.

The girl nods wiping her tears and nose.

"Don't worry. We will still be friends" he assured.

The girl's face lights up as an idea crosses her mind. She reached into her pocket and gave Rex her walkie-talkie.

Rex takes her and was about to ask for what but the girl just blurted out.

"Take that. I know it won't connect when we go out of this city but, I want to talk with you till we leave" She says a bit embarrassed.

Rex smiles at her as he holds on the walkie-talkie tightly.

"Of course. I'd hold on to it, till you come back"

"And one more thing," the girl says holding out her pinky finger. "Let us make a promise here"

"What promise?" Rex asked.

"That we will meet again, here, someday," the girl said putting on a smile.

Rex nods in agreement as he takes out his pinky and entwines it with hers.

The two chant in unison. "I promise for our friendship, that one day we will meet again under this willow tree."

"Should we have a password?" Rex asked in a hurry.

The girl tilted her head. "Password?"

"Something we would say so we would know it's each other"



*I---I forgot the words that we are supposed to say but, but I know that we will still know each other. No matter how we've changed through all these years.

*End Of Flashback*


"So that's the story. That's why this tree is important to me" Rex hopefully says as he tightly held the device in his pocket and looks at the fluttering leaves above.

"You keep hoping she'll appear here one day?" Kyle said with an expression saying he doesn't expect anything like that.

"Yeah, that's why I go here every week but it eventually became a habit." Rex closes his eyes. "I do hope I see her again" he continues, hoping the day will come.

Kyle just looked at him and smiled. "Well, I also hope you do meet"

Kyle begins to move around the tree to observe it's. Rex had no idea what he is doing and just looked at him confused while he continues to relive those memories.

As they're both occupied, the sound of a car parking was heard from the other side of the field.

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