The Forsaken Race; Darker Times

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - A Demonic Dilemma

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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Submitted: April 27, 2018






The sun was on the brink of setting, creating a red-orange dusk sky. The moon on the shrouded east horizon had an odd bluish tint looming over it. This could only mean that tonight was a blue moon. Like the blood moon, it would have a mystic effect on many spiritual entities.

Below, in the clearing of a thick, dark pine forest, there was a large building forged from stone bricks and cathedral-like windows. The gothic pillars and spires made it seem as ominous as the dark forest itself. The main entrance had one impenetrable wooden gate, with no handle or knob, but a large leviathan cross painted onto it.

The main entrance had one impenetrable wooden gate, with no handle or knob, but a large leviathan cross painted onto it

Inside this building was a black pedestal, where the statue of another leviathan cross rested on top. The pedestal was at the center of a large pentacle that was painted onto the floor in black and dark red hues. A wine-red candle stood at each of the points. 

This unholy-looking shrine meant that the place was a demonic refuge; a place reinforced by the ritualistic customs of a very ancient religion that collapsed long ago. Only demonic creatures could enter places like this, and nothing else.

Along with the demonic seal, four demons were inside this place. There was Din, the new Kaen leader. He was taller than many of his kind, with twisted black horns, ice-blue eyes, and the hooves on his goat-like legs were lined with gold. A gold crown with a black stone was on his head. With Din was Dramega, Leiytning, and Thundur.

After a long while of impatiently pacing back and forth, Din finally snorted and growled, "If that damn Anima isn't here in five minutes, I'm leaving."

Dramega calmly replied, "Please use patience, Din."

"Don't tell me how to use my patience!" Din snapped. He grunted and shot a glare at the Zyreans. "Alright, twins, just say it before I lose all interest. Why have you summoned us, especially at a time like now?"

"You'll find out when Kiraga gets here," Thundur answered. "This dilemma involves all demons, therefore the Animas have a right to know about it. I won't revoke that right because you can't stand still for five minutes." 

Din growled to himself, stomping a hoof against the ground.

Thundur absent-mindedly continued, "She's surprisingly young, for a leader, and they've recently been having trouble with a group of elves. It's no surprise that she can't be on time in such short notice."

"I don't expect that much of any Anima," Din muttered. HIs eyes narrowed to a glare. "Although, I am surprised that a spirit-walker is at a meeting for leaders."

"Din, don't start," Dramega warned.

Thundur didn't retort, just pointed at Leiytning and explained, "The leadership customs are less strict and only correspond to one soul entirely, not half of one. I may be more of a spirit-walker than a leader, but I'm still required to partake in things like this."

Dramega changed the subject before Din argued, instead remarking on the deteriorated space around them. "The third demonic temple isn't looking too well. Once the seal on this one wears off, there will be only four left in all the Northern Territories."

"Nobody has respect for demonic things," said Leiytning. "When it comes to these places, that ironically applies to most demons, too."

Thundur agreed, "I think we're the only genus that can't respect our ancestors. For good reason, tho-"

The cross on the front gate suddenly glowed with an eerie white light, and then the gate disappeared entirely. Only shortly after did another demonic figure appear. 

Despite this race's similarity to Zyreans, Kiraga's green eyes looked slightly more feline than demonic, and a long, fur-tipped, white tail swung behind her. Fur-tipped ears protruded from her head, where her black hair was partly shaved, and the other half fell to mid-back length. Her skin was very pale, and she wore a strapless black dress with a corset-style bust and waist, and a red skirt. Despite looking like a novice-warrior, a silver circlet, supporting the crest of a bear-print with an 'X' below it, was on her head, marking her status as leader of the Anima Demons.

Kiraga took a deep breath as she stopped before them. "Sorry I'm so late! I was delayed because of some troubles with my portal."

Ding rowled irately, "Let it happen again, and you'll be thrown into a hell-portal at a high rate of speed."

Kiraga shuddered at the thought.

Thundur sighed. "Din, please don't threaten the others."

"Don't tell me what to do!" Din snapped.

"Enough," Dramega interfered. "Storm Twins, Kiraga is here, now. Can you please tell us why you've summoned us?"

"Suppose so," Thundur spoke. "The problem that requires our attention is the not-surprising fact that there is trouble with the Aubades. Just this time, the Zyreans are not the only targets."

"What does that mean?" Kiraga inquired.

"It means what it is," Thundur responded. "Corelia is still raising hell for us, but now she's dragging others into it. Dramega, I'm sure you've figured that out by now?"

