The Forsaken Race 2 - Darker Times

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic


This is still the anime/manga that I want to create. . .

Times are hard for Kita and her new friends. One moon has passed since Corelia downed Thundur in battle, and the beloved spirit-walker is still in her death-like coma. Ever since, things have been strange for all of the Northern Territories. But now it turns into a more sinister situation, with several tribes and informants reporting suspicious activity from the Aubade Sylphs, which is never good news. As if it's not enough to have a war with sylphs, Leiytning and Timbur are also left with guiding others through a war with orcs, mutants, and rampaging beasts. Unbeknownst to the others, there is also a war partaking in the darkest corners of Leiytning's mind, threatening to surface. Will the sylphs prevail, taking Kita and killing the demons? Will another army steal the victory, or fall to extinction? Will an ancient, powerful evil truly be released? As the fight persists, the answers only get more elusive.

"I will be posting this on"

Table of Contents


This is just a description of some of the characters; reading it is optional, it's just there in case you need a reminder of what some of the characters look like.
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Good News

    (Hello, readers!... Read Chapter


    The time was even later than before, now, almost nightfall. When Kita landed on the b... Read Chapter

Chaos Rising

    It was still early in the morning, and the weather seemed like it could bring a modest amount of rain fo... Read Chapter

Set Up For Destruction

    "'Things are only getting darker.'" In distant thought, Savux glared ... Read Chapter

Not Invincible

    "'Forgive me!'" In the storage area of the gargoyle's fortress, Xarin... Read Chapter


          The sky was hardly clearing out. Instead of having a sky crammed ... Read Chapter

Ash and Blood

    The field of lon... Read Chapter

Gone Tomorrow

    In the Aubade Palace, there was a seemingly endless arr... Read Chapter

Dead Or Alive

    Kita watched the portal, waiting patiently for someone to return as she sat in the doorway of her one-ro... Read Chapter

The Runt

    Time seemed to pass slowly, and others started to take on patrols, leaving their beta and leader to reco... Read Chapter

The Winter Hall

    It took well over two hours to reach the ... Read Chapter

Blue To Gray

    Zin's bedroom was regularly messy. It was a well-sized room, but the furniture was de... Read Chapter


    In the Winter Hall, things had just turned sharply for worse. A newcomer had interrup... Read Chapter


  Hello good reader! So, to keep making these books and promote the seri... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


Ah yes, I mean no... Thundur was defeated by that damn Sylph. Well, its a relief to have it that she's safe now. The like side effects tho… If I remember correctly there's a chance that she could be paralyzed or even amnesia and it was still kinda worrisome but...well... I guess its fine atleast she's alive haha. Also, Ziin running away from Nightshade was pretty funny haha.

Oh, what... haha, we're just beginning and there's Kita already under fire by a dragon (see that pun? haha, kill me...). So yeah, I really enjoyed that fight I think it was easy to like... interpret? is that the right word? hhaha. Well I guess you can't scorch, scorch... … … … your welcome. I'm literally one chapter in and I'm dropping puns like an idiot.

OKay yes, I see Timburr still hates Kita hahaa, although yeah, I guess not as much as before which is an improvement, great job Kita! Okay, suspicious activity with the sylphs and fucking mosters randomnly appearing everywhere. Book two doesn't seem to be starting on a good note for them hahaa.

So yeah, It's good to see what these demons have been up to again. I missed them especially the twins and Sayber, Sayber being my favorite. Also especially the runaway sylph hahaha, where's Stud tho, wer's ma doggie. Well, so yeah, I'll be looking forward to what more the second book in this series holds.

Very nice.

Fri, June 29th, 2018 7:09am


Thundur's still unconscious, yeah...but yes, at least she's alive; spinal hits are notorious for being fatal in Zyreans, tho, so maybe we're not out of the woods yet...

XD I actually love the puns! I am one for jokes, cheesy or not.

Aaaaand yeah, suspicious shitz all around. Thundur's unconscious, more monsters, Corelia's possibly plotting...jeez, these pretty 'darker' times, huh? XD (I couldn't resist) Also, Stud has a tendency to...cower? from the demons...

Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

Fri, June 29th, 2018 10:25am

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