Chasing Dreams~

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How does it feel to have a dream..? What do you go through if you have a dream..? What a dream does to a person..And how dreams change lives~...
It's all about dreams and chasing them...

Submitted: November 10, 2017

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Submitted: November 10, 2017



"Continue chasing your dream, no matter how far it is.." 

It's okay to not have a dream..but, there's probably something that you always wanted to have or wanted to do.. Take a deep breath and think about what your soul and your heart wants..

A dream can be anything..

And we can have as much dreams as we want..there's no limit... 

But.. you would sometimes think "why am I doing this" "is that what I always wanted..?" "am I able to do this?" "why am I so concerned about my dream..?" "Is it worth it?" etc... those are words that pop up in your mind when you feel like you can't achieve this dream... But, there's a part of you that wants to continue.. and a part of you that wants to give up.., which part shall you trust..

The answer is always inside you, figure it out. Think about what you're gonna do without this dream? Can you move on?

You can even be trapped in the dream while you try to achieve it.. Because you fell and got hurt while trying. That's how it is if you have a dream that means a lot to you.. 

But remember, don't be trapped in someone else's dream..

A dream could turn into a nightmare too...

It's about every step you take forward..

Look at how you tried and how it ended.

Just like how a rainbow ends with a jar of money..

Every dream will make a change to your life when you achieve it..even one bit...

And remember, hope is always there.


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