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A girl joined the two under the tree. A pact and a secret reveled...

That sounds intense but it's not. Hahah tell me what you think in the comments, really helps..

Chapter 6 (v.1) - I'm Here, Under The Willow Tree

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



The car engine stops. Rex immediately looked at the direction it came from. Kyle haven't heard it and continued examining the tree's surface.

Afar, Rex heard the grass getting brushed by footsteps. A girly figure came to sight, she is touching the overgrown grass as she walks across the field. As she drew closer, Rex's eyes widened

She has blonde flowing hair that reaches her waist and a nice figure. Rex observed her squinting. His heart beats fast, for a moment he thought it could really be her? but then his expression became that of what you can call 'How everyone knows me' expression. He waved at the figure who is looking around and calls her out.

The girl looked at the direction of the call with a startled looks. She hurries to Rex's direction.

Upon getting Rex in her seeing range, her face went blank. She sighed in dismay as she called out to Rex.

"What are you doing here Rex?" She asked skeptically as she continues to walk towards him.

Rex returns the question back. "How about you, what are you doing here"

She became hesitant and stopped a few feet from him and started to think of an excuse. "Uhm...its just, I want to explore this town a bit. You know I just moved here" she said crossing her arms.

"Well, I proposed to take you around town the other day" Rex reminded her in an attempt to make her regret not accepting it.

Unfortunately, it still won't work. "I'd accept it with anyone but you, you pervert." she gets back to her question as she makes her way to the tree. "So? Why are you here again?"

"Me? Well, I just---"

Rex was cut off as Kyle showed himself behind the tree after hearing their conversation.

"Hey, who are you talking to?" Kyle asked Rex as he sticks his head from behind the tree. He then looks around and saw a girl, observing her he remembered. "Oh, is that you? Cecile? Right?"

Cecile just arrived at the cleared area and was surprised by Kyle. She became flustered and arranged her hair.

"Oh...hey..uhm...He-Hello Kyle" she stuttered slightly reddish.

"Are you okay? You look a" Kyle concisely tilts his head as he looks at Cecile's cheeks.

"No...she's fine" Rex blurted out with a grin and looks at Cecile, "She's just a bit embarrassed becau---"

Cecile pounced on him before he could finish his thought and covers his mouth.

"Shut it will you?" She whispered Rex agitated.

Rex tries to remove Cecile's hand from his mouth and struggled to get up. Kyle just laughs at Rex while Cecile looks at him nervously.

"Rex you idiot, hahaha. Is that your way of getting a girl?" Kyle joked.

Cecile glared at Rex still holding his mouth, Rex stopped struggling as Cecile looks back at Kyle.

" is not, like that. His just an idiot that's all" Cecile utters nervously.

Kyle smiles confidently and turns his whole body to the two. He then lets out a thumbs up and winks.

Cecile blushed looking at him.

Kyle ran off. "Enjoy your moment! You two!" Kyle shouts as he nears the edge of the field.

Rex who still has his mouth covered puts his hands up and also gave a thumbs up as Kyle ran.

"Kyle!" Cecile tries to call him out but she wasn't heard.

When she was certain Kyle won't come back Cecile lets go of Rex and faces the tree. Looks down while she rests her head on it

"Why? Why? Why did he run away? This is my chance!" She swears while she hits the tree trunk utterly depressed.

Rex sits up and brushes his clothes from the dirt and wipes his face.

"I enjoyed it, a bit at least" Rex spoke sarcastically as he leaned at the tree

"Ugh, it's your fault, you dumb T-Rex" Cecile said as she faces Rex and crossed her arms, pissed.

Rex knew why she was mad, he looked at her like he's a detective who just solved one headache of a case.

"Oh, how is it my fault? What did I do?" He said acting innocent

Cecile looks away. The mad look is gone replaced by a flushed and flustered Cecile.

She stutters while speaking. "N---No---Nothing. I just hate your face"

Keeping his grin Rex replies. "Are you sure it's not because Kyle ran off"

"Of---of course not! Idiot!" She denies but the truth just became more obvious.

