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The lighthouse where two kid's memories were created.

This chapter has been pretty long, sorry. I also think it's a bit dull and lacks flavor but, well tell me what you think so I can improve it hahaha.

Ps. I know I've been focusing too much on Kyle Cecile and Rex on the past chapters next one won't, I hope hahahah

Chapter 7 (v.1) - The Tower That Lights The Sea

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They arrived at the lighthouse. They crawled under the fence and again stood at the door.

Rex twisted the handle...

"What the heck? It's still locked" he said annoyed.

"Hey open up!!!" Kyle protested while he slams the door.

"You know that no one will answer, right?" Rex asked him with a deadpan expression

Kyle turns his back to the door and lets himself slide down. "Aaaahhhh!!! How are we gonna get in?" He yells as his bottom touches the ground.

Cecile giggles at him. "When did they even start locking this place anyway?"

The two looked at Cecile in sync curious as to the way she phrased her words, it's as if she's been here before.

When Cecile noticed this confusion she spoke again. "I mean, lighthouses aren't really locked, right? There is a keeper or something"

"Well, the previous one died a year ago. The lighthouse has been abandoned since." Rex explains.

"What?" Cecile asked in shock.

"What are you so shocked about? Do you know Old Man Charles or something?" Rex asked her suspiciously while he still tries to force his way in.

"No," Cecile said defensively. "Its just sad you know, to hear someone die"

"That's so sweet of you!" Rex exclaims. "That's why I like you" she winks at Cecile.

"Ugh, shut up" she retorted with disgust.

Kyle is acting depressed since they arrived. He must have really wanted to explore the lighthouse again.

"I suppose all we can do is go home." He told like he hasn't slept in days with his eyes wide open staring at the ground.

"Don't be so down Kyle! We can go here tomorrow" Rex patted his back.

"Y...yeah! I---I'll come to if you want" Cecile timidly said as she looks down.

Rex smirks at her and takes Kyle's arm and dragged it around his shoulder.

As they are about to leave. A girl came running to the lighthouse. Instead of crawling down the fence she unlocked the gate and went in the right way.

After she reached the three, she breaths deeply and looks at them.

"Rex?" She asked.

"Rina? What are you doing here?" He asked surprised to see her.

Rina was also surprised not only to see Rex but also two other people. She timidly approached the door while they all looked at her.

"Well...uhm...I just gotta get something inside" She explains.


As Rina reached the handles, she took out a set of keys from her pocket and inserted one to the keyhole.

The three are shocked to see her with the keys.

"Woah! How did you get the key?" Rex asked in amazement

"It was from...the person who requested me to take something inside," She tells them.

The three just stands there. Rina is waiting if any of them still has questions before turning back to open the door.

"Hey! Ca---can" Rex stutter as her hands touched the handles.

"Huh?" She replies as she turns her head.

"Can we also go in with you"

"Oh...but this place is restricted, you can't go in. You'll be trespassing" she explains with a confused look.

Kyle upon hearing this became crestfallen again. Meanwhile, Rex also feels ashamed and Cecile approached her with a curious face.

She holds a keychain that's hanging from Rina's pocket and eyes it intently.

"Wait..." She exclaims with wide eyes. "This...this is a "Tears Fall" keychain, right?"

Rina nod slowly.

Rex and Kyle covered their ears as Cecile sequels from excitement. She is a big "Tears Fall" fan and has never met another one, until now.

"Wow! I never thought I'd meet another fan. No one I knew listens or even knew about them. I'm so glad" she blabbers as she hugs Rina tightly.

The two are sloppily looking at her.

"Hey Cecile, you're to excited you're gonna kill her," Rex said with slight uneasiness.

Rina speaks, trying not to choke. "Its okay," she said with a courtesy chuckle. "I'm also thrilled to find another fan of them"

Cecile let's go and talked to Rina, electrified.

The two can't make out what Cecile is saying. She just blurts out words faster than the flash can run.

"Actually, I also kinda like them" Rex joins in

"Really," Rina asked as she looks at Rex.

Rex was about to answer but Cecile pulls Rina. "Don't listen to that idiot. He's just making that up"

Rex puts on a deadpan look as he watched the two. Kyle barged in.

"What's "Tears Fall"?" He asked.

Cecile replied to Kyle immediately, without shame.

"They're one of the best bands ever! Their music is so soothing and relaxing, and ugh, you should definitely listen to it"

Rex at looks at her a bit jealous as she answers Kyle.

