The Forsaken Race; Darker Times

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - No Control

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Submitted: June 26, 2018






Alarmed, Seyber took a sharp breath. "What?! Are you insane?!"

Still, Zin didn't back down. He still stood with his sword pointed at Timbur, demanding that the appalling monster attack him. Jem and Scorch looked dumbfounded, unsure of what to do, while Kita was still cowering on the sidelines.

However, Zin didn't seem satisfied by what he was doing. His hand trembled as he held his sword out, and a distant uncertainty plagued him.

Seyber sadly asked, "What really happened to you, Zin? This isn't you, and you know it. Even if what you're saying is true, you wouldn't do anything to hurt these two."

"I know," Zin murmured in the same melancholy tone. "But I have to."

"Why?" Seyber asked, carefully approaching. "What's the point of this?"

Zin seemed to have trouble with finding an answer. It took him a while of thinking before he finally spoke again. His words made Seyber only more confused.

"...I saw it before..." Zin nervously gulped. "Long ago, Scorch and I was sent to retrieve the twins after they were taking a long time with completing a mission. But by the time we found them, they...Well, they weren't what you would call 'themselves.'" He pointed to Sadist. "There was that, and a very, very twisted version of our so-called sister. I thought it was just a small slip-up with the Hysteric, but I never accounted for the constant secrets, or the strange missions they always went on. Think about it; you can see very clearly that something wasn't right, and now it's obvious what. They-"


Zin took a sharp breath of fright, the sound of Sadist's loud command breaking him from his thoughts. As it turned out, no one was laughing, leading him to ignore the remark. He finally spoke again, in a darker tone.

"Enough. It doesn't matter. We're getting rid of these things for good, before someone innocent has to face that wrath. And so that we won't make the mistake of following them anymore."

Sadist laughed at this. "It took you three-hundred-sixty seasons to figure that out?"

"Shut up and do your job!" Zin snapped, aiming his sword at the beta and spoke to him, "This is your punishment, Timbur. Let's see if you can keep your loyalty when your precious master is the one that provides you with a long, painful death!"

The concept made Timbur feel fear paralyze his legs, preventing him from running. Even so, he knew he couldn't run. The monster everyone was trembling before was really Leiytning. No matter how bad things got, Timbur knew he had to stay.

However, something else happened. Unexpectedly, Sadist completely ignored Timbur and fixed his unsettling gaze on Zin.

"So you get to decide my targets?" He inquired. "Are you some leader, now?"

"What?" Zin muttered, as if confused. The beast only laughed more in response.

Seyber sighed, slightly relieved to see this. "See, Zin? You can't even control him. Just let it go, and find a way to bring Leiytning back."

Zin ignored Seyber, angered by the response. "I released you, monster. Do as I say and kill the damn runt! Do what you want, just get it done!"

The crazed demon again laughed at this, now looking down. "Me, did you hear? ...Yes, I did...He must've really pissed us off- oh, no, that's not good...No, not good at all..." Ending his self-conversation, he looked back to Zin. "I was being patient, but now you've pissed me off, and that's not good at all."

"You owe me," Zin spat. "I released you! If you won't do it, then I'll call on the demon that created you!"

In one light-fast movement, the sadist slipped off the shrine. He brought the dagger up. "I always did find playing by the rules boring...This way, our way, is much more interesting, yes it is."

"Leave me alone and do as I say," Zin growled.

Sadist giggled. "Y'know, that repulsive tongue of yours keeps talking to me in a way I really don't like...What do you think, me...Yes, I think we know...Shut up- SHUT UP!! My point was that he was talking bad, so I'll have to fix that."

Now Zin was the one who looked nervous. He took two steps back, while clutching his sword tightly. The sight of his newfound cowardice only made Sadist laugh more, and start taunting him.

"Well, aren't you an enigma? For someone with the balls to talk so big, you act like such a fucking p***y that you should be 'meowing' by now."

