The Forsaken Race; Darker Times

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Awkward Moment

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Submitted: November 25, 2017






"Listen to me!" A dark voice commanded. "Bad job, bad job- you do a bad job at ignoring! I know you can hear me."

Still, Leiytning ignored the dark thing behind him, focusing on the vision in the mist of the seeing brew. 

This was nothing out-of-ordinary, sadly, especially recently. Despite its beyond-irritating behavior, this creature wasn't even real. An illusion, or hallucination, of the real thing, which waited in the darkest depths of the twins' shared mind and soul. As such, Leiytning refused to acknowledge its unreal presence, not even looking at it.

The dark thing continued, "Come now, Leiyt. Please don't ignore me again. It's just been so long since we've unleashed the mongrel; I desperately want to, and you surely must want to in secret. So how's just one victim? Hmm...Like a sylph lieutenant? They deserve it."

Leiytning could usually ignore it, but that started to change. It started with just trembling limbs, but then came the strong impulse and migraine, making him grasp his head in pain. 

There was a dark and twisted spark in the depths of his mind, but all of the voices were silent. This was his own subconscious speaking to him. It was not really a voice, though. It was like an instinct that was being overworked. Its savagery did not decrease, tearing at his skull and will despite his resistance.

He thought irately, How is he even doing this?

That time, Shadow Star's raspy voice replied, 'He's in the altar, moronRewiring something, or fiddling with your dark memories. I can't help you now.'

"So fucking helpful, aren't-"

Leiytning was silenced as the burning grew worse. Though he fought it, the pain did not desist once. The instinct got stronger, growing from its place in the darkest depths of the mind. It forced him to his knees as he fought.

Meanwhile, the hallucination of a dark creature slithered closer behind him, hissing its words and flicking its forked tongue.

"That's right. Let it consume you. Become the mongrel you try so hard not to be. When will you realize that you are the parasite?"

After realizing his pendant was gone, there was a spark of panic. Leiytning was struggling to repress the dark thoughts without it. Only flashes of them he could see, but seeing each one was like taking a bullet to the brain.

He sees all of what's been done...But what did it mean? How is it good or bad, and who is to judge whether or not it is, and how is he to know when even he can't decide for himself? Did it even matter, anymore? Did anyone care? The thoughts; they were maddening, and yet he found some sense to them. At the same time, he cringed and lied that they held no meaning at all.

"Stop it," Leiytning growled, his hands trembling as he sank the ends of his claws into his skull, just trying to stop the burning and prevent himself from seeing this hell. Only when he heard a twisted laugh did he realize that they were all just memories.

This fact changed it. All memories were linked, good and bad alike. All were connected by certain details. When Leiytning kept the 'linked' effect in mind, it began working. He slowly recovered, eventually finding himself glaring at the hallucination. Though this version of the Hysteric wasn't real, it was just as irritating to see.

After taking a moment to recollect himself, Leiytning retorted to the beast's taunts, "Go away. You're the parasite, here."

"Eh? Heh heh...ehehehe...HAH! HAHAH!" The hallucination laughed. "I am! Wait, I, I never was one for details. I have one point, Leiyt."

The hallucination slithered forward. The once-translucent figure suddenly jerked and its dark vessel looked more real. A dark hand suddenly grasped Leiytning by the hair, pulling so that two burning red eyes met one lifeless blue eye. The Hysteric spoke with a voice of darkness and slight humor.

"Just as your bad memories are linked to the good, you and I are linked by fate, my creations, and the piece of your soul I replaced with myself. The same goes for sweet little Thundur. Don't you see? Deny it all you like, but in a way, I am you. So take a look at yourself before judging me so harshly, heh..." He started to laugh hysterically. "HAH! Yes, yes, we are all bound together by the threads of your insanity, until the day you either break or hit the floor. Whatever comes first, preferably you breaking, then my work won't be in vain. So now who's the-"

The voice cut out. Leiytning shoved the beast back, and its vessel became translucent again.

"You'll never see me break," he spat. "If I go down, then you're going back to the Ruin, and without mine and Thundur's soul. Maybe I'd be an easy target, but if you so much as look at Thundur in the wrong way when the time comes, I'll find a way to drag you through an even worse hell. Now shut the fuck up and go back to your prison."

With that, the hallucination unwillingly dissipated, and the creature's voice grew silent. Leiytning was left alone. However, the evidence of what had happened was still there. 

He was not anymore appeased when seeing that his left hand was holding the silver dagger with an unsteady hand. He quickly regained control of himself and sheathed the weapon.