Kyle takes a step back from Cecile "Uh...yeah! Sure" he said with a considerate tone.

The boys shared a look as they listen to the two.

"Hey, by the way, where did you buy the keychain?" Cecile asked

Rina holds and looks at it. "Ohhh...Rex actually paid for this" after speaking, she turns to Rex.

After hearing her, Rex grins at them and puts up a hi.

Cecile also turns her head to him. "That narcisstic T-Rex did?"

"Your the narcissist here you know," Rex tells Cecile

As she turns back to Rina, she noticed her blushing.

"Huh? Why are you red."

"It's just that...I haven't really been able to pay Rex for the keychain" she said peeking at the two.

Rex was surprised, he never really expected or asked her to pay for it. ", no. You don't have to think about it" he said laughing nervously

"Are you sure?"

"Of course."

Cecile interrupted them. "Well! It's getting really dark. Let's go home already, Rina still has something she needs to do. Right?" She tells Rina who is still red.

"Wait, we're not going to the lighthouse?" Kyle asked, worried.

Cecile looks at him, nervously. "Uhhh...uhm..."

"I guess not Kyle, sorry" Rex apologized. "Come on, let's just go"

Kyle became depressed as they walk away.

Rina watches them before they pass the gates, she calls out.


The three of them turned around.

Rina looks at her feet, with a face of embarrassment.

"Well...uhm...if you really wanna...go to lighthouse maybe I could let you the payment for the keychain, I guess"

Rex responded agitated, she knew Rina is still thinking about the payment. "Wait! I just told you, no need to worry about it. I bought it for you because I wanted to."

"But..." Rina mutters.

Before they continue talking, Kyle was resurrected from the state of depression and blurts at Rex.

"Hey! What are you doing? She's allowed us in already"

He then runs up to Rina and shakes her hands. Rex tried to pull him but he was out of reach already. He and Cecile decided to follow Kyle back.

"Hey! Thanks for letting us. I'm Kyle, by the way, Kyle Steen." He thanked Rina as he introduced himself with a creepy smile.

"Uhh...I'm Rina Haylene"

"Hey!" Kyle calls when the two reached them. "Come on, let's go," he said as he opens the doors and goes inside.

Cecile follows him excitedly. Rex lags behind with Rina.

"Sorry, about him, haha," he said scratching the back of his head.

Rina swings her head. "No, it's okay" she said as she holds the door handle.

Rina opens the door and they went inside together.

Once inside, the door closed back behind them and Rexnsaw Kyle and Cecile roam and behold the lighthouse' inside.

The interior is very...ancient. It's like one of those ruins in stories with a desert setting. If you can imagine modernized pyramid interiors, this could possibly be it.

Saying that the place has been unattended for a while would be an understatement.There is grime covering the furniture. Cobwebs can be found around the corners. The paint from the walls is also being peeled off. Also, a wrong undertone is accumulating under their noses, like an old smell, which is not nice.

Even though it's like this, the group seem to enjoy being inside. Kyle, Cecile, and Rex are all exploring inside, searching every corner for whatever they would find whether it be a pile of dirt or some oil-stained rag. In the process, the lighthouse was cleaned, at least a bit.

"Wow, this sure changed a lot," Kyle said looking at the overturned tables.

"Well, it been a year since this place has been taken care of," Rex said

Rex noticed Cecile who is observing the dusty books that are left on the also dusty bookshelf.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Rex came to her from behind.

Startled she nudged forward. "Eh...what? Stupid T-Rex"

Rex didn't hear her much as he also looked at the book.

"I used to read those with someone when I was a kid." He thought out loud.

Cecile didn't say anything and just looked at him as she goes somewhere else.

"Uhm...guys. I'm just gonna go to a room above. I'll come back" Rina excused herself.

The three looked at her as she steps on the stairs.

"Wait! We'll come with you. I also wanna see what its like on the beacon" Kyle said and he went to Rina.

The two also followed and they start to ascend in the lighthouse.

As they are walking up the stairs. Rex slightly lost balance and held onto Cecile then Kyle and Rina heard the floor creak and then a crack. Cecile lets out a shriek and they both turned around.

There Cecile's leg slipped through a crack in the staircase. Rex is helping her get it out but it seems stuck.

"Are you okay?" Kyle asked as he and Rina get back to help them.

"Don't force it out, idiot. It's stuck" Cecile snarl at Rex.

"Sorry" he apologized as he removes his grip from Cecile's hand.

After he lightens his grip, the crack became bigger and now her thighs slipped into it too.

