Dr. Baljit Singh's Model of Health Promotion

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Submitted: November 10, 2017

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Submitted: November 10, 2017



A society must not destroy its existence.

Dr. Baljit Singh’s model of health promotion

We need not destroy us, someone relates to someone, waiting for someone 

A health promotion strategy combines socio-economic, demographic, environmental, and political processes to facilitate better health practices. Millions of workers all over the world cannot afford to have a one-time proper meal. They face hunger, malnutrition, and are anemic. How do we overcome malnutrition? Where do we get money from to raise the income of the poor? Any nation that keeps a certain section of their population poor, which might be due to their low levels of education, unemployment, low wages, or absence of social security benefits, the entire world sees them in hunger, misery, and deprivation. Can countries like Australia, England, and Canada afford not to continue with unemployment benefits/elderly pension? No! Many houses in Australia have no heating and cooling systems.

Individuals must not destroy themselves by their behavior. If we drink and smoke, we destroy our body and mind. If we spend nights in pubs, clubs, and nightclubs, undue can happen. If we have a habit of blaming others, we burn from inside; it makes us ill. If we play tricks to humiliate, the mind gets occupied in farming more tricks.

Take a walk outside; you will find freshness.

Australia is making her Universities smoke-free to overcome passive and active smoking. It is a health promotional model to save administrators, lecturers, researchers, visitors, and students from smoking. Also, non-smokers do not get to smoke their cigarette smoke. This right governance is a health-promotion model. Had this rule not been existed, the government would not have been able to alter their behavior, because smokers think, their behavior is right.

The seeds of construction/destruction within us

Some postulates

  • Organizing disturbances: In some countries, political ministers organize riots, and bring criminals and prisoners out of Jail to kill innocent civilians. In this case, services of doctors and nurses become fruitless towards saving lives. Moreover, it leads to social and political unrest in their countries, among people of their own. It is not a promotional health model. It is a health demotion model.

    The gun buyback program of Hon. John Howard, the Ex-Prime Minister of Australia, must have reduced gun crime in Australia. It is a good health promotional model link. Why would a person buy a gun? Why would a group of people buy guns? Why does a group of people supply guns to a group of people living in another country? What is their intention? There must be some reason. The use of the guns is to kill people. People, who keep guns, have a different mindset.

  • Political rallies: Due to high poverty and unemployment, many idle and unproductive human beings are brought to political rallies offering them money and alcohol. It reflects why the nation faces social and political chaos in their countries. These political rallies take ugly turns destructing private and public properties, also killing people. In some countries, naked rallies spoil the social environment. The leadership has to be highly learned and civilized. Leaders, hould be given time on television and radio to say on socio-economic matters. Slowly, a highly civilized contestant society will begin to exist.

  • A fragile person courageous: Under the umbrella of underworld figures, a fragile person becomes courageous and wastes his time and energy serving them rather concentrating on his and his family’s betterment. In times of riots, many neighbors, save their neighbors from burning their homes, burning people alive, bashing with rods, and rapes. It is a health promotional link activity. An Indian immigrant finds it easier to sleep, play, work, travel, and educate himself in countries like Australia. It is much easier to get the daily routine done more simply and quickly. These countries are peaceful and committed to health and welfare of their citizens. Even the weakest person lives like a King in countries of law and order – Australia.

  • No time to fight other nations: Poverty, unemployment, slums, killing, greed are features of any society. There is still much to do in our region, own institutions, own families, to facilitate the growth and development of all. Why do the Australian Universities have Anti-discrimination Acts? 

  • Direct benefits to the beneficiary: If we do not spend money on providing direct health services to prevent and cure illnesses, it will not improve health. Millions of children and adults live in poverty, misery, and deprivation. Where do we get money from to overcome malnutrition of our people? This mother brings her lunch and does not buy Coffee outside. She knows she has children to look after, because, her colleagues and neighbors have their children the way countries have their citizens. 

  • Fires and graffiti: Many criminals’ lit fires to name it as ‘bushfire’ have everlasting shocking effects on body and mind when a fire destroys their homes, also resulting in deaths of adults and children. It is not health promotion. Graffiti done adds anxiety and distress to the house owners. 

  • Cleanliness: If we allow our citizens to keep our country filthy, diseases like malaria, dengue, and plague will grip society into illnesses and deaths.

  • Reallocations: Some areas, like in Queensland (Australia) are flood prone. People lose a life, and their homes, engineers know. The government must relocate them in other states to save them from known natural catastrophes. When rain floods their houses and towns, that is the time; the town planners can provide solutions to a better town planning. The housing ministry needs to find out reasons why some people sleep outside and arrange to have a roof over them with other necessities of life.

    Some more postulates

  • Do not demoralize yourself listening to others: Sad movies and sad songs make you sad. A negative talk demoralizes you. Do not get into emotional traps of being inferior to anyone. Religious conventions may unduly make you conscious that, you might have done many crimes. In fact, you might be living a good workable life, looking after your family members, taking them to swimming, gymnastics, and music lessons. Many people are at work, police officers, doctors, and road builders when we are asleep. The mouse does her work, and the ant does her work. They cannot trade-in their work.

