An Abhorrent Future Indeed

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Submitted: November 10, 2017

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Submitted: November 10, 2017



The idea of a dystopian future full of artificial ecological horrors is not a new one. Humans are playing with nature’s creations like children’s toys and hurting Mother Earth every single day, and it only increases by the day. Let us peer about two-hundred years into the future where the exponential increase of pollution on Earth and playing God never stopped, and it only worsened.

Terra’s atmosphere is filled with the malicious greenhouse gases methane and carbon dioxide, and Sol is barely visible from the large cloud of smog that covers most of Earth’s ether. Most of the trees that were once alive and vibrant are now lifeless husks of their former selves, and there barely any avians in flight, it is only the outlines of human planes in the sky. Present day America in this era is among the nations that are most powerful. The United States merged with Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and all of Central America to form the North American Federation. Let us shift our view to an area in Virginia, now known as an area in the Southeastern Province. A man is walking down the sidewalk, presumably on his way to work. This man’s name shall be George Smith. He is a handsome man in formal suit and tie. He has soft ivory hair and crimson red irises that look like rubies in his sockets. The rise of designer humans in this age had made it possible to have red eyes naturally. As George walks down the grey sidewalk that is littered with plastic bottles and empty bags of snack foods, people’s hound companions could be seen with extremely short snouts that made them appear as if they were deformed primates; a result of man’s desire to make our canine friends more adorable to us.

George reaches his place of work; the CIA headquarters. The flag waving in the wind in front of the building is no longer the classical red, white, and blue American flag. It is now a solid navy blue color with a white silhouette of the North American Landmass and the Caribbean Islands. He is employed as an assassin by the CIA, and he has been working there for the past twenty years. He is exemplary at his job, and he is among the best assassins on the globe. He opens the door and walks into the building. As he is walking to his office, he hears the intercom say: “Mr. George Smith, please report to Edwin Watt’s office as soon as possible.” He shuffled to his own office and entered it to set his briefcase on his desk. His office was a beige color, with his favorite novels on the desk and two brown chairs facing his desk. George walked out of his office and began to advance towards his boss’s office as quickly as he could. The plaque on the door said “Edwin Watt.” George opened the door and walked through the entry, making sure not to leave the door ajar. “Please, take a seat,” Edwin told George. Edwin was a larger than average man. He had combed blonde hair, pure black irises, and a pale complexion. Almost everyone in this era has pale skin because of the lack of sunlight to tan the skin. George plumped himself onto a black faux-leather chair in his boss’s office, and George waited patiently for his overseer to speak.

“Do you know why I called you into my office, Mr. Smith?” Edwin asked George. He shook his head, indicating no. “It’s because I have a very important mission that I trust you with carrying out, Mr. Smith. Do you know of the terrorist organization VOT, or just simply Voice Of Terra?” “Why wouldn’t I? They’ve been flooding the news lately,” George replied. George spoke with a slight, but noticeable American Southern accent. “I’m glad you know that. Now, your task is to take out the organization’s leader, Mr. Adam Paige. Edwin pulled out a binder and began to search for something within it. He pulled out an image and handed it to George. It was a picture of the group’s leader, Adam Paige. The man was tall and slender, with a black pointy beard on his chin. He had a pale complexion and his fingernails were like the talons of an eagle. His toothy smile revealed his teeth, which were coated in tartar. He sported a sky blue suit with black boots and a black necktie. Mr. Paige adorned a sky blue top hat and an onyx-colored sword cane touching the floor under his feet.

“They are planning an operation which the CIA knows as Operation Black Mole. They plan to take out numerous oil rigs across the NAF within the next month with vehicles that are literally subterranean tanks. Let me show you a video of a failed operation they planned known as Operation Liberation. The video will explain what it is,” Edwin informed Mr. Smith. Mr. Watt began to search through his laptop’s hard drive until he found a video file simply named “Liberation.” He began to connect his projector to his laptop and played the video.