Kyle facepalm himself after he saw Rex make the situation worse.

"Oops..." Rex mutters. "Sorry...again.."

Rex holds her again, tightly.

"Aaahhhhh!! You idiot!" Cecile scowled at him like Garden Ramsy.

Kyle and Rina reached them. Together they were able to pull her out but she seems to have bruised her leg with a few grazes. They put her down on the staircase where she sits. The two stand beside her while Rina ran upstairs

"The floorboard is becoming weak already" Rex states while he tests the strength of another step.

"Ugh, I hope you fall too" Cecile groans trying to give Rex jinx.

Rex stopped the and moved toward Cecile who is giving him a grumpy look. He smiles an apology.

Kyle is looking at the two and speaks. "Cecile looks kinda cute when she's mad" he laughs.

Cecile's grumpy looks disappeared and was replaced by that of a tomato. He quickly turns her head to Kyle which caused her to also move the leg they just pulled out.

"Ouch," she exclaims. The two looked at her leg. They found a pretty good bruise about the size of their palm. Rex pokes it.

"Does this hurt?" He said clueless about how it would feel

"Ouch! Stop touching me, idiot!" Cecile kicks Rex with her other foot.

"So? Are you alright?" Kyle asked her.

Cecile faintly smiled. "Yeah...I'm fine"

Rex chuckles quietly as he sees the two.

Rina then came running back down the staircase holding a small case.

"Uhm...can I take a look?" She asked.

Cecile nods and Rina rushes to her leg.

She examined her injury and opened the case she brought. A first aid kit and well, it contained what you would think a first aid kit will contain, bandages, cottons, disinfectants, etc.

Rina cleaned Cecile's leg with a wet towel and disinfected the wounds and gashes. Then she wrapped her ankle with some bandages.

Kyle and Rex observed her while doing so. They were amazed because she seems adept at what she's doing.

"Wow! You looked experience at them" Rex compliments her.

"Oh, well, it's just, I gotta learn it, hehe" She timidly giggled

Rex looks at her clueless then turned to Cecile, she's still sitting holding her ankle. Rina and Kyle also turn to her.

"Uhm...can you walk?" Rina asked.

"I don't know"

Cecile stood up and walked, limping.

"You okay?" Kyle asked as he walked beside her.

Cecile nods and smiles at him. "I can handle it!"

As they are walking, they noticed Cecile lagging behind, sweating.

"Hey! Want me to carry you?" Rex asked with an optimistic tune.

"No, thanks!" Cecile turned him down.

"How about me? You want?" Kyle also asked the same tune as Rex.

Cecile blushed and looked away. "I---I---I said I can...handle it" she tries to deny but her face gives her away.

"C'mon it's no biggie." Kyle approached her smiling as he offers a piggyback.

Cecile panicked, she's so flustered as the person in front waits for her to get on. Rex went behind her and pushed her to Kyle. He stood up giving Cecile a piggyback ride.

Rex gives her a wink as she puts on a cute pouting face.

"I'm sorry" Cecile whispers as they continue taking the stairs.

"No problem" Kyle assured, "I actually think Rex did it intentionally," he said as he looks at Rex ahead with Rina.

Cecile exclaims. "Huh? Why do you think so?"

"Well, he fell down there once. It didn't manage to support his fat-ass and gave up" Kyle chuckles.

"Oh!" Is all Cecile said as their talk ended. She thinks that Rex will know this will happen so he pushed her to the weak spot on the staircase.

"What an idiot," she thought to herself and sighs.

Kyle felt her sigh on his neck and turns to her. She saw Cecile, her head rested on his back as she looks out the window they're passing through. He also smiled and looks at the window.

It was already dark out when he looked, he sighs and continues to look ahead. The other two seems to be chatting, but Kyle noticed Rex, seems, a bit calmer.

" know, just curious...what is it that you have to get," Rex asked

Rina replies as she holds the key to her eyes. "Oh, just some things Old Man Charles left here"

" who asked you to get it?"

"His son"

Rex gasped he didn't know that he has a son, "Hold on, he has a son?" Rex asked in shock.

Rina nods takes on of the keys and held it beside her

"Wow! He never talked about a son before." He said. " do you know him? Is he your father? Is Old Man your grandpa?" Rex asked her like he's from the paparazzi.

Rina responded with a very conservative answer.


Rex was about to ask something again but Rina stopped by a door along the stairway.

"I'll just have to get it here. You guys can go ahead." She said as she put the key to the keyhole.


