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Beginning of the first group bonding of the Leisure club! Lols

I don't know what happened here. Did the plot progress or did any character development or dynamic happened? Don't know. I know I promised faster pacing but...I don't know hahaha. Old habits die

Chapter 9 (v.1) - Forming Bonds...

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Submitted: December 15, 2017



After the meeting, the days passed and it was already Saturday.

Being the punctual girl she is, Sandra arrived at the train station first. Followed by Nathan, Cecile, Naomi, Kyle, Daniel and Rina who is with Rica.

Rina walked to the waiting group holding Rica.

"Hey this is Rica, my little sister-"

Cecile cuts her off and pinched Rica's cheeks.

"Aww, she's so cute, just like you Rina"

Naomi and Rina giggles. " is it okay to bring her along?"

"Of course! The more the merrier!" Kyle agreed.

"Sure, why not?" Sandra also agreed

Sandra then turned to Nathan.

"He is the last one again huh?" She told Nathan

Sandra looks away pissed off and stared outside the train station.

It was already 9 o'clock, the train is about to leave. The gang is still waiting outside for Rex.

"Damn, the train is about to leave" Kyle exclaimed as the operator speaks through the speaker.

"God..." Cecile says

Sandra sighs exasperatedly. "Whatever, let's go, that idiot will follow. He knows the whole city very well anyways." She told them as she walks through the train doors.

"Uh...guys..." Rina interrupted them. They looked back at her confused and saw Rica tugging to her sleeve. "Rica needs to use the toilet, I'll probably just follow too with Rex."

"Oh, are you sure?" Sandra asked.

Rina nods.

"I hope you can stand him" Cecile warns her.

"He's actually a good guy, but you know." Naomi smiles at her.

They all turned back and rode the train leaving Rina and her sister behind.

Rina noticed that her sister stopped tugging her and is acting normally again.

"I don't feel like using the bathroom anymore" she admitted as she looks at her sister

"What? Really?"

Rica nods

Rina sighs and looks at the crowd of people. "I guess, we should just wait for Rex. I don't know a lot of places after all"

Rica just smiles at her sister and also waited with her.

After about 10 more minutes...

Rex approached Rina, panting heavily.

"Yo...Rina" he says then looks up and looked around.

"Where are they? Are they late?"

Rina let's out a giggle. "They actually left to the park already. I just waited for you here"

Hearing this, Rex blushed. "Oh....uh...I'm sorry. You shouldn't have" he timidly nixed, but he actually appreciated it and was well...

"No, actually, my sister needed to use the toilet so we stayed behind, but she didn't so we just waited for you"

Rex thought to himself. "That's a bit disappointing."

Getting back Rex asked Rina to follow him to ride another train.

"Isn't that other one the train we're supposed to ride?" Rina asked

Rex turned to her and smirked slightly. "Well, me spending most of my time walking around here made me find some shortcuts."

"Are you sure we won't get lost?" Rina asked worriedly.

"Don't worry, I know this place" Rex assured her.

Rica looked at Rex with star eyes but didn't say anything.

They rode the next train that arrived a few minutes later. After about half an hour, they got off on a station at Arche.

As the train leaves, Rina looks around slightly worried. "Rex isn't the amusement park at Polama"

Rex puts on a wry smile. "Don't worry, just follow me"

The three took a cab, they dropped off in front of near a gas station. From there, they went to turn a corner and into an alleyway.

It was pretty messy and isolated. Rex urges them both to follow him.

"Rex, there are only shrubs at the end of this alley" Rina called him out.

Rex puts a finger to his mouth telling them to not worry. He steps into the shrubs and disappears, then puts out his hand signaling the two to follow.

Being a bit cautious, Rina decided to go first. To her surprise, it really brought them to the park. As she was about to call her sister, Rica emerged from the shrubs in awe.

"Wow! We really got here. It's like a gateway in those fantasy books"

"Of course! I know the way around everywhere" Rex bragged to Rica.

Rina giggles a bit and teases Rex. "But you get lost finding our club room."

Embarrassed, Rex turned red "Th-That's a different story"

The sisters can't help but giggle.

"Stop that" Rex scoffed still red, sounding hurried. "Come on, they're probably waiting for us."

They wondered towards the entrance. As they entered are about to enter, the two noticed Rica has gone to a stall nearby.

"Rica, what are you doing?" Rina asked as she and Rex walked into the stall.

"Look sis!" Rica pointed to a CD display.

It's a Tears Fall album at a discount. Not can be seen on Rica's face that she really wants it. Rina, however, seems to have opposite decisions in her. She wants to buy it too, but, at the same time, minimizing their expenses is also a thing.

"Please, sis! We don't have any of their album and this one is on discount. We might not see one again" Her sister reasoned.

Rina is hesitant on buying it. Noticing his Rex steps up again...

"I could buy it for you if you want" he offered.

Rina immediately rejected it. She doesn't want to be much of a bother to anyone. "Oh, no Rex, I can buy it. It's discounted anyways"

"Okay" Rex looks at Rina as she hands over the payment. "She's got a long day ahead," he thought to himself as Rica takes the CD jumping up and down.