The recording was taken on what appeared to be security cameras. The room was presumably a testing laboratory in a medical research facility because the room was filled with animals in cages. There was nothing for a couple of minutes, and then four men appeared on the screen. They were wearing attire that was reminiscent of militarized police, but they were members of VOT and were only wearing the armor for protection. You could see what appeared to be a wrench in one of the member’s hand. They raised the wrench and smashed a glass cage open. Numerous rabbits of different fur colors hopped out of the cage and hurried away.

The men began to look around in panic, presumably because the alarms were triggered by the shattering of the glass. One of the four ran over to a door, but it was locked. They decided to destroy more and more of the little cages and place more testing animals in burlap bags, presumably to release them. The four swiftly turned their heads to see a squad of police officers with automatic rifles in hand. One of the men reached into his pocket slowly, probably reaching for a handgun. He was shot in the cranium almost instantly and he fell to the ground. The other three slid to other sections of the room, and a firefight erupted in the research laboratory.

One of the police officers was shot clean in the head and took it like it was nothing at all. “Are those-?” George began to ask, but he was cut off by Edwin. “Genetically enhanced super soldiers? Yes, they are.” After one minute, the three terrorists were filled with lead and dead on the floor. Blood covered the laboratory’s tiled floor, and the officers dragged the dead bodies out of the room, the crimson liquid trailing behind them. The video stopped after the officers and the bodies were gone. “When they conducted Operation Liberation, that is when we gained the upper hand in this conflict. When they attempt Operation Black Mole, we will end that organization for good. With your help, we can terminate Mr. Paige and end VOT forever. Do you want to go through with this mission?” “Yes,” George replied to his supervisor. “Excellent. I need to inform you that he is very elusive and very dangerous. You will need to be alert at all times during this mission, but you’re an experienced man. I believe that you can pull this off with the utmost efficiency. You will be provided with any utilities that you need. Just call me if you have any questions,” George shook his boss’s hand. “Have an amazing day, Mr. Watt.” George left his office and shuffled to his own office.

When George entered his office, he thought about how he would go through with the assassination of Mr. Paige. Mr. Smith spent the entire day researching the organization and the areas they plan to strike during Operation Black Mole on the CIA database. When he checked the time and saw that it was time to leave, he clocked out and began to walk home. He looked up at the night sky to see nothing but darkness. There was no moon or shimmering stars in the sky, only clouds of smoke and pollution because of industrialization. He put on his dust mask so his lungs wouldn’t be filled with toxic chemicals from fossil fuel emission, and he continued to walk. As he continued to advance down the trash-covered sidewalk, he saw a squad of this era’s military personnel; genetically-enhanced super soldiers. marching on the street parallel to the one he was walking down. They were divided into sections, presumably based on what genetic enhancement they were given. One section had soldiers with very muscular bodies, another had soldiers with multiple pairs of limbs, and so on. He continued to walk until he came to his home. He entered his house and made his way to his bedroom. There was a rifle on his wall which he had named “Wrath of Helios.” It was higher quality than a military-grade sniper rifle. It was specially made for George by the CIA. He is favored by the agency because of the determination he has at his job, so they decided to let him request a custom-made weapon to be built for him by the top scientists of the world a couple years ago. The Wrath of Helios has the ability to shoot condensed energy that could burn through just about anything it touched, including a man’s skull. It also has the ability to fire grenades filled with a highly corrosive acid that could melt through armor and human flesh like it was butter in a skillet. They called these specially made grenades “Venus Bombs.” “I’m gonna need you soon, my friend,” He said to his rifle before entering the realm of dreams.

