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A club meeting, that can give them something else more than just a place to be after classes. Not all friendships or relationships start on a positive note (especially in anime:))

Took long huh? Probably not worth the wait, sorry haha, but I hope you still enjoy it. Don't leave me please :(. Hahaha

....pretty damn long too haha, sorry...

Chapter 8 (v.1) - The Club Meeting

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Monday...After classes...

Sandra, Nathan, and Naomi are in the club room. They are waiting for the others to come. Sandra is impatiently peeking at the door every now and then while walking back and forth.

"Where are they?" Sandra impatiently asked the two behind her.

The two became a bit scared and bucked to their seats.

Naomi tries to calm her down with a cheerful tone. "There, there calm down Sandra, I'm sure they're on their way."

She groans. "Ugh, I understand Kyle and Cecile being late since they said they have someone to bring but...that guy..."

Nathan smiles as he looks down while Naomi giggled.

Classroom of 4-B...

Cecile is searching the stream of student emerging from the classroom.

She then saw what she came for.

"Hey! Rina!" She calls.

Rina wandered to Cecile as the other student pass by behind her.

"Uhh, sorry, our teacher got mad and made us stay for 10 more minutes." She said like an apology.

"That's okay! Where's Daniel?" She asked still looking around.


"Daniel Hills, he's, your classmate isn't, he?" She asked with a weird tone and phrasing.

"Oh, yes, right. He'll probably be here soon"

After finishing their conversation, Kyle came to them from behind.

"Hey girls!" Kyle greeted them with a grin and places his face between them.

They both turned back and greeted him too.

"You going to the club room?" Kyle asked turning to Cecile.

"Yeah, Rina here will also join us"

Kyle turns to her. "Oh, I'm sure you'll get along with everyone!"

Rina smiles. "Thanks"

After they finished chatting a guy turns up in front of them...

"Hey!" He greets them.

"Hey, Daniel. C'mon we're gonna be late for club meeting" She says taking his hand.

Daniel looked around to see who's with them, he saw Kyle and squinted at him.

Kyle became uncomfortable.

"Is he Cecile's boyfriend? Does she think I'm trying to steal her?" He thought to himself.

Cecile noticed some awkwardness and decided to speak up. " something wrong"

"Uhhh...actually I also gotta get someone so...see ya at the club room" Kyle excuses himself and ran off.

Daniel sighs, Cecile watches him run confused while Rina is just waiting for them to go to the clubroom.

On their way to the club room, the three met Kyle with another guy she is familiar with.

When Kyle saw them he gasps and glanced at Daniel. As soon as Kyle glanced at him he looks away pretending nothing happened.

Kyle introduced the other guy. "Uhhh...guys...this is Bill Manae, I met him on the soccer field. Even if he's already in the athletics club, he said he wanted to try this one"

Cecile looked at him skeptically. He's her classmate, the one who got elected as a class representative. She knew something not good is going on between him and Sandra but she decides not to bring it up.

"Hi! Okay, come on, let's go we're already late." She says taking the lead.

The group seems okay at first, with Cecile introducing Daniel, then it got a bit silent. Daniel is staring at Kyle. Kyle still thinks he is Cecile's lover but can't bring himself to say anything about it. As he desperately tries to avoid eye contact, Cecile, who seemed to understand the situation also started becoming uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Bill is looking afar at the window, thinking of something. Rina is the only one who seems normal and doesn't quite mind the atmosphere.

After a few more minutes of silent walking, the group reached the club room.

As they enter...

"Hey! You guys are late. What took you so long...." She slowly lowers her voice as the Bill entered the room.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds and looked away without saying anything.

Daniel who is looking at Kyle almost the whole trip noticed Naomi. She also noticed him and they both turned red. Like Sandra and Bill, the two also didn't say anything.

Cecile is feeling what's happening. Things are getting so awkward, she can feel it mixing in the air around them. All she could do is bite her lips and hope for the best.

Some time passed...

