The Fallen Ones.

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Because I was a soldier, and never been in the thick of battle, I know what those brave soldiers have gone through. They'll always be remembered no matter who they are. This little poem came up.

Submitted: November 11, 2017

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Submitted: November 11, 2017



Someone came up with the daft idea,

Of invading our land.

The whole country was in fear,

But decided to make a stand.


The invaders were strong,

The battle against them lasted long.

They did atrocious things,

Wanted to get rid of our queens and kings.


The people in the land were brave,

Some of the mighty ones fell to their grave.

But in unity we stood hand in hand,

And drove the invaders from our land.


Mightily we grew and made defenses,

We put judges to rule on benches.

We grew into a mighty nation,

And prepared to face our destination.


Our land is from ancient dust,

We must be brave and be robust.

Every man should strive and defend,

Not just sit back and pretend.


The spirits of the fallen ones will come alive,

They'll come back like bees around a bee-hive.

They gave their lives for the future ones,

For all the daughters and the sons.


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