"It's getting worse..." he muttered, then stood once more. Shadow Star also began to make a report on the beast's status.

'He's back in the Death Realm, but close to your spirit altar. I can manage him for now, but how long it will be before he escapes again is unknown. The damn snake is hard to detect until last moment.'

What about the seal?

'The seal is still up, but damaged. Nothing urgent as you know, as I doubt you'll be faced with an outburst anytime soon, though I still may need your help with reinforcing it again.'

"Damn," Leiytning muttered. "But how-"

Suddenly, though, the voices went silent as a foreign voice broke through the atmosphere. One that made Leiytning cringe.

"Leiytie, my dear!"

Though he did not have one, Leiytning's stomach churned at the sound. This was (figuratively speaking) as bad as dealing with the demon, even though the others found it great. To himself, he thought about how much he'd prefer to talk with a hallucination than to talk to this agent, who was only hired because of Thundur.

"Of all the times for me to deal with this." 

Leiytning turned around just in time to stop an elf from tackling him, via one punch to the chest. It was a Frost elf; a pale, blue-eyed elf. He wore a blue shirt, white pants, and a white tailcoat that was studded with sapphires, and the noble elf was obviously a bit femmy. He seemed dazed from the hit.

It didn't take long for a demon patrol to follow the elf inside. The group consisted of Timbur, Zin, Jem, and Kita, none of which seemed very appeased to see the strange intruder. Also with them, seemingly a companion of the elf, was a blue-eyed she-wolf. That is, a real wolf, not a demon.

Timbur looked least happy, and was first to explain, "This one just barged into the Raven's Cavern, saying that he needed to speak with you. He also said it in a very disturbing way, as usual."

The elf chuckled, his voice eccentric. "Prominent display of true emotion is hardly disturbing! Granted, you aren't the only ones who complain, but how can I help it?!"

"Do you know him?" Kita asked the leader. "Please say no..."

Leiytning responded, "Unfortunately, he is an agent, therefore an ally. Now what do you want, Algus?"

"I bring very troubling and dreadful news with me," Algus sadly explained. "But first, I'm sure that Lady Thundur would like to hear this. Would you-"

"Thundur's not here," Leiytning impatiently spoke. "Just say what you have to say and get this over with."

"Of course," Algus charmingly replied, then went on to tell a tragic tale with fitting gestures and tones. "Tragedy has beseeched the poor Winter Demons!" He pointed to the wolf. "Rogue and I were simply taking our usual stroll through the crystal chambers, while I was daydreaming, don't ask about what...But then we were met with a most dreadful scene! An Aubade patrol, fifteen or so in number, was threatening to kill us. After just having attacked our neighbors, can you believe that they have the audacity to threaten me in such a way?!"

"You're sure that the sylphs attacked them?" Leiytning interrogated.

"Positive," Algus responded. "The sylph lieutenant, some blonde fellow, was carrying the crown of the Winter beta, which, as you may know, sylphs will do to mark their victory against battles of higher-ranked beings." He spoke with an agonized tone, "Death has claimed the life of Dinragen, and who knows how many innocent souls were caught in the crossfire. More importantly, who could be next?!"

Timbur spoke more to himself, "Why the Winter Demons? They don't really have anything of value."

Algus responded, but Leiytning was not listening.

They go from the Kaens, to the Aquarus, and now the Winters? Then there was the trade with the Storms, harpies, and Petrifs. And finally, the Equus's attack against the Leo Ghouls. There's no direct connection between them; it's just a bunch of outer-race chaos. What's Corelia's ulterior motive? I still don't get it...

"This is why I fear for you, my friends!" Algus preached. "Those Aubades are up to no good, I just know it! What other reason would Corelia have for doing this if not to destroy her main enemy?"

"Is this all you know?" Asked Kita, curious about the attack.

"I'm afraid-" Algus seemed startled when he saw Kita.

"What's an Aubade doing here?!" He cried, clinging to Leiytning.

"Get off me, homo!" Leiytning irately snapped, shoving Algus away, which made him fall in the process. Kita had to hide her laughing, while Jem and Zin weren't as subtle. Rejection only made Algus smirk, though.

"So fiery, he is," Algus spoke, getting from the ground to his knees. "I love it! That cold, dark eye glares at me with such hate, but it only makes me want more!"

Leiytning looked appalled by this. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Zin spoke deviously, "Look but don't touch, Algus."

Timbur, unamused, only muttered, "That's disgusting. Algus, shouldn't you plot on someone who's an elf?"