They are all standing at them, none of them are trying to make a move to start the meeting. Everyone is feeling uncomfortable.

"Guys, aren't---" Rina starts to say but was cut off by the door opening.

Rex came rushing in with red cheeks and sweat running through his forehead.

Everyone was brought back to life by his stupidity and the atmosphere became a bit less uncomfortable.

"Rex! Where the hell are you. You're late!" Sandra starts yelling at him.

Rex scratches the back of his head and laughs nervously. "Hehehe, sorry, I got...uhm...lost...a bit"

Naomi and Cecile smack his head and joins in with lecturing him. "You said you knew the place, T-Rex"

As he held his head he looks around and saw a few other people, including Rina.

"Oh! Uh...Hi, Rina" he greeted her.

"Seems like you always get in trouble Rex" she replied with a playful smile.

Rex blushed and turned around to see the others and introduced Rina to them.

He then realized that Naomi is in the room. How?

"Naomi? Why are you here? Wont your club in Sapara need you?"

"We don't have a meeting today. Besides, I wanted to hang out with you guys in a club of our own."

"That's so you"

He saw the guy who is next to Cecile. He is also looking at Naomi.

"Who is he?" Rex pointed at the guy.

He saw that Sandra doesn't seem to know and turns to the others.

"He, is Daniel Hills," Cecile introduced him.

"Are you also joining this club? I'm Rex, Rex Amber. The club's heartthrob. I can teach you how to get her" he leans at Daniel as he winks at Naomi's direction.

Naomi looked away while Daniel blushed.

"No, actually we're...uh...cousins," he told Rex.

"Ohhh, you two must really get along" Rex stood up straight again.

"Not really," he said with a slight chuckle.

Sandra hurriedly spoke up to try and start the meeting but Rex interrupts him.

"Hold on a minute! You haven't introduced him yet" he said pointing to Bill. "Isn't he the other representative? Bill wasn't it?" He continues.

"Uh...yeah, hehe. I actually have a club but I thought I might check out this one."

Sandra grits her teeth upon hearing him.

"Now you know who he is, can we get to the meeting," she said a little bit...darkly.

"Of-of course" Rex stutters because of her dark tone.

All of them sat together around the table. They just stare at each other seemingly waiting for someone to start saying something.

Minutes passed with awkward silence. The atmosphere is back to before Rex crashed into the club room.

Daniel is staring at Kyle. Kyle uncomfortably looking away from him and averting his gaze to Cecile who also seems uncomfortable with the way Daniel acts.

Naomi also seems nervous at Daniel's presence even though their cousins. Maybe they really are never close to each other.

Meanwhile, Sandra and Bill have built a wall of hostility between them. Nathan is concerned at Sandra but can't speak because of the, well, serious atmosphere.

Rex and Rina are the only ones acting...normal. They watch as the box-shaped sunlight shine on the table from the window.

"This is...uh...a bit awkward" Rina whispered to Rex

Rex frowns and sighs with dismay. "We aren't usually like this, I don't know what got into everyone"

"Let's help ease this tense aura" Rina smile at him.

He recoiled a bit. "What? No way, they're all scaring me"

Rina sits back timidly. "Please Rex, we have to stand up, I-I don't really know how but..." She slightly turns to Rex. "We can't just waste time like this right?"

Rex leans down to his chair. Even if it's true he still doesn't know how he could possibly kickstart everything.

Suddenly Rina stands from her seat. She opens tries opening her mouth but it was obvious, she was shy.

"Uh...Eve-everyone..uh...." She stutters nervously.

Rex stood up and put one hand in front of her like a hero protecting his heroine. He speaks up loudly.

"Guys!!! Are we all just gonna mourn here all day? What is this some kind of funeral service? C'mon guys, get some energy"

Everyone averted their gaze to Rex. None of them seemed startled by Rex's sudden outburst.

Fortunately, it seemed to have knocked to their heads a bit. Sandra decided to start their meeting but her voice is very low and feels shaky, unlike how she normally speaks.