"Psychopath," Zin growled. A ball of water magic appeared in his free hand, and he shot a beam of this magic at Sadist. With Leiytning being an electric element, this would surely hurt. However, Zin was astonished by the outcome. 

Spots of his skin had melted off from the hit, and his wrist was bent the wrong way. Even so, he laughed and kept his sinister smile.

"That was kind of mean," he remarked. His wrist cracked and popped as he flicked it back into place. No part of the attack had affected him.

"Impossible," Zin muttered, gaping at the sight. "A broken wrist would be so painful..."

"You're really intent on testing me, aren't you?" The beast inquired. His wrist cracked again as he grasped the dagger tighter and aimed it at Zin.

"You idiot!" Seyber snapped, losing patience. "He's a 'sadist' for a reason! Don't you get that he can't feel pain; why do you think he inflicts it on others?! Now stop this before he does exactly that!"

At this point, Zin had become too enraged to pay her any consent. He charged at the beast with an intent to kill. 

The power within the pendant increased his speed and power, allowing for greatly improved combat. However, the beast's unnatural reflexes made blocking each attack seem like nothing. It was strange that he was able to fight back with nothing but a short, dull dagger. It wasn't much of a fight, either. He was letting out random laughs, as if this were just a game, while also making no attempt of a counter-attack. Even the successful hits did absolutely nothing to deter him.

Meanwhile, Seyber groaned, "This is bad. Very bad."

She started nervously biting her claws as she watched the fight, hoping for it to end just as suddenly as it started. But it didn't. The two kept trying to kill each other, or at least one trying to kill another, and neither had even returned to their usual selves. Timbur, still too wounded and dazed to stand long, was still aside, clearly just trying to think of some way to stop this.

However, Seyber was interrupted by a hand touching her shoulder. She looked back and found a shaken Jem trying to get her attention. Scorch was behind her, and Kita not far, as she hadn't moved from her spot this entire time. The sylph was clearly more startled than anyone here, but the other two weren't much better off.

Seyber sighed. Right...Keep them calm. You're the only sane one who knows anything about what's happening.

It took a good ten seconds before Jem could just form the simple words, "Seyber, what is this?"

When Jem failed to say anything more, Scorch continued, "What's wrong with him? What's wrong with both of them? Leiyt's not the only one acting crazy, here."

Seyber took a deep breath and started explaining. "First, you need to know is that the 'sadist' is not Leiytning. Not completely, anyway. Although most of what Zin said is true..." She looked distant. "Everyone has their own demons, and sometimes they lose restraint and give into them. But for those with spiritual parasites, Hysteric Demons, it becomes all too literal. The twins have been through a lot, meaning they have their own buried troubles, but their demon wants to unearth those memories and continue taunting until they finally become slaves to their own madness. And when it finally kills them, the demon will drag their twisted souls to The Ruin; all Hysterics' realm and hell."

Jem sighed, shaking her head. "Four have mercy..."

Seyber continued, "Don't you get it, though? The sadist and whore are real, but they're not 'Leiytning and Thundur.' They're the result of when the twins give in. Just a demon's puppets, but still a danger to be feared." She pointed to the fight. "Especially that one, right there! Without Thundur, he's a savage dog with no leash; he'll just torture anything he comes across, and no one else can get him to listen to any kind of reason."

Kita gulped nervously. "A living weapon."

Scorch still looked confused. "So, in a way, Zin was right? All this time, they really were monsters?"

"Of course not!" Seyber snapped. "Just because a dark side of them exists, doesn't mean that a better one doesn't." She sighed. "Look, with every stabilizing memory that the demon steals, these darker versions get stronger. Once all of the memories, besides the horrid traumatic ones, are stolen, then 'Leiytning and Thundur' will die. Outbursts like this don't make the strain any easier, either. That's why it's important that they remember other things, not things like what Zin talks about, and they keep themselves stable."

"Still, why would Zin want to do this?" Asked Jem.

Seyber looked dumbfounded. "Well...Actually, he said some kind of answer. I think he saw, or maybe faced these twisted forms, but never got an explanation. It's understandable, I guess, seeing as how without one, this would look pretty bad."

