The Forsaken Race; Darker Times

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Mischief

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Submitted: November 19, 2017






An hour of training had passed. Kita was still on the sidelines, but Jem had replaced Seyber's position. Kita watched with a sense of both worry and excitement at what would happen. 

Out of all the times I've watched them train, not once have I seen this.

Timbur stood at the center of the Combat Room, while Seyber, Scorch, and Zin all had their weapons unsheathed. Scorch was the only one different than usual, as a firearm was unsuitable for sparring. Instead, he held a basic silver sword. He was clearly not liking the melee weapon, but didn't say anything to complain.

Jem looked unamused, her ear twitching with irritance. "I'm telling you, it's impossible. You're a tough one, Timbur, but you couldn't do that much."

Timbur looked undeterred. "Now it's a matter of defending my title."

"You don't even like your title!" Jem argued. "Whenever anyone calls you 'lord' or 'beta,' you smack them!"

"Still, I won't take that nonsense from you four," Timbur responded. "Besides, if you're so nervous, then why recommend it?"

"I didn't!" Jem snapped. "It's why I'm not partaking in this stupid fight. This was Zin's dumb idea."

Of course, Zin was amused by this concept, and defended it. "It's not dumb! I prefer the term 'fun.'"

Surprisingly, Seyber was in league with him. "I say we try it. I actually think he could; even his free time is just more training. I won't partake because I'm cruel pranksters, like you, but I am really curious as to how far he's come."

Jem rolled her eyes. "Fine, but don't blame me if you accidentally kill our beta."

"You kill me?" Timbur spoke with a smirk. "I'm more afraid of the vice-versa happening."

"Cocky demon," Jem muttered, growling under her breath.

Despite her dislike of Timbur, Kita tried to sound encouraging. "I think he can do it. Timbur's managed to surprise me, so far."

That being said, Kita watched with anticipation as the challenge finally started to commence. The moment they had been waiting for; Timbur covered his green eyes with a blindfold, then unsheathed his machete. Jem only rolled her eyes, still confident that Timbur would lose. Zin made a few gestures, some insulting, but Timbur didn't seem to acknowledge it whatsoever.

Now that it was actually happening, Seyber started to look slightly less confident. "Well, now I'm beginning to think that this is a little bit of a dumb idea."

"You wanted me to do it," Timbur argued. "Don't start something you can't finish. Also, don't underestimate me in the field of combat. My mentor is Leiytning, mind you, so think about what I've possibly picked up on."

Zin flipped his golden sword in hand. "Then let's test it, shall we?" 

"Go ahead," said Timbur. "Begin."

At first, no one made a move. It seemed even the fearless found attacking a handicapped warrior to be nerve-wracking.

After a second, though, it began for good. Zin launched the first attack. He charged forward, with the sword aimed at Timbur's throat. This was only sparring, of course, so he knew that he would stop himself before the blade came too close. However, he was surprised by the result. 

Timbur's ear twitched once, then he actually met Zin's attack, and thrust both Zin and his sword back. Timbur heard the start of another attack, and spun around just in time to block one from Scorch. Seyber got close with her daggers, but he dodged that, and then met Scorch's next attack. Zin attempted an aerial assault, but Timbur was too fast, and moved out of the way. As he dodged another attack from Seyber, he thrust his blade out to the side. 

Though he could not see it, the blade's end was pointed at Scorch's neck. This made Scorch grunt and step out of the battle, since this meant defeat. Even when irritated that he lost to a blind demon, Scorch still seemed surprised and said 'well played.'

Kita laughed a bit. "He's actually winning! That's incredible!"

"Idiot," Jem muttered, though couldn't resist the slight smirk that crossed her. 

Zin attempted to move as silently as possible, but as soon as he swung his sword down, Timbur blocked it without even having to turn to face him. While he was distracted, Seyber attacked, but Timbur shoved Zin back, moved out of Seyber's way, then swung the blade at Zin's throat before he could recover. Zin glared at the sight of the sword being held just in front of his neck.

"I know I hit you, idiot," Timbur spoke. "You can at least do this fairly."

Zin muttered something under his breath, then retreated. Seyber was all that was left, which made sense. Seyber would be a tougher opponent in this situation. She was fast, agile, and could move stealthily. This was a bad combination for someone who used mainly hearing to detect her attacks. Even so, Timbur refused to give up yet, only impatiently flipping his machete in hand.

"Are you sure?" Asked Seyber. "Zin and Scorch are easy for you, but I'll be tougher."

Timbur smirked. "Then prove it."

Seyber sighed, then rushed forward as silently and fast as her feet could carry her. 

Timbur hardly detected her until the last moment, where he just barely stopped her attack. Timbur attempted a counterattack, aiming for the neck, but Seyber easily dodged, then attacked from an indirect angle, afraid when she almost accidentally grazed Timbur's arm. Timbur detected this, though. He grabbed Seyber by the wrist, then pinned her arm behind her, and held the machete to her neck. Seyber had dropped her weapons during the process, leaving her disarmed and pinned.

"You were saying?" Asked Timbur. 

Seyber only grunted, then freed herself and picked up the two daggers she had dropped.

Zin sighed, but didn't look any less unhappy. "Alright, I'll admit it. That was pretty impressive."

"Impressive?" Scorch sneered. "That was fucking incredible!"