He woke up before the crack of dawn, just as he had told himself he would do. He grabbed his rifle off of the wall, placed it on his back using the strap it has and called Edwin. “Hello?” Edwin said. “I am ready to begin the mission. I will need two specially-trained soldiers. They both need to be top-grade, and specially trained in combat, and I will also need full access to the NAF’s military vehicles,” George said. “On it. Come to the office now to collect them,” Edwin replied. George ran out of his house and to the CIA headquarters. When he entered the building, he was greeted by his supervisor, Edwin. “They should be waiting in your office,” Mr. Watt informed George. He shuffled to his office and opened the door to find two soldiers standing to attention. George walked up to one of the two and George raised his hand for a handshake. “I am Private Johnson. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Smith.” Johnson spoke with a slight Boston accent. “I am Private 1st Class Covington. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Smith.”  Covington had a slight Boston accent, just like Johnson has. Private Johnson was a young Caucasian man with a slim build. He sported short blonde hair on his head and he had red eyes just like George’s irises. Private 1st Class Covington was a young African-American woman that was slightly taller than Johnson. She had flowing black hair, fingernails painted with a crimson nail polish, and dark blue irises. “It’s a pleasure to meet you both,” George replied to the two. “You know you don’t have to be that formal around me, right? I’m not a drill sergeant. You can even call me George too,” He informed the duo. “Thanks, George,” Johnson said. “Do you want our full names too?” Covington asked. “Sure. I don’t see why not,” “I’m Timothy Johnson, but you can call me Timmy or Johnson,” Johnson told George. “I’m Rachel Covington, and I just prefer Rachel,” Rachel informed Mr. Smith. “Okay,” George told the duo.

George began to walk out of his office, signaling Johnson and Rachel to follow suit. “What’s the plan boss?” Johnson asked George. “Planning takes time, Johnson,” George replied. “I honestly have a question for you two. Are you two super soldiers, or just regular soldiers?” George asked his newfound companions. “We’re both super soldiers. I have telepathic power, and Rachel has psychokinetic powers,” Johnson informed George. “Interesting. The only super-soldiers I’ve seen have had physical enhancements, not mental ones,” George said as they walked out of the building. “We still carry weapons though,” Rachel told George. Johnson pulled out an automatic rifle with a grenade launcher attached, and Rachel pulled out the same weapon. “Your grenade of choice?” George asked. “Venus,” The two replied instantly. “I like you two already. Come on, let’s get to the rig.”

After walking for about an hour, they reached the rig. The rig was a terrestrial rig; it wasn’t in the ocean. “I believe this is where they will attack first. We have to be ready at all times. We have predicted that they will attack within the next two hours. Load your grenade launchers, and take your positions, soldiers,” George told his cohorts. “Yes sir,” Johnson and Rachel said in unison. George climbed the oil rig and laid down in a sniper position. Johnson and Rachel hid together. They waited until Johnson and Rachel, still on the ground, felt a slight rumbling. “I think they’re comin’ boss!” Johnson exclaimed. The rumbling got stronger, and stronger until they saw a black tank ascend out of the ground. It was a reasonable distance away from the rig, so the trio had time to shoot at it. Rachel raised her hand and the tank ascended slightly. That gave George an easy shot at the vehicle. While the tank was levitating, three men jumped out of the vehicle and landed on the ground, but George didn’t notice. George charged his shot, and fired a blast of energy at the tank, causing it to combust. George saw three people running at the rig with rocket launchers in hand, and the three prepared for a firefight in which George and his cohorts had the upper hand. George fired an energy blast at one of their heads. It went clean through the man’s skull, killing the man instantly. Rachel and Johnson killed another man by Rachel holding the man in the air and Johnson shooting him in the head, but they spared the other one for interrogation.