Kita dismissed the questions and looked determined. "What do we do? We have to help, somehow. If them being like this puts all of us in trouble, then we can't let it continue!"

"I don't know what we can do," Seyber responded. "As I said, it's as good as talking to a dog. He won't listen to any kind of reason."

Hearing that only made Kita's worry grow tenfold. Knowing that this could easily be a permanent alteration to Leiytning, therefore their possible downfall, she desperately searched things over for a plan. However, she did not know the first thing about this. She hardly knew what the 'Hysteric' was. Instead, she refocused on the fight.

Sadist dodged a flurry of attacks like nothing, then taunted, "This is surprisingly easy! It's starting to get boring, though." He shoved Zin aside as he threw an attack. 

"Just go down!" Zin cried, lunging at him again. He wanted to stab straight through the neck, but the beast moved a bit faster than one could blink. Sadist's tone became darker, his sinister grin wider.

"Let's make things more...interesting." 

Zin tried to attack again, but this time, Sadist grasped the sword with his bare right hand- the one that wasn't a prosthetic. Blood gushed from the wound as he held the blade, making Zin gag at the sight. 

Now disarmed, Zin couldn't fight back as the beast shoved the dagger into his chest. Zin immediately felt a strange sense of paralysis and throbbing burning running throughout his core. He released a cry of pain, stepping back when Sadist pulled the dagger out of him. The wound gushed black blood.

"What the fuck did you do to me, psychopath?!" Zin spoke, grasping at where he was stabbed.

"That's a mean name," Sadist remarked. "Don't you remember? I don't like to kill. I'm not a murderer."

Zin had not realized that he lost his sword when he got stabbed. Sadist had thrown it aside. Now Zin was completely disarmed, and a crazed demon stood between him and his weapon.

"Don't kill me," Zin urgently spoke, taking a few steps back. He gagged again as Sadist licked the blood from his dagger.

"Why would I do that? The fun's just begun. You can't die yet, silly demon, you're hardly bent at all. Not bent, much less broken- oh, we need to fix that before you go frolicking in this world's fields of lies." He laughed more, starting to pace with unnerving tics. "The entire world is upside-down and painted red, but no can see that's it not really painted at all."

He stopped dead in his tracks. He was frozen, and almost looked scared. "They say...They call me 'mad', you know. Just because I know and can see real reality, not the fairyland that everyone wants, or the hell things are proclaimed to be, they call me mad. Who's to say who's mad at all- what IS madness, even, and how do we know someone IS mad?"

He laughed louder, almost falling. "But can't you see it, all?! Your demons aren't 'demons' at all, they're the key to the end of suffering; they are your only attempt of salvation, absolution, exculpation! Appease the voices, and it stops- promises kept, promises kept!"

Zin gulped and took a step back. "Alright, Leiytning, enough. I understand, alright? I shouldn't have done this. Just go back to normal, please. Whatever makes you that quiet, non-murderous man, use it now."

Sadist laughed at this. "But you said it yourself, fool. This is all that's left of me."

Zin was shoved back, grunting after feeling the heavy impact of being forced to hit the ground hard. He shuddered when Sadist grasped him by the neck, his curved claws hooking through the skin and into bone. Zin winced, watching as the beast aimed the tip of the dagger at a specific spot on his shoulder. He only held it there with one finger, as if uncertain.

"You know it's a prison, right?" He asked in a dark way. "What you call 'Leiytning'? It's nothing but a restraint that keeps me in the darkness; non-existent, only a distant thought." He started laughing. "But you freed me by breaking it, and I don't WANT to punish you if you actually helped me."

Zin hoped this meant things would stop, but then he felt the dagger slowly starting to break the skin. As it got deeper, he grimaced harder.

"But you must understand that I have orders to carry out. Several voices, screaming loudly, just like in the memories that fuel me. But the voice of master-demon leads them all, and I can't deny it. He's muttering right now, telling me to force this dagger through you over a thousand times before I finally use it to tear apart your vessel and let it bleed out."