  • Time: In a highly progressive country like Australia, even music shows are perfectly timed. Ambulances reach well in time. A timely CPR is important. Unemployment has sizeable socio-economic consequences. If you marry late, your partner would also be of your age, with similar health and emotional conditions.

  • Child and mothers' health: A mother’s body needs full recovery, emotional, and health wise before having another child. Also, in the responsibility of taking care of the first child, a couple needs to have a gap of at least two to three years before having another child so that the first child gets proper attention of his/her parents. Timing is important.

  • Do not eat much: In many cultures, people eat morning breakfast like a King, simply, they do not to become weak. In reality, those who eat heavy breakfast might tend to eat more during lunchtime and dinnertime. If we eat a heavy breakfast (especially bread and butter), our body becomes lethargic and exhausted; we might feel taking rest/sleep, even before the start of the day. On Saturdays and Sundays, many of us eat double the amount required, we feel sleepy. Eno Salt and lemon juice are good options to overcome high blood pressure. Drinking fresh milk stops a heartburn.

  • Do not plea to your chemist that you love eating food, and you need something strong to suppress your appetite to reduce weight.

  • Exercise: It builds our muscles, purifies the blood, improves eyesight and breathing, improves complexion, memory, and helps to remain cheerful. A little walk outside or chat with a friend brings you happiness. Several environmental factors linked to urbanization can discourage people from becoming more active, such as fear of violence and crime in outdoor areas, high-density traffic, and low air quality, lack of parks, sidewalks, and sports/recreation facilities. I would like to recommend a textbook by Dona Jones, ‘Workouts for everyone.’ It mentions how to inhale and exhale while doing the exercise.

  • Do not consume cigarettes and alcohol: If a nation produces cigarettes and liquor, people shall face socio-economic, and health consequences of it. If parents drink and smoke, children shall be drinking and smoking. They are not promoting their children’s health. One cigarette is enough to get 4,000 poisons in our body. Alcohol takes our mind away – we cannot think properly resulting in domestic violence, accidents, and other crimes, including known and unknown illnesses. If we grant licenses to sell alcohol and cigarettes, we are mitigating people to consume these undesirables in our regions and countries.

  • Eating meats: WHO warns, eating processed meats like hot dogs, sausages, and bacon can cause colorectal cancer in humans, and red meat is a likely cause of the disease. Any animal, if suffering from cancer or other diseases known and unknown become a source of diseases to humans. The mad cow disease is one of the many examples.

  • Divorce and seperations: Children love both parents; their crying reflects sadness. Seeing their parents together, they remain cheerful. Mothers are their best teachers – they devote time to them. Dad provides them a cushion of emotional support. When parents fight, children become scared of their next violent act and false language. Children, also go through inferiority complexes of being poor. Grant them a better life. Low-paid workers require a higher salary to let them buy necessities of life. Maybe, print more notes to raise the salary of the low-paid workers. Note: Artificial inflation is the result of raising prices artificially.

  • A visit to the Church of Lord and Temple are good activities: If we choose to go to pubs, clubs, and nightclubs, the outcome might be very different.

  • A control is important: It is good to learn any martial art, but it is very important to control your inbuilt courage and anger. We must not use abusive language, even behind the back. It only adds anxiety and anger without reason. People do not count it good personality traits.

    Two more postulates

  • Cats and dogs: The sharing of beds and sofas with dogs, and cats, keeping them in laps, hands on them, and kissing is unhygienic, and causes many animal-related diseases.

  • Shouting and screaming: If you want to stretch your voice beyond your pitch by shouting and screaming, it will worsen your vocal chords, and your voice will become croaky, there is a limit to everything. Conversely, if you sing on someone’s lower pitch, in that case too, your voice suppresses, even if you open your mouth wider. The right pitch is important. If you scream to match the high pitch, you will have headaches, your sinusitis shall close; you see wrinkles around your eyes, your jaws get dislocated with a pain in the mouth. My high pitch is my comfort zone. Many music teachers take it for granted that all sing on the same pitch. It is wrong. People have different voice pitches. My pitch could be different to yours. The voice will come out only when we sing on the right pitch. The right pitch is your natural pitch.

Vigilant steps

Many countries including Australia and England have taken vigilant steps to promote socio-economic development of individuals. Individuals, families, and institutions still have to divert their resources from undesirable production activities to most desirable production activities; facilitating the development of all (including poor which also includes students and children) through good education norms. Parents will have fewer worries when their children become obedient. Their health shall improve. Parents who currently smoke and drink must give up, and must not bring any liquor at home. This way, children will help save lots of money by not spending on liquor because they would know that liquor is not a part of their meal, rather, they would spend on fruit and vegetables to fulfill their needs. 

A society must not destroy itself her existence. The Chinese were first to invent umbrellas for us to protect from rain. People should be using umbrellas to protect from sunburn. It is a case of health promotion.

The destruction activity through wars and riots is opposite to the construction, cultivation, and creative carried out by the human beings. Doctors and nurses try their best to save even one life, but war and riots kill in heaps.

If we need more hospital beds, we give more money to the hospital. Businesses do make more beds, but the hospital does not have the money. The government cannot give them, because, they have no money. So, what we do?

Resource-reallocations – what is important. A better-earning capacity also means expenditure on health and well-being, thereby improving overall physical, social, and mental health status, and, reduced mortality and morbidity.

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