The Forsaken Race; Darker Times

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Sadist

Submitted: November 28, 2017

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Submitted: November 28, 2017






In the room of the Twin's Eye, Thundur continued to lay in her coma. Not one sound came from the room. Even Nightshade had joined in on the solemn mood, coiled next to Thundur as if waiting for her to awaken. For a while, it seemed like they were alone.

However, this isolation did not last long. 

Not much later, a translucent figure had manifested itself nearby. Shrouded in dark robes and a mask, there was no way of defining so much as its race or gender. The mystery being approached Thundur, a strange calmness in its aura. As it spoke, its words became muffled by the mask.

"Listen well, Thundur, I know you can hear me. That was foolish of you; no matter what the scenario may be, you were so desperate that you condemned yourself to the Death Realm, which is a very dangerous thing to do. Whether it's connected to your spirit or not, it's still a form of Hell. Wandering so deeply still means searching for one small temple in an ocean of nothingness, and you could easily get lost and drown in it." 

The sound of its sigh was annoying, and it started pacing impatiently.

"There's no turning back now, though, and things have gotten more urgent," it muttered. "Now you have to escape." It stopped pacing. "More importantly, you're almost there. Somehow, you made it to your altar. All you have to do is escape the labyrinth that your twisted memories have created. The altar corresponds to the mind; stay focused, and block out any taunts or trauma, and the labyrinth will shrink. You need to get back to the real world, fast. Your siblings are in grave danger. A rogue stands among them, now, and dangerous forces are being meddled with. That's why you must go. You are the only one who can stop this upcoming weapon. You are the only one who knows how it must be used, and how to use it at all-"

"What are you doing here?"

Undeterred, the spirit glanced over its shoulder. It seemed that a monstrous spirit had manifested, once known in life as 'Shadow Star.' Still, the new mystery spirit was not at all intimidated by him. Not by his words or his appearance. Instead, it spoke to him with a taunting tone.

"Still lodging in the Death Realm, I see. I wonder if you're still a coward or really are 'just trying to help.' I know only one is believable."

"Say what you like," Shadow Star growled. "It doesn't change the fact that I told you to stay away. I warned you that your presence is a threat."

"I've no need for a reminder, ancient one," the spirit responded. "I know what I do and what I am. But what choice do I have? The others are in trouble. You see what's happening, right?"

"Yes, I saw," Shadow Star responded. 

The spirit looked back to Thundur. "The twins have been separated for long enough. Only by awakening the other half of one soul can they fight what lies ahead. The problem is that Thundur is trapped inside her own mind, in the memories that she tries so hard to forget. If we want the others to survive, then she needs to escape. But if she couldn't escape then, things won't change if she refuses to get back to reality."

Shadow Star merely released an irritated sigh as a response. "Be that as it may, you will be the opposite of help. Now go away. Go before you cause more trouble, -"

"Don't say it," the spirit warned. "That name is bad luck. Anyways, I will leave. But first, I want you to make yourself useful for once in your worthless afterlife. So swear that you won't let her give up yet. Help guide her out of this trance, and don't be lazy. Do what you can for Leiytning, too."

"There's no avoiding it, is there?" Shadow Star grumbled.

"No," the spirit replied. "I used my power to see if I could find a way around it, but this point in fate is one that cannot be avoided. The seal within their mind, what prevents the outbursts, was damaged and continued to break, and Leiytning has lost the pendant and much of his mental strength. Almost as if the power was sapped out of him. In other words, there is no way around it. The only thing we can do is hope and pray that Thundur wakes in time for minor-to-no damage to be done."

"Perhaps I underestimated the importance of the seal," Shadow Star muttered.

"Save that regret for another time," the spirit continued. "Right now, do what little you can to help them. Hold off Kasan and draw Thundur back."

"I will," Shadow Star responded. "But what of the side-effects of the spinal hit? She cannot do much while paralyzed or amnesiac."

"Those assumptions are foolish. The wound is not deep enough for paralysis. Amnesia is a problem, but with memories as strong as hers, it would take mere seconds to recover."

"Then...That's all. Now go."

That being said, the spirit faded until it was completely gone. Shadow Star was about to return to his own place in the Death Realm, but then saw something that he did not expect.

For the first time in over a month, Thundur's hand flinched.






Zin smirked slyly as he dangled the pendant in his hand, while Leiytning's only response was a glare of cold hate. The symbol on the black stone glowed with a faint light, but the light was pulsating, like it had a heartbeat. This was not natural at all. The faint magic in this pendant would only be usable in the mind or spiritual plane, not the Physical Realm. Even then, it would surely not be strong enough to manifest, either.