The three of them made their way up. As they reach the sundeck Rex ran to the bars and looks to the sea. Kyle who is carrying Cecile followed shortly. Kyle places Cecile to her feet and he nears the seats behind them.

"Thanks" Cecile thanked Kyle.

"No problem!"

Cecile then approached Rex who is looking at the nightly colored sea. With its bluish-purple wave rippling from the cold sea breeze that is hitting their faces. As the stars slowly appear in the sky.

Cecile takes out her phone, puts on her earphones and decides to put some music along with the view.

As she plays the song, it was heard by Rex. He cast his sight to Cecile who is mashing the buttons on her phone in embarrassment.

"Huh? Is that Tears Fall?" Rex asked after hearing the song.

"Ye-yeah" Cecile said embarrassed fiddling with her earphones.

"What song?"

"Teardrops On Blank Pages"

"Hey! I also like that song!" Rex declares with a grin

"Yeah, whatever." Cecile brushes him off as she focuses on fixing her earphones.

Rex noticed her problem and decides to lend a hand.

"Let me take a look at that" he offered help.

Cecile looks at him skeptically. "Here, you better not make it worse"

Rex takes the earphones from her hands. As he is fixing it Cecile stared at him. She looks allured by Rex as he fixes it.

A few moments later...

"Here, the jack is just getting lose, better get a new one soon." He said handing the earphone back to the enthralled Cecile.

"Thanks" Cecile takes it and talked seemingly hypnotized.

Rex waves his hand in front of her.

"Hey, war princess?"

Cecile breaks out of it.

"Huh? What?"

Rex smirked at her mockingly. "Oh...are you being bewitched from my looks?"

"Not even if monkey faces became the standard looks of men" Cecile replies as she takes the earphone it and plugs it into her phone.

"Oh, hold on a minute" Rex stops hers.


" know, you can play it loudspeaker. I missed listening to that song" Rex speaks a bit...gently.

Cecile looks at him with a perplexed look. She speaks. "Fine, fine, since you fixed these. Fine"

She played the song and it's infused with the sea breeze.

*As the window shade goes down* the night *I saw your outline on the horizon*

*It waves at me*


*Tears roll down my eyes* *Tears roll down your eyes* *And they fall to the story of our life*

*Now I don't know what to write in these empty slate* *Without you, what can I do?*

*Can I continue?* *But if these empty pages will still come to life* *I want to see you again tonight* *So the teardrops on blank pages can dry up*

The two of them have closed their eyes as they let the sea breeze carrying the tunes hit their faces. As they do, the stars are near to covering the sky and the moonlight is raining down like it's the sunlight at night.

While they are mesmerizing themselves to the scene Rex's past memories are triggered again. He imagined himself again here, looking at the night sky, with that girl. Behind them, a bulky old man is sitting on a stool.


"Old Man Charles! How ships pass here every day" Young Rex eagerly asked.

"The ships that pass are as many as the stars at night on that day" Old Man Charles explained.

Rex turns to the girl.

"So that means if we count the stars. We will know how many ships had passed"

"Yeah!" The girl exclaims.

While they are counting. They say a white streak on the sky and turns to ask the Old Man.

"Old Man Charles! What will happen to that ship?" Rex asked as he points to the white streak.

The old man looked at the sky and speaks. "What you do when you saw that is wish. That way, the ship won't fall like that star."

"Is that true?" Rex asked skeptically.

"Why don't you try?" The girl asked.

"Ehhh? It's pointless, it's not gonna work, I'm telling you" Rex said like a know-it-all.

The girl wished silently. "I wish no ship will sink"

The girl then smiled happily at Rex. "Look! No ship sank!"

Rex groans "Of course, no ship is passing. That's doesn't prove it true right? Old Man?" He turns around asking the old man again.

"You could always stand in on what you believe, little sailors," the old man said.

The two sighs from his quoted answer and turns back to the view. As they decide to dismiss the topic the girl take out a pen and a blue notebook and started scribbling on it.

Rex became curious and takes a peek.

"What are you doing?"

"I just wanna write how many stars we see here everyday," the girl said as she continues writing.


"I don't know, for memories? Haha" the girl giggles and closes the notebook.

"I'll write here every day, I won't miss a single page" the girl continues and holds it close to Rex.

"Okay, okay, I'm sure it will be filled," Rex told shoving the notebook away from his face.

The girl puts it beside her and smiled sadly. "Yeah, I hope..." She whispers.

"What?" Rex asked barely able to hear what she just said

The girl didn't answer and looks away once more. She closes her eyes possibly trying to mesmerize herself into the cool night.