"So let's go in? They're probably waiting for us somewhere"


As they entered the park, only a small crowd greeted their eyes. Rex was kinda astonished, he expected the park to be crowded since it's there weekend. However, he decided not to think much about it and turned to the two.

"So? What do you two want to do?" Rex asked them

Rina looks at Rica, asking her wants.

"Rollercoaster!!!" Rica exclaims.

"What?" Rex questioned a sweat forming on his forehead.

Rina bought tickets for two while Rex bought his. He didn't want to show it but, Rex is a bit scared. He was prone to motion sickness, sometimes, he'll even throw up in cars. Wrapping it up, this isn't just in Rex comfort zone, but since this is what those two want, he needs to join them and avoid looking pathetic to Rina.

The ride started. Slowly, it crept up to a huge drop. Rex looked down at it slowly reaches the peak. More and more sweat started forming on his face. Then it goes down, their cart whooshed down with great speed...

Rina and Rica are laughing at the wind hitting their faces while holding on the safety rails, Rex is screaming like a homicidal maniac hugging the guy beside him, who he doesn't know and is now feeling like riding a horror train.

While they're at it a bus stopped at the entrance. A crowd exited the bud and entered the park, among them are Sandra, Nathan, Naomi, Cecile, Kyle, and Daniel.

Sandra furiously looked at her watch

'10:13' it reads

She groans "Stupid bus driver"

Nathan looked at her and smiled faintly. "Don't stress over it, Sandra. We still got a day ahead of us, let's just have fun."

Cecile joins in. "Still, how can you forget to get your own bus fixed"

"Come on guys! Let's just have fun already!" Naomi calls them as she wondered over the entrance.

The rest of them followed. The crowd that greeted them is a lot larger than before. People probably started flooding in late because of the bus problem.

"Aren't we gonna wait for Rina and Rex?" Cecile asked.

Sandra smirks and looks out. "Knowing Rex, they probably got here before us"


"He's got his methods," Naomi told her trying to sound cool.

Cecile weirdly looks at her. When Naomi noticed her, she giggles.

"Sorry, just wanted to say that line, hehe" she puts her finger on her mouth.

"Isn't that the line from Curry Daunter?" Cecile asked a bit amazed.

Naomi's face is showered with a smile. "Woah!!! Yeah!!!..."

And there the endless Love for that series was released...

They walked through the park trying to look for the three who they left behind but still manage to arrive ahead of them. In a bench, near the food stalls, they saw what looked like a couple with a daughter...

Kyle ran to them and grins. "Well, well, don't you three looked like a happy family.

Rex immediately snatched the towel hanging on his face and turned his grim look into an embarrassed one. He and Rina turned to the direction of the voice with red faces.

"Oh...shut up Kyle..." Rex scowled trying to sound straight.

Kyle laughs. "What's gotten to you? Don't tell me you rode the rollercoaster*

Rina turns to Kyle. "Does he have a fear of them?"

"You could say that...but it's actually his motion sickness..." Kyle told her.

" shouldn't have forced yourself to ride with us Rex" she told her apologetically.

"Oh, no it's oka---" Rex grabbed a paper bag, out his head on it and started barfing to it. "Uhhh, don't worry *barf*, I'm okay" he tried convincing them.

However, he wasn't able too. Sandra, Nathan, Kyle, Cecile, and Naomi are looking at him, containing their laughter, while Daniel isn't even trying and is laughing quietly.

"Just rest for a while Rex," Sandra told him holding her mouth. "Come on Rina and Rica, right?"

Rina gazes again at Rex, who is leaning at the bench looking up, the towel covering his face

"Uhm... I think I'll just stay here with Rex. You can go with them, Rica." She said

"Why? You sure can tolerate that T-Rex" Cecile jested

"It's okay, we're the reason he's sick anyway" Rina reasoned.

"Okay, Rica wanna come?"

Rica happily nods and approached them. They then waved the two goodbyes as they approached the food stalls.

"Is it really okay for you. I mean it's okay, you know..." Rex told her a bit lonely.

"Of course" Rica assured him gladly.

Rex smiles and changer the topic.

"So? How's your book going?"

After hearing the question, Rina takes a small bag and puts it on her lap. She then takes a blue notebook from inside and looks at it with a sad smile.

"Not well, I guess..." She laughs nervously.

"What do you mean?"

"It's just, I'm confused on what to write"

Rex moves the towel, showing one of his eyes and peaks over to her.

"When we talked by the seaside, I think if I found the spot to start, but..." She stops


"I'm still unsure if it's where I really wanted to," Rina told him as she starts skinning through the pages of her notebook.

"What do you mean?" Rex asked a bit confused.

"Do you know why I started writing?" Rina asked, knowing what will be Rex's answer.


"It's my mom, she dreamed to write an amazing book someday. Something to quench the thirst for fantasy, to escape the real world. Unfortunately...she...uh" Rina became lost for words. "Didn't make it..."

"What happened?"

"I...I...I think it's better to save that for another day." She told her reluctantly

Rex didn't choose to dig any deer into the topic since it seems to make her feel uncomfortable and went back to his question. "So, what made you feel unsure?