"Stop," Zin pleaded. "Whatever you're planning, don't-"


Too much; Sadist became provoked. He shoved the dagger through Zin's shoulder, making him cry out and fight back. He managed to free himself, but failed to get away as the beast drove the dagger through his leg and into the ground, forcing Zin to stay on his knees. He was now breathing heavily, trying to bear with the surging shockwaves of pain.

After convulsing, Sadist's horrid smile reappeared. "Calm yourself, me, you're getting worked up ...I'm at the hilt, now...Yes, you are...But who's at the blade's end? ...What did I tell you about talking- SHUT UP!!" He laughed more. "Anyways, things kind of balance out for you, Zin. I like to experiment, you know, but maybe I'll stop. Maybe I can bend the rules just this once."

Sadist grasped Zin's neck tighter, drawing much blood with his claws, and lifted him off the ground.

"S-Stop..." Zin struggled to speak. At this point, he could not bear to so much as look at anything that related to Leiytning or this thing he'd become. All he cared about was getting away.

"Do you listen to me at all, you deaf thing?" Asked Sadist. "I told you that I'd end it early."

Sadist threw Zin across the field, allowing his body to slam into the sharp edge of the pyramid-shaped shrine. The impact sent a shockwave throughout his body, almost paralyzing him on the spot. 

There, Zin did not try to fight, anymore. He just laid there, hoping that it would stop. The points that had been stabbed were very precise; used to make everything more painful, and it was working very well. His body burned, and he could not stop shaking. Zin glared up at Sadist, who took his time approaching Zin again.

"Ah, me, look at all the blood," he chimed to himself. "Yes, it's like back then, coated in lovely black...But...why..." He grasped his head. "DON'T YOU DARE!"

Meanwhile, Seyber shouted her command, "Leiytning, stop this!"

Sadist ignored her, busy with whatever madness was going through his own mind. However, he suddenly glanced at Zin, then crouched down to his level and spoke almost whisper-like.

"I'm not crazy, got it? Me is just ...just a little unstable, yes, and sometimes he's a bit unreasonable. But I'm not...I told you I'd end it early, right?"

"Don't kill me..." Zin begged. "Please don't kill me. Not like this...This isn't what I want to die for, killed for reasons even I don't know..." Suddenly, it was then that he started seeing clearly, as if an inner-switch and been flicked. "Wait, what am I even doing? Killing my brothers is bad enough, but-"

"'Kill?'" Sadist spoke, as if he had just learned the word. "Kill is up to...No, no- Not you, no! It's up to me! I have the hilt, this time. But how much will you bend, just before breaking?" He looked disappointed. "But I guess I should keep my word; your welcome."

"Then...You'll spare me?" Asked Zin, still confused about his intent.

"Why the fuck would I spare you?" The beast's smile disappeared, and his facial tics got worse, his voice and limbs shaky. "Why should it just be me? Why does everyone find pleasure in my pain- why do they find pleasure- I find- why do they...Why do I find pleasure..."

He finally laughed and raised the dagger. "In your pain!"

"Stop it!"

Sadist's gaze snapped back, glaring straight at Seyber. It seemed she had panicked, and separated herself from the others, but still maintained quite a bit of distance. Her legs were shaking, but she held her daggers tightly

"Don't make me fight you," she pleaded. "You have to get control, again. If you can't do it yourself, then I will force it!"

"Big words," Sadist responded, still wearing his twisted smile as he flicked his tongue.

"Leiyt, snap out of it," Seyber hissed. "You would never hurt us unless you absolutely had to. Zin pushed his limits very far, but even he doesn't deserve this!"

Instead of fighting Seyber, Sadist only gave a dismissive gesture.

"You're not even worth my time," he remarked. "A scrawny lil' thing like you would crumble in a matter of mere seconds."

"But I won't!" 

Seyber took a sharp breath when she heard Timbur call that out, his machete in hand. His wounds were bleeding heavily, and he was clearly afraid. Even so, he was ready to fight. 