"Okay, so uhm...guys. Let's start the meeting"

Everyone nods.

This isn't what Rex was intending to be the outcome but he'll take what he can get. He sat back down feeling a bit disappointed.

"Your amazing Rex, I could never do that" Rina whispered to Rex with a thankful face.

Rex blushed. "It-it wasn't that amazing"

Rina shakes her head. "It is, I could never do that in front of a group of people," she says and takes her head to look back at the others.

The room still feels lifeless. No one is actively participating or giving out their ideas. They are just like dolls in a dysfunctional dollhouse.

Suddenly the door swings open Sir Seville, 4-A's homeroom adviser stepped in shaking his head.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Is there a problem? Why does the atmosphere feel so uncomfortable."

Sandra suddenly jolted up and adopted her original tone.

"Uh...nothing sir! We are just...brainstorming..."

"Are you sure?" He asked skeptically

"Ye-yes, we're just gonna start!"

The teacher sighs he knew that there is friction between them but decided to dismiss it, for now.

"Okay, just be active, you know, enjoy the club" he sits on the couch at the other side of the room. "As your club adviser, I think I should be here in your first meeting."

Sandra watched as he walked to the couch.

"I-I'm gonna use the toilet," she said looking down. "Excuse me" and she rushed out of the room

Bill follows her with his eyes and also excuses himself.

Rex, Cecile, and Nathan feels that something wrong will happen and can't help but worry about Sandra.

The others are just confused but don't think too much of it.

A few minutes later, longer than the average time you should spend in a toilet. Sandra came back.

"Where's Mr. Cooper?" Sir Seville asked.

"Oh, uh...he said he has soccer practice. He is part of the athletics club anyway so it's okay!"

She painted a smile on her face looks...forced.

"Well then! Let's continue with the meeting!"

Her sudden change from serious but idle to a serious but peppy demeanor just further compliments the assumption of the three that something happened. They decided to not speak of it but they kept thinking about it.

Sandra sat back next to Nathan and starts speaking.

As she speaks, Nathan noticed something off with her.

There's a small accumulation of dry tears beneath her eyes. Her left cheek also looks sore and reddish along with her right palm. He continues staring at her with worried eyes.

"What's wrong Nathan?" Sandra asked as she noticed him staring at her.

Nathan slowly looked back into her eyes and turns his gaze. "Nothing"

Sandra kept her smile and looked at the box-shaped light on the table "Uh...Nathan, are you free after this? I-I wanna talk to you about something..."

Nathan nods. They know what both of them are thinking.

Rex is watching them as they talk weirdly. He already is cognizant of what is going on. He grinned at Nathan but he wasn't seen because he was thinking, worried

The meeting proceeded, Sandra, is back to her usual self. But, the others are still frozen in place.

Sandra went out to ask Kyle who is panicking in where to look. "Kyle, what's the problem?"

Kyle looks to Cecile hesitant to say it out loud.

"It's just that I think...Daniel thinks I'm hitting on his...girlfriend" he whispered but we're still able to hear it

Daniel and Cecile became flustered. This was a huge misunderstanding.

"Wait...he's not my boyfriend" Cecile panickingly denied.

Daniel nods, to confirm they're not couples.

"Siblings?" Kyle asks starting to calm down.

"No" Cecile looks at Daniel. "He...well..."

"I've got an eye for men!" Daniel declared a bit shy but trying to hide it with pride.

They stared at him shocked with slight disbelief. Kyle is also shocked but also has a look of ease.

"Y-you mean you're---" Rex stutters.

"Yes! I am gay" Daniel cuts him off and got straight to the point.

Rex didn't respond because of disbelief. Who wouldn't be?

Looking at Daniel, he looks like a very hot heartthrob who can get the ladies at first glance. His body has a very well built physique, a heart-shaped face with a tiny nose and thick eyelashes complimenting his dark blue eyes. His blonde hair is also obviously well groomed but, looks too well groomed the more someone stares at it.