"I've chosen fantasy because it has an infinite world. It's what my mother attempted to cover but, I don't know, it just doesn't feel right..." She said as she stops turning the notebook's pages and stopped on one.

Rex draped the towel back and covered both his eyes and he turned up again. "Well, what story do you really want to right?"

Rina looks at her, thrown off. "Fantasy, but, am I doing it right?" She reads her notebook with her eyes.

Rex removed the towel and sits straight. "Do you mind if I read it?"

"" she seems a bit hesitant. "But are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine now." Rex happily assured her.

"O-okay, but don't laugh" Rina hands her the notebook.

Rex starts reading through the words in silence.

*In the kingdom of Gandfall, a princess named Samantha lives in the castle along with her father King ~~Gregory~~ ~~Alexius~~ ~~Mike~~ ______.*

"What's the king's name?" Rex asked pointing at a line.

"Uh...I haven't really decided on that yet..." Rina explained slightly embarrassed.

Rex sighs and continues on reading...

*My mother Queen Mina and my sister named Sarah. We are happy with life until the Harlean plague infected the lands. Many people died, everyone suffered, even livestock's or us royalty was affected by it. In less than a month the whole Western part of our kingdom was destroyed. The villagers are rising from the piles of body in the center of town. They started walking around like zombies, infecting all those who are not yet infected.*

*The plague just grew bigger and bigger, the mages in the castle weren't still was not able to find a cure. The uninfected areas grew smaller every day. Then the most dreaded day we feared has come. The queen became infected...*

Rex finished, he exhales and gives his thoughts.

"I think this is a pretty good concept but... I think you lack motivation or inspiration in writing the fantasy background" Rex told her and continues. "I don't think you describe it very well, you should also not just tell everything, you must show it. Show, not tell, the famous line for authors especially amateurs. I feel that you are having a hard time using words to describe things in a, like imaginary way. I don't know, that's just what I think, I'm not a good writer myself..."

Rex stopped and Rina is looking at her. He didn't know if she was glaring at him and annoyed by his comments of just simply focusing on what he said.

"Uhm...are you mad? So-sorry, but..." Rex starts saying nervously but Rina cut her off.

"Oh, no, no, it's all good," she says and looks at her notebook. "I honestly also don't feel what I write. I mean, I want to write, I've got my motivation, it's my dream, but I don't know, I'm trying too hard to express my emotions in what I write"

"Maybe, your writing skills just need enhancing. Then you can find the words to use to express what you really wanna show and feel" Rex motivates her.

"Yeah, maybe..." Rina spoke softly.

While they are talking, Rica ran to them. She was holding an ice cream in one hand and a teddy bear on the other. Naomi follows closely behind her.

"Sis! Look!" Rica shows her teddy bear to Rina's face.

"Woah! Did your big sister Naomi bought it for you?"

Rica nods heartily.

"We actually won it at the ball toss game," Naomi explained. "Anyways, me, Kyle and Cecile are gonna go ride the rollercoaster now. I assume you don't wanna come"

"No..." Rex replied dreadfully

"The other three are over there. See ya!" Naomi waves and runs off.

"Naomi is so kind. She even got me a teddy bear as cute as her." Rica mutters as Naomi leaves.

The teddy bear really does has some similarities. It has orange, sunset like hair, green eyes and a pretty normal figure. Rica hugs it tightly in one hand as she pulls Rina with the other.

"Come on sis, let's go to the others" She pulls her sister up the bench

"Wait. Rex are you okay now?" Rina asked Rex who has his towel cover his mouth.

Rex stands up and stretches his arms. "Yeah, let's go"

The three approached the other three who are in line for the ferris wheel.

"Hey!" Daniel greeted them as they lean over the railings.

The other two who are peeking over the long line also turned to them.

"Oh, Rex" Sandra gasps and smirks. "You okay now...?"

"Yeah" he turns to Rina and Rica. "Guys, you wanna too?"

Rina takes her purse and checked it anxiously.

"I guess one time won't hurt."

"Alrighty then!" As Rex was about to approach the ticket booth. Someone grabbed him from behind. He peeks over his shoulder and saw Sandra holding his collar.

"I won't recommend it..."

"Why?" Rex asked as he steps back

Sandra let's go and shrug towards the ridiculously long line.

Rex looks at the direction and was shocked to see so many people.

"What? There aren't a lot of people here when we arrived." He exclaimed, confused.

"The bus company had a little problem. You probably even arrived here earlier than us." Sandra glares at him..."how?"

Rex puts a wry smile. "Who knows..."

Sandra shrugs and looks back at the line. "Whatever, just go somewhere else. You're gonna miss lunch if you insisted here."

"Okay, bye guys." Rex waved them off and moved along with Rina and Rica.

After a few steps, Rex started speaking again. He puts his arms behind his head and relaxes. "Looks like it's the three of us again." He turns his eye to them... "So... What do you guys want to do.?"

Rica puts her fingers over her mouth and started to wonder what things to do. Rina looks at her a bit nervous of what she'll's gonna be a long day.....

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