What im gona do

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This is my story

Submitted: November 10, 2017

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Submitted: November 10, 2017



What I am Gonna Do

Have any one of u faced this ever that u engaged in your work or school so much that after passing so much years you suddenly realise that how much your habits or lifestyle has changed. I still remember my first day in school, sorry I almost forgot to tell you that two years back I moved from India to Canada. On my very first day I was writing some notes, suddenly I made some mistake. I asked one girl sitting next to me that does she has a rubber, I didn't know that its a slang for condom. Coz back home we use to call it rubber(maybe because it "rubs" right ?) . For about 2 minutes she couldn't stop staring at me, soon she told every one about my cheesy question, For about two months my every class mate called me an Ejaculator. One of my biggest challenge was mathematics, I hated math. My father was big fan of Mathematics. I started Woking hard on math, my calculation part was week but my equation solving part got stronger and stronger, after about two months, one day I was working on some equations my father came to me and asked some simple random calculative questions I couldn't answer that. He slapped me and I started crying. I was broken, I thought that I worked so hard but I failed in few years I realised one thing that it ain't about on which level u are the thing that only matters is this that how much u improved. Have any one of u ever thought that which is the wealthiest place in the whole world, u must be thinking its Dubai or Germany or any other place but in my mind grave yard is the most wealthiest place in this world, Thousands of ideas talents and unborn inventions died with the people who are in grave yard, The reason can be any thing for example no one pushed them in life maybe no one believed in them or they got distracted by fake things. Most of time u must heard this that every one dies with nothing in his or her hands things like money, fame or body doesn't go with the soul after one is dead. Person who fulfill his dreams or live without any dream or goal dies empty handed. Person who spent his whole life chasing his or her dreams never die empty handed, he dies in restless peace, Uncompleted dreams and memories of hard work go with his soul after death, and we know something is better than nothing.

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