Summer Wind Book#1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: blue wolves

On a Summer Wind, something magical happens. Summer Wind is set in high school.

Table of Contents

Roxy makes friends

  Ch. 1 On a cool, Maine, school day, Roxy Winker went to her new school. They had a new house, but that wasn’t too od... Read Chapter

Friday goes terribly wrong.

Ch. 2 First on Friday, a little before everyone came, Alderus Jr. (Roxy’s younger, really rebellious and mischievous, and only br... Read Chapter

Roxy's first date.

  Ch. 3 The rest of Roxy’s school year went pretty fairly. She got stares for the first month, but, shortly, she became ... Read Chapter

The Rock n' Roll Rookies

Ch. 4 “Sorry, I just didn't want us to stay at my house for all of your available time,” Roxy told Tommy, as they were getting ... Read Chapter

Practice Makes Perfect

  Ch. 5 “Me re do fa so la ti da! Me re do fa so la ti da!” Roxy sang, skipping around the house waiting for ... Read Chapter

Practice makes perfect.

Ch. 6 “What a fun group,” Colby said, seeming to be in a trance. “Yeah,” Roxy said. “No car,” Tommy said. “... Read Chapter

Practice Take Two

Ch. 7 In the morning, Roxy, knowing what to expect from the rehearsal, got dressed in actual clothes, not just staying in pjs, put ... Read Chapter

Three Words

  Ch. 8 “Can we go to the park?” Roxy asked. “Sure,” Tommy said. “What will we be doing?” “You’ll se... Read Chapter

Bad News

Ch. 9 At dinner that night, AJ ate fast, and good too, for Roxy wanted to talk to her parents about Tommy, and he knew about it. Sh... Read Chapter

The People

Ch. 10 Roxy was moppy all day, but she had to go to school to tutor.  During her first tutoring session, Roxy was hoping to ... Read Chapter


Ch. 11 After her parents woke her up, Roxy put pillows under her covers to act like she was in bed if the guy came to her house, al... Read Chapter


Ch. 12 It had been 3 months since Tommy was kidnapped. The group had their routine developed again. School was going easy. They hun... Read Chapter

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