Rachel threw the rifle out of the surviving man’s hand using her telekinesis and the trio began to run towards the man. George grabbed the man by his jacket’s collar. “Where is Paige?” George asked in an aggressive voice. “I’ll never tell a shitface like you!” The man exclaimed. “Okay then. Johnson, do your magic,” George commanded Johnson. Johnson began to read the man’s mind, searching for the location of the organization’s base of operations. Johnson withdrew a notepad and a pen from one of the pockets on his jacket and began to write something down. “I got it, boss,” Johnson told George. “Thank you, Johnson,” George pushed the man on the ground and he knelt down beside him. He pulled out a Venus Bomb from one of his pockets and showed it to the man. The man was eyeing the orange and yellow grenade in worry. “This is a Venus Bomb. Do you want to know why they call them that?” George asked the man a question that didn’t require an answer. “N-n-n-” The man was stuttering in fear. George punched the man in the face. “Shut up. That didn’t need your input. They call them Venus Bombs because it feels like you’re in the hellish land of the planet Venus when one of these explodes on your body. You’re gonna feel the acid rains of fucking Venus, terrorist bastard.” The man began to scream in terror, but his screams were muffled after George placed a Venus bomb into the man’s mouth, and pulled the pin. George walked away as fast as he could after he pulled the pin. The bomb exploded in the man’s teeth, and acid was released all over his face and in his throat. The man was screaming in agony as the acid was consuming his face and the inside of his mouth. The three walked away, leaving the man to die.

“You get the location, Johnson?” George asked Johnson. Johnson handed George the notepad. George analyzed the writing and then signaled for his sidekicks to follow him. They entered the CIA headquarters and knocked on the door to Edwin’s office. “Come in,” Edwin told them. They entered the office and Edwin spoke. “What do you need, Mr. Smith?” “I need the location of a military vehicle storage facility in Virginia that is close to the coast,” George told Edwin. He saw his overseer pull out a sheet of notebook paper and write an address down on it. Edwin folded the paper, gave it to George, and then whispered something into George’s ear. “Thank you, sir. Have a good day, Mr. Watt.” “You too, George.”

The three walked out of the building and George opened the sheet of notebook paper. “How far is it, boss?” Johnson asked George. “It’s not too far. It’s only about an hour away if we walk,” George told the duo. “That sounds fine,” Rachel said. “What she said,” Johnson spoke after Rachel. They began their journey to the military base. When they reached the base, George turned around and looked at them with a serious look. “You cannot let anyone else know about this base. This facility contains top secret military technology, and if it’s location is released to the general public, we could all get into big trouble. Got it?” He lectured the two. “Yes sir,” They replied in unison. They walked up to the gate that is the entrance to the military zone and the guard stopped them. “Could I see some identification?” “I am agent George Smith of the CIA and these are my partners Private Timothy Johnson and Private 1st Class, Rachel Covington. A Mr. Edwin Watt has given me access to any military vehicle of my choosing for a mission,” George said to the guard. “Mr. Smith, you are given permission to proceed, but your partners will have to remain outside the gate.” “That’s okay. We’ll wait for you, boss,” Johnson said to George.

Johnson and Rachel began to socialize amongst themselves. “How have you been, Timmy?” Rachel asked Johnson. “I’ve been doing well. I haven’t seen you since high school, Rachel. High school was pretty fun, wasn’t it pal?” Johnson replied. “Those were some wild times, Timmy.” The two softly chuckled. The two looked into each other’s eyes for a second before Johnson spoke. “Have I ever told you that you have beautiful blue eyes that remind me of sapphires?” Rachel blushed and Johnson continued to speak. “Rachel,” “Yes?” “I know...I know that you like me. I’m not talking about liking me as a friend, but like, you have romantic feelings for me. I can read your mind, so you can’t deny it,” Johnson told Rachel. Rachel blushed again and nodded her head. “I just wanted you to know that I feel the same way about you. Can I….can I call you mine?” Johnson asked. “Of course you can, Timmy. If I can call you mine too.” Johnson nodded his head and the two hugged.

George entered the base and he saw an assortment of vehicles ranging from tanks to boats. He walked through the base and found an amphibious automobile. “Perfect,” he said aloud to nobody. He got in, started it, and began to drive out of the building. Johnson was sitting against the gate with Rachel laying against him when the entrance to let George out. “Guess what boss,” Johnson said to George. “What?” George asked. “Timmy and I are a thing now,” Rachel told George in the happiest tone. George said nothing for a second and then began to speak with a genuine smile on his face. “I’m really happy for you too. I fully support your relationship, my friends.” Johnson and Rachel hopped into the car and they begin to drive to the location