He continued, "If you want to fight or cause pain so badly, then make me your target."

Finally, Sadist stood and looked irritated. "Honestly, do you ever get the feeling that the whole world is against you? Still, beta, you continue to surprise me."

"That so?" Timbur muttered.

"Someone so small shows such prowess. Despite your disadvantage, you show strength- interior strength, so much that it affects the exterior. Who would've expected that from the runt? Me, you made the right choice...No, it was you...No, no, no, no- SHUT UP! STOP ACTING CRAZY!"

"Talk to me, not yourself," Timbur spat.

"SHUT IT!" Sadist snapped. "Maybe when your voice finally drops, I'll be more willing to listen to you, worthless runt!"

Timbur ignored the remarks and waited. Sure enough, the beast eventually laughed again and twirled the dagger in hand. 

"But I train you pretty hard, don't I? Perhaps...Maybe you'll last longer than these other brats. Long enough to surprise me again."

"Then I dare you to find out," Timbur growled. 

This made him take the bait. He faced Timbur, flicking his tongue and raising the dagger.

"Very well, Timbur. Go on and show your master what you're made of!"

Timbur looked down for a second. "...Forgive me."

Seyber sighed as she watched the fight begin, Timbur being the one to make the first strike, which was easily dodged.

She felt utterly hopeless in this situation, which she did not like. Zin's mind had been twisted to Rogue standards, Leiytning was overtaken by evil, and Timbur was bloodied and bruised. Meanwhile, Jem, Kita, and Scorch could only tremble while they watched from the sidelines, confused and frightened, unable to help. Seyber was the only able demon left, but she didn't know what to do. She didn't know how to fix anything or anyone.

"We can' anything..."

Seyber nearly collapsed after realizing this. She continued to sadly murmur, restraining tears,

"Zin...Timbur...Leiytning...What can I do? What can..."

Suddenly, however, she was hit with a pang of shock.

"I don't even want to know what happened."

A spark of hope immediately manifested within Seyber, at that moment. Almost like someone flicked a switch. That voice changed everything, and Seyber no longer felt that they were done for. 

When she looked aside, she saw more clearly; a figure was stopped next to her. This was the one that Seyber was afraid she'd never see again. One with black-to-white hair and one amber eye left, as well as bindings along her abdomen. Seyber immediately embraced the newcomer in a tight hug.

"I never thought I'd be more happy to see you, Thundur."

Jem, Scorch, and Kita were gaping at the sight.

Meanwhile, Thundur looked over the chaos, her eye narrowed to a glare. She clearly was not liking the sight of anything here, especially of what her twin had become. Seyber felt like hearing her response was nearly a miracle.

"I can see that, but very little makes sense, at the moment. First, why does Timbur look near-death when those wounds clearly didn't come from a dagger? Second, what the hell happened to unleash the sadist?"

Seyber shook her head, bringing her mind back to the actual problem. Once releasing Thundur, she tried finding a quick way to explain.

"Zin went crazy, stole your magic, and thought of this insane plan to overthrow you and Leiytning. He released that and tried to get it to kill Timbur. Side note; Timbur is damaged because Zin countered his attack with surprising strength."

Thundur only grew angrier when hearing this. "Zin did what?"

"Yes, he tried to get that thing to kill Timbur," Seyber insisted.

Thundur facepalmed. "Zyra be damned, Zin probably just made it worse by even trying to tell him what to do..." She then seemed unsure. "Then again, I suppose it's not like he could've known about this in general, so how did he-"

"I think Zin saw your twisted sides without knowing. Then he saw or heard something, and it triggered a violent reaction. I'm not sure about the second part, but confident that the first part is right."

Thundur again inspected the scene, trying to fix a plan in her mind. While it still seemed things were helpless, she knew better. That is, she understood perfectly well everything about the sadist, the demon, and what steps needed to be taken.

Eventually, she sighed. "Alright...I'll take care of things from here on out. But first, I need one thing."

"And that is?" Asked Seyber.