As she does, Rex is looking at her with a bit of concern. He decided to not think about it and also look out. While they stand there, together, he felt a grip on his right arm. As it got tighter he realized it was the girl.

He wanted to break free at first, he was so insecure about holding hands with someone, but then, a bump came from within him and he also held onto it. They held each other's hands on stop the last time and the day after the next, the girl will have to leave.

As the girl leaves she held on the blue notebook, tightly. Sitting on a seat near the plane's window she looks to the night sky. She opens her notebook, but there is none, the clouds cover the night sky and then the rain pours.

The girl sadly hugs the notebook and hurries her head in it. She sobs as her parents try to comfort her.

No ships passed on the lighthouse on that day...only tears...they watering the cold night sea and are written on a blank page.

*End Of Flashback*

*All I'm hoping for is that* *All I wish for is that* *Before this story ends* *We can see each other again*

The two figures standing at the sundeck produced a linked shadow.

Rina has just climbed the stairs and is holding a small chest when she and Kyle who also emerged from the rear saw Cecile and Rex.

The two have their eyes closed and as the song ended they "wake up". What Cecile realized happened terrified her.

She shouts at Rex when she saw her hand tangled in his. Immediately, she pulls it away and rubs it with a handkerchief, looking menacingly to Rex.

"What the heck are you doing you pervert?" She exclaims a bit red.

Rex also blushed a bit but tried to keep his sarcastic attitude. "I...I'm just holding your hand, is a that a problem?"

"Yes, and in oh, so many ways" Cecile retorted.

"Well, then why did you hold mine in the first place," Rex told her with a slight smirk.

Cecile was taken aback, she didn't know, but still, she didn't wanna believe she held Rex's hand.

"Wh-what?" She stutters.

Rex became redder, he didn't want to repeat it again. He can't keep up with the confident facade, he broke out.

"I said you held mine first, I just-just held on" he was unable to finish his argument and they both went silent.

Watching in awkward silence, Kyle and Rina entered the play. Kyle is laughing while Rina has puts on a smile.

"Hey! Hey! Are you two dating already?"

The two looked at Kyle simultaneously and denied it. "No"

Kyle continues laughing while Rex looks at Rina who is just smiling at them.

"Come on Rex, you should be proud. You have a girlfriend!" Kyle congratulated him.

Rex sighs with weariness and stares at Kyle with a bored look.

Cecile, on the other hand, denied it like no other. "No! Wait, wait, wait, hold on. There is no way I'm dating that guy. I'd rather date y---"

Her own mouth closed the words shut. And her eyes looked away.

"Rather date," Kyle asked

Cecile quickly became flustered and shakes her head. "No, no, I said, I'm not ready to date anyone yet"

"Oh, I guess you're like me then. I'm also wasn't thinking about romance as much hahaha." He turns to Rex. "Better luck next time Rex" he lets out a chuckle.

Upon hearing his words, Cecile looked down with a sigh of sadness and relief.

"He has no interest in dating huh?" She thought to herself. "Maybe that's good, but...but what if he just see me as a...friend when he takes on the interest"

Rex looks at her, he knew she must be thinking about what Kyle declared.

Rina approached all of them with the box. "Uhm...guys I actually have to...go"

Kyle gasps. "Oh...okay, I'm hoping I can still see the sea but, maybe next time right guys?"

The two didn't answer and are entrenched in deep thought.

He sighs and goes to pull them. They realized what's going on and free themselves from Kyle.

As they walk down the stairway. Rex is chatting with Rina as Kyle and Cecile watch them from behind as they also chat. Rex or Cecile did not utter a word to each other till they went home.

"Uhm...there is nothing going on, between me and Cecile" Rex clears out.

Rina became confused. "Why are you telling me that?" She asked.

Rex became flustered. "Its...just you know."

Rex laughs uncomfortably.

"Okay! I'll keep it in mind. Bye Rex. See ya on Monday!" She waves him goodbye.

Rex waves back with a faint smile.

He saw Kyle leaning by the door and approached him.

"Hey...uhm...where's Cecile?" Rex asked looking around.

"She already left" Kyle responds.

"Oh, I didn't notice." He said with a worried tone.

"She seems less lively than she was when we met her lately" Kyle also said a bit worried. "But I'm sure she'd get over it" he continues with a more optimistic tune.

"I hope"

"Well, Rex. Come on let's go home"

Kyle started walking to the gates, Rex followed and that's it

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