As they were driving, they could see the sun’s light seeping through the layer of smog that covered the sky; it looked like an opening to the heavens. “Timmy,” Rachel said to get Johnson’s attention. “Yes, babe?” Johnson replied to his newfound girlfriend. “Thank you for asking,” She said with an adorable smile on her face. “Thank you for saying yes,” Johnson told her with a smile on his face as well. The car suddenly stopped. George looked at the fuel and saw that there wasn’t any gas in the car. “Shit!” He said in anger. “I think there might be some gas in the trunk, boss,” Johnson informed George. George stumbled to the back, opened the trunk, and found a gallon of gas. He tried to fill the car up again but found that the gallon was empty. “Well damn. We have to walk the rest of the way guys,” George informed the two. They groaned in annoyance and began to walk down the dusty road.

After about an hour of walking, they stopped in front of a bushy forest, one of the last of its kind. “This is the location,” George said to the two. “Welp. I guess let’s proceed!” Johnson exclaimed. George stepped into the shrub-filled forest, and the others followed suit. As the trio trudged through the forest, something was studying them from within the vegetation, waiting to strike. As they were stumbling through the countless bushes and leaves, they found a barrel with a radioactive symbol on it. “This is where they dump nuclear waste, I believe,” Rachel informed us. George was studying the radioactive waste until he heard a stick on the ground snap. The trio twirled around to see a bear, but it was four times the size of a normal bear. It was colossal compared to the group. The gigantism was the result of a mutation caused by the dumping of radioactive waste. The bear produced a roar that shook the earth around them. Rachel slid to hide behind Johnson, and Johnson took a fighting stance, loaded a plasma grenade into his launcher, and aimed his rifle at the colossal beast. George quickly bit the pin off of a Venus Bomb and threw it at the animal. It combusted and acid covered its fur, but it had little effect. That must have angered it as it roared once more and charged at the group. The group dodged the bear’s attack, and the bear began to turn around slowly after ceasing the charge to do it again. George quickly pulled out his rifle companion, The Wrath of Helios and shot a laser at the enraged animal’s head, burning a hole through the front of its cranium. George always got his shots perfectly lined up. It stopped dead in its tracks and began to wobble around, growling and grumbling while doing so. After a couple of seconds of this, it fell to the earth with a loud thud.

The three continued on their adventure after the mutated animal was down. “Aren’t you worried that we might come across more things like that?” Johnson asked George. “I’m pretty sure we won’t,” George informed Johnson and Rachel. As they continued to advance through the wooded area, they never noticed the camouflaged cameras that tracked their movements from the treetops. The only sounds that were audible were the crunching of twigs and leaves under their black military boots and their own conversation. They stopped when the sound of crunching leaves switched to the clinking of metal. George looked down to see leaves. He swept the leaves off of this odd metal surface to discover that it was a door. “What should we do boss? Should we go down?” Johnson asked. “Yes. We are going down, Johnson,” George replied to Johnson’s question. They opened the door to find a ladder. The three made sure the door was ajar before they went down and they descended the ladder. They found themselves in a hallway with red caged lights on the ceiling. “Babe,” Rachel said to get Johnson’s attention “Yes, Rachel?” Johnson asked. “Will you hold my hand? This is scaring me?” Johnson locked his hand with her soft hand. “Don’t worry babe. Boss is going to keep us safe, isn’t that right, Georgie?” Johnson said. George nodded his head in agreement with Johnson. They began to walk down the long and ominous hallway. As they walked, the clinking of the metal under them resonated throughout the hallway.

