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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about twin sisters who faced the hardship of life and how they survived

Submitted: November 10, 2017

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Submitted: November 10, 2017




This is a story about twin sisters who lost their mother in death when they were 7 years of age. Our girls are Sandra, the eldest, and Rachel, the youngest.

After the death of their mother, their father had no choice but to play the role of father and mother. His job as a DJ helped him cater for the needs of his family. As appalling as it may sound, he was also a shameless womanizer.

Nemesis caught up with him some six years later, when he was diagnosed with HIV. The stigma was unbearable for him and so, about a year later, he died.


What a painful time for Sandra and Rachel who were now 14 years old! Young orphans, in a world of who-knows-who. With no close relative to cater for them, they opted to stay with their grandmother, a petty trader. Hardworking grandma did all she could to provide their necessities. With her petty trading, she could push Sandra and Rachel to SS3 of their secondary education. However, she wasn't able to afford the fees for their Senior Leaving Certificate Examination. This meant Sandra and Rachel could not officially finish Senior Secondary School. It was painful for the girls as they had to watch others go to school in the morning with tears in their eyes. They always say this; "Grandma, we want to go to school so that we will become somebody in the future." Grandma says; "I'm an old woman and a poor widow. I have nothing at hand to offer, no money to send you my grandchildren to school. I am very sorry my dear children."

A middle-aged man, stoutly built, with protruding abdomen, had picked interest in these two girls he always saw outside crying whenever he comes to the village to see his parents and his old friend. His name was Chief Omoze.

On this particular day, he still saw the girls on his usual trail. He beckoned on both girls to come to him. Sandra insisted Rachel stay behind as she goes alone to meet him. On getting to where he was, Chief Omoze asked her, "What is your name?" She replied, "Sandra and my twin sister is Rachel." Why are you not in school?" asked Chief Omoze. Sandra tried lying. She told him it was only today as Rachel was sick and she had to stay with her. Chief Omoze insisted it wasn't only today. He had noticed them outside crying for over two weeks now. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Sandra conceded. She explained to him their predicament. How they had lost their mother at age 7, their father at 14. How their grandma had catered for them and with her petty trading pushed them to SS3. But, how there was no money to register them for their final examinations.

Chief Omoze was deeply touched by their story and asked to see their family to discuss some pertinent issues. Sandra was very happy and blessed the name of God. She told him that he could come tomorrow to see her family. She thanked him wholeheartedly and ran off to tell her grandma the delightful news.

The next day, Chief Omoze came. During the conversation, he told them that he could feel the suffering the children were going through. He then offered to take one of the twins to his house at Port-Harcourt and take care of her necessities including her education. The family members were very happy to hear this and told Chief Omoze that he was free to take Sandra to his house. Sandra strongly disagreed with this and offered he takes her younger sister Rachel to Port-Harcourt instead. She reasoned that she could not be enjoying living in a comfortable house, schooling and wearing good clothes, while her younger sister stays in the village suffering and weeping. "Please, take her along that I may stay behind," said Sandra. "Our daughter, since you insist so be it," said her family members.

. . 


Early the next morning, Chief Omoze came and took Rachel to Port-Harcourt. Rachel was wowed and pleases with what she saw in Port-Harcourt. Well tarred roads as opposed to the dusty roads in the village. Tall and beautiful painted houses. The sight was indeed beautiful. She wished Sandra was here to behold this great beauty.

Chief Omoze's house too was nothing short of beautiful. Rachel whirled at the fact that she would be living in such a beautiful house. Chief Omoze showed Rachel her room. It was a decent, moderately furnished room, which to Rachel was more than perfect. "I can't wait for tomorrow," she said as she fell on the bed to feel its pleasantness.

The much awaited tomorrow arrived. Rachel waited for Chief Omoze to take her to school. But to her dismay, she found out that the Devil you know is better than the angel you do not know. Chief Omoze shattered the pot when he told Rachel she was going to no school. Instead, she would manage his home as his house-maid. Rachel was dismayed.