"I got distracted because I almost hit him on accident," Seyber defended herself. "But, I will admit that was well-fought."

Kita thought it was over, but evidently not. She watched Jem leave her position, creeping very silently across the room. She unsheathed her mace as she did. 

When Timbur was right in front of her, saying something to Seyber, she braced herself for a silent attack. Just as she swung the mace, prepared to stop it once it was next to his head, her mace bounced back and made her stumble. A double-take revealed that Timbur had his machete aimed at an awkward angle, blocking where Jem planned to hit.

"Nice try," said Timbur. "I'll assume this is Zin?"

Jem snorted, sheathing her mace. "Try again, Lord Timbur."

"Better luck next time, Jem!" Kita spoke through her mild laughter.

Timbur mocked his sister. "I thought you said it was dumb to do this?"

"Yes, but-"

"What are you idiots doing?"

Timbur removed his blindfold, seeming far more alert. The familiar voice was Leiytning's, he knew for sure. Just as suspected, too, the leader had just entered the room, shifting from wolf to demon form.

"Leiyt, what the hell do you teach your apprentice?" Asked Scorch. "He managed to fight three- wait, four of us while blindfolded, and he actually won!"

Zin gained a childish smirk, clicking his tongue. "I could do that."

Scorch rolled his eyes in a disbelieving manner. "The day I can fight one of the four masters is the day you could do that. You can hardly beat me in sparring, and I was first out of this recent match."

"Is this turning into a bet?" Zin spoke warily.


Timbur ignored his mischievous siblings, speaking more discretely to his master. "Is something the matter?"

"Not much," Leiytning replied. "I just need your help with a certain mission."

"More sylph activity?" Timbur inquired.

"No, nothing like that," said Leiytning. "You told me the Ritin said something about the Storm gargoyles having connections with the Aubades, so I called on my Storm informant for help. I want you there in case there are any details you may be able to connect between the previous report and this one's."

"Simple enough," Timbur remarked.

"As for the rest of-" Leiytning stopped speaking and facepalmed after seeing the rest of his younger siblings. "...Four have mercy."

Zin was blindfolded, and arguing with Scorch, who held a sword's blade at Zin's throat. Jem was caught up in the argument, but stopped after hearing Leiytning.

"See what happens when you encourage them?" Leiytning spoke, irately pinching the bridge of his nose.

Timbur sighed with disappointment at the thought. "Noted."

"Zinn's acting cocky again; needs his ass kicked," Scorch remarked. "C'mon, Leiyt, we need some help."

"Really?" Zin spoke, removing the blindfold and glaring at Scorch. "You started this."

"Did not!" Scorch argued. "It was Jem's idea!"

"No, it was not!" Jem snapped. "I was the only one who argued against this all!"

"If this is training, they're doing it very wrong," Leiytning muttered. "Honestly, why did I have to get stuck with the dumbest demons available?"

"Watch it!" Zin snapped. "We are not dumb!"

"Let's gang up," Scorch suggested. "Us three take on Leiytning?"

"Do you have a death wish?" Timbur muttered.

"Yeah, dopes," said Jem. "You can go ahead, but I'd rather keep all my limbs."

Zin rolled his eyes, laughing a bit. "I'd like to see the old man try."

Leiytning shot him a glare. "'Old man,' eh? Then if you're so confident, why are you still standing there?"

As soon as he said that, Zin acted casual for a moment, then suddenly rushed forward. Leiytning grabbed the blade with his metal hand, tripped Zin, and held one claw in his neck; the only thing keeping him from totally collapsing on the ground. Scorch and Jem immediately started laughing at the failed attempt.

"AH, stop!" Zin cried, writhing in Leiytning's grasp.

"Are you going to stop acting like an imperious dumbass?" Asked Leiytning, blankly as ever.

Zin sneered at this. "Maybe..."

Leiytning sighed. "Why do you like pain?"

This made Zin chuckle, obviously thinking perverted, but he stopped when Leiytning stepped on his gut, making him gasp and struggle more.

"Alright, alright, I'll stop!"

Zin immediately collapsed as Leiytning released him, continuing to lay on the ground as groaned and rubbed where he had been clawed.

"Can't let them think too much of themselves," Timbur remarked, laughing a bit.

"Oh, that did nothing but make me shut up for now," Zin defended himself, as he sat up.

"Is that so?" Asked Leiytning. Zin immediately shot up and moved away, cowering behind Scorch.

"I won't help you there," said Scorch, acknowledging this. "This is your problem."

Leiytning ignored them, instead glancing at a clock which hung from the wall to the right. "Anyways, if you three idiots weren't so busy doing nothing, then you'd realize that it's well past six a.m."

"What?!" Jem exclaimed. "Hey, morons! Meadow patrol, now!"

"Hopeless," Leiytning muttered, as the three rushed past him to get to work. "Seyber, be sure to take the mortal back out when you're finished here."

"I was just about to," said Seyber. "Should I check on Thundur, too? It's been awhile."

"Take the mortal back before you do," said Leiytning. "But yes, make sure that she's alright."

"Very well," said Seyber, as Leiytning left the place with Timbur. Seyber then turned to Kita, who was still laughing from everything that happened.

"Who says demons can't be funny, huh?" Seyber teased.

"That's what I want to know," Kita agreed.

Seyber then sighed, recollecting herself. "Right...Check on Thundur, but first, I should get you back to the beach."

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