A Little Red Mess

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Submitted: November 11, 2017

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Submitted: November 11, 2017



A Little Red Mess

Using your imagination, you can create things that aren’t real, and then bring them to life. That’s why I love Lego; there are so many different things you can make.

I tip the Lego bucket out on the town map rug and start picking out the bits that I need: four rubber wheels, some red blocks and then a little Lego family of four. I like making cars. Ben, my brother, likes building trucks. He sits beside me and starts picking out the pieces he wants: four big rubber wheels, some grey blocks, and one little man in an orange vest. He starts by making the truck engine, but his big fingers struggle with the small bricks.

He’s a full three years older than me, and a boy; but he’s alright. We play in his room all the time because he has the Lego. It’s a big yellow room, with bookshelves and superhero posters, and in the corner is a little grey sheet with my picture on it. ‘Josie Dunson’ it reads, and then it’s got a strange word that I can’t pronounce, although I can see the first few letters make the word ‘Fun’. It’s the darkest thing in the room.

Ben says, “Can you hurry up and build the car? Otherwise we won’t have time to play together.”

I quickly add on the last few bits and place it on the road. Ben puts his truck on the construction site. The two little kids in my car are already fighting, but Mum tells them to stop because Dad has to focus on the road. I push the little red car on its way. “Vroom Vroom.” The family doesn’t want to be late for Grandpa’s birthday. The little red car zooms down the little grey road. Ben puts the workman inside the truck; he has to get home to his family because his wife is having a baby. The little red car speeds on.

Ben pushes the truck out onto the road. I scream at Ben, ‘Watch out!” but it’s too late.

The car is going too fast … the truck doesn’t see the little red car … the Dad slams on the brakes but the car slides … there is a crash and Lego bricks go everywhere.

The little red car is a little red pile.

I’m angry at Ben. Every time we play ‘Drivers’ this happens. Ben says, “I’m sorry, Josie…” but he trails off as he looks up.

I turn to see Mum standing in the doorway. Her arms are folded and her face is crinkled up like an old chip packet. She smiles at Ben, but I know she’s not happy because she’s got watery eyes, like she’s about to cry, but doesn’t want Ben or me to see. “Come on Ben, it’s time to go. Dinner time … I made Lasagne, Jos-“ The words are stuck in her mouth. I know she was going to say, “Josie’s favourite”. 

I can’t wait. I stand up but Ben beats me to the door and – before I can get there – Mum closes it. This is strange. It’s okay, though; Ben pulls this trick on me all the time, just because I can’t quite reach the door handle yet. I turn around to grab something to stand on to reach the handle and almost step on the Lego mess.

In amongst the jumbled up grey and red plastic, there is a little figure: a small one with long hair … a little girl … and she isn’t moving. 

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