Jem muttered, "And not at least six-hundred seasons older than you?"

Algus looked insulted. "I do. It's just that I love a man with-"

"Go away," Leiytning interfered, with a disapproving expression. "And please don't say anything else unless relevant to the Aubade problem."

"The throes of rejection; nothing I am unfamiliar with," Algus murmured, then sighed. Meanwhile, the she-wolf growled and barked.

"Hush, Rogue!" Algus quickly commanded. he then cleared his throat and continued, "Anyways, it seems like my company is no longer wanted here. With that, I'm afraid that I must leave, dearest Leiyt! Do alert me if something new happens, though. Good day, all!"

That being said, Algus and Rogue both left the Hex Den as dramatically as they came. Zin was still laughing, Jem snickering under her breath, and Leiytning still completely horrified (or irritated, as no one could really tell).

"Someone shut him up," Leiytning impatiently spoke. 

Timbur immediately punched Zin in the shoulder, silencing his annoying brother with a quickness. with that out of the way, Kita spoke up and asked the question on her mind.

"Leiytning, who are the Winter Demons?"

"Another tribe of demons that live near Glacial Summit," Leiytning answered. "More accurately, they live under Glacial Summit."

"Are we friendly toward them?" Kita inquired. "Or are they aggressive?"

"I wouldn't say we're allys, no," Leiytning explained. "Nor aggressive, for that matter. I suppose you could call it a demonic 'pact' that prevents us from attacking each other; almost all demons know better not to fight each other because none come with a very high population. A matter of 'no troops to spare,' you could say."

Jem went on to remark, "Ally or not, how do you plan to handle this? Should we begin plotting an attack on the Aubades?"

"Not yet," Leiytning responded. "It would be too risky to attack them at a time like this. We have no idea what Corelia's been up to, and oblivion knows what power she's drawn from these attacks and trades. If one creation, minor enough to be built without our notice, had downed Thundur in battle, then I've no doubt that she could be capable of making something equally catastrophic."

"Speaking of which, why hasn't she been using her new weapon?" Asked Timbur. 

"It's likely that most recently used weapon was still in the experimental stages," said Leiytning. "Some of the enchantments might've been temporary, or they simply wore off after such an intense fight."

Zin's smirk reflected childlike thinking. "Then we can just ignore this all? Because I really like that plan."

"Idiot," Leiytning muttered. "We won't do nothing, lest things only worsen. To start, the Winters might've found something useful, so we should try interrogating Dramega."

"Who's that?" Asked Jem.

"The Winter Leader," Leiytning answered. "Timbur, you'll be coming with me. The rest of you will stay, with Seyber to manage patrols and such."

Timbur obediently replied, "Very well, Lei-"

"Before that, however," Leiytning interfered. "You could perhaps explain why the essence of pardixes came through this last seeing brew?"

Annoyed, Timbur sighed. "They got out again?"

"They're in the forest," Leiytning answered. "Get them out, then come back here." His tone turned more strict. "And this is your last warning. The next time they escape, I'll see how well you and your pets can do in a fight against Echo."

Timbur shuddered at the thought, then quickly shifted into wolf form and hurriedly fled the Hex Den. This made sense not just because of his obedience, but despite refusing to treat Echo as a threat or beast, it was not uncommon for Leiytning to follow through with that threat half the time. 

As Timbur fled, Zin whispered something to Jem, then the two of them also left the Hex Den. Kita figured that they would get Scorch, and the three would begin to raise hell with the leader gone. Either that, or it would just be Zin and Jem going to pull some form of prank on Scorch.

With the other three gone, leaving just her and Leiytning, Kita started thinking to herself.

An open time frame. I wonder if I should ask him...No, now's not a good time. I'll wait.

She cringed when Leiytning spoke, "Pardon my overhearing that, but you do sound confused about something. For the record, there's not going to be a good time to talk freely anytime soon. I'd recommend getting it out while you can."

Kita groaned. "Can you please stop reading my mind?"

"Sorry, but I really can't help it," Leiytning replied. "It's as if you speak aloud, sometimes; whether intended for one to hear or not, you still do. Just thank Thundur; it's her curse which allows it. Just try not to think so openly."

"Right," Kita muttered.

Leiytning continued, "With that aside, did you want to ask me something?"

Kita sighed, not knowing if she should or shouldn't talk about it.

After no response, Leiytning simply grunted and went with the most likely problem. "Another vision?"