Rex pretended to give up and speaks in an indifferent tone. "Oh, okay! Such a shame though. In could've helped you. We're friends since childhood you know?"

Cecile glares at him, thinking if she would be willing to tell him. He doesn't believe that he can keep it a secret, assuming he's stupid enough to spill it out lately if it wasn't for her stopping him.

She doesn't remove eye contact while she thinks.

Rex became a bit uncomfortable with her glare and cried out. "Oh! For crying out loud! We both knew you like him. Ever since you met him at the gates I knew you had a thing on him"

Cecile's stiff gaze glare softens after Rex spoke. She closed her eyes irritated. "Yeah! Fine! I like him! Happy?" She yelled

Rex grins. "You finally admitted it"

Cecile puts on a pouting face and crossed her arms.

"Okay, so you're gonna help me?" She asked

"Sure! Although I want you for myself" he joked

Cecile just stared intently at Rex as if waiting for him to say something.

Rex tilted his head with a oblivious to what she wants.


"What what? Aren't you gonna tell me something about him?" Cecile asked impatiently

Rex puts his puffs his lips. "Well being that I haven't hanged around him for years. I can't really tell you anything about him"

"I know I shouldn't have trusted an idiot like you" Cecile groans as he puts her head between her hands

"Don't worry! Don't worry! I'll still help you out" Rex assured

Like that the conversation ended. They stayed silent for a few minutes looking at the mountain range afar. The two both have a golden look in their eyes.

Rex takes out the book he brought about the messenger and starts reading it. Cecile puts a faint smile as she sees him read and talked to him calmly.

"Is that a hobby of yours?" She asked Rex.

Rex at first was confused as a tiger turned to a kitten she looks at Cecile and also replies with a bit of seriousness. "I don't really know if I would call this a hobby. I guess I just don't want the books on my shelf get eaten away before I read them"

As she looked at him he got this very bizarre feeling. A feeling people would call deja vu.

Straight blonde hair fluttering like the leaves of the Willow. The sun slowly nearing the mountain range afar. And him sitting under the tree reading a book. It feels so much like that time...back then...

Cecile snarled at him as she noticed he's staring at him. "Will you stop staring at me. It's so creepy" she utters as if there are chills running through her skin.

Rex regains his composure. "Oh! I thought you just sounded to serious to me a moment ago"

Cecile looks behind her as she touches the tree with her hand. "Well, I just love reading you know. I became curious. I thought that Hiskey Streets is the only one you know"

"Of course not. I've read a lot of books before." Rex explains.

"To be honest I wasn't really interested in books as a kid, but, well, someone just influenced me." She tells Rex as she faces to the field looking afar.

"Ohhhh! They're fun to read aren't they?" Rex asked as he looks at Cecile.

Cecile looks back. "Yeah"

As they look at each other, their eyes meet. Strangely none of them attempted to break eye contact. Then after a few seconds, Rex speaks with a very serious and genuine tone.

"Have...have we met, before?" He mutters

After speaking a slight breeze blew. Cecile's hair flowed through the gentle winds as Rex stared confused but hopeful. He thinks that she is that girl she made a promise to.

He was about to speak again but... He doesn't remember the words he needs to say.

Cecile is just staring at him as her long hair flowed across her face. She doesn't know how to respond to such sincerity.

After a few seconds of silence...

Rex let's out a nervous chuckle while he scratches the back of his head. "Wait! Haha! What am I saying"

Cecile laughs as she looks away. "Yeah, haha, are you crazy? How could we have met? I've never seen that annoying face before"

"And I've also never encountered a violent beauty like you before," Rex said as his laughter slowly became genuine.

"Oh, God. I must be crazy to think you're the girl I met when I was young" Rex wipes his eyes which have tears from him laughing.

"Girl? Why do you think so?" Cecile asked as she quizzed Rex like he's an applicant

"For starters, you're both pretty. You also have this cute look in your eyes when you become calm, like hers. Lastly your long blonde hair." Rex explains while he thinks about the girl.