Cecile sighs, she knew this all along. There is some disappointment in her eyes but, she is mostly concerned if Kyle would be crept out of her friend.

Kyle pants, with a hint of relief.

"Man, I thought you were glaring at me. Glad we sorted that out. I'm Kyle! Kyle Steen, good to meet you"

Daniel was expecting Kyle to react negatively to it, he was surprised and glad he didn't. He started being more energetic and cheerful.

"I'm Daniel! Daniel Hills! I'm so glad to see such an exquisite prince charming like you! Would you be, be my knight in shining armor?" Daniel leans at him

Kyle backs off a bit and gives a courtesy laugh. "Let us not go there" he replied nervously.

Daniel laughs. "I'm just kidding. Nice to meet you too!"

"You two got along quick" Cecile said as she faintly smiles at them. "How about Naomi, she's your cousin, right? Do you two get along too?"

Daniel slowly gazes over Naomi's direction and saw her a bit reddish and uncomfortably looking at random places.

"I...I don't really know" he said, unsure. "I mean, we do...back then"

Naomi stayed silent, shaping her own thought.

"He's here, Why? Oh my God, it feels ages since I last saw him. And he's gay? What? I guess...we've really drifted apart huh?"

Sir Seville gets up and starts heading towards the door.

"It seems the atmosphere is lively again. Good luck meeting, I've still got things to do" Sir Seville left and closes the door, leaving the eight behind.

They all stared at each other for a moment and starts the meeting.

"So? I guess we should choose this club's officers first" Sandra suggested.

From there they started. The club members elected are as follows.

President: Sandra Gayle

Is there even any competition?

Vice President: Rex Amber

Succeeded by Nathan but still granted the position after Nathan declined. Was opposed by some... Secretary: Naomi Tristle / Cecile Celti

Naomi was the one who won as secretary. Unfortunately, she is from a different school. They all agreed to elect Cecile along with her to handle stuff when she's not around.

From there, they decided to clear every complaint.

"Fine, Rex takes vice" Cecile admitted with a pouting face.

And they moved on to what to do next as a club.

"Now? What do you guys suppose we do?" Sandra asked everyone for suggestions.

They fell silent. This time, unlike the silence from before, you can see from their faces that they are thinking.

"Maybe, we should first get to know each other. You know, so we can get along better" Kyle suggested.

"How?" Cecile asked

Kyle thinks for a bit and started speaking. "Uhm...we could hang out together, you know. Whatever you want to go, the museum, a cafe or something"

Cecile blushed for a bit. She knew they weren't just directed at her but the way he said it made it sound like it.

Rex smirks at her. She just shrugs it off.

"I guess it can't hurt to spend some time with you, this is a leisure club anyways," Sandra said still thinking

"Well, I'm always available" Nathan declared

"Me too" Daniel added.

"Yay! I want to hang out with you guys again" Naomi exclaimed excitedly.

"Hey, Rina, how about you?" Rex asked as she See's her a bit uncertain.

"I don't really know. I---" Rina starts to reason but was cut off.

"If it's about cash, don't worry, I'll treat you if you want" Rex assured with slightly red cheeks.

"No,'s not that I...I just have something else to do"

"Come on Rina, it's more fun if the whole club is there" Cecile persistently convince her.

Rina considers for a moment "O-okay, I guess I can come with you for a bit"

"Yay! Now that that's settled. When and where?" Rex said obviously excited.

There was a lot of suggestion. The museum, aquarium, the mall even Cecile's house became an option. In the end, they settled for the amusement park. The date they agreed on is on the weekend, Saturday.

After the meeting, they all stood by the door carrying their things.

Rex puts his arm around Nathan's shoulder and asked him about something.

"Hey! Can you stay for a bit? I wanna tell you something"

"Uhhh..." He reluctantly looked over to Sandra. She nods to him

"Sorry, I'll catch up with you" He apologized silently.

Even if all he heard are murmurs, he smiled, knowing that what happened just backed his assumption.