"I had the feeling you wouldn't like me for taking this," Zin spoke. "You've been using it all wrong, by the way. It's not just any weird item you keep, is it? This is some kind of charm or cursed object that gives you a kind of strength. That stupid enchantment must be only for psychopaths, because it was worthless to me. That's why I gave it something better. It's filled with a special magic. To be precise, it's actually your magic; drained through Thundur's vessel, and trapped in this little thing."

Leiytning looked unamused. "Coward. You can't even use your own strength; you had to steal from the only one who can't defend herself, and then use it against the rest of us. It's as pathetic as it is cruel."

"I'm not using it against them," Zin argued. "Just you. And I don't plan to fight you, in particular."

"Then what's the point of preaching all this nonsense like a Rogue leader?"

Zin's tone turned darker. He growled, "I want to prove it. To prove that you're not the saint or savior that everyone sees you as. You're not the perfect leader that will save them. You're just a monster."

Leiytning sneered, "When have I or anyone ever said I'm perfect? And 'saint'? Far from it. You're talking to the wrong person about being a monster, though. Beast, sadist, demon; partly, but not a total monster. Not yet."

"After my research, I finally understand what that means. No, I'm not talking to the wrong person, I'm just talking to the wrong version. And I'm sure your demon would love it if I helped..."

With that, a twisted laugh echoed in Leiytning's head, and a very dark thought began growing in the back of his mind. Leiytning was familiar with this, though. It was an impulsive combination of twisted emotions and primitive instinct, with a hint of an evil demon's dark magic.

"You wouldn't," Leiytning growled. "Unleash him or anything he's created, and you'll put us all in danger. You said yourself that you didn't want to hurt the others, but that's exactly what he'll do."

"What's he talking about?" Kita confusedly murmured.

Seyber looked stunned and terrified. "Z-Zin, if there's a shred of common sense left in you..." she gulped. "Then you'll give that charm back to Leiytning and submit. Now."

Zin ignored his sister, donning the pendant again as he taunted, "That's how you'll die, Leiyt. And don't worry; who knows? Maybe you'll escape your deserved fate of Oblivion and end up in a better spirit realm." He then looked unconvinced. "But, then again, you're already too far gone. No, someone like you belongs in Oblivion. The real you was gone countless ages ago, before even the Extinction Battle. "

"What the hell would you know about any of that, exactly?" Leiytning retorted.

"I can remember what my real brother was like," Zin replied. "But now? You're not even close to what you once were." He seemed more melancholy upon thinking of this. "Now, you're just a murderer; there's no way around it, sadly. Just a damnable sadist."

The darkness within Leiytning began to grow. "Shut it. The demon is bad enough on his own, neither of us need your help."

Seyber clutched her daggers tight, ready to fight, but the 'retreat' command still ran through her head. She knew that interfering with this fight could be bad, but was on the brink of breaking it. Jem and Kita were too confused and unnerved to do anything, Timbur and Scorch were unconscious, leaving no one else willing to help.

To their discontent, Zin only continued to taunt. "Storytime, everyone, which is also the key to playing a little 'summoning' game. See, during one specific age, Leiytning went through something in which no words can describe how gruesome it was."

The mark on the pendant glowed brighter, making Leiytning grimace. Inside, the demon's words were making his ears bleed, and tearing at his thoughts. It was a simple but troublesome problem; his mind was weakened without Thundur, without any magic, and without the enchanted pendant.

Zin was vexed when in the matter of a heartbeat, Leiytning had unsheathed his spear and attacked. He had no time to realize that he was going to be hit in the gut with the blunt end, making him wheeze and sending him back a few steps. 

Grunting with anger, Zin quickly countered and shot a beam of water magic at Leiytning only for it to miss by a long shot, and Zin hardly avoided another attack. As Zin blocked the next attack, though, the strength forced him to his knees. Leiytning did not lighten up on the spear, intent on reaching his target; Zin's throat.

Zin, intent on finishing the job, continued to taunt, "Just like before, huh? Then you should know that this is hopeless. No one cares how much you struggle or fight. In the end, it accounts for nothing. More blood, more pain..." He laughed a bit. "And one less eye. Why don't you ever stop if it doesn't change?"

"I'm not one for submission," Leiytning responded, his words laced with harshness. Zin began to panic when he felt himself become stunned from a knee to the gut, then thrown back. 