This time, Kita gave a nod of assent. "It was the one that I've had the most often; three times, by now. All I usually see is a burning glade and that weird reaper-like thing I told you about. Only this time, when I saw it, the reaper said strange things. It said that my logic for loyalty was 'scattered,' and that I needed to stay focused." She looked annoyed by one thought. "Still, it doesn't explain why I kept ending up in-"

Purposefully stopping herself, Kita refrained from mentioning where she had been. She was not sure how any Zyrean, much less the leader would react to the reference. 

Leiytning crossed his arms, acknowledging this silence. "You're hesitant. 'Hesitant' only means you'll say it later."

That made Kita laugh a bit. "So that's where Seyber got it from." When brought back to the subject, though, she spoke more solemn. "Anyways, after I looked around the glade, I realized that was the result of the Extinction Battle."

Leiytning was definitely surprised by this, though hardly showed it. "Before jumping to conclusions, how do you know it was the Extinction Battle?"

"The reaper told me," Kita explained. "That, and I saw the evidence. There were corpses of several Zyreans and Aubades, with no living one in sight. It crossed my mind that only one battle could've been that brutal." She secretly shunned herself for asking, "What happened there?"

Leiytning didn't seem hesitant to explain, though. "Sybil used a certain spell that caused all Zyrean blood to boil, and burn the creature alive from the inside out. It was an evil curse that was lost ages before, but Sybil was persistent, found it again and attacked on the one night of four seasons it could be used. Now that Sybil is dead, however, the tome containing the spell has become lost again, possibly destroyed." He muttered, "Thank afterworld for that."

"What a horrible way to die..." Kita murmured, cringing at the thought. Then, something clicked in her mind, and she had to ask, "How did you survive, though?"

"Because of the one thing our previous bastard-of-a-leader was ever useful for," Leiytning replied. "Before dying seconds later, Shadow Star countered the spell with the last of his magic so that only 'those with the blood of ancient leaders' could survive."

Kita nodded, then continued, "Also, about the dreams, there's something else. The reaper said that the answers to most of my questions would come later. There was this one question, though. When I asked it, the reaper said it would be answered in due time. I was hoping that 'in due time' meant sooner than later. That's why I wanted to come to you."

"I'm listening," Leiytning replied, prompting her to continue.

"It's just that I still don't know why I'm getting these visions," Kita answered. "I don't know what makes me different from other Aubades; why this couldn't have happened to someone else. There's that, and who this 'reaper' really is. I'll understand if you don't have answers, but I just really want to know. It's starting to make me nervous, and I don't even know if that's the right reaction or not."

As if thinking, Leiytning remained silent for a moment. Kita was encouraged to see that he was about to speak, but that changed after they were interrupted. It seemed Timbur had already returned to the Hex Den. The wolf-demon took his place by the entrance tunnel, waiting for his master's command to leave. This time, Leiytning spoke with a slightly dismissive tone.

"Enough for now. We can discuss this later, if there's time. Just note that this is nothing urgent, so don't look too far into it, at least for now."

He was already starting to leave, but still, Kita pressed for information. "But do you know what any of this means?"

"I have my suspicions, as well as Thundur's theories, but no confirmations. Just try not to worry. I can assure you that none of this is dangerous, nor will it lead to danger. There's nothing to be afraid of."

"Alright," Kita warily spoke. "I'll take your word for it."

Timbur interfered, "Do that, but also get out."

"Can I wait for Seyber, actually?" Kita inquired.

It looked like Timbur was going to argue, but a glare from Leiytning made him stop and spit the word 'fine.' With that, Kita watched as Leiytning shifted to wolf form, and the two both headed off. She took a moment to recollect the thoughts of her troubled mind, simply gazing beyond the roof of the room.

So many dreams, so many warnings, but of what? What's going to happen? Although...the vision of the Extinction Battle is a reminiscence, because it already happened. Does that make all of the ones I've seen reminiscences? What about the one black dream?

That's what Kita called the dream where she ended up crying someone's name, while stuck in the dark. There was nothing but black, where whoever she was calling to had become lost in. It still confused her about who she was calling. Whoever it was, she wanted to reach him/her desperately. All Kita remembered was crying the name until her voice was gone, and her lungs were begging for air. Even so, there was never a response. Just blackness, which she had the feeling came somewhere from her own past. After all, at least one part of these had to be like a normal dream.

Is there a meaning to this? What am I not seeing?

"What are you doing in here?"