After Sandra and everyone else left the clubroom, Nathan just stands there a bit confused.

"So? What is it?" Nathan asked.

Rex lowers his voice and puts on a 'royal' tone.

"I'm gonna get straight to the point messenger. Do you, a hopeless messenger, by any chance, has an eye for her"

"Why are you talking like that?"

"Answer me, messenger!" Rex demanded

Nathan sighs knowing Rex would keep on bugging him.

"No, Rex. What are you talking about?"

Rex sharply turned to Nathan and looked straight to his eyes like a predator.

"You like Sandra, don't you?"

Nathan was caught off-guard, he jerked back and his face looked like an overaged star.

Rex bites his lips while painfully failing at hiding his grin.

He just looked at Nathan who is starting to sweat a bit, waiting for him to say anything.

After a while, he took a deep breath and admitted. "Okay, yeah, you win. I like Sandra. Stupid right? I mean, we're not even in the same league"

Rex continues smiling without saying anything. As Nathan was about to get irritated, Rex walked towards him and put his hands on his shoulders

"Hey! I'm betting on you" Rex motivated him. "You get along with Sandra just fine, maybe a little too fine. Don't think about it too much"

Nathan looks at him a bit glad to see him being sincere. "Yeah, but, there are just too many other guys. Guys who like her, guys better than"

"Like Bill?"

Rex mentioning Bill surprised Nathan. At first, he thought it was just a lucky guess but realized that Rex feels something odd about it.


"There's something between Bill and Sandra, right?"

Nathan looks down. He doesn't wanna say anything. Sandra trusted him.

"Don't worry! I already got an assumption. Their exes right?" Rex asked raising his brow with a slight smirk.

"D-did Sandra tell you that?" Nathan asked looking at Rex.

"No, but I heard them. On the day they became our class representatives, me and Cecile heard them arguing after classes." Rex continues on explaining. "I don't think Cecile has thought too far though"

Rex continue in trying to motivate him"Hey! Come on, Nathan, don't drag yourself down. You don't get to say who is the better guy for Sandra, she does. But, you gotta make a move you know, else someone may take her first" Rex motivated him with a slightly mocking voice. "Take this advice, from a master" He winked.

Nathan looked at him with a faint smile. "Yeah...sure" he replied dismissively.

"Hey! You gotta take this more seriously!" Rex showed fire.

"Yeah, I know. I will win her!" Nathan announced with a soft laughter.

Rex then remembered something. He rummaged through his bag and held out a book to Nathan

"What is this?" Nathan asked as he takes the book.

"Your guidebook," Rex told him with a grin.

Nathan squinted at him and took a peek at the book. There he saw the lines Rex said earlier.

*"I'm gonna get straight to the point messenger. Do you, a hopeless messenger, by any chance, has an eye for her?"* Nathan smirked at him trying to make him embarrassed. And it worked.

"No, I-I---" Rex turned slightly red

*"Answer me, messenger"*

"Bah, whatever. Just read that and hopefully get something from it." Rex shrugs of the embarrassment

"Okay," Nathan laughs. "Also didn't see you're such a huge fan of books"

"Yeah, sure, whatever." Rex looked at the window and saw the light turning orange and grabbed his things "I'm going, Sandra is waiting for you right?" Rex asked hiding annoyance.

"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Lock the door Rex. Bye" Nathan escapes the scene like he has diarrhea.

Rex looks at the door that is left swinging open like he just saw someone put pineapple on his pizza. Then he laughs and smiles to himself as he thinks of what will happen.

At the stairs...

"Oh, no. I hope she---" Nathan started saying as he ran downstairs but was interrupted by a sarcastic voice from the other side of the wall.

"Took you long enough"

Nathan stopped in his tracks, he knew this voice.

"Sandra, sorry" he chuckles nervously. "Rex kept bugging me"

"What did you two talk about?" Sandra asked still not showing herself.

After a few seconds, Nathan came up with an incentive.