After walking for a couple of minutes they came to a door with a keypad. “Shit! We’re never going to get through!” Johnson exclaimed. George began to examine the keypad. He saw a series of numbers ranging from zero to nine, an asterisk, and a dash. George gave up and began to step back from the door. He pulled out his rifle and began to charge up a shot. A mammoth blast of condensed energy was expelled from the barrel toward the metal door. The door plummeted to the ground from the impact. “That was easier than it looked,” George said with a smug smirk. They walked through the entrance and they saw another hallway leading into darkness, with what appeared to be a sentry gun on the left side of it. “Take out that sentry, Johnson,” George commanded Johnson. Johnson aimed his rifle at the sentry and opened fire. The sentry was obliterated into scrap metal within a couple of seconds of rapid fire. “Cheap piece of shit, that’s what it is,” Johnson remarked. They continued to walk down the hall until they reached another door, but it was just a normal door with a doorknob. It was unlocked so they opened it and walked through the entrance to see darkness. They shined their flashlights around the room and discovered that it was of titanic size. The room had boxes of ammunition, sofas, and the room even had a television. The three began to examine the room until they heard footsteps approaching from the north.

The footsteps were slow because whoever was producing them was slowly walking to them. The three were staring at the direction in which the sound was coming from, paralyzed. The footsteps ceased and they heard someone snap their fingers. The lights instantly powered on and the mysterious someone was revealed. It was none other than Mr. Adam Paige, the man they’ve been hunting; the destination of their journey. “Hello Mr. Smith,” Adam said to George. Mr. Paige spoke with a noticeable British accent. “Mr. Paige, do you know why I’m-” George tried to say but was cut off by Adam. “We can discuss assassination later, my friend. Please, you and your companions take a seat and I’ll get you all a cup of tea.” Adam walked back into the darkness, presumably to get tea for the trio. “Is he really getting tea?” Johnson asked the two. “I honestly have no idea,” George replied.

Mr. Paige came back with four cups of tea on an ivory platter and something strapped to his back. “Do not treat this tea like it is rubbish. Tea is quite the rare plant in this age. It costs about two thousand dollars per teabag. You see, Mr. Smith, I am among the small amount of wealthy men left on this planet. Do you not see how exquisite my home is?” Mr. Paige said as George looked around. There was a crystal-covered chandelier on the ceiling, ancient paintings from the Renaissance covered the walls, and the floor was checkered. It was indeed a lavish room. As the four consumed the tea and socialized, George was pondering ways to exterminate the creepily too kind Mr. Paige. “If you have finished your tea, you may place it on the platter and follow me,” The trio finished drinking their tea and did what Mr. Paige told them to do.

They walked through his intricate kitchen; there wasn’t a speck of dust visible in his kitchen. The hallways in his base were covered with paintings produced by Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and many other exemplary European Renaissance painters. “This is indeed classy, Mr. Paige,” Johnson remarked. “You wouldn’t be wrong about that, my good fellow. These are the authentic paintings too, my fellow. It is quite extravagant,” Adam replied to Johnson’s statement. “It must have cost a fortune to buy,” “You aren’t wrong about that either, Mr. Johnson. Each painting was fifty million dollars.” They continued the conversation about wealth for the entire time they were walking.

Mr. Paige opened a large door and left it ajar so the other three could walk into the room. The room was vast and gargantuan. Mr. Paige turned around and began to speak. “Let’s discuss assassination now, my friends,” He said in an all too cheery tone. “Mr. Smith, I am aware that you have sent by the North American Federation to terminate me, correct?” George nodded his head, and Mr. Paige continued. “I will let you do so, but not without a clash, to the death,” George’s eyes widened. Mr. Paige reached for something behind his back. He withdrew what appeared to be a single-barreled shotgun of sorts. “I call it Zeus’s Retribution. Its name is that because it fires a strong blast of electricity out of the barrel once it is cocked and fired.” The four began to load their weapons and prepared for the epic battle. Adam withdrew his trusty black sword cane, unsheathed it, and pointed it at Mr. Smith.“I am ready when you are, Mr. Smith.” George saw the blade and attached a bayonet to his rifle. “I am ready, Paige.” Paige nodded his head and spoke once more. “En garde Mr. Smith!”

