Cost of the crown

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i have written this poem with a new kind of theme which is being a queen , most people or many of us think that a queen is served by the maids , dresses up in gowns , goes to parties or balls , but
that's not the main point of being a queen , it is about having the responsibility to protect a nation and protect its people , that's what i expressed in this poem...hope you like it , don't
forget to comment <3

Submitted: January 20, 2018

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Submitted: November 11, 2017



Take your crown and keep your act

Every word and every move has its impact

Be proper , have respect

What would you expect?

From being a princess ,from being a queen

You will have to be noticed and seen

By your people , by your kindgom

Those ones you can't abandon

Have confidence , take pride

In whatever you believe is right

Born to be a part of royalty

Born with a fated destiny

Been schooled and been bred

To take this crown upon my head

Now my duty is to protect

Those who are known as my subjects

Being a queen is not about waiting for a prince

To come and save the damsel in distress

It is not about being served by the maids

It's not about parties or even masquerades

Most think of it as an easy task

While they fail to look behind the mask

She carries a burden upon her shoulders

Not only hers but also upon her soldiers

She has to lead her kingdom to victory

To be a part of a history

A good queen knows how to help those in need

Offer them her care and love with no place for greed

Now I must sit upon my throne

For i have always known

That the day would come when I'm crowned queen

That's when i just turn to be nineteen

This circlet of bright gold rests slightly on my brow

It is a solid proof of my spoken vow

To preserve and to protect my nation

From harm and its annihilation

A good queen must stay strong

And know what's right from the wrong

This is the kingdom I ought to protect

This is my duty that i cannot neglect

I must not let my kindom fall down

For I am the queen and that's the cost of the crown



© Copyright 2018 Noran Ehab. All rights reserved.

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