Romeo And Juliet-II

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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has always been a classic tragedy. But, what if they existed in the 21st Century? Watch how money has taken over love in the modern era as Romeo and Juliet take love
over to a whole new and different level. Scroll down to find out more...

Submitted: November 10, 2017

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Submitted: November 10, 2017



Romeo was a young but sturdily built man who was not yet deprived of his youth. He was agile and possessed an intellect that very few could match, even in the large country of the United States.  Albeit he had graduated from a law school in Ohio just three years back, he was already a well-established and renowned lawyer. Many companies wanted the fabulous Mr. Romeo Montague to join them, but the young man stayed loyal and continued to work in a small firm in eastern Texas, but with a slightly higher pay. He had been in the headlines two years ago from today, i.e. in 2014, for benevolently settling several centuries of hostile relations between the Capulets and the Montagues.  His daily timetable was a rather simple one. Wake up at 6, gear up for work, leave for the Bannister Law Firm by 8, have lunch in a food court by 2, leave the firm by 6, reach home at 7, order food, and lastly, sleep. Quite easy. No drinks, no toddy, no cigarettes. After all, you cannot expect that from a meticulous, punctilious and an arguably honest lawyer.

In the deep areas of New York, a city which hid many secrets, lived a beautiful but gullible, young but mature lady, who was known as Juliet Capulet. She was an orphan and had worked tirelessly to make both ends meet. By following the simple principle of the 4Ds, namely desire, determination, dedication and direction, she had come a long way from a simple girl who was educating on funds from ogranizations, to an investment banker in Citi Bank. She was punctual in her work and did not need reminders. In her bank, she had a colleague named Mercutio. Mercutio was a garrulous and short-tempered man whose occasional bursts of anger could be fiery and difficult to control. Both Juliet and Mercutio lived on rent in the same building. They were good friends and aces at investment banking, their job.

On exactly the 1st of January, 2015, Romeo resigned from the Bannister Law Firm and opened his own firm, Montague Law Firm.  This firm comprised of over a hundred lawyers and was one of the major firms in New York City. It specialized in tax cases and money trials as Romeo was a tax lawyer. Many cases were solved in the first month itself. The Montague Law Firm had given the local people a ray of hope. Everything was in full swing.


A week since Juliet was absent from work, it was discovered that 5 billion dollars, and counting, had been diverted from a customer’s account. The CEO of Citi Bank lodged a formal complaint in the FBI. The FBI hired Romeo as the lawyer for the case. As Mercutio was Juliet’s partner in work, the first suspect was him. As even Romeo suspected Mercutio, Mercutio was put inside bars. The case progressed but the money was not to be found. The only thing that they learnt was that the money had been transferred to a shell company in Bahamas. There was no trail post that. The circumstances were dire. The lawyers maintained an absurd tranquility amongst them. The next day, the team of lawyers woke up in the anticipation of another prosaic day. But, it was not to be. Romeo got a call from an unknown number and the man said that he had located Juliet’s body in a deep and dull area of Mississippi. They rushed to the location given. After searching for almost half an hour, the body was found. The only way to check if she really was Juliet was the  DNA Test. The official lab of the US Government was fifteen minutes from the place of the corpse. The director of the lab was a friend of Romeo’s. Romeo called him and informed him about the case. Realizing that it was a big case, the director, Mr. Eden Sanchez, briskly drove to the spot. He checked the DNA and it took a seriously talented doctor like him merely half an hour. The DNAs matched. Now, as they had no proper evidence against Mercutio, they released him.


It was palpable that Juliet had passed away. Mercutio, as he had been initially convicted, was removed from Citi Bank because the bank had a reputation, possibly false, of being a clean bank. He moved to Mississippi in the search of a new job.  Meanwhile, Romeo had also shifted temporarily to Mississippi to solve a big petty case involving the biggest of criminals. Once the case was solved, Romeo invited Mercutio for supper. Mercutio did turn out to be a time-punctual person.

Romeo: Welcome, my friend! Welcome!

Mercutio:  Good evening Romeo. Had a heavy night yesterday. What about you, brother?

Romeo: Yeah, that petty fraud was solved.

*Mercutio laughs*

Romeo: By the way, is our money safe in Bahamas? Have you been in contact with Juliet of late?

Mercutio: No, I have not. It is difficult to keep in touch with a supposedly dead person. As for the money, it must be safe.

Romeo: It certainly would be. Juliet and I fancied each other since college days. I do understand her well.

Mercutio: Nobody understands anyone in this big, wide world. In this modern era, if manipulation is an art, then we humans are Picassos of it!

Romeo: Possibilities are endless. I have not spoken to Juliet since the day the DNAs were matched. Once we get our 5 billion dollars, we would elope. Once we get it…

Mercutio: Ahhh! I remembered to ask. It had gone out of my mind. Although this might be extraneous, but how did you match the DNAs?

Romeo: As I said, possibilities are endless. In this world, tell me one thing that money cannot buy. It was easy. Just paid Eden, the doc, ten thousand dollars and the case was sealed.  

Mercutio: Very clever, indeed! Anyways, I ought to get going. It is too late. We do not want the FBI behind us, certainly not now. Bye. See you soon.

Romeo: True that. But before going, I must remind you to be at the airport at exactly this day, that is Sunday, next week by 11 in the night. The private jet leaves and arrives on the scheduled time. If that does not interest you, then maybe the thought of a nice relaxing time in Bahamas with 5 billion dollars would. Come on now, good bye. Stay safe. Gracias.


The week passed as if it were an airplane with double its speed for Romeo and Mercutio. Both of them hardly put a foot wrong. They did not even venture a step out of their houses. Time flew. When their day of departure, escape and flee came, they hustled to the airport, Mercutio arriving before Romeo. As Romeo had mentioned, the jet left on time. It took off and was cruising through the clouds. Romeo and Mercutio laughed and enjoyed their moments of cherish, right from their school days. The ones that were distinct stood out, just like Venus, the Evening Star, did in the sky. As they enjoyed, a large noise was heard, fire was vividly seen, small parts of something were falling into the Bermuda Triangle, and Romeo and Mercutio breathed their last.


Far away, in the peaceful land of Switzerland, a woman lived in a huge mansion. She had men and money. As she was sipping a glass of French wine in fine crockery, she glanced at her Rolex and placed the glass on a deluxe glass dining table studded with small gold stones. She burst into laughter. That laughter, which was heard by none but her, was evilish. That woman had uncanny resemblance to Juliet. Certainly there was nothing in this world that money could not buy. Certainly!


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