On one faithful afternoon, Rachel fed up with Chief Omoze's treatment of her asked him, "Why are you making my life miserable and uncomfortable? Remember what you told my people at home? You told them, ' I will take care of her necessities including her education,' but right now, the reverse is the case. And here, I am you house-maid. Why?" With anger, Chief Omoze beat up Rachel to the point where she fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital. This ugly incident made it clear to Rachel that she had to fend for herself. She started learning hairdressing and with time, loosened her morals and started sleeping around just to earn more.

Back home in the village, Sandra was tired of life; no handwork, nothing to do to earn money to take care of some necessities and her along grandmother. Pushed to the wall, she joined the demeaning trade of prostitution. Clubbing became her way of life. She was at any party held day or night, dancing and sleeping with any who gave her money. Her slogan was, "#1,500, one night, very cheap, if you like it come let us go, if you don't, get out. 

Twin sisters, I guess, connected also in trade, Rachel carried on her pattern of life. Until one day, Chief Omoze found Rachel at a club. He asked her what she was doing there. Rachel blamed her misdeeds on Chief Omoze, who she claimed never took care of her,who never saw her as somebody, and who made her enter into this immoral way of life.


The next morning, Chief Omoze brought Rachel back to the village. He told her family that she was now a prostitute, a lie life, with no ounce of shame. After raining down insults, he left hissing and cursing as he went. Surprised at what they just heard, Rachel's family asked her if all that was said was true. She narrated to them all that had become of her after she arrived Port-Harcourt with Chief Omoze. How he had refused to further her education as he promised. How he had turned her into a house-maid providing no money for her upkeep. How she had been forced to look for any means to fend for herself. How her life had spurned out of control, and how she had shed tears time and again at the kind of life she was living. She recalled one painful incident when Chief Omoze had planned to take his family out for shopping. She had asked him if she could come along too. Chief Omoze had looked at her from her head to toes and asked, "Rachel, from the village where I picked you, do you people go shopping?" After that spiteful comment, Chief Omoze had walked away, leaving her with mouth agape. "Please tell me, all of you who are present here. What should I have done to buy clothes and other things for myself? There was nothing I could do to provide for myself than to engage in prostitution. I am very sorry. It wasn't my fault. I had no choice," Rachel said.

Later that day, Sandra came home. She was surprised to see Rachel. She asked Rachel what she was doing in the village. Rachel narrated her ordeal to Sandra and Sandra also did same. They were very sorry for each other and vowed to make a change in their lives. They both prayed to God for forgiveness with tears streaming down their faces.

Sandra and Rachel both decided to seek higher education. First of all, with some money they had saved, they both enrolled for WAEC and successfully made their papers. They opened up a small shop in the village where they got daily bread. With WAEC passed, Sandra called Rachel and told her that if both of them were to write JAMB and passed, there would be no one to assist in paying fees and buying other school materials. Rachel saw wisdom behind Sandra's words. Sandra offered that Rachel wrote JAMB, gained admission, while she stayed behind to manage the shop and use whatever profit realized to assist in Rachel's schooling. However, Rachel insisted Sandra goes to school. To her, Sandra was an older sister and so it would be improper for her to go to school while Sandra stayed behind working hard to see her through school. "I won't allow that. Let me stay and then you go, or we both stay and forget about going to school," Rachel said. Sandra could feel her sister's emotions. But, she maintained her stand. To her, it would be shameful if none of them sought a higher education. Rachel agreed that Sandra was right. But since there was no money, it wouldn't be their fault if they didn't go to the University. Sandra replied, "We must go to the University, if not both of us, at least one of us."

Sometime later, Rachel wrote the JAMB examination and came out victorious. She gained admission into the University to study Accounting. Sandra ensured she did all she could to cater for the expenses of Rachel's schooling. She even had to borrow money from a money lender to make sure Rachel graduates.

Four years later, Rachel became a certified accountant. Good for her, she got a job in a big and famous company as an accountant.

For Sandra, she was still at the village managing and taking care of herself. One day, she said to herself, "Why is my sister not calling me?" Rachel had refused to tell Sandra she now has a job as an accountant in a company. Sandra tried several times contacting Rachel via the telephone. But time and again, her calls were missed. Unknown to her, Rachel had changed lines and was now living a depraved life with a boyfriend of hers. With no contact established with Rachel yet, Sandra decided to go find Rachel, who knows what could have happened to her dear sister.

