the return.

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short story about a family who's dead beat father ran off on them has now unexpectedly returned.

Submitted: November 11, 2017

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Submitted: November 11, 2017



I awoke one morning. Got out of my bed my feet touched the floor for the first time in about eight hours. I got dressed for the day, threw on a pair of jeans and a tank top. I opened my bedroom door. 
The hall way was dead quiet. My older brother was already gone for work,and my mom and younger brother were still asleep. I silently walked down the steps just as quietly as a mouse would while tip toeing away from a sleeping cat. I made it to the kitchen. I was hungry. I opened up one of the cabinets in our kitchen and grabbed out a box of cereal,I opened up the fridge and took out the milk. I set down the cereal and the milk on the counter and grabbed a bowl from our cupboard. Once I brought the bowl over to the counter I poured the cereal in the bowl and poured the milk. I set the milk back in the fridge,and the cereal box back in the cabinet. 
I grabbed a spoon from the silverware drawer. I took a few bites. I noticed the dog was scratching on our back door. I walked over and opened the door for her figuring she had to go to the bathroom. 
She ran out. I figured I'd join her outside. I shut the door to the house and walked outside, I  sat down on the wooden patio deck. And continued to eat the cereal outside. Listening to the wind blowing of leaves. Some lawn mowers, and  watched a few cars driving by our house. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning. Our dog ran up to me and joined me on the Patio I placed my hand on her back and started to scratch her. 
She thumped her leg against my skin and wagged her tail. She enjoyed that. I continued to eat and when I was done I set the bowl on the ground and continued to look on outside. I took a couple deep breaths. I heard a crashing sound coming from inside my house. I looked back. "Spot" started to bark. 
I got up to my feet from the patio floor and said "ok spot mom should be in the kitchen." I grabbed my bowl and went to open the door,Spot ran into the house. "Hello mom?" I shouted into the house. I waited a few seconds and then I heard a loud crashing sound like dishes falling to the ground and breaking. "Hello?" I called out again. A voice I haven't  heard in a long time said 

"Shoot that was loud." 

I walked into the kitchen practically dropped my cereal bowl on the ground. Standing In front of me was our father. 
We haven't seen him in a few years he ran out on my mom when he found out he was going to have another kid. "Dad?" I said shocked. He smiled awkwardly and said "Hello Kiddo."

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