Dramega said nothing, but still wore a troubled look as she looked to the ground. She nodded to show that Thundur was right about that much.

Leiytning continued, "As it's been stated many times, and proven for the most part, the Northern Territories has been affected by an unexplainable change. Corelia doesn't care, and is just paranoid about maintaining a fake paradise. She holds a grudge against darker creatures in general, but demonic is where she's been getting irrational and crazy. Now she wants to bring down all our kind, Kaen to Anima, and I wouldn't be very surprised if she could."

"But the Animas haven't done anything to her," Kiraga remarked. "And we're barely considered demonic. The same goes for Dramega and the other Winters."

"It doesn't matter," Thundur argued. "If you have any kind of demon's blood, Corelia will relentlessly hunt you until death."

"She's like a vulture," Leiytning agreed. "She's paranoid about a demon apocalypse, so she's trying to prevent it by getting rid of the proclaimed 'source' of it all."

Kiraga furrowed her brows, looking confused. "But how did she link us-"

"How did she link demons to the apocalypse?" Asked Leiytning. "According to one source of information, it was stated in the original afterlife texts that demonic forces would bring and wage the apocalypse. So, as usual, we were targeted due to what we evolved from."

"So typical," Dramega angrily muttered.

Din sneered, "As interesting as this is, so what? You want to risk your asses to fight Sybilius's army? Or you want one of us to, I'll assume?"

"It would be foolish to attack her," said Dramega. "Her warriors are strong, her lieutenants stronger, and then there's herself and Maia. She outnumbers any of our races, and we have no idea what weapons she's collected."

"We're not asking any of you to fight her," Thundur responded. "We can all agree that it would be a bad idea. That is, as long as we're thinking of our own races."

"I know you're not thinking what I think you are," Din grumbled.

"Yes, we think we could stand against Sybilius if we stood as one rather than four," Thundur continued. "Target all demons, and all demons fight back. Obviously, though, this would be a last resort. Even with all our armies combined, we would only just match the Aubades in numbers. Besides, neither myself or my brother would want to ask you to risk so much if it wasn't necessary."

"Exactly," Din hissed. "So why risk so much for what could easily be nothing?"

"It does sound unwise," Dramega agreed.

"As she said, it would be a last resort," said Leiytning. "First, as impossible as it sounds, we could try to reason with Corelia; get her to realize that it may be risky for us to go against her, but she would also be risking just as much. We may just get some leverage over her."

Kiraga grunted, looking nervous. "Either way, it's not like everything will just end. Even if we could convince her to stop the hunt on the Animas, Winters, and Kaens, she'd never stop hunting the Zyreans."

"Nor us the Aubades," Thundur replied. "Just because our war was, and still is violent, it doesn't mean we need to start dragging others into it. Not to mention, if we don't do something, then it's not just us facing danger."

"And what does that mean?" Asked Kiraga.

"It may seem that it's just demons," Thundur explained. "Really, though, all of the Northern Territories could be in danger. A small tribe of gargoyles, I think the Aquarus, have already gone extinct. They're also targeting both Ritin and some goblins for oblivion-knows-what, while the trade nonsense is beginning to affect others. The Equus Ghouls got their hands on Aubade weaponry, and used it to attack the Leo Ghouls."

"If we don't take action, Corelia won't stop," Leiytning continued. "Once the demons are reduced to nothing, she'll move onto gargoyles, and then to ghouls, to goblins, and other darker creatures. After that, she'll take care of the annoying lighter creatures, namely orcs and, evidently, Ritin."

"She already has, if she destroyed the Aquarus tribe," said Thundur. "And it probably wouldn't stop there. When sylphs get a taste of power, they become addicted and hunt more; she'd keep going until she had the right to call all of the Northern Territories 'Sybilius.'"

"The new 'Vekull,'" Dramega muttered. "The Erxina bloodline; all the greatest hypocrites ever. And all our territories could become their maggot-infested land."

Thundur spoke again, "Perhaps we're being paranoid. Perhaps she does have her limits, after all. However, considering these horrid risks, those limits are far too great to be pushed. Even if she wouldn't turn out like Vekull, we still know that we and more than one others are in danger, all the same."

Kiraga sighed. "I guess, but what's your plan?"

"First things first," Leiytning interfered. "If things go south, would you all be willing to fight this way? Or would you take your chances on your own?"

