In Search Of Praise--Err--A Team!

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Knee-padding overseas

Submitted: November 11, 2017

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Submitted: November 11, 2017



With Hullaballo 22:



We’re looking for talent, for those that are best;

who will play by our rules, forgetting the rest.


This team will consist of those that follow my dream,

the winners might share in the prize that’s supreme;


a kind of world-dominance that cannot be broken,

we’ll lay down the laws like some God, he has spoken.


You need to think carefully when picking your side

but my team, to victory is sure to ride.


But if you’re a loser, I can say with aplomb,

you will find yourself nuked by one hell of a bomb.


I'll bask in the glow of anyone's praise,

Dictator? The stronger the better, it doesn't phase


me in the slightest--what really bothers me

is the fake, lying media back home--they can't see


my version of the truth, and it tears me apart,

when the say I'm being manipulated by Putin, start


fair reporting, media, which means whatever I say

is the truth--if you're gonna stay crooked, go away!


They are saying I'm just a stupid puppet-clown,

dancing a jig when Putin pulls me around


Look, NOBODY pushes me around--yes,

Vladimir? Coffee? Right away, with two sugars, no less!



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