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Charlotte drives the minivan on the bad roads. It’s a tiring journey and due to dim head lights and pitch dark and mud roads , she finds it difficult to drive. Her eyes aren’t bright enough to view the path and she’s losing her energy and fuel in the van is running out. Charlotte thinks about her sister and the stranger and drives faster. She ignores watching the bump and droves the minivan into the ditch and gets severely injured on her head and falls unconscious.

Charlotte spends whole night in the van which met with an accident. Next morning nearby residents who are staying in the woods will be passing on the same road, where charlotte is fallen unconscious. Small boy notices the minivan where the front part of the van is broken. He runs towards the van to find out his curiosity. As he’s nearing the van, he could hear a vague voice. He calls his mother to check what the noise is about.

His mother walks near the van and looks at Charlotte and shouts. Charlotte is badly hurt, sustains with head injuries and she immediately calls medical emergency number and the number is busy for some time. Mother calls her son and tells him to call for someone to help the lady in need. 

Boy runs to nearby town and asks a man who is a woodcutter, for an urgent help. The woodcutter immediately takes his small truck along with the boy he drives to the woods where Charlotte met with an accident. Woodcutter drives fast and reaches the destination. He gets down from the truck and walks towards the Minivan and looks at the woman and Charlotte whose been severely injured.

Submitted: May 25, 2018

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