"The black stone. I can see that it's missing, but if so, then where is it?"

"Zin has it. He used it as a containment vessel for your stolen magic."

Thundur growled, "I swear I'm gonna kill him after this. As for you, wait here, and don't draw any more attention to yourself. We have enough damaged warriors as is."

Seyber nodded, retreating a few paces. Despite the hell still around them, she finally felt some relief, even if she also knew that it wasn't over just yet. While Thundur was awake, and here now, what would she do to end this? What could she do to end this? Wanting the answers now, Seyber watched with intent.

Thundur cautiously approached Zin, who had barely moved. After all, his back ached from being thrown against the rock, and the stab wounds burned. 

As he saw the shifting shadows on the ground before him, he looked up and immediately became cared that his death was imminent. At this point, whether or not he should've been excited to see Thundur was uncertain. Was she an enemy, too?

"Th-Thundur, how-"

"Save your greetings for later," Thundur interfered, lacking patience. "Now give it back."

"What are you-"

"You know what I'm talking about, moron, don't play coy. Give it. Release the magic, and I'll consider going a little easier with your punishment. Besides, are you really in a position to be arguing, at the moment?"

Zin, with a shaky and unsteady hand, grasped the wire that held the black stone, and he ripped the pendant off his neck. He muttered a few strange words while holding the charm, and the light that pulsated from the symbol faded away. Thundur snatched it from him before he did anything else. 

When turning back to face the scene of battle, it seemed that Timbur's intense focus was keeping him alive but in serious danger. Each hit that came from the sadist seemed to miss by mere inches. Thundur knew this fight would make things less easy, so she stopped it there.

"You need to retreat! Get away from him!"

And just like that, the battle stopped. As Timbur stepped out of harm's way, the beast also stopped, flicking his tongue and cracking his neck. He looked seconds from striking again, though. No one moved from their positions.

"Th-Thundur?" Timbur spoke, almost in denial.

This made Thundur facepalm. "Stop gawking and move!"

This made his trance end. Timbur obeyed and retreated some, trying to stay far enough to appease Thundur, but close enough to offer any help. Without himself, though, it just left the two. It was just Thundur and her now-evil twin.

"The blood of those I've offered damnation," Sadist chimed. "An endless sea of it, by now. But who's else do I get to add to the collection, hm?"

"You know better than to attack me," Thundur replied. "I have more control. You may beat me in physical strength, but I can twist your mind so far that you won't be able to tell night from day."

Her voice made Sadist groan, still looking insane while also terrified. 

"No, that's not...Sister, you're mad! Mad- completely insane! Why are you not like me..." He gripped the sides of his heads, shuddering. "I'm still alone, then, you're not here. You're not here, you're not you, you're not wrong- not right!"

Thundur immediately retorted, "I'm not crazy, and neither are you! Now stop acting this way!"

Fear turned to anger, and he growled, "You said you wouldn't leave me, you said I didn't have to fear your betrayal. The only one I could trust...You pitiful, awful, repulsive, lying little whore- LIAR! WHY DO YOU INVOLVE ME WITH YOUR PETTY GAMES?! I HATE IT, YOU KNOW THAT I FUCKING HATE IT!"

Hearing this made Thundur's non-existent heart wrench, feeling that, in a way, she really was betraying Leiytning. She had to restrain herself from submitting right then, even if it was making her mournful. She responded, but masked all fear or remorse. 

"I made that promise to my brother. Not you."

After breathing heavily and muttering for a few moments, Sadist started to laugh again. "No. You're not right, sister, you're...blinded, oblivious...S-So I'll fix you, by breaking you."

"Stop it!" Thundur snapped. "Quiet, you, that's enough. As a matter of fact, before you do anything else, I think I should return something to you."

Sadist glared at the black stone she held. The crest on it emitted one white glow before the effect this thing had on his mind began to work. His hand shook so badly that he dropped the dagger, and he seemed to be struggling with maintaining this madness. 

