Is love magical?

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How you think of love... maybe it just doesn’t matter!

Submitted: November 10, 2017

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Submitted: November 10, 2017



You are not doing any magic when you look into her eyes brings the glow on her face


you’re not doing any magic when after a bad day, Just a sight of yours makes her forget all her worries


You are not doing any magic when just a touch of yours makes her heart racing fast


You’re not doing magic when the girl who never held hands in public before, just grab your arm tightly anywhere without even realizing 


you are not doing any magic when the same girl who wear a mask of being always happy for the rest of the world, can easily burst into tears in your arms 


you are not doing any magic when your hug works like panacea for her


But, then why she feels it’s all magic maybe because it’s all is just an illusion...


And, she comes out of it where...


you’re doing something when every morning she wakes up with swollen eyes and new bruises


You are doing something when all is she worried about before going out is covering her scars 


You’re doing something when she keeps on begging you to stop or at least do it quietly so the kids don’t hear


You’re doing something when instead of decorating her house with new things, she is just picking up the broken glass pieces


You’re definitely doing something when she finds you creating that magic for someone else....


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