Kita flinched upon hearing the voice, but was quickly reassured when seeing it was just Seyber. Scorch followed behind. The fact that his hair and clothes were wet meant that Kita's second suspicion, from earlier, was the right one. A childlike will, plus mischief, plus water magic would equal someone getting pranked (and wet).

At first, Kita was going to talk with Seyber about the questions and dreams, and see if she could get any answers through her. However, she changed her mind after so much thinking.

She finally responded to Seyber's remark, "I followed the others inside. I was going to ask you something, but nevermind."

"You're sure?" Asked Seyber. When Kita gave a nod in response, she continued. "Alright, then. Do you happen to know where Leiytning went?"

"Yeah," Kita answered. "Another informant stopped by and reported a sylph attack. Leiytning and Timbur went to inspect it."

The thought made Scorch sigh. "Another Aubade attack, eh? Damn sylphs can't just stay in their hellhole and shut up, can they?"

"Only in a perfect world," Seyber muttered.

"Which agent reported this?" Scorch then gained a suspicious tone. "It better not be that damn goblin..."

Seyber gained an unamused look. "I've told you that Griffon's not a threat."

Scorch sneered, "I know that much for sure. He just gives me the creeps. Little bastard's scary-looking."

"It wasn't Griffon," Kita interfered. "It was some elf named Algus, and his wolf-dog, Rogue."

Seyber immediately began laughing. "Aw, I missed it?! Leiytning's reaction to Algus is always hilarious! That femmy elf makes things so awkward."

"Trust me, I can see that now," Kita remarked.

Scorch remarked, "If he keeps doing what he's been trying to do, then that elf is going to get himself killed. Anyways, Kita, where did the latest attack happen?"

"Glacial Summit," Kita answered. "A posse of sylphs attacked the Winter demons, and killed their beta."

Seyber looked melancholy, now, clearly not liking the thought. "What a shame. I actually liked Dinragen."

Scorch looked confused. "Strange. Why the Winter Demons?"






"Your majesty?"

Corelia broke from her thoughts after hearing one lieutenant's inquisitive voice. After doing a quick check of its condition, she sheathed her enchanted blade to her side. She was wearing her silver armor with violet shoulder-pieces. The Aubade Emblem was painted on its front, in the same purple color.

Here we go again.

Determination lighting her eyes, Corelia turned back to face the others in the palace's throne room. There were two groups, here. Several sergeants and three lieutenants. Two of the lieutenants led the larger group, Chiro and a dark-haired one, then a red-haired female was leading the other smaller group.

Corelia took a deep breath. "Alright, brace yourselves. Chiro, Itaro, go back to target-nine's territory and see if you can get them while down. Ryoki, you remember the plan for our mission?"

"Yes, your majesty," the red-haired lieutenant spoke. "Though I don't see what you intend to get out of this..."

Corelia looked taken back upon thinking about the reason behind this. She continued with a solemn tone, "As you know, we discovered the horrible truth. The Storm Twins are still alive somehow, but I highly doubt my attack did nothing. They're still weak, I can feel it, and after Chiro's recent suggestion, I've got another idea. These dark times must be hard for them. Enough so I can step in."

Chiro grumbled, "Damn twins don't die easy, do they? This is all to destroy them, though?"

"Yes," Corelia answered. "I hit Thundur in the spine; if she's not dead, then there's only one other possibility. When taking in account Zyrean anatomy, her known statistics, and blood twin effect, I've come to believe that my attack only made her comatose."

The red-haired lieutenant remarked, "This works with rumors. I was asking around, and others say they've seen much from Leiytning and his apprentice in these past weeks, but there's nothing about Thundur. Like she disappeared from the battlefield, and for a long time to be recovering from something minor."

Corelia nodded. "As such, we'll use her weakness to our advantage."

"How?" Asked the red-haired lieutenant.

"Remember that special spell I traded the five summoning swords for?" Asked Corelia.

Chiro laughed, crossing his arms. "So that's why you got it. I was wondering why you'd trade such powerful items for a mere scroll."

"Mm-hm," Corelia responded. "While Thundur's not the immediate target, she'll play a role in this. She is half of one soul, and certain damage to her causes a domino effect on the other half." She chuckled a bit. "See, the old dog won't go down without biting, so we'll just have to target the weakness he'll eventually leave unprotected. Once we have him in the trap, he'll go down much easier. For good, this time."

"How would you administer the spell, though?" Chiro inquired. "'Old dog' is still defensive; I doubt Thundur's in an area we have access to, much less an area we know exists."

"You'll see when it's over," said Corelia. "I have my ways."

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