However, an intense migraine-like pain stopped Leiytning from going any further. It was like the dark voice was made of razors, shredding his skull, and making him see things that made his skin crawled. He sank the ends of his claws into his temples, trying to make it stop.

"No..." Seyber murmured, worried when seeing his hurting. "It's not real, Leiyt, fight it off!"

"What isn't?" Kita asked, but was afraid of finding out. Nobody answered her, anyways.

While everyone else was oblivious to what was happening, Leiytning could barely make out the words to what the dark voice was screaming at him.

'He's right. Just submit, already.'

The pain slightly receded as Shadow Star spoke, 'The damn snake's in the altar again. You must-'

Things got worse as the dark voice only spoke louder. 'I've grown bored of you, Shadow Star. You're getting in my way!'

Shredding turned to bludgeon; Leiytning grimaced and grasped his head in pain, his hands shaking from the strain of trying to fight it off. Whatever fight was going on in his own mind, then, it was taking a heavy toll.

Meanwhile, the pendant's mark glowed brighter. Zin's use of words and the charm's magic were both doing their work of twisting thoughts and distorting senses. Restraints on his demons withered away, as did Leiytning's own self-control. The words 'murderer' and 'sadist' were stuck on replay. Each time it ended, this sickening instinct grew. It was consuming him, and his strength of mind was deteriorating further.

Do something, you worthless maggot, I can't keep this up!

Annoyed, Shadow Star retorted, 'I'm trying to help, you ungrateful moron, you're not giving me much power to work with. In fact, you have to fight it yourself. Stop being worthless and control yourself, you stupid sadist! If you permanently break, then so does Thundur!'

The dark voice only laughed loudly, making Leiytning's ears almost bleed, and it continued to growl and taunt.

"Don't...say it," Leiytning growled. His eye was twitching, and his limbs were shaking. Who he was talking to was unknown to those in the real world.

Zin had no mercy. He continued to speak the weaponized words, "Not all of you-"

Suddenly, Zin took a sharp breath and drew his swod up. This blocked a surprise attack, coming from the side. After Seyber's failed dagger-attack, he kicked her hard enough to send her flying back. She landed with a 'thud,' dazed but not damaged much.

"Bastard," Leiytning spat. 

Zin ignored it and continued, "Not all of you came back. You were so vulnerable during that time that you let the demon take you, and now you're hardly recognizable as that warrior you once were. So it really was all your fault; don't blame the demon when you were the one who submitted, you let it twist your soul to no end, and you are the murderous psychopath in any scenario."

"What can I..." Kita scaredly murmured. Though she desperately wanted to help, she could not find a way to. She hardly understood what was happening at all, with why Leiytning looked like he couldn't control his own mind, what Zin's words meant, and the constant reference to a 'demon' that clearly wasn't describing any Zyrean.

"It's not true," Leiytning snapped, raising his spear once more. "They're all lies, just like what you're saying."

"You're already gone," Zin continued, taking a few steps forward. "So submit. Use it, you old fool, unleash what you've been trying to repress. More power, more resilience, more speed, NO pain; what the hell is the downside of this?!"

"No restraint..." Leiytning growled. After another burning migraine, he couldn't take it, though. He dropped his spear, eyes cast down as his breaths became strained, and his limbs shook violently.

Zin approached with a dark look, holding the tip of the sword to his throat. Leiytning flinched, making Zin feel somewhat unsure, but then he saw something that made him smirk. This erased all doubt from his mind, and he chimed on with confidence that the others would understand.

"This is what our leader is, everyone! A twisted, corrupt, confused being. No one knows what the hell he is. It's something built in primal instinct, fueled by the dark emotions that brought pure insanity. All it took was a Hysteric's binding agents, and this happened. Sadly, this is also all that's left. No sense of care or mercy whatsoever, just evil left."

Zin flipped his sword in hand, ready to shove it into the so-called leader's neck.

"Zin, don't!" Seyber cried, bracing to rush forward again.

As Zin was about to shove his sword through Leiytning's neck, reflexes faster than light itself stopped him. There was one sign that marked a reason to panic. 

The sword was being held back by a familiar, silver ritual dagger. Naturally, this is what Zin was expecting.

"No...restraint...No hesitation."

Faster than Zin could blink, his sword was shoved aside, and the dagger was hurtling toward him. He hardly evaded the attack.

A chill ran down his spine as he saw what stood before him, as in seconds, this demon had become twisted. Though Zin was expecting to see it this entire time, it still unnerved him. And for good reason.

