Forgive My Sins

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Rosoline

Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



I huddled in the corner of the dingy little cage the monster had thrown me in feeling much like live stalk awaiting slaughter. I could fee that I had bruised my back from slamming into the bars with too much force, I could almost trace the shapes of the bars along with my spine and ribs from the throbbing pain.

A single torch set near the doorway was all that lit the massive room, and it was hardly enough to give my senses any help with where I was only showing me a couple of stalked cages and filled my lungs with the sent of its smoke. I knew I was underground from the sloped packed earth floors and walls, skulls that lined the wall told me that it was some sort of catacomb. The empty eye sockets of the dead stared at me causing me to shiver and look away from their white toothed smirks; they were mocking, telling me I would be the next skull to adorn the wall, the next ornament placed to decorate it.

“You are new to this place,” a boy stated. His skin was as white as parchment and he was thin as a rail the animals small enough to get into the cage had been eating him by the looks of his hands and arms. His clothes where little more than dirty stained rags that looked like they belonged to someone twice his size.

“Yes, I am,” I said shifting so that I could get a better view of him in the low candlelight.

“I was wondering when they would kill me,” he said with a small breathy laugh that turned into a shuttering cough into his dirty hands. My eyes widened and my breath caught in my throat at the way the boy's words seemed to come so naturally. So matter of fact.

I felt like a child looking upon the grim face of death, my own sheltered life causing the shock of it all until my own naivete came crashing down on me. All my life I had always thought that murder was something that only happened to the unlucky people in stories meant to scare me into being obedient but there he was a man in front of me who was talking about his own fast approaching death like it was some kind of relief.

“What is it that you mean?” I asked him looking around our cage that seemed bearly large enough for one. There were many other cages littered and stacked around the entire room each held only one person who looked almost like skeletons with flesh stretched over the bone and eyes as empty as glass.

“One in, you may come back again... Two in, and you stay in their domain," he leaned his head back against the bars of the cage I could see what looked like tears starting to slip down his cheek just bearly illuminated by the light of the torches. "I’ve seen it happen many times since I've come to this godless place. They take both out of the cage late at night to stand in front of the brood. The new one is fed on for the first time and the old one is killed their body gets thrown to the lower ranking ones to be devoured till there is nothing left of them. It was what happened to the man that was in this cage when I was first placed,” he explained his voice thin as parchment and rasped roughly as though all the moister was dissolved from his throat. “And sometimes the cage... it remains empty after the ceremony... until another new human is put in it... there... is always another new one,” as carefully as I could I moved to his side and let him put his head on my shoulder the small space not really big enough for us both but he pressed in close. His body was so small from malnourishment that he was like a child. His arms wrapped around me for comfort and gently I placed my hands on his bony back. Through the tattered rags, he wore I could feel his backbone jutting out so far the I could almost see where the bones were separated and I could feel his heart cause his entire body shutter and his wheezing breath as his lungs filled.

I was holding the frail body of a condemned man, I thought silently to myself as I straightened as much as I could in the small space. I wanted to provide as much air of confidence as I could despite the crying boy on his shoulder. “I don’t want to die,” he said over and over as if the hellish life he had was any better then death. I just couldn't think of that right now though, I had to distract him... distract us both.

“Can you tell me your name? I'm Rosoline. How long have you been here?” I asked trying to give a softer edge to my fetchers. He let go of me and brushed the tears from his face that had left clean streaks down his filthy cheeks.

“Xavier, I... feel as though an eternity passed but I think that it has been a year? At least?... sometimes... I can see the sun through cracks near the ceiling... I've counted so many...” he slowly explained and I wondered if I would be looking at the same cracks to try and determine the number of days or months that I lived in the cage. My eyes were already scanning the walls to try to discover where there might be the hints of light seeping in. “I... I sometimes wonder what I simply made up and what is really my memories. It is... to the point I wonder if Xavier is even my name or if it’s just a made up word that I came up for myself... that if my mother truly ever existed... ever cared for me in our inn... if the inn was a place at all.” His clear icy blue eyes pierced into mine and I was shocked at their intensity.

“That’s awful,” I told him my eyebrows turning up and I could feel the tears tugging at my eyes.

“This place does things to you, takes your happy memories and turns them into more monsters... only, ones that live inside your makes you want to kill them... destroy them... so you forget... you squish them out of existence so there is nothing left. The more memory monsters that you kill the more of yourself you loose and... before you even realize it has happened... you are but a living skeleton like... all of them..,” he motioned around in a tired flick of his fingers to the other cages that I could only just see into the others huddled unmoving their backs to the light cast from the solitary torch.

“It’s no wonder they chose your cage,” The voice was out of the blue and startled me. The sound like the rumble of an earthquake gruff and scratchy from disuse. I thought for a moment that the chilling low voice belonged to a man but when I turned to face them the long scraggly hair that fell into the sharp chin and crooked nose just bearly allowed me to see that this was a woman. She was thinner then Xavier her skin near translucent with how pale it was. I was sure she likely had been there long before Xavier and all the time seemed to have taken the life from her eyes like her very soul had been removed from her and all that was left was a bearly functioning body that somehow went on living. Her body was sexless the only reason I could tell that she was female was the shape of her face was leaner her cheekbones high with what would have been full lips at one point in time but now they where left drooping and misshapen. Her long hair had fallen out in lumps and had long ago lost its shine. Still, I could tell that long ago she had been a very beautiful woman. “you talk too much they probably want some peace without hearing you whimper and whine, always talking about your foolish fantasies,” her harsh voice snapped at the pore man who let out a whimper and huddled against me once again.