No response. Nothing but unnerved and uneasy expressions. Thundur sighed, prompted to keep trying.

"It's not just a matter of protecting yourselves and each other. Think about what we just implied. If Corelia's bloodlust isn't satisfied after we're gone, then she'd move onto several others, just like the royals before her. This could easily be a matter of protecting nearly everyone outside Sybilius. No one else will listen to us, so if we did fight, it'd just be us and what very little allys there are. But that's all the more reason to reconsider. If no one would believe us, then we'd be the only ones with the nerve or knowledge to face the Aubades."

After a few seconds of contemplating, Dramega sighed. "I told Leiytning that I would do what I could in turn for your assistance. I wasn't expecting this...but either way, I'd be willing to fight with you. I think it's also what Dinragen would've wanted, and Zinia could agree well."

Kiraga tried to look unsure, but eventually gained a fang-filled grin, an upward tail, and she chimed, "Oh, what the hell? Consider the Anima army in, too!" She playfully prodded at Leiytning, saying, "Genetically, we're actually pretty close to Zyreans, but that may be obvious from the resemblance."

Leiytning muttered, "Resemblance? I don't recall having a tail."

Instead of arguing, Kiraga laughed. "You're funny! Anyways, we really should help our brethren at a time like this."

Dramega chuckled at the sight, but then glanced at Din. "Well? Any word from the Kaens?"

Din snorted and looked away. "This is stupid. Do you have any idea the risk we're taking?"

Thundur was clearly struggling to keep her patience, but still replied calmly, "We just explained all of those risks very clearly. Now you're asking if we don't know?"

"I'm surprised you weren't first to agree, Din," Kiraga remarked. "Besides Zyreans, aren't Kaens most hated by Aubades, and vice-versa?"

"Yes, we hate them!" Din snapped. "That doesn't mean I want to risk so much fighting them, especially after we just lost Mistress Lydra!"

Kiraga taunted, "So you're just a big ol' coward?"

"No, I just have some common sense," Din retorted. "Something you all seem to have lost!"

"You can't just-"

"Enough," Leiytning interfered, cutting Kiraga's sentence short. "If he doesn't want to take the risk, then we shouldn't force him."

"Thank you," Din remarked.

"However, Din, I must insist you be cautious," Leiytning continued. "If Corelia is targeting all demon races, and she's already gained much power from her trades, then the Kaens would be put in most peril. After all, your kind can get...'touchy,' to say the least, and Aubades have to share borders with you."

"I've no idea what you just said," Din blankly replied. 

This time, Leiytning kept his response very simple. "If you're not careful, your kind will be the first to end up like ours, only expecting seven survivors would be optimistic."

Din already looked angry, but confused. "'Optimistic'?"

Leiytning grunted irately. "Your kind will be reduced to nothing very quickly, probably before any of the rest of us." He muttered, "And god forbid your kind receive an education in something that's not brutality."

This time, Din growled and stomped up to him. "I heard that, you little wretch! And it's not my fault if you talk like an obnoxious scholar!"

"You mean basic Northern?" Asked Leiytning.

"Don't even," Din growled.

"Anyways," Thundur interfered. "Brother, I believe others would rather not hear your smartass remarks."

Din laughed tauntingly, then retreated a few paces and crossed his arms. "But you know what? I think I will help. Only because the freak was actually right, and we happen to be high on the Aubade hitlist."

Dramega went on to ask, "Well, with that out of the way, what's your plan of attack? Or are you still working on it?"

Thundur answered, "As we said, we want to try reasoning with Corelia before we resort to violence. Conveniently, she's supposed to be at the edge of the Blood Forest on this very night. She'll be expecting a traitor that came from our own ranks, but-"

"A traitor?" Din quickly interfered, glaring suspiciously.

"Long story short; our younger brother spoke with Corelia, and then went rogue and tried to kill us," Leiytning explained. "Corelia will be waiting for his return with proof of our death. Not only will we not be dead, but she'll have to answer to us, rather than the rogue."

Kiraga looked uneasy, nervously murmuring, "We're not even safe in our own territory."

"There are those trained to resist the silver tongue," Thundur remarked. "It's just that some are more vulnerable than others. I recommend you keep an eye on your warriors, from now on. We don't need another Khrome."

"Right," Dramega agreed. "We'll have to be sure that Corelia holds her tongue. Any Aubade, really, because those lieutenants and Maia are just as bad."

Din grunted again. "If anyone cares, it is getting late. If we want to do this in time, it ought to be soon."

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