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I'm a chess nerd, so of course I wrote this. It is about chess.

Submitted: November 10, 2017

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Submitted: November 10, 2017



Chess. By: the writer


Chess is a game that requires thinking. You don’t always

have to a strategy, but it is something to look into. Make sure

that you have the upper the upper-hand (or that you afre

winning), but if you don’t, try to get ahold of the upper-

hand.Leverage is another thing you should get ahold of.

Leverage doesn’t win the game, however. Thinking and

playing smart is a good way to win the game. A few mistakes

and wrong moves is all it takes to lose the game. If your

opponent is extremely good at chess, then be sure to look at

the chessboard and try to understand your opponnet’s


  Let’s talk about the pieces that you should try to take out in a

chess match.


First, you should try to get the queen out. The queen is the

main piece of chess that is used to chessmate your king.

 Then, try to get the rook out because the rook is the second-

best to the queen.

 And finally, try to get the bishop. The bishop is a dangerous

piece on the chessboard.

 Now let’s talk about tactics. Tactics are a humongous part in

chess. Some people like to castle. Castle is after you move

your bishop and knight, (or queen, bishop, and knight) you

can move your king in the knight’s spot, and the rook in the

bishop’s spot. (My father uses that strategy/tactic.) Some

people like to put their knights out first. (I happen to be one of

those people.) And some people like moving their pawns first.

I really hope you enjoyed this small article.


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