Thundur was encouraged by this. Due to whatever Zin had just done, their power had been restored. Things once stolen were fitting back in place, rebuilding the damaged pieces bit by bit.

"Self-control," Thundur spoke. "Get a hold of yourself. Kasan is not your master, and you're not a sadist or a killer."

To Thundur's surprise, the crazed look still remained, and he laughed at her attempts.

"Don't try to deter me, Thundur," he warned. "Your little tricks won't work. The so-called sanity you cling to has gotten frailer since you last saw it. I wouldn't recommend pissing me off, or I'll make things more painful when I shatter it for good."

Thundur sighed, "I hate this...What even did this to you? The memory of being treated like a disobedient hound?"

His eye twitched more. "You're pushing your limits, whore."

That response made Thundur understand better, and she continued from there. "...It was, wasn't it?" She still seemed confused. "But how did that subject get-"

Instead of a twisted smile, Leiytning now looked more enraged. "Shut up, all of you!"

"Silence," Thundur snapped, beginning to step closer. "You know what? It's actually true. You are a murderer. You have no control of your instinct. You never have, since the Dragon Age. Every time you try to fight it, it only gets worse, as do the consequences. Don't you think you've paid enough prices?"

No response. The sadist tried to laugh, only to grunt and start digging his claws into his own skull. Thundur knew the reason for this. It was an attempt to silence the ear-piercing voices in his head. She could hear them, herself. The voice of the demon, speaking right now.

'She dares speak to you like that. Like some worthless mongrel...'

Lousy bitch, the beast thought. It's her turn to- no!

The demon growled and ranted, 'Stop fighting it, you fool! Kill her! If she won't break, then KILL HER! Kill her, KILL THEM ALL!'

She doesn't know...

'Make her know. Twist her, bend her, then break her...heheheh...HAH!'

Bend...until broken! Hah! Bend her until broken, bend- sh-shut...shut up! Leave my sister alone!

"Almost, Leiytning," Thundur pressed. "I can't help it when I'm blocked out of your half. You need to do this on your own." She sighed, glancing at the pendant in her hand. "This is all I can do."

"And it's still not-" Sadist's smile disappeared. "Shut up..."


She needs to die, hah! Dead- Shut up! Bastard, get back to your damned prison and stay there! And for the last time...Stay out of my head!

Breathing heavily, Leiytning uneasily fell to his knees as the cryptic marks slowly faded. They seemed to sink deeper within him, disappearing beneath the skin. However, just as the last trace of them went, he completely collapsed. 

Scared upon seeing this, Thundur instantly rushed to her brother's side, knowing this was not right.

"Leiytning?" She urgently spoke, gently prodding at him. However, there was no response. Alarmed, she checked for a pulse of some sort. She sighed a breath of relief when realizing that this was just unconsciousness, not anything more severe.

"What's wrong with him?"

Timbur had approached, slowly and cautiously. He had a sharp eye on Leiytning, as if afraid he would snap, but also showed clear concern at the same time. It only made sense that everyone would be acting this way. The others were still too nervous to take one step closer.

Not responding, Thundur only clutched the pendant tighter. Her free hand began emitting an ethereal blue aura as she touched it to Leiytning's head. As she did, she spoke under her breath.

"Resecure the seal, banish Kasan to the Death Realm, invoke the stabilizing memories." She sighed. "First time I've had to do all this at once, and it better not become a common thing."

After a moment, she stopped, then resecured the pendant about his neck.

This seemed to work. Leiytning grimaced, putting a hand to his head. A rare incident happened next; Thundur smiled. When his eye did open, it was the same lifeless dark blue one as always- neither dilated or leaking. As usual, his right eye was kept hidden from view.

"You can't scare me like that, Leiyt," Thundur spoke. "I wanted to wake up, not for us to trade places."

Leiytning grunted in response. "Thundur?"

Timbur could not summon any words, only smirked and respectfully dipped his head.

"Kasan made things hard, didn't he?" Thundur asked. "At least, that's what it looks like."