"Ohhhh," Cecile said and she forgot what to say. "Well...well I guess its just a coincidence, right?"

Rex chuckles. "Yeah, sure is"

The two of them laughed but none of it seemed like laughter because of something funny. It's more like a laugh because of refreshment. The two won't admit it to themselves but something about the other reminds them of their past.

"It can't be Cecile. I mean, she's a lot more affectionate and in no way a tsundere like this war princess." He thought in his mind as he laughs on the outside.

As they stop laughing the two looked again at each other's eye. After a while, they turned away as they talk.

"Hey, T-Rex" Cecile calls still looking away. "Do you know the hardest pull I have to do in my life?" She asked randomly

Rex looks at her silly. "What? Where the hell did that come from? Want me to give you a pep talk? Not really good at it but ill try, for you"

Cecile looks down with a sad smile. Then she turns around to face Rex. She replied. "No, anyone but you. So just forget about it, kay?"

Rex insisted on talking to Cecile albeit he seems to just be trying to get her attention.

The two started their usual fights, with Cecile so done with Rex and Rex being like a masochist.

After a few more minutes Kyle came back. He is holding two bags and a drink in one hand. As he gets closer he takes a sip and sees Rex and Cecile in an argument.

"Veronica!" Rex argued

"Cecilia!" Cecile retorted as she puts her face closer to Rex.

"Hey. Are you two lovebirds getting along?" Kyle said when he's in hearing range.

The two looked at him. Cecile blushed while Rex waved at him.

"Hey! Where did you go?" Rex asked Kyle bothered.

"I went to a convenience store and bought some snacks. I just walked from here so took me a while to get back." Kyle gives Rex the two bags he's carrying and told him to give one to Cecile.

"What's in this? You're not gonna try and poison me are you?" Rex joked showing a suspicious face as he sits down.

"Maybe? That's just a cheeseburger, a can of soda and a brownie." Kyle said as he sits down beside Rex.

"Uhm...thanks Kyle!" She nudges Rex. "This is why I like him. He can tell what a girl likes"

Rex just smiled at her casually as he opens his food.

Kyle seems to overhear what she just said and he replies. "I just remembered you telling me how much you love burgers the other day. I don't know which to buy so, might as well buy that one."

Cecile timidly opens the bag as she steals glances at Kyle.

Kyle is still unaware of Cecile's crush like him. He's like those anime protagonists who are denser than any element.

Rex saw Cecile being tame and winked at her.

Cecile furrows her brows, irritated at Rex.

Rex made some hand gestures. At first, Cecile is just annoyed as she doesn't understand him at all. Then she realized what he means and nods in agreement.

"Hey, Kyle! I'm just gonna pee. I'll be back" Rex lied as he gets up to Kyle.

"Okay," Kyle said while he sips his drink.

Rex run pass Cecile and gave her a double thumbs up.

After Rex left there was silence, both have different meaning on the two. To Cecile, it was a very awkward, she didn't know how to start up a conversation. Meanwhile, Kyle is just enjoying the peaceful atmosphere while looking at the mountains afar.

"He--hey!" Cecile stutters as she calls

Kyle turns around.

"Do---do you know..." Cecile tries so hard to get the words out of her mouth.

"Sure," Kyle said and started walking towards her.

He sits down beside her and leans at the tree. Cecile moved away a bit nervous to touch him.

Because Cecile stayed silent, Kyle decided to start the conversation.

"Sorry about Rex" Kyle laugh.

"Huh?" Is all that came out of Cecile's mouth.

"You know because he's a bit stupid. He just had a very clumsy past, especially with girls. So now, he wants to get what he's been 'deprived of. Hahaha, but he's a nice guy...sometimes" he explains in a joking manner.

She nods. Although he let it out that way. Cecile knew that he was sincere and its true. Still, he wanted Kyle to see her for himself, not for Rex, he's the one she likes after all.

"Uhm...So, how did you and Rex meet.?" She asked to continue their conversation.

Kyle became a bit bugged by the question. "Oh, that. We met back when we were kids before we even attend school."