"Uhh...just something about...uhm...a girl he likes" Nathan lied.

Sandra knew from his voice that it wasn't it, but decided not to dig in deeper.

"By the way, where are you?" Nathan asked as he is about to peek on the other side.

Sandra stopped her. "Wait, no, could we just talk, like...this"

Nathan distinguishes loneliness in her voice but agreed to her request. He leans on the wall while Sandra leans on the other side. As they stand on opposite sides of the walls leaning on each other, with the orange sun hitting them from open corridor, Nathan started the conversation

"So? Is there a problem?"

"Nothing really" Sandra admitted. "I just...wanna tell you something."

"What is it?" Nathan asked looking at the school ceiling, the sunlight glares on his glasses

Sandra pulls up her sleeve and takes a look at a small bruise while she carcasses it, letting the sunlight hit it. "Don't think too much of me and Bill, okay?"

"Why?" Nathan looks at the wall behind him.

"I just don't want you to...get caught up with our conflict" Sandra slides her back and sits down, resting her head on her arms and knees slightly shadowing her face.

"What if she hurts you?" Nathan asked worried as he looks out to the sun.

"I-I'll be fine, I can handle myself." Sandra lied as she unrolls back her sleeve.

"You know, I'm always here for you" Nathan assured her.

He didn't hear a response. He thought that it sounded awkward and decided to continue.

"We're all here for you" he added nervously, staring out into a distance.

Sandra chuckles silently and smiles.

"I know, Thanks" Sandra thanked him.

Nathan whispered to himself as he thinks of the embarrassment he's made. "I'll always be here for you, Sandra" he whispered it wasn't heard on the other side.

But it was heard by the girl who is walking upstairs, Naomi.

As she heard the voice, she knew who it was. She smiled sadly upon hearing his words. All along, she knew who Nathan likes. She is always looking at him, she sees someone special in him.

There was no other choice for her though. Nathan likes someone else, she can't force herself between him and Sandra. They are both her friends after all.

She just tried to mask her sad smile and look more of her natural looks. A very cheerful, energetic and a girl filled with positivity. To much her mask, she ran to them. As her face started emerging from the stairs, her hair seems to absorb the beautiful orange rays.

"Hey! Nathan! Who are you talking to? And where is Sandra? I've been waiting for both of you." She asked covering her eyes from orange sun

Nathan was startled upon seeing Naomi's orange hair come from below and her voice call to him. He stood up straight and scratches his head.

"Oh! Naomi" he chuckles nervously. "Sorry, we didn't know you were waiting for us."

"We? Is that Sandra you're talking too?" Naomi pretended she doesn't know Sandra wasn't there.


"Where is she?" Naomi continues her charade.

They heard a sigh behind the wall and Sandra springs, holding her right arm. "I'm here"

"There you are. Come on, guys! Tears Fall album is on sale at the store! I'm gonna get mine" she exclaims and started running downstairs.

Sandra chuckles. "That's Naomi for you, come on Nathan, better catch up with her," she said as she also ran downstairs.

As Nathan was approaching the stairs a guy came up from the other side of the wall and held his shoulder. It felt...cold.

"Don't push your luck, nerd" it whispers to him harshly.

He then ran through the corridor as he intentionally bumps Nathan's shoulder and disappeared into the boy's locker room.

Nathan bites his lips and looked at the guy, his expression is a mixture of sadness, anger, and fear. It was Bill. Guess he really is such a hard-headed and obsessed jock.

This is probably why Sandra wanted him to stay away from their conflict. He may be the one to get hurt. Knowing that Sandra is the type of person who puts her friends before anyone else, or herself, she knew something can go wrong. Especially against Bill, who is a guy who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

"I won't let you get hurt, Sandra..." Nathan firmly pledged to himself and followed Naomi and Sandra.


"Where is that book I'm reading, I'm at the ending already."

Shortly having a high face, Rex remembered and facepalms himself

"Oh, I gave it to Nathan, dang"

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