This thing was unclassifiable. Countless cryptic marks covered its body, except for the left half of the face, glowing so that they could be seen even through its clothes and on prosthetics. One eye was dilated to an unnatural extent, two small white rings looking like unnerving irises. Its left eye showed an empty, maimed socket of blackness, dripping with a black ooze. Its claws were curved, black, and much sharper than any other demon's. The fingertips were rotted and black to match. He bore a twisted fang-filled smile, inhumanly wide and also dripping with a black substance. Though this vessel was Leiytning's all the same, it was now cringe-worthy and nightmarish.

The thing let out an unnerving laugh, and its voice was sinister and demonized. "Miss me, Zin?"

Zin continued with his argument, aiming a sword at the beast.

"All of you, look at this! This is not a Hysteric demon. This is not some random possession. This is your leader! This is all that's left! A long time ago, we did have an honorable brother. He's dead, though. This is all that's left of him; a thing that's bent beyond recognition." He glared hatefully at the beast. "Of course, you all know this thing by a more common name. As the 'sadist' that everyone talks about. This thing is a Hysteric's creation of bad memories and killing instinct. It's nothing but a corrupted killer."

"That's a rude introduction. You'll convince others to think I'm bad." He would sometimes punctuate his sentences with a nervous laugh, or the unsettling flick of a dark tongue. "Really, the 'killer' part is a bit much. I'm not a murderer- I don't do what I do for death, fool."

"And you know what that means?" Asked Zin. "He's not just a murderer, he's worse! A living weapon! Like he and his twin have said several times, 'there are fates far worse than death.'"

"Would you like a demonstration? Why not take a limb..." This crazed version of Leiytning began laughing in a sinister way. "No, why stop there? Why not a few limbs? And maybe an eye, while we're at it? Less is NOT always more! No, never, not in this situation."

Zin shuddered, muttering, "Creepier than I remember...This is your true form, though, looking just as I recall. Just as disgusting."

After a single blink, Zin took a sharp breath of fright when he lost sight of the thing. He slowly backed away, clutching his sword tight and glancing at the others to see if they knew. However, seconds later, he stopped dead in his tracks as he felt empty breaths against his neck.

"Don't tell me you're already scared, now," it spoke from behind. "The fun's just begun, see. You wouldn't want to give up already. No, then you won't last long at all...And if you can't even last five minutes, how will you last five moons?"

Zin felt a sharp claw run down his spine. This made him immediately turn around, ready to decapitate something, but the beast was gone. There was unnerving laughter to mark that it was still here, though.

As everyone fought, Jem was still trying to pice the points together and figure out what was happening. Not only did she not know what this meant, but she was only half-listening the whole time.

She murmured, "What happened to him?"

She didn't get much time to think about it, though. As her hand had been on his shoulder, she suddenly felt Scorch jerk awake, coughing up some water he swallowed on accident. Jem checked him for injuries, but couldn't make any diagnosis.

"Scorch, are you-"

"And now ginger's awake, how lovely!"

Jem flinched, looking above her. The evil version of Leiytning was sitting on the shrine, his legs crossed as he ran one claw against the edge of the silver dagger's blade.

"Fire elements are ironically sensitive," he continued. "Unstable, though not in my way. I should know from experimentation." He laughed at the thought. "Yes, good times, yes, better days...Days not spent through upside-down vision and constantly-spewed lies."

Scorch pulled himself back some. "What the hell is that thing? It-" He suddenly looked stricken. "Wait, It looks like...It can't be...Is that thing Leiytning?!"

Jem sighed, "I don't know. Zin started talking crazier, and Leiyt turned into that."

"Correction!" The beast chimed. "No one turned, no. It's not like I'm some spirit or demon- er, well, not an ethereal demon. My point is I am this 'Leiytning' you speak of, but I lost that name long ago! They call me sadist, yes, everyone, including sister." The concept made him shudder, looking around in an unnerved way. He muttered, "And sister's not here, no, not- I'm alone, and they won't stop screaming at me!"

Zin stepped forth, pointing his sword at the sadist. "See it now? I wasn't lying to you. This is our leader, our brother, whatever you thought he was beforehand."

"Liar!" Jem spat.

The sadist tilted his head, bringing one claw to his mouth as he chuckled. "Problem, sweetheart?"

Scorch spoke with caution, afraid of provoking someone, "Leiytning, I don't know what's gotten into you. Just answer me this one question, alright? What are you trying to do, right now?"