Mr. Paige charged at the trio with his blade in the air. Paige swung at George, but he missed and George landed a hit on his back with the butt of his rifle. Paige fell to the ground quicker than a stone. George backed away and removed the bayonet from his weapon. Paige slowly got up and pulled out his own gun. George fired a shot of energy at Paige, but Paige dodged it. Paige fired a large blast of electrical current straight at Johnson. Johnson wailed in pain and fell to the ground, twitching. Rachel knelt down beside her twitching boyfriend and rage began to build up inside of her. Tears began to develop in her eyes, and her face was becoming a cherry. “I’m gonna fucking kill you, Paige!” she exclaimed before pulling out her rifle and firing at him, yelling so loud that the entire solar system could hear her. Paige was dodging all of Rachel’s shots until she raised her hand and made him levitate. The two ran over to him and George tackled him to the ground. Paige was struggling to escape. “Kill him, George!” Rachel exclaimed. “Not yet, Rachel,” George replied. “You’re an ignoramus, Mr. Smith! If you kill me, you’ll never know the truth!” Paige exclaimed. The eyebrows on George’s face rose. “What is the truth then, Paige? Tell me!” George said in a tone full of rage.

George saw Paige pull out a notepad and an exquisite-looking pencil from his coat, and begin to write something down. After Paige wrote it down, he ripped the paper off of the notepad, gave it to George, and then spoke. “If you want the truth, go there. You win this battle, Mr. Smith. You can terminate me now, just make it quick.” George looked at the note and saw that it was a location that was close to the CIA headquarters. George got off of Paige and charged his rifle. He fired a blast of energy at Paige’s head, killing him almost instantly. “I really like his hat,” George said as he picked it up and put it on his head. “Come on, let’s get to the location,” George said. “What about Timmy?” Rachel asked. George pointed to her and spoke again. “He’s right there.” Rachel looked behind her and gave Johnson a bear hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay!” “The electricity only stunned me. I’m gonna be alright.” Johnson picked up Paige’s firearm and claimed it as his own.

“I remember seeing a room full of vehicles while we were walking to this room, boss,” Johnson informed George. “Let’s go to that room then, Johnson.” George and Rachel followed Johnson to the room that he had told George about. Johnson opened the door to the room, went through the entrance, and the other two followed suit. “Alright, these coordinates are in the ocean, so is there a-” George said before seeing a black speedboat inside of a moonpool in the room. “I guess that’s my answer.” They entered the vehicle, started it up, and they set sail to this new location to discover a bitter truth they wish they could forget. As they were advancing through the waters, they saw plastic trash and garbage floating on the water’s surface. The surface of the briny deep was a dark grey, and it smelled disgusting as they zoomed across the sea. They were riding in the aquatic vehicle for about thirty minutes until they reached their mysterious destination.

It was an odd black structure in the middle of the vast ocean. When they got closer, they noticed that there were not any windows on the building. From where they were now, they could see the island of Bermuda. The United Kingdom used to own Bermuda, but when the United Kingdom joined the Republic of Eurasia, the nation took all of the island nation’s territories along with it. “This is the place,” George said to the two. “It looks a tad bit bizarre, boss,” Johnson told George. “It’s giving off a strange aura indeed, Johnson. Let’s get in there and check it out anyway. Paige said that it would give us some truth.” The three stepped into the building and slowly opened the door. The door said “Authorized Personnel Only” on it, but they proceeded anyway.

Buzzing fluorescent lights were attached to the ceiling, and it smelled of a hospital in the building. As they quietly shuffled down the long hallway, they saw door after door with the biohazard symbol on it. George decided to slowly turn the doorknob to see what was behind one of these doors. The second he opened the door, he heard pure suffering. He saw a laboratory with a man strapped to a table, screaming. There was a scientist holding a syringe filled with an unknown liquid, about to inject the substance into the poor man. George watched in horror as the man was shaking violently against his restraints as the needle was plunged into him. George made the realization that Paige was the one trying to save us from the government. Big Brother has been hiding the truth from the public. George knows the truth, so he knows too much. Footsteps could be heard somewhere in the building, getting louder. George didn’t notice anyone until he heard the thud of a blunt object hitting someone in the head.