She went to the city looking for Rachel. Two days later, she found Rachel's house. She was so delighted to have found her sister. Rachel was shocked to see Sandra. She asked, "Hello sister. What are you doing here? How did you find here? Why didn't you call before coming?" Sandra explained how she attempted several times to contact her, all to no avail. She showed her dissatisfaction for what Rachel did. Never calling, never telling her that she was now employed, well to do and living in a comfortable house.

As they were still speaking, Rachel's boyfriend came out of the room to the sitting room. With just a few strides, he came over to Rachel, hugged and kissed her. His name was David. David asked Rachel, "Who is this thing?" Rachel replied, "She is my sister, Sandra, who has come from the village to beg me money. Money that I don't even have right now. Before I forget sister, this is my fiance David. David, this is my sister, Sandra." Sandra was aghast. She couldn't believe what her ears had heard not fully comprehend what her eyes had seen. With tears streaming down her face, she stormed out of Rachel's house. She remembered those years she had struggled and suffered just to ensure Rachel become a graduate. So immersed in her thoughts and pain that she did not see the vehicle coming as she crossed the road. Unfortunately, she was hit by the car. Everything went blank as her brain was eased of her pain for a while. She was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Rachel heard of Sandra's accident but she refused to come visit at the hospital. The young man who had hit Sandra took care of her and all hospital expenses. He was from a rich home, the first and only son in the family. He pitied Sandra's state and wondered what a belle like her could have been thinking about to get hit by a car. He visited Sandra everyday as he waited for her to regain consciousness. Finally, Sandra regained consciousness. He was so happy Sandra hadn't died on him. He excitedly bombarded her with questions; who she was, what she was thinking that made her oblivious to her surroundings resulting in her being hit, how she was feeling at the moment, any pains... Sandra slowly answered his questions. She told him her story. She also found out that her Savior's name was Richard.

Moved by her story and already captivated by her beauty and wisdom, Richard offered to train Sandra through the University. He couldn't help falling in love with Sandra, as he watched her transform into a very beautiful and intelligent lady, to become doctor. Eight years later, after graduating from Medical School, Sandra got married to Richard.

Rachel's life had turned into a mess. You see, David had dumped her and had absconded with her life savings. She had also lost her job, since she had let her personal life affect her punctuality and overall performance. Sadly, she had to start over again. She had heard Sandra had gotten married, but imagined it must have been to a village champ.

Her life seemed to get harder with each passing day. Feeding was a problem, heartache was another, and the pangs of a guilty conscience were just too much to bear. Her world kept spinning out of control. There was just no light in sight. The weight on her shoulders was just too much for her. Out of sheer exhaustion for life, she collapsed. Concerned neighbors rushed her to the hospital for medical care.

As coincidence would have it, this was the same hospital where Sandra practiced Medicine. Sandra was so moved to see the pitiable state her sister Rachel was in. She did all she could to care for Rachel and bring her back to stability. Sandra's dear heart could not make her keep account of Rachel's wrongdoing. To her, this was her sister, her twin, her second half.

Richard had stopped by the hospital after Sandra had told him her younger sister was on admission. When Richard saw Rachel, he could see a form of Sandra in her. And looking at the tender eyes of his wife, he could see how much she loved her sister. He silently wished Rachel woke up to ease this pain Sandra was feeling. While still in the room, Rachel let out a moan. Sandra quickly rushed to her side to see Rachel regaining consciousness. But before Rachel could gain some composure, she left the room with Richard for the nurses to attend to her, so it won't be much of a shock for Rachel to see her.

A few days later, when Rachel was doing really fine, Sandra and Richard walked into her room. Rachel was indeed shocked to see her. The memories of her cruel treatment of her sister came crashing back to her. She had come to realize how pride and a guy had made her hurt the one person who truly cared for her, her second half, her twin. With tears streaming down her face, she begged Sandra to forgive her. She told Sandra what had become of her after David duped her. Sandra couldn't help it but feel her sister's pain even more. With tears in her eyes, she hugged Rachel and told her she had forgiven her. She had done so long ago, even before today. Both sisters kept sobbing as Richard joined them.

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