“Leave him alone can’t you see that he is upset enough already without you adding on to it. You bitter old hag can’t even let yourself remember anymore and yet you mock him for being strong enough to hold onto the happiness that he once had even though it pains him,” I took a royal stature so that I might seem a bit more intimidating. “You are weak and can’t stand it that he will be leaving at least knowing what happiness once was,” I glared at her through the darkness. I had always been told to avoid that expression hostility was not becoming of a lady as my tutor would always tell me. I, however, was no longer a lady was I? I was now a commoner and commoners glaired whenever they felt the need.

“Whatever you say, princess,” she spat the word as in insult obviously thinking me spoiled and nieve but for only an instant I thought that she knew who exactly I was and it made me shut up for a long moment my fingers gripping in my skirts and my eyes on her own glassy eyes. Finally, I realized the true meaning of what it was that she was saying. “Hag or not I will be the one to live another night... perhaps you should think of that when you return girl, ” The woman shifted in her cage to put her back to us and in a huddled pile she laid. It took only a moment before I could hear the sound of her low snoring.

“No one speaks against that crone... she is the elder here... no one has been here longer... some think she's favored for some reason..." he said this close to my ear like a gossiping maid so as not to be overheard by the others. After he tucked his legs against his chest and looked to me as if asking permission for something before he slowly let his head rest on my shoulder once again seeking the comfort of my body heat. His expression was discouraged and his thin hands slowly wrapped around my arm to hold me to him with his claw-like grip. He was shaking and though it didn't appear as though his body could spare the water to shed more tears he let out soft sobs that shook his shoulders.

Above Xavier’s sobs, I could hear a door open from somewhere behind us and I turned in time to see light from yet more torches that flooded the room with light. The others cowered away from it and my eyes already accustomed to the dark caused me to turn my face away for a moment hiding my face in Xavier's stringy hair until I could bear to face it. Two of the monsters came into the room each with a lit torch in their hands. The one that entered first was the very same monster that had taken me. The smirk on his lips all too familiar to me. The second was larger, his frame wide enough to fill the doorway and tall enough that he had to bend to enter the room.

“You may handle the boy, I thoroughly enjoyed my time last with the little girly,” my captor told the larger creature. Their faces, now closer to the cage, showed me their similar sharp angles that the cursed ones shared. As they approached my captor seemed to delight in striking his torch over the bars of the other cages sending those inside scuttering away and cowering from the heat and light afraid of being burned.


I lightly guided the boy behind me as I watched the two letting my weight shift onto the balls of my feet. I don't know what I was thinking... perhaps it was instinct or perhaps it was blind hope but I thought if I could only get past the two. Make it through the small gap between them and out the door I could find help, I could get these people help and punish the monsters that cowered in the catacombs.

The door opened and I lifted myself into a full crouch, I took off running as fast as I could my feet kicking up dust and my hands pushing me forward and out. Two steps out and I thought I was free I kept my body low to try to keep myself as a difficult target however no matter what it seemed my efforts had been useless. The smaller of the two didn't even blink he just grabbed hold of me by my waist. My legs kept moving with the momentum causing the air to be forced from my lungs and I rocked back into a position in his arms that left me nearly upside down. The monster smirked and let out a small chuckle “Looks like we have got a live one here!” My captor shifted his grip on me to make it easier for him to keep a tight hold and I forced air back into my lungs and began to squirm before he could my hands gripping onto him as I tried to pry his hands off of me my nails trying to dig into his rock-like flesh. This did me even less good since I did him no harm and the only thing that I accomplished break the nails all the way to their bed ripping it open painfully causing my fingertips to bleed.

The sound of the monster's laughter made me want to rip my own ears out. “Don’t fight them,” Xavier begged me and I stopped trying to kick the creature in his face. When my squirming stopped he shifted me to allow me to once again be in a stationary position.

“Now that’s a good girl, listen to your friend here,” the vampire set me on my feet and forced me to walk ahead of him into the narrow hall that had little room to either side of him that would allow me to slip back down the hall and even if I could his partner left even less room to escape past and the way he had his arm locked around Xavier's throat showed me he was not the friendly type. Worse yet the vampire walked so close to me that he was practically pressed against my spine. There was no way for me to make more room since when I tried he would grab hold of me in a way that made me feel far more violated.

“You make me sick,” I was tired of holding back and the words slipped out in a curt and matter of fact tone. He grabbed a thicket of my hair at the base of my skull and yanked back violently so that my head craned back to look into his face.

“Did that tiny mouth of your’s say something?” he whispered harshly into my ear and I struggled not to lose my composer. I could feel my heart slamb against my rib cage and the cruel look in his eyes showed me he knew my fear despite my efforts.


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