He swiftly turned around to see a disgusting sight. It was a man in a camouflage military uniform with the head of a swine, holding a baton made of solid energy in hand. It looked like it was born with the pig’s head. Mother Nature would turn her head to face away from this biological abomination. George looked down to see Rachel on the ground, unconscious. The beast threw Rachel across the hall and she hit the metal wall with a loud thud. Johnson grabbed onto the creature and put it in a headlock. The only thing that was running through Johnson’s mind at that moment was the desire for vengeance and pure ire. George aimed his rifle at the pigman’s head and fired a shot through its skull. The beast wasn’t affected by the shot, and another head developed beside it in a way that was reminiscent of a Hydra from the tales of old. The brute seemed to have the vocal cords of a man as the twain heads began to taunt George with a vile and abhorrent cackle in unison.

Johnson continued to latch onto the swineman, smiting him at the same time. They heard the chthonic screech of a chimpanzee down the hall. “Run boss! Save yourself! I’ll hold them off for you!” Johnson exclaimed as George sprinted for the exit. George looked behind him to see a furry chimpanzee with muscles that were larger than average hurled Johnson onto the floor. The muscular primate got on top of him and sunk its blade-like canines into Johnson’s neck. Blood was squirting out of the disgusting wound on his neck. George watched in terror as the ape hauled Johnson’s limp body to a room that had a biohazard symbol on it, and the swineman drag Rachel’s body into another room.  

George then began violently pushing at the door, desperate to escape what appeared to be the Inferno on Earth. He was trying to open it faster when he heard footsteps getting closer to him at an exponential rate. He heard someone loading a pistol behind him, and he felt the cold metal of the firearm touch the back of his head. He froze, and then slowly began to turn his head to face the person behind him. The individual behind him was his overseer, Edwin Watt. “I’m sorry, Mr. Smith. You know the truth, and now that you do, you must pay the fee-” Edwin was saying before George kicked him in the abdomen and he was sent flying. Steel toe boots do not feel good against a soft stomach. Edwin was stumbling to get up, and when he did, he had pure anger on his face. “You are not just going to lose your job for that stupid action, you are going to lose your life.”

George pulled his rifle and fired a couple of times at Edwin. Edwin dodged most of the shots but got shot in the arm once. The energy burned a clean hole through Edwin’s flesh. He hissed in pain, and then withdrew a plasma grenade. He pulled the pin and threw it in George’s direction. The bomb exploded in midair, and a large amount of heat was expelled from the explosion. George winced in agony as he suffered burns on his face. Edwin began to speak, “The only reason I had you take them out was because they were interfering with us, and we don’t like that very much. They were a threat to us, and we had to get rid of any and all threats to us. The North American Federation doesn’t give a shit protecting the environment. It was put here for the human’s gain anyway.” George retrieved a Venus Bomb from one of the many pockets on his jacket and hurled it at Edwin. It detonated and Edwin’s left arm began to be consumed by the strong acid. “G-good thing I’m right h-h-handed,” Edwin said while stuttering in pain. George shot him in the arm again, and he cried out in pain. Edwin blacked out and the only thing going through his head was winning this fight. He pulled out an automatic rifle and began to fire rounds at George. George dodged most of the shots until one bullet was shot into his chest. He hit the metal door and sat against it; the pain was too agonizing. Edwin slowly shuffled up to George and began to smile. George had terror in his eyes as he saw Edwin stumble up to him with a handgun in his right hand. The last thing George ever saw was the muzzle flare of the firearm in his countenance.

Edwin began to develop a revolting grin on his face. “You are going to receive a new life. You will live to obey orders, and you won’t be curious anymore. Curiosity killed the cat, George. I don’t know why you didn’t learn that. I will pick your upgrade for you, Mr. Smith,” Edwin said with a repulsive tone to the corpse. Mr. Watt began to slowly drag the lifeless carcass of George Smith into a room with a biohazard symbol on it, and then closed the door behind him.



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