Cecile was surprised at how long they were friends. "Wow, have been tiring to spend 15 years with him, hehehe" she jested. She must be starting to feel comfortable talking to Kyle.

"Yeah" Kyle chuckles. "...but, we actually were just together for about 5 to 6 years"


"Uhm..." Kyle looks at the ground trying to find what he should say. "....something happened, family needs to move."

Cecile knew that there is more than his family just moving, but she isn't bold enough to try and divulge to Kyle's story even deeper.

"So, when did you two meet again?" Cecile asked dismissing her thoughts.

"Well, just this week. My father works here now." Kyle said beaming.

Cecile was astounded, she can't believe that they still know about each other after about a decade of separation. "Wow! You've been disconnected for about almost a decade and your still this close. That's...that's amazing." She exclaims.

Kyle chuckles. "We're not really 'disconnected'. We're still able to keep intact with one another."

Losing the amazement on her face Cecile looks down with a sad smile. "Oh, I...I guess that's great huh?"

The sudden change in Cecile's voice made Kyle anxious. "Oh, uh...I'm sorry! Did I say something wrong? I'm sorry!"

Cecile puts back her cheerful look and shows her face to Kyle. "No, it's nothing, you don't have to think about it" she said giggling at him.

Kyle sighs in relief. "I'm glad, you okay?"

"Yeah" She rests her head on Kyle's shoulder. "Just let me rest my head here," she said closing her eyes.

Kyle sighs and smiles "Okay!"

Cecile who is leaning on Kyle opens one eye and looks at him who is enjoying the view. She thought to herself

"I hope, we'll grow closer"

Halting her train of thought, she closed her eye again with a grateful look.

To Kyle this is just a friendly gesture. It was nothing special to him. It is not that he wasn't interested in romance, just that he has a goal he was so focused to it hadn't crossed his mind yet. Having the the densest mindset, he wont know a girl likes him until it was splashed right on his face.

Leaning into the person she likes, Cecile enjoys every second of it. To her may it be just in this moment or if this happened again, she's gonna be happy, at least...for now.

As they sit under the Willow tree looking like a couple. The other guy is on his way back. Seeing the two, he chuckles.

"Hey! Doing well?" He asked smirking while raiding one of his brows to Cecile.

Cecile immediately opened her eyes and sat straight. At the sight of Rex, she lets out a glare and a low groan.

"Hey! What took you so long" Kyle asked as he stands up.

"I can't find a spot to pee. There is no toilet around so I have to pee behind the tree over there." Rex casually narrates as he points to a tree many meters away from them.

"Uhhh, you don't have to tell us that" Kyle reacts with a grossed out face. "Either way, let's go! it's getting dark already. I also want to see the daytime view of it" Kyle demand enthusiastically.

"Uhm..where are you guys going?" Cecile asked as she also gets up.

"To the lighthouse! You wanna come? The view there is great! I'm sure you'll love it" Kyle convinced Cecile to come with them.

"Oh, the lighthouse..." Cecile whispers seemingly with thought.

"What?" Kyle asked as he barely heard the words she spoke.

"I said, sure I'll come" she replied with a grin.

Turning around he exclaims. "Cool! The more the merrier!" Kyle then started to walk away.

As Kyle strolls to the light house Rex nudged Cecile and spoke in a low voice.

"So...? How did it go?"

"Oh it went well" Cecile said with a fake wide grin.

Rex didn't realize it was a fake though. "You got to talk to each other?"

"Yeah!" She replied with the same grin.


The grin faded and she smacks Rex in the head. "You ruined it just when we got to the best part!"

An exasperated voice was heard by Kyle

"Hey! I understand you wanna be lovey-dovey with each other but it's almost 6 already! Come on!" Kyle calls out to them as he gestures them to follow him.

Cecile lets out a displeased sigh because of Kyle's misunderstanding of her feelings, she didn't say anything and follows with Rex.

"He's completely clueless, huh?" Rex told Cecile

"Yeah" she replies.

The three of them makes their way back to the lighthouse...

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