For a moment, the sadist stopped. His smile faded, and his facial ticks, once hardly noticeable, became more prominent. He muttered something inaudible.

"Can I say without sister around- what can I- What do I do? What do I- I don't know...anything..."

"What the..." Jem murmured.


Something within Leiytning snapped loudly as he jerked and convulsed, falling back on the flattened top of the shrine. He was stiff and shaky, almost like he was paralyzed or in pain. However, when given a few seconds, he was suddenly overcome by sickening laughter.

"What do I want? Me, what do you want? ...I don't know, me...Don't embarrass yourself in front of these people...You're right, so many people..."

Leiytning laughed more as he sat back up. His tongue flicked, and his claws looked ready to use.

"So...many..." He laughed. "So many, and all so frail. All sturdy now, but can so easily BREAK under enough pressure. Oh, but when you break, everything becomes better! Bending is a pain, SUCH a pain, painful, yes- but bend far enough...and they break! Worth it, worth it, worth it!"

"Now you see why I betrayed him?" Asked Zin, trying to sound somewhat sincere. "You were all blindly following something as horrible as this. Hate me all you like; sorry I didn't want to obey a monster."

"But, myself..." Leiytning chimed, almost humming the words. "What if they don't want it? ...Too bad, me, they need it...What if they can't have it? ...There's no way to tell, so we'll just have to experiment, won't we? ...Oh, I do love experiments! ...Yes, as do I..."

As the next thing happened, Jem pulled Scorch to his feet and forced both him and herself to step even further back. Zin only looked disgusted as Leiytning grabbed his head and groaned.

"Shut up, you fool..." he angrily growled, then weakly laughed. "If they hear the voices in our heads, they'll think we've gone mad, and no one will listen to a madman...But they can't hear, me...Yes, they can...No, it's all in your head- this is YOUR madness! ...SHUT THE FUCK UP!!"

The outburst made Zin stagger backward. Leiytning took a moment to growl more inaudible, angry phrases under his breath. It didn't take long for him to go back to laughing and oddly smiling, though.


Zin glanced back, finding the speaker. To his surprise, it was Timbur. The beta struggled to stand, still bleeding from his several wounds. He kept one hand clasped over a bloody spot on his side. The joint in his leg looked off, as if it had been broken or dislocated, and his entire right arm was covered in black blood as it gushed from a deep gash.

"Timbur..." Seyber murmured. After seeing her wounded brother, she went over to him.

"You're still alive?" Asked Zin. "I don't know whether to be happy or concerned..." He shrugged his shoulders. "Eh, a mix of both."

Timbur shooed Seyber off as she tried to help. "This...isn't Leiytning. This is the Hysteric's creation."

The sadist laughed and rested his head on one fist. "Then why don't I resemble master-demon, if I'm supposed to be his, hm? You talk about possession, yes, when master-demon takes this vessel himself. I'm still me, here, who do I resemble to you?"

"Because you have his vessel for now," Timbur spat. "You're just the part of his soul that's twisted. Yes, in a way, you are Leiytning, but only a part of him. The bad part; insanity brought to life, and a living sample of what happens when you give in to your demons."

Timbur cringed when seeing the sadist slide a claw through his tongue, letting blood pour from his mouth. Some splattered on the rock and ground as he grunted angrily. "No...How am I twisted?"

"See why I did this, yet?" Zin muttered, glaring at the sadist. "Enough of this literal crazy-talk, though. Let's get back to work."

"And what does that mean?" Seyber interrogated.

"You may want to step back, Seyber," Zin warned. Even so, Seyber stood her ground. Zin sighed, then allowed blue aura to charge his free hand. Seyber was ready to defend herself and Timbur, even though Timbur was the one holding a machete and poised to counter or block.

No one fights for me, he thought.

What happened was fast and unexpected. It was not a full-on attack. As Zin worked his water magic, particles from the air began to collect and churn into one wave, the source being the hand that generated the magic. The wave caught Seyber, merely splashing Timbur, and threw her aside. She landed unscathed, though was now soaked.

The sadist muttered, "How sad. The poor thing's all washed up." He started hysterically laughing at his own wordplay.

"Back to business," Zin sighed.

The water dissipated. Seyber watched closely at what Zin was doing. Once the magic disappeared, he approached Timbur, still keeping a ten-foot radius between himself and the angered beta. However, Zin was not attacking. Something else happened, but it only sparked more panic.

Zin pointed his sword at Timbur. "Sadist! Attack your first target!"

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