Dismissing the thought, Leiytning brought up something that clearly needed discussion. "Not that I don't enjoy your return, Thundur, but where the hell did you come from? If anything, I thought losing our magic would've killed you, so long as you were in that state."

Thundur stood up, then. "Long story. Before I explain, though, there's something I need to do."

Leiytning also stood. "And that would be..."

Before Leiytning could register anything, he almost fell back as Thundur tackled him. He smirked as he hugged her back, though. Even in these circumstances, either of them couldn't help enjoying this reunion after nearly a moon of being separated, when they could hardly stand that for a straight day.

Even when seeing this, Seyber was still shaken. She took a deep breath and cautiously began her approach.

"Miss me that much?" Asked Leiytning, as Thundur pulled away.

"Don't start being a smartass," Thundur responded.

When close enough, Seyber interfered with the conversation. The way she spoke made it clear that she was still nervous.

"Please tell me that you're you...Am I seeing things? Is he still crazy?"

Timbur grunted, one ear twitching with irritance, as he restated the obvious answer. "No, Seyber. You can calm-"


Before she could react, Thundur was tackled by Jem. Scorch and Kita kept their distance, but weren't far behind. Thundur was clearly annoyed by the sudden attack-embrace, but knew any rejection would be frowned upon. 

Leiytning began to step back, knowing what was to come, but was also too late. Jem saw and teased him. 

"Hey, don't think you're getting out of this!" She yanked him back by the hair, and hugged him with her other arm. He only grunted with irritation.

"I thought either of them was dead!" Jem remarked. "Thank afterworld otherwise; I underestimate how much I love these two."

Thundur dismissed this. "Can you please love boundaries, as well?"

"She said it, not me," Leiytning remarked.

Thundur shot him a glare. "You were thinking it, too, and I heard."

"Of course I was, because it's not like you could think of that on the spot."

"Shut up, dope, you think-"

"Alright, sorry," Jem quickly intervened, letting them both go. She chuckled and said, "Less than five minutes, and they've already argued over something stupid."

"You can't blame us for being excited," Kita remarked.

"Yes," Seyber happily agreed. "I'm so relieved that you two are alright! And Thundur, you saved us! With convenient timing, too, I was beginning to think that you'd never wake up."

"What snapped you back?" Asked Scorch. "You didn't have an outburst like that as well, did you?"

Thundur didn't feel like explaining, only saying, "It's hard to explain."

Another point clicked, and Seyber started checking her sister again. "B-But what about the side-effects? Thundur, you were hit in the spine, that's like hitting a mortal's heart. How did you wake up with no problems?"

"I had slight amnesia upon waking up, but you remember things easy when you have memories like mine," Thundur explained. "Other than that, this wound really isn't lethal enough to have many side-effects."

Kita glanced at Leiytning. "And that thing is contained, right? Everything is as it should be?"

Thundur seemed slightly surprised, as she had just now registered Kita's presence. "Then the sylph is still with us?"

That much made Kita laugh. "Of course I am. You can't get rid of me that easy, Thundur, no matter how many games you win."

"She has been making herself more useful, as well," Leiytning remarked. "In other words, I believe she's earned her more respectable status."

"Suppose so, if she made it this far," Thundur agreed. "As for your previous question, Kita, everything's normal. Nothing vital is out of place, meaning no one will snap again."

Kita breathed a sigh of relief. "Good. Seeing that was worse than any nightmare I've ever had."

"Agreed," said Jem. "To be honest, I was a little annoyed that you two were hiding so much from us. Now that I see what it was, though, I don't care how many secrets you have, just keep it inside your own mind."

Thundur took a slight moment to look over the area that was engulfed in chaos only moments ago. There was blood everywhere, some splattered on the ground and some against the shrine. Some was still falling, as they all had a few wounds.

"You frightened the life out of the others, Leiyt," she remarked. "But really, I'm more scared of the actual damage. That thing's not very merciful when unhinged."

"Not that I won't take the blame for more than half of that." Leiytning shot a glare at